Monday, April 28, 2014

Left can remould itself

Those who forever debate Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, or Savarkar are light-years away from what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo accomplished.
Neither Vivekananda nor Radhakrishnan do justice to Indian tradition. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have reconfigured it aligning to Evolution.
British rule in India served a great Evolutionary purpose for the mankind and no amount of pining for pure Hindutva is going to materialize.
Evolution is the objective, Transformation, the process and our Collaboration is the task. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aim at radical change.
Modified BJP has thrown an unprecedented opportunity for the Left to go national and to go mainstream but it must abhor the AAP caricature.
The Left possesses intellectual wherewithal to fathom what Sri Aurobindo says but yet to come to terms with his version of Internationalism.
The Left in India is not uninfected of religion and prefers non-Hindu company. It can broadbase itself by riding piggyback on Sri Aurobindo.
Never before in its history the Left had such missionary task on the national landscape as in this election. It must draw upon Sri Aurobindo.
@Sheks65 It's erroneous to look at everything in terms of the past. If BJP is being modified then the Left can remould itself too. Evolution.
@Sheks65 All three are to be in #ThirdFront Govt on May 16. Yechuri was convener of Oct 30 convention. So no contradiction in my projection!
@vs70 @Sheks65 See, if I'm able to introduce an iota of doubt in your firm expectations then my job is done. I want that fear to nag you all.
Now that Modi has zero chances, RSS will test the waters for others like Yashwant. I'm, however, grateful to him for ever for VRS from Bank.
@Sheks65 BJP is definitely gaining decently on vote share everywhere but negligible increase in terms of seats is proving to be a nightmare.
Robust campaigning by BJP on Twitter must have caused a swing in votes not less than 0.007% estimated on all India scale at 7 O'Clock today!
@vs70 Essence of life is in the delight of the journey and not merely the destination. So, nothing wrong in enjoying by wallowing in hopes!
@tweeted_now When people like Nandan Nilekani join Congress and promote Dynasty and sycophancy, one loses faith on all talk of meritocracy.