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Mitra, Varuna, and Sarama

No compulsion for slogging for a PhD degree, no need for publishing in peer-reviewed journals, no scope for post-publication discussion or review articles, no compunction for self-congratulatory blurbs and piles of promotional messages; and critical response is branded as hostile.

Repeating an old theme in the New Year. Many actions and words of Sri Aurobindo were relevant at that point; they are no longer applicable to current situations or future scenarios. So exercising sufficient caution is required to avoid self-delusion and spreading misleading cues.

As you are well aware, Sri Aurobindo has foreseen a #WorldUnion of smaller nations. In such a federal set up borders will certainly be there but they may not be as rigid as today. Thus, language based Sovereign nations are perhaps the first step for fulfilment of his #FiveDreams.

Basic literacy in Analytic philosophy, Semiology, or Hermeneutics can easily clarify on Cognition, Perception, etc. Experience is another form of knowledge; no watertight compartments. That reading and rumination can carry one to higher levels of consciousness is too tall a claim.

Study of Humanities in India should be redesigned with Sri Aurobindo at the Centre. Colonial and Congress influence have to be toned down so that a more integral ethos emerges where various persons and events are looked bit more dispassionately. Religions too get their due space.

Marxists cling to their ideology as it's immensely appealing to young adults; individuality and autonomy are dominant themes. Life, however, is more complex and reality multi-layered. Hence Sri Aurobindo seeks to correct the imbalance and offers an Integral paradigm for grown-ups.

No scholar worth his salt would dismiss Marx. He will remain relevant till the worth of Sri Aurobindo is appreciated on a wider scale. As of date, Marx forms a formidable bulwark against regressive and obscurantist forces like Hindutva. That of course needs to be upgraded to SA.

Please use quotations from Sri Aurobindo's Complete Works for appropriate context. They are available free online. India's Rebirth is a misleading compilation that misrepresents Sri Aurobindo. Seasoned hands like you should endeavour to correct distortions and not propagate them.

I don't feel myself as competent to contest when you say there's nothing wrong. Yet you understand very well how adding one or two sentences more can entirely change the whole emphasis. Sri Aurobindo is too versatile a thinker to be pigeonholed; please do justice to his worldview.

Revolutionary period of Sri Aurobindo is not relevant in the present Democratic milieu. His poetry, philosophy, political vision, and prescriptions for education however are becoming ever more relevant for their insight and foresight. Intellectuals in India should seek guidance.

Sri Aurobindo is not against the West; rather he seeks its integration. Moreover, he laments the distortions and abstractions subsequent to the Vedic symbolism in India. So, the tasks are a bit difficult in view of glorification of popular religion and antipathy towards the West.

Yes, I understand. Btw, your English should be less sophisticated so that everyone on Twitter gets it.

ARYA appeared month after month from August 1914 to January 1921 during which epochal world events occurred. This year is the centenary of the last year of this great journal. Its profound contents were far ahead of their time. Appetite for Sri Aurobindo's works is growing, now.

The Life Divine is also a book of yoga and Sri Aurobindo takes the logic of Evolutionary compulsion to posit how purification of human nature through ethical or mental control can lift the human race to Supermanhood. Such certitude in his works is common, though seems improbable.

Being in power, Hindutva votaries think it to be their priority to remove Marxists from various institutions but that's not the way to root out Leftist ideology. Confronting it with adequate scholarship is necessary but Hindutva lacks intellectual wherewithal. Sri Aurobindo gains.

We have been pointing out this intellectual bankruptcy Hindutva is suffering from on Twitter since 2012. So far, not a single response or scope for engagement. Additionally, Sri Aurobindo has been suffering the same neglect that Leftists meted out to him since his demise in 1950.

Humanities courses can be completely redesigned with emphasis on current concerns and Sri Aurobindo as the central focus. Otherwise mostly history of different subjects forms the bulk of syllabus. Needless to say such conviction is not possible without reading him in some detail.

Democracy and dissent are inseparable but how to respond to the latter or engage with it is how the quality of the former is judged. Only ruling is not enough; sensing dissent in advance and giving it due attention no matter how feeble it is is the key to true Democratic instinct

Democracy is a dream, true Democracy remains in the realm of possibility.

That this country comprises of multiple Nations is no secret but giving it legal recognition is a matter of time. Languages and local priorities are so different that no one can claim to possess a reasonable level of acquaintance with diverse regions separated by thousands of KMs

1020 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
1520 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
1620 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
1720 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
1820 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
1920 - Multiple Kingdoms in India
2020 - There must be multiple Sovereign Nations in India on language basis.

Begging has become so ubiquitous that it's difficult to spend some time in a public place without being approached by someone. Further, aggressiveness is increasing and seeking financial help by false tales is mushrooming. Exhibiting disability is visual and emotional harassment.

Intellectuals holding institutional posts or drawing remuneration from govt claiming objectivity, neutrality, or panoptic insights is laughable. One's ideological preference is a privilege but to flaunt it as unchallengeable truth is preposterous. Postmodernism teaches humility.

There is nothing much Hindu in Savitri except the legend appearing in Mahabharata. That also was drastically altered by Sri Aurobindo. Christian epics like Dante's Divina Commedia and Milton's Paradise Lost form sizable template for delineation of successive psychological worlds.

Sri Aurobindo's interpretations of various deities featuring in Veda forms discovery of a whole new knowledge universe. How he defines Savitri, Savita, or Surya, in this context, is important since each one is a link in the overall ladder of consciousness.

Whether one thinks about own Company or the Country, self-interest never ceases to operate. So, those who are paid to think and write about the country are doubly suspect. Further, no one has any right to be more equal than others or claim whole territories for his clan and tribe.

Living in a civil atmosphere can't be an end in itself and no such luxury exists since evil has been an integral part of any dispensation right from the Vedic times. Sri Aurobindo exhorts for collaborating towards the next step in Evolution and that demands some serious reading.

Taking Sri Aurobindo a bit seriously can remove such despondency. The miracle of India achieving independence on his 75th birth anniversary is not just a coincidence. He elaborated upon its significance in his radio broadcast on August 14, 1947 outlining #FiveDreams, #WorldUnion.

Marxists are against Modi without realising that he stands as a pillar against Hindutva. Some of the top intellectuals are such blind advocates of Hindutva that they can justify anything to establish a theocracy or even a Monarchy. Thank god, Modi is moderately educated but firm.

Most active in public life today were influenced by the JP movement in their youth. It was a defining moment for India and Modi seems to have been amply affected. #CAA is not at all a Hindutva agenda but opponents have found an alibi to protest. Well that's part of Democratic way

1) Admiring Sri Aurobindo alongwith his contemporaries is either uninformed or hypocritical. 2) Appreciating him as a revolutionary is no longer necessary. 3) Not realising his unique contributions to World events and future Evolution is downright puerile. 4) He is the greatest.

Mentioning Sri Aurobindo in passing may not be an appropriate appreciation of his significance since magnitude may not be a dependable indicator of influence. For example, Sri Aurobindo spoke highly about Blake while Wordsworth was more popular and powerful. So, quality matters.

Hope, you are aware of this famous quote from The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo signifying profound ontological clues yet to be fully grasped. This has influenced many in the west and inspired their work. Of course, Coomaraswamy's book is much more popular.

Somehow the popular appeal of Vivekananda, Tagore, and Subhas Chandra Bose has eclipsed the hugely insightful writings of Sri Aurobindo. When it comes to future Evolution his predictions are the most credible and coherent. His #FiveDreams broadcast on August 14, 1947, a must read

Fine, but as you know self-certification is not proper education nor it should treat schooling as final. Sri Aurobindo provides the much needed avenue for surging beyond traditional wisdom and complacency. His covers diverse areas of human interest and culture that are universal.

The questions actually are something different. Whether the old religions need be given a new lease of life or should we collaborate with Evolutionary forces to unleash a sublime destiny for the whole mankind as envisaged in the Veda. And, what are the avenues to reach this goal?

Exactly, that I observe everywhere but people in general are reluctant to engage whereas I'm at this job almost fulltime. Certainly we can discuss the intricacies in more simpler terms in future. Thanks.
Something I wrote fifteen years back
Hope we meet for an hour or two for a better mode of understanding.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo hold the key to the future of India as well as the world and not Rammohan, Dayananda, Vivekananda, Tagore, Bose, Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Ambedkar, Savarkar, Golwalkar, Periyar, Namboodiripad, Upadhyaya, or Lohia. Students should be very clear in choosing.

The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is very much about our very life and existence, its nature and future; yet steers clear of current affairs. Being in that state of mind to probe how normal functioning of mind can be transcended so as to invite intuitive knowledge is the challenge.

Many people have never visited even the Wikipedia page on Sri Aurobindo which can easily give some basic idea about his life and philosophy. Even, a public intellectual like Panda confessed recently that he never knew anything about him. Here is the link:

So many lament for the Bengal of Bankim, Tagore, and Sri Aurobindo but in their own days they didn't have much popular following. So, creating such myths is a function of human mind for feel good effect. Many are so happy by watching movies which glorify the past defying reality.

I don't think it's proper to call anything a failure for it serves its Evolutionary role. Then, mankind is too abstract a term considering 30-40 years of active life of any person. What the posterity values and saves especially in a digital age now needs to be regularly reviewed.

I think the past is a given, nothing can be termed as a failure or blunder since from the Evolutionary angle each thing has its role, positive or provocative. Diallectical tension is necessary for progress and so designing the future in a set pattern is not a feasible enterprise.

In South, it's pretty common. Build a temple or a church by displaying the names of top donors near entrance. Provide free lunch and you get a regular stream of devotees who offer small contributions. This commercially viable model has now been adopted by political parties also.

Hindutva emphasis on externalities is a huge departure from traditional values like simplicity and austerity. Optics, of course, has taken the front seat in this age of television and watching a movie is seen as discharging one's social or religious duty, but yoga hasn't changed.

Twin towers by D.P. Chattopadhyaya. His critical estimation of Sri Aurobindo still remains unparalleled. His integral perspective and civilisational quest for harmony marks the culmination of 20th century fermentation in various spheres of life and society

Sri Aurobindo strived to establish a modern knowledge system based on inner needs of human beings that are universal. In this scheme, external divisions relating to religion or nationality don't have much meaning. Even language, culture or aesthetics serve only a limited purpose.

Newspapers thrust warped priorities and to look beyond it or rather behind it, in line with between the lines, to see through things so as to be awake to the real aim of life and attend to its imperatives is the challenge. Life's demands are difficult but they alone aren't enough

Diligence in matters of history or religion mustn't suffer negligence. Sri Aurobindo has established the purity of the Veda and hence subsequent distortions via mythology, rituals, and superstitions need to be jettisoned. Bollywood music shouldn't be allowed to replace Classical.

One is free to follow this Baba or that Baba but there's no better person than Sri Aurobindo to advise on religion, psychology, or philosophy. His emphasis on spirituality introduces huge corrective to the superficial perspective imposed by science, common sense, and rationality.

Not many here are aware of even the first line of the Veda on which Sri Aurobindo has written several explanations. He also emphasises upon the power of Mantra and hence anything composed in Sanskrit shouldn't be treated as one especially those popularised by Tantra. Buyer beware

In fact, the phrase Hindu Dharma itself is a supposition and general unwillingness to subject it to critical scrutiny with due academic rigour baffles professors. They encounter searching questions from students and to that extent they do justice to their job but also do politics.

Plato, Plotinus, Sri Aurobindo
Kant, Hegel, Sri Aurobindo
Husserl, Heidegger, Sri Aurobindo
Bergson, Whitehead, Sri Aurobindo
Dante, Milton, Sri Aurobindo
Coleridge, Arnold, Sri Aurobindo
Blake, Rimbaud, Sri Aurobindo
Jung, Gebser, Sri Aurobindo
Rammohan, Dayananda, Sri Aurobindo

Mocking is fairly common on Twitter sans any responsibility or inclination for offering counter arguments. Viewpoints are bound to differ depending upon one's orientation or level of education but people seldom recognise this deficiency. So, repeating certain themes is essential.

Followers must desist from making false promises in the name of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Their writings are in the public domain and it's for the people to take advantage of them. One thing that needs to be told over and over again that the Veda constitutes the fulcrum of life

The Teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo belongs to the whole world. So what happens in the tiny enclave of Sri Aurobindo Ashram is not of much consequence. To my knowledge, it's a fairly plural atmosphere and no particular ideological path is pushed. But it's not a Hindu site.

Celebrations and social issues are important but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo keep on reminding about profounder aspects of life like what is envisaged as Mitra or Varuna in the Veda. Thus, the Sun is not merely the one in the sky but the inner Sun that's waiting to be discovered.

Employment and family affairs consume a lot of energy but ignoring more urgent obligations is also not prudent. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo foreground profounder aspects of our existence such as the Evolutionary task of Adventure of Consciousness. Savitri is a new version of Veda.

Street food is a prominent feature of any urban setting but most of the time they operate near drains and filth. Even shops of almost permanent nature run from makeshift cottages for years near garbage heaps. No one feels bothered as people regularly gather for tea and snacks.

Most sane voices are canvassing for Congress; Media too is in its payroll. Modi rule has many flaws; yet it's the best at the moment. The role of RSS is also changing with added responsibilities and concerns. The whole Hindutva ideological formulation is undergoing transformation

Govt servants aren't entitled to take part in active politics but academics freely dabble in it. This has resulted in erosion of any distinction between a professional politician and a professor. Nothing wrong but clash of interests as well as theoretical questions are a problem.

Community and collective affairs is an underlying concern in the literature of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, yet nothing much is conceived in terms of collective activity for progress in spirituality. For that would be religion with the possibility of degenerating into mechanicity.

Not a great number of people were attracted towards Sri Aurobindo or The Mother when they were alive. The situation is not much different at present. But free availability of their writings online is a huge advantage with infinite possibilities. Can galvanise the young generation

Respect for Sri Aurobindo as a Rishi is normal for many but awareness about his views is slender. As a thinker his ideas are certainly difficult to cover or to grasp but his vision of a better society or conscious life is the only means of cure. Turning to him therefore is a must

Darwin's theory of Evolution was a revolution but many don't accept it even today. Sri Aurobindo completed it by his concept of Involution which means original creation is of Divine origin and Supramental Consciousness is the next level to which we are in the process of evolving.

Sri Aurobindo left seventy years back but considering the span of human civilisation over seven thousand years his prediction of Supramental Consciousness is an altogether new proposition. Moreover supplementing scientific view with causal aspects provides an integral perspective.

Now, a small number of people including me regard Sri Aurobindo not merely as a visionary thinker but as the Supreme Divine. This implies he is present and guiding various events including our personal affairs. Obviously this is religion and enables us not to rely upon old faiths.

Sri Aurobindo's theory of Evolution in The Life Divine may seem speculative sans any substantiation but his The Secret of The Veda amply convinces of later day misinterpretations and distortions. Restoring faith in Mitra and Varuna in their pristine glory is definitely a priority

Aphoristic and abstract but the reality is there is no vacuum or any scope for beginning with a clean slate. Society with its long history and complex composition is so multilayered that conceiving any overnight transformation is a chimera. Further fearing too much is not proper.

It'd be nice if you specify your notion of Vedic culture for according to Sri Aurobindo prevalence of Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals has robbed the original Vedic focus on spirituality and self-culture. And he said all this much before Hindutva surfaced as an ideological pole.

This handle by @NathTusar encourages critical appreciation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as Evolutionary trajectory isn't predetermined. I have no means to know whether current phase of Hindutva has any scope for renewal but its original narrow formulation can safely be rejected.

Politics, power, and material gains drive most even in this predominantly cerebral platform and I'm yet to come across anyone dealing with Theory in the Indian context. Consequently, no comparative analysis is possible vis-a-vis the scenario Sri Aurobindo has so boldly presented.

Christianity has unlimited global resources but it's not their fault if they are able to "fool people." Hindutva is in power now and how they respond must be a concern at the apex level now. My belief is that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a safe option in between the two poles.

You may be right and as ordinary citizens we are helpless before such might. Those operating at the macro level should devise appropriate strategies. However each person should have the freedom of changing his religion as many times he wants and defending such right is necessary.

Materialism or physical objects don't rank much high in the spirituality index but quest for beauty is an underlying phenomenon. Buying a costly carpet or a fancy jacket can't be dismissed as merely hedonistic. Beauty in ordinary life forms a feeble urge towards Vedic immortality.

The Veda on one side and Savitri on the other form the whole trajectory of human aspiration. Mankind is grateful to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for this magnificent gift. Those ignoring or oblivious are surely an unfortunate lot. Uttering even a line can usher in light and delight.

The Hound of Heaven, that's how Sri Aurobindo names a chapter of The Secret of The Veda evocatively alluding to Francis Thompson's poem in which the hound chases the hare unceasingly. Sri Aurobindo however is grappling with Sarama, the faculty of intuition

Chapter XIV / The Power of the Instruments
A Defense of Indian Culture (A Rationalistic Critic on Indian Culture)
The Future Poetry: The Sun of Poetic Truth
Arya, January 1920, #SriAurobindo Sri Aurobindo.

Many on Twitter are so informed and concerned about the country that they deserve to be in the Parliament or Assemblies. Traditional norms of choosing people's representatives need to be suitably tweaked to draw talent from the digital public sphere. Democracy isn't a fixed form.

Indifference towards Sri Aurobindo is intriguing but we take it as his own will. Events unfolding in history is one of his prominent postulates and so it can be surmised that the time hasn't come. Nevertheless, emergence is always a possibility and hence vigilance has no off day.

With the Freedom struggle and World War as backdrop, it's simply amazing the way Sri Aurobindo reviewed and reinterpreted almost every aspect of human civilisation to offer an absolutely innovative orientation. Such a global perspective was unprecedented and remains so as of date.

Overdose of enthusiasm for Hindutva among followers of Sri Aurobindo is patently an anomaly and paradoxically Modi is teaching them moderation. Admiration for Vivekananda similarly needs to be toned down for right level of appreciation for Sri Aurobindo's scholarly contributions.

From the political perspective, this may be a fact but from the civilisational point of view, as Sri Aurobindo highlights, cross-cultural fermentation has been of immense help for future Evolution. So, India seems to be the ordained melting-pot; can't remain a puritanical habitat.

Destiny of the body is of significant concern for The Mother & Sri Aurobindo not in the sense of nutrition, physiology, or anatomy but reorientation of the cells by suffusing them with advanced textures of Consciousness and enhanced contours of intuitive perception and intimation.

Agree, the reality is unpalatable but the only way to expect any drastic transformation is through aspiration for harmony and not any demographic permutation or military intervention. Sri Aurobindo's predictions on this score are crystal clear. Evolution is very much on to this end.

While your delight might seem quite justified I'd like to speculate that in these seemingly bold initiatives, seeds of myriad mutinies are concealed. Sri Aurobindo's prediction of a #WorldUnion might necessitate a federal set up on home ground spreading to the entire subcontinent.

Sri Aurobindo thought of going back to the original ethos like adoration of Mitra and Varuna in their spiritual purity. Spurious and utilitarian tendencies that rose subsequently can't really be accomodated for obvious reasons. To say all streams are okay is source of corruption.

Nice summary but not only Hindutva but the very nomenclature of Hindu or Indic is also problematic. No such overarching identity existed ever and even today it's an anomaly. So all suppositions about it are misrepresentation and misleading. Even plurality per se can't be a virtue

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad

Psychological significance of flowers

Not much awareness on this episode of history. Cc @sarkar_swati @maidros78 @dikgaj @Parikramah @NayyarSanjeev @sabhlok


VIBGYOR at Rampachodavaram (Andhra Pradesh) #MyTwitterAnniversary

Thanks. Yes, that was a crucial period and we were at best a dozen enthusiasts on the Net. Yet, the tasks are unfinished and the deserved quality is yet to arrive.

That would be great. Alongwith Sadhana, they can be considered as the best contribution of Balakrushna Dash. Bidushi Sipra Bose has no such songs even in Bengali. Real gems.

By quality I meant archiving and access like a Bengali site mh music archive with different types of playlists singer, composer etc. All these surely need organised work. Ideally there should be one site with links to audio songs, video songs, movie clips.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Liberal agenda is not a monopoly of Congress or Marxists

Communists resented Castes but Socialists legitimised it. Congress abhorred Religion-based identity but #CAA thrust by BJP has made people rethink on the Hindu-Muslim discourse. Suddenly everyone finds that it's a reality and can't be avoided or deferred in the name of Secularism
If a Govt is prevented from implementing it's decisions, then it's no Democracy. Protests are merely symbolic, just to convey the message; law and order disruption is absurd. A hill needn't be brought to the stage if a play has such a scene since dialogues are the real performer.
Sri Aurobindo wrote which scholars are entitled to dissect and tear apart his arguments. His political involvement too needs to be minutely examined. When he talks about Evolution and the next level of Consciousness, it's uncharted area. His spiritual forays can't be scrutinised.
The Mother similarly was engaged in the endeavour of transmutation of body cells which is beyond ordinary persons. Satprem has recorded all these which allows to sense the gravity of the matter. Understanding their future projects is important to collaborate with it successfully.
Something so apparent; still has to be repeated till it's brought home. Liberal agenda is not a monopoly of Congress and Marxists. Hindutva is bound to commit blunders and following Sri Aurobindo is an assurance of the right ideal. His political and ethical relevance is immense.
Now, Hindutva camp can also boast of a lot of intellectuals but from their uncritical support to ethical paradigms tethered to mythology and cooked up history, one can easily judge their standards. Besides, prior commitment to political and ideological masters blurs their vision.
Now there are threads and threads. They want us to remember tomes of history in order to comment on current affairs and rulers. Ordinary citizens shouldn't be burdened with so much of intellectual pressure in a Democracy. People must be free to enjoy and engage in economic roles.
All said and done, the protests against #CAA like the ones against Mandal Commission Report are orchestrated but wrong. #CAB may be valid but Modi govt could have avoided it at the present juncture. It succumbed to triumphalism and the results are unsavory. Sri Aurobindo will win
To assume that access to Internet will not have much effect on culture, language, religion, or nationalism is a delusion. Rise in prosperity, communication, and transport will definitely aid travel, tourism, and migration. Promoting them should be a priority for educational value
Most suffer from the false hope that India will become a Superpower or Vishwaguru. That of course is a good defence mechanism to overcome personal frustration or depression. But the reality is otherwise; measuring everything in military or material terms is a defective procedure.
Citizenship debate has clearly taken us back to Partition questions and basis of Nationalism. Confusion is likely to be compounded and silver lining will surely emerge from the chaos. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have indicated such tidings since India is very much on their agenda.
All religions are sure to collapse and nationalities will overlap or become porous. Increasingly, people are turning multilingual and using entertainment options from a basket of cultures. Difficult to prevent this trend since such hybridisation is going on since time immemorial.
Before 2019 ends, let's remember that Sri Aurobindo wrote an essay with the title 1919. Can be an occasion to examine his numerous prophecies and futuristic insights. Postmodernism and Transhumanism are passe; Cellular Transformation embarked upon by The Mother to gain prominence
I feel, there can't be any cultural illiteracy or vacuum. There will always be something which may or may not be of one's liking and that's a separate matter. Rather, there has to be a vast amount of unlearning; especially for the 45-75 age-group for discovering Sri Aurobindo.
ARYA writings of Sri Aurobindo (1914-21) were meant for removing many confusions accumulated over the previous century both in India and the West. This herculean task has not been adequately appreciated during the last 100 years. Votaries of Indian wisdom and values must wake up.
Education was designed by the Britishers, basically by Christian scholars. Thus, various strands of falsehood were fed as truth. Eurocentrism was another reason for suppression of diverse evidences and Hegel's writings on Indian philosophy and religion is one important example.
Kant brought philosophical enquiry to an end but Hegel reopened it in which his reading of Indian texts have a great role. But this aspect has been ignored till date by the Western authors. Indian scholars have an opportunity in grabbing this task to rewrite history of philosophy
Once Hegel is accorded the importance he deserves, later developments based on science have to be reimagined. One such model we already have in Sri Aurobindo. Even he has produced multiple perspectives in Essays on the Gita, The Life Divine, and Savitri. The West can be bypassed.
American scholars of Indian philosophy are basically concerned with ancient texts mostly of Buddhist origin. This is a conspiracy to stall research in Modern Indian Philosophy on one hand and undermining Sri Aurobindo's epochal works in favour of other minor authors on the other.
It's not a question of philosophy alone; once this line of inquiry attains sufficient sophistication, many forts of Humanities will get demolished. There would be no East-West divide; knowledge sources and the lenses will converge. Religious and racial bias should get obliterated
This is the real #2020 challenge. Developing an integral perspective with sufficient intellectual muscle to match without compromising the highest standards of critical reason. Thinking part has been largely accomplished by Sri Aurobindo; what is wanted is just to flesh them out.
Hegel's extensive comments on Indian texts have a bearing on his subsequent philosophical formulations. How far do you agree? @LarvalSubjects @DrZamalek @adamkotsko @ThouArtThat @loveofallwisdom
Drunk with power, Hindutva fails to notice the lower order knowledge environment it seeks to propagate. They are popular versions of some ancient Sanskrit texts which themselves were discredited in their time. Accepting modern outlook of Sri Aurobindo has been a problem for them.
Sri Aurobindo himself has pointed out many defects in the traditional knowledge streams. Sayana's interpretation of Rig Veda, Shankara's commentary on Isha Upanishad, interpolations in Mahabharata and Gita, and reification of Rituals as core. These form only tip of the iceberg.
I'm not supportive of mere reverence or lip service to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Their educational philosophy was adopted to a large extent during Indira years. Many Congressmen were admirers and helped in dissemination of their literature. Odisha is one example. But it waned.

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Sight of Majestic Godavari reminds of Jupiter.
[The hand that sent Jupiter spinning through heaven,
Spends all its cunning to fashion a curl.] -Who by Sri Aurobindo (Collected Poems)
Andhra Pradesh 2019

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Sri Aurobindo enthuses us to be open minded

We are used to the world situation being described in terms of different Nations but that's an illusion. Truth be told, humanity is one with males and females forming the primary division. Then there are young and old, poor and rich, blue and white collar, villagers or city etc.
Reading the books by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo trains to think in terms of human concerns and possibilities. They have even dreamt of a life without death. Thus national or religious identity and all the competitive or combative emotions associated with them need to be eschewed.

It seems that I have lived 64 years in a flawed nation that didn't have #CAA and didn't know this is so crucial on humanitarian index. It's equally intriguing why such an avalanche of opposition has occurred given its salutary nature. Btw what happened to Women's reservation Bill.
It's now difficult to distinguish whether protests are against #CAA or #JamiaViolence and they are absolutely separate issues. Some are suggesting that it's venting of cumulative anger or human tendency for violence and Govt. must facilitate such opportunities from time to time.

Normal human propensity of spotting the Other and being embroiled in all kinds of emotions surrounding it is part of standard academic discourse. What Sri Aurobindo brings to the table is how to turn the tables by locating Evolutionary meaning and trend within quotidian responses.
It's amusing to hear Congress complaining of distortion of history. A party which didn't concede even an inch to Sri Aurobindo is bound to be found at the receiving end. Marxists acting hand in glove are already in the doldrums. Still both rank high on Evolutionary parameters.

Beating up present citizens for the sake of future citizens is something paradoxical like donating money for becoming rich in next life. Matters of Statecraft are really so complicated or convoluted and hence Democracy enjoins upon ordinary citizens not to bother much about them.

Democracy doesn't obliterate human nature; it accommodates all kinds of innovations and idiosyncrasies, irreverences, deviance, or perversions. How to deal with them are part of the system and a matter of perpetual philosophical pondering and rumination. No hard and fast rules in Humanities.
Shastri had resigned as Rly Minister; VP Singh has resigned as UP Chief Minister. It needn't apply to all. Thus responses would be different. The person therefore is crucial; how he would perceive the threat or imagine ways and means of deriving the best advantage from any crisis

That's a tad unfair for we do not know whether the turn of events metamorphose Modi into Gorbachev and he deservedly wins Nobel Prize for peace in 2020. I expect many dramatic developments since Modi must have become thoroughly bored now in his present job of acting a 56"PM 18x7.

Modi symbolises maximum media mobilisation for image building as well as almost absolute concentration of power. Yet, he is in trouble over solving an issue of this gigantic nation. It corroborates the inherent fissiparous nature of the nation which is unwilling to hold together.
It's perhaps instructive to recount a mythological episode. How King Parikshit couldn't save himself despite being absolutely secluded and heavily guarded. However #CAA can be an excellent lesson in History as one can travel back in time to revisit events.

Your personal happiness is understandable but you are more trusted for the larger picture. Hope, that assessment will emerge a few days later.
Due to lack of adequate awareness or competence, I don't talk about political situation in foreign countries but there must be many trends or developments in line with Sri Aurobindo's vision. #WorldUnion will cover the entire world and stimulus or impetus can come from anywhere.
Describing past scenarios as if one possesses a panoptic vision is a habit with many but is an illusion. Mythology enthuses to weave neat narratives and even imparts prestige and credibility. Reality however is much more complex and extant texts are no guarantee for any veracity.

As far as I understand, Sri Aurobindo valued heroism, no matter which side one is. He admired unflinching, unalloyed loyalty, sincerity, intensity, and the sense of sacrifice; perhaps in the Shudra sense. Any tinge of bargaining spirit or manoeuvring attitude would attract his disapproval.

It's difficult for people to overcome the bondage of the past and think in terms of something new but Savitri Era Religion is the reality of the future. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have charted out the path of future Evolution infallibly. Receptivity for new Consciousness needed.

Although highly intuitive Evolutionary theories are available in Schelling and Hegel, Sri Aurobindo has the advantage of writing after Darwin. Even he surpasses his contemporaries like Bergson, Samuel Alexander, or Teilhard de Chardin in formulating a coherent theory of Evolution

Sri Aurobindo brought his knowledge of the West to examine how far the ancient Indian wisdom is relevant. The Veda and Upanishads proved to be far more seminal than what was perceived. He incorporated the theory of Evolution into it to produce an epochal book like The Life Divine

People are so engrossed in the political game that analysing the very principles of politics is conveniently forgotten. Sri Aurobindo dwelt upon these basics extensively a hundred years ago in The Human Cycle and The Ideal of Human Unity. Delving into them is a must for everyone.

Individual existence should be more of concern in a Democracy than ancestry or collective identity. Both Modernity and Spirituality stress on this aspect. Biology and Psychology too announce one's uniqueness at each moment. Sacrificing that at the altar of politics is upsetting.

Multiple versions of mythological tales spread the impression that multiple accounts of historical events and biographies are okay. Those with agenda utilise this option to the hilt without any compunction. No organisation or journal has taken up the burden of correcting history.

1914-19 is a long period and Modi govt. can't be accused of pursuing any sinister agenda. It has acted in terms of necessity and rationality. (Corporate/Reliance guidance in its working can't be ruled out). Opposition criticism is political and not objective in recognising merit.

Sri Aurobindo interprets go as light in his The Secret of the Veda. @VOXPopu03028596

Reading helps. Needn't be very focused; even random pages from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can lead to interesting destinations. Worth trying.
Reading #SriAurobindo is the way for eradicating darkness.
That's also the most potent way for change of heart.

Availability of Sri Aurobindo's writings in slim and manageable volumes is a real problem. Interesting compilations can influence the younger generation. Instead of focusing on what Sri Aurobindo says, how he encourages developing an open mind and critical reason should be told.
He has written on different subjects. He had to respond to Buddha, Shankara, Sayana, Dayananda, Vivekananda, Max Muller, Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud, James, Dante, Milton, Coleridge, Blake, Arnold, Spencer, Fichte, Kant and many others. His oeuvre is no less than a University.
All ideologies including Hindutva have to win their rightful place through dialogue and democratic negotiation. Sri Aurobindo opened many frontiers like reinterpretation of the Veda to confront rational and secular outlook. Building on them should have been the priority but alas!

Session on Savitri by #SriAurobindo at Chandannagar, West Bengal
River Saraswati in Tribeni, West Bengal
Framing the illimitable
Sri Aurobindo Relics Centre, Chandannagar
Due to lack of adequate awareness or competence, I don't talk about political situation in foreign countries but there must be many trends or developments in line with Sri Aurobindo's vision. #WorldUnion will cover the entire world and stimulus or impetus can come from anywhere.

Sri Aurobindo's dream of #WorldUnion provides the broad principle and how it works out is certainly not linear or clear. Nor historical examples are the only guide. What's important is Evolutionary direction and for that no one is more reliable than #SriAurobindo. #FiveDreams

Congress, Marxist, Hindutva, and Dalit camps suffer from the same disease, i.e., indoctrination. Thus majority of our countrymen have no means to test or taste alternative narratives. Sri Aurobindo enthuses us to be open minded and inculcate critical reason. Indians must respond.

Glorifying the past has not much meaning today as Internet supplies instant information. Work of present achievers and scholars needs to be spotted and recognised. Compiling a top three list in different fields can be informative as well as appreciative of the persons concerned.

Both Hinduism and Nationalism are false slogans which some people keep repeating to delude themselves. Self-interest is the mantra which drives diverse people including the most virtuous or saintly. Vedic Harmony as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo however is of a different wavelength.

Having witnessed or undergone various forms of distorted history or episodes of false propaganda during the past sixty years, there's no hope of any reasonable account of truth becoming mainstream. Influential persons & institutions turning handmaiden of political narratives sad.

Freedom from Mythology and Rituals is necessary for internalising the gains of Modernity. Art and Literature have their utility but stretching it beyond a point is counterproductive. Harking back to tradition in the name of culture and civilisation corrupts the minds of children.

Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Harnessing Western Philosophy for Self-Management - TN Mohapatra
SAMSMRITI SAMS Journal 10 (2), 16-17 2016
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - TN Mohapatra
Nitte Management Review 9 (2), 1-18 2015
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SAVITRI

Monday, December 16, 2019

CAA seems to be a whole Panchatantra

Repeating for the nth time:
It's not about this bill or that bill. States have to awarded Sovereignty under a lose Federation. Colonial legacy has to be buried. Sri Aurobindo dreamt of a #WorldUnion and all must support Evolution's direction.

I haven't kept track of so much of noise around NRC and CAB but my sense is that something fundamentally changed yesterday and States and Regions getting Sovereignty will be an eventuality. But I don't think it's the peaceful path towards #WorldUnion as dreamt by Sri Aurobindo.

In times like this, it becomes apparent why a broad consensus around Sri Aurobindo's political philosophy is needed to navigate the nation out of obscurantist outlook. No amount of muscle flexing or chest thumping can justify or validate what's basically defective or anomalous.

There's no heroism in toeing the PartyLine. Rather it's an insult to common sense, rationality, and human rights. Superior articulation or good English can't be a measure of legitimacy. Liberal cause is hampered by being tethered to Dynasty worship. This handle is the lone beacon.

No understanding of CAB but it looks likes a Pandora's Box. Local issues need to be settled at State level instead of being dictated by Delhi. Sovereignty to States is a must to make history the British legacy of India. Central govt needs to be abolished and Parliament dissolved.

India is one illusion and its citizenship is another. Denying nationhood to the States for over seventy years politicians have have committed a great blunder. Languages have suffered and are groaning in pain. Each major language must receive deserved respect and Sovereignty. #CAB

I have been campaigning for languages getting Sovereignty status as they are the most potent indicator of nationality. Present unrest is unavoidable when that wasn't done in a civil and democratic way. Pushing religious agenda can't be a substitute for what is natural or organic.

India is a historical wrong; an anomalous and absurd entity ruled by a Dynasty and International syndicates. States must get Sovereignty to break the nexus. Besides languages having their own secure homeland is the most important gain. Make India history by burying British legacy

India is outcome of prolonged British coercion which has failed to satisfy its people. States are still like Municipalities with no power to rule effectively. Language based Sovereignty will usher in true Democracy, efficiency, and Development. Level of patriotism won't diminish.

The term sub-nationalism is misleading and hypocritical in the Indian context. Each major language is a nation and denying that amounts to unjust suppression. Dismantling the erstwhile British empire is still an issue especially when the population has grown fourfold since 1947.

1914-19 is a long period and Modi govt. can't be accused of pursuing any sinister agenda. It has acted in terms of necessity and rationality. (Corporate/Reliance guidance in its working can't be ruled out). Opposition criticism is political and not objective in recognising merit.
Lot of noise on economy nosediving but I treat Market as autonomous. It's for the people to take it wherever they like since Govt is a very minor and reluctant player. Throwing out Reservations is the only measure that is expected of Govt. Even that can be through people's power.

Linguistic Sovereignty is the only way to solve complex demographic problems obtaining in the States. A central Federal outfit as service provider is enough with Sovereignty resting with the States. This foresaking of megalomania is natural, organic, & psychologically satisfying.

How language can be a highly emotive issue can be gauged from the intensity of current protests. States are fit candidates for Sovereignty and Centre's one size fits all measures are bound to fail. High time to switch to a Federal model and end the relics of British imperialism.

Delhi is an anomaly. Committing more sins by curbing civil liberties and quelling public protests will only multiply the folly. Devolution of powers to the States with immediate effect is a must so that Central high handedness is avoided and common people are saved from atrocity.

VP Singh wanted to fulfill promises made in the Election Manifesto and faced insurmountable trouble by implementing the Mandal Commission report. Modi is in the midst of an identical situation and the lesson for PMs is don't be too sincere in carrying out ideological commitments.

RSS might not like Modi to continue beyond two terms. In that sense the countdown begins. There's no real national Party today; even BJP has influence in limited regions. In this context, the future is uncertain; India is a failure. The States as Sovereign nations are the future.

There should be a national debate was a regular BJP refrain but I don't think CAB was discussed sufficiently in public. Building a consensus among the public is the prime role of politics but in this case intellectuals have led the govt down the garden path by reopening old wound.

Perspective needs to be way far broader than a few current occurrences if you want your theorising to stand the test of time. I'd request you to consult Sri Aurobindo's Human Cycle even if you don't agree with his conclusions. He presents a model of how issues need to be examined.

As a professional, you are entitled to your firm opinions and strong beliefs but there's no gainsaying of the fact that they are subjective. Sri Aurobindo analysed the world situation in his The Ideal of Human Unity and Evolutionary imperatives indicate a much different scenario.

Mythological notion of India is drastically different from the present land of India and its inhabitants. Even India in 1947 was of a different order with the Princely States. So those imagining a homogeneous situation must reorient their understanding of what Democratic ethos is.

How often have we stated the fact that neither Nehruvian/Marxist nor Hindutva line of thinking is appropriate for the modern situation and how Sri Aurobindo's vision of the future is the only recourse. Current happenings are just an indicator of such an inevitability. #FiveDreams

The more intellectuals pretend that Sri Aurobindo doesn't exist or his bulk of writings or prophecies don't matter, the more he is going to be relevant. All right thinking people must clamour for Sri Aurobindo getting his due and the nation acknowledging its debt to his sacrifice.

Even after #CAB becoming #CAA there are widespread protests and deeply felt resentment among various sections of people as well as political parties. So, it appears that the Parliament is not supreme and its wisdom can be questioned in the court of the people. Or it's mobocracy?

But yes even High Court judges err and the matter is set right by the Supreme Court. Similarly subsequent repercations can force a sensitive govt to reconsider and roll back despite firm convictions. Even Mandal Commission report was accepted by all including Supreme Court later.
Being born on Indian soil is not a choice, so claiming the whole land for one's own religion is absurd and arbitrary. How people get addicted to such a false sense of entitlement is a strange phenomenon. Forty years on this planet and they cite examples of four thousand years old

They are in power now; crowd high profile conferences and policy making bodies. But don't get intimidated by their clout; judge them by their argument. Leftists were doing exactly like this and this bunch of intellectuals will meet the same fate. Thankfully Sri Aurobindo is there

There was a system of all party meetings but we no longer hear it happening. Democracy is all about dialogue and discussion for extracting distilled wisdom. Multi-pronged initiatives needed to thrash out problems and tackle issues with humanitarian approach. Magnanimity is needed

History is a contested place and there are no clear solutions; anyone can build any narrative by scrambling handful of evidences. Besides, current status is far more important than inferences of historical investigations. Forgetting is also part of a sound mental health strategy.

True, there can be different forms of remedy depending upon the nature of the malady. And the consequences, accordingly.

I have already indicated that I don't know #CAA details nor its implications. So, I have no particular view on the matter but going by the reactions, there seems to be some sinister intention in seed form. Be that as it may, I hold it to be a Govt's prerogative. Why triumphalism?

Right to protests is an altogether different matter. How much a govt tolerates or permits is purely subjective with extreme examples like Tiananmen square. Hawkish attitude needs to be avoided to prevent human suffering. Political or religious opponents also deserve due sympathy.

You are right but there are many imponderables in life especially in collective affairs. Things don't move in a linear fashion or equal and opposite terms. Democratic environment is another complex scenario. So, what you are hinting at may not be of much practical value as of now

As you know, inaction or inertness don't really exist; even waiting or hibernating amounts to an action like holding a stock. Your logic is perfectly alright in a combat situation and even there a politician is given the final authority. Being the King entails a lot of balancing.

The march of time and Evolutionary trajectory is uneven; has a penchant for defying past pattern to inject an element of drama. So discounting the present turmoil as minor may not be an appropriate assessment. For it seems to be a whole Panchatantra; stories within stories to dig.

Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Humanity must discover the hidden Harmony

Sri Aurobindo passed away on December 5, 1950 and after nearly seventy years his contribution to theory has not been adequately recognised. His words however are more relevant to actual happenings and certain dramatic turns give hope to the Vedic ideal of Truth, Good, and Harmony
What is popular or dominant today can't be a justification for its future validity. Current political scenario similarly isn't the best available option. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo worked together from 1914 to usher in a new social order. Humanity must discover the hidden Harmony.
It is exclusive and there's no shame or hesitation in saying this. Savitri Era Religion is the solution for the future and the whole world will have to embrace it sooner or later. Tomorrow is the death anniversary of Sri Aurobindo; understanding its significance can bring clarity.
Neo-Hindu sects are the greatest impediment for spreading the knowledge and vision of Sri Aurobindo. They are prosperous, influential, and powerful.
In the context of ideological vacuum pervading in India today, following Sri Aurobindo is the only sane avenue. Understanding this imperative is not easy as grasp over diverse thought currents is necessary. SavitriEraParty has been spreading awareness for developing perspectives.
Better to think about 1840 and various reform movements which cropped up due to Western education. Thereafter, every major stream has contributed; enriched the dialogue. So difficult to label whether something is a damage or not. Sri Aurobindo says in SoY even evil is good later.
Auroville conflict, Agenda dispute, Savitri controversy, and Heehs imbroglio have left The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's legacy much scarred. Simultaneously, many fresh facets and perspectives have come to light. So, redefining their work and worldview is necessary for new generation.
Mother's Agenda is a monumental set which sets the record straight that she was not happy with many things which was going on in her name but permitted out of politeness or practical reasons. Enthusiasm of some disciples resulted in various rituals and so they need to be reviewed.
A better life or harmonious society can't be too far from politics. In fact, all collective action fall in the political domain. Running a voluntary organisation or ensuring fair play itself is a gigantic task. Apt rules and regulations in sync with aims and objectives essential.
There's much confusion about All life is yoga since silence or meditation are ordinarily considered indications of spirituality. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo recommend inner silence and dynamic meditation in the midst of work or unfavorable circumstances to stimulate transformation
This is a common rhetoric but a deeper look won't find much difference. Basically, it's the Enlightenment and Modernity ideals to which Sri Aurobindo adds a high dose of Messianism. Indian/Hindu spirituality otoh has nothing special to offer as spirituality exists in all cultures
Both Marxist or Humanist viewpoints, though valid from a practical angle, have been found wanting in the course of tides of time. Sri Aurobindo's solid logic for unfolding of future Evolution towards Vedic immortality therefore holds out much hope amid widespread disillusionment.
Those brought up on Hindutva diet are complacent about new thoughts and ideas but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide a platform for Evolutionary thinking. Substantially material or mechanical solutions are not the right approach, yet their forming the substratum can't be ignored.
One interesting thought experiment is whether a competent scholar could have written all that Sri Aurobindo has written. This is blasphemy for the devotees but the answer is yes. Once one is able to penetrate his web of terminologies, his arguments are fairly simple and elegant.
It's absolutely necessary to shed one's sectarianism for discovering Sri Aurobindo under the universalist lens. Besides The Mother's role in forging this Integral paradigm has to be appreciated in toto. Lastly seminal facets educed by their Western disciples and scholars crucial.
Yes, Sri Aurobindo has deciphered the real meaning of Vedic utterances by just exploring the suppleness of Sanskrit words but he doesn't claim the Veda to be the only important book or Hinduism as the greatest religion. He gives a blow to Perennial philosophy and launches his own
Sri Aurobindo as a lover of poetry was a keen aspirant of Intuition and he applied the same route for his spiritual attainments. So, poetry for him is not merely a cultural tool or means of aesthetic pleasure but a source of opening myriad pathways for Evolutionary possibilities.
Integral Yoga has three basic elements but Aspiration is pivotal. Rejection and Surrender are rooted in traditional paths but an Aspiration - not out of crisis or ambition (arta and artharthi) - but a steady, intense, and prayerful certitude for the promised Harmony is essential.
On the face of it, it would seem Sri Aurobindo is foreseeing the consummation of Enlightenment ideals & Modernity but his stress on spirituality postulates that all actions ensue effortlessly from the Supramental consciousness and not as rational groping or grappling with choices.
The Life Divine providing a rational thesis like Involution as being the cause of Evolution is the easier part since some clues were available in the Veda and Upanishads. But what Sri Aurobindo speculates as the outcome of Evolution is more interesting.
A lot many people indulge in name dropping but I haven't seen anyone on Twitter to have read Sri Aurobindo with passion or dedication during the last 7-8 years. RW stalwarts have exhausted themselves with nothing new to offer but they won't read as they are all celebrity writers.
Democracy enjoins upon citizens to be watchdogs but that doesn't entail power to be the be all and end all of civilisation. Further, past needn't be the sole guide for how the future would take shape. Sri Aurobindo is a profound voice on this score and aspiration is most crucial.
In my assessments, I prefer not to associate Sri Aurobindo with the Ashram or Auroville, for they are local and limited experiments, bound to have shortcomings. The advent of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo needs to be perceived from a much vaster perspective; something unprecedented.
Sri Aurobindo was involved with mass politics for a while but perhaps never believed in the wisdom of the crowd. He was aware of futility of Marxist prophecies and Christian messianism. He wrote about future in the tradition of a teacher without much concern for practical affair.
Basic purpose of Indian Constitution is to orient every person of an ethos transcending narrow boundaries like region or religion. This boils down to an imposition; but Sri Aurobindo charts out the philosophical foundation and a method of psychological practice to inculcate that.
No evading at all; I stand by what I say. Born on August 15, Sri Aurobindo is an undisputed harbinger of modern values ushered in by Bengal Renaissance and left his body once the Indian Constitution was drafted and approved. As a critic, his sweep is wide ranging and prescriptive
Tusar Nath Mohapatra on 25 November 2019 at 2:30 am
The book, Hegel’s India speculates on the influence of Gita for crystalizing his concept of the Absolute. His copious writings relating to Indian philosophy and religion are available in one volume now.
Among crowds of stereotypes and growing platitudes, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the only source of newness and possibilities. Apprehending them in an ever newer fashion in order to comprehend their assurances and insistences is a necessary modality. No limit to their wonders.
Sri Aurobindo dreamt the impossible when the country was under foreign rule. Not only freedom but unity of the whole mankind and even beyond that. He was confident that Immortality is not merely a thing of imagination but is attainable. Freedom from death: Savitri became relevant
Sri Aurobindo came to Chandannagar to escape British persecution and later he shifted to Puducherry. Sixteen years later on November 24, 1926, came the Siddhi. No one really knows what it is as its significance is much vaster than what the word denotes. The hour of the unexpected
No one expected that RSS would teach tolerance and liberalism but that's what Hindutva hawks are learning to their chagrin. #KulkarniDoctrine is working wonders so far as Statecraft is concerned. Nehruvian consensus has its advantages but it needed to be repackaged sans Dynasty.
Colonialism and the Freedom struggle of epic proportions followed by prolonged rule by a Dynasty turned the Democracy in India into a sort of mythology. Current phase can be seen as a welcome change towards down to earth participatory politics with the downside of herd mentality.
Most schools tend to draw one to their core while in the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, the learner is constantly pushed towards the margin. References and allusions galore at each step so much so that one is forced to consult other sources and exegeses for more details.
Both life and philosophy are ongoing affairs - work in progress - never complete; so there can't be any final explanation or ultimate analysis. Those advising on life matters must keep in mind their own age and experience. What you feel today can prove to be puerile a year hence.
Obscurantist sentiments are normal or even fashionable and prestigious at the moment but Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been campaigning against such trends since 2005. Championing Integralism through interdisciplinary modes remains our focus with Sri Aurobindo as fulcrum.
Savitri Era: Sri Aurobindo as fulcrum
Savitri Era of those who adore,
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. @NathTusar #SriAurobindo
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Harnessing Western Philosophy for Self-Management
TN Mohapatra
SAMSMRITI SAMS Journal 10 (2), 16-17 2016
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management
TN Mohapatra
Nitte Management Review 9 (2), 1-18 2015
#MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SAVITRI

Friday, November 22, 2019

Sri Aurobindo as fulcrum

Obscurantist sentiments are normal or even fashionable and prestigious at the moment but Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been campaigning against such trends since 2005. Championing Integralism through interdisciplinary modes remains our focus with Sri Aurobindo as fulcrum.

Who's who and current affairs form stepping stones towards political sensitivity but without a B.A. Degree, the basic grounding remains incomplete. Competent people in all fields should go through the BA text books of various subjects under Humanities. This will bridge many gaps.

Many milked Marxism to their advantage and others drew benefit by selling Gandhian values. Socio-political ideas have failed to blossom fully to their promised extent. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo too have promised a lot. Their legacy remains the only reliable prophecy to cling to.

Harmony, and not hatred, is the essence of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Those possessed by narrow sectarianism but are posing to be well versed in Sri Aurobindo must dedicate themselves to a long term immersion in their works for earning the right understanding of their worldview.

In his pre-Puducherry days, Sri Aurobindo used to focus on the Gita and Upanishads but later on, the Veda seemed to match his universal vision and Evolutionary agenda. This is something unique and unprecedented.

Each one must discover The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in his or her own way without being unduly influenced by laudatory descriptions by earlier disciples. Their divinity too must stand the test of critical scrutiny. Exaggerated promises or expectation of miracles can't be their USP.

Hope, you finally arrive at The Mother who represents the Integral dimension of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and future vision. Auroville was founded three months before May 1968 swept Europe. She passed away in 1973 and her death anniversary is today. #MirraAlfassa #SriAurobindo

Modern Civilisation is grateful to The Mother for recognising Sri Aurobindo and collaborating with him for the next rung of Evolution. Her emphasis on work and physical culture provides a sound procedure away from philosophical confusion. Surrender, sincerity, and loyalty are key

The Mother came to assure that the present state of affairs is replete with shortcomings and a more harmonious future is possible. Rising above narrow sentiments of region, religion, nation, language, etc. is a necessity for such a prospect. This is an Evolutionary inevitability.

The volume on Isha Upanishad by Sri Aurobindo is certainly a help for all those who wish to fathom the dense prose of The Life Divine.

After Involution, Evolution is on and we are all willy nilly passengers. Thus, Sri Aurobindo gives a direction and meaning to history by modifying Hegel. He adds the dimension of yoga as catalyst for becoming conscious collaborators and accelerating the process. Nothing esoteric.
Of course, it takes time and the aesthetic aspect of reading his works is an additional benefit. Thanks. #SriAurobindo

The Left is no longer ruling West Bengal but it hasn't really left. It's presence can be felt at each step, in every nook and corner; with many a human encounter. The ethos somehow is deep but apparent too. So, occupying the Secretariat is not the only sign of ruling, it appears.

Surely an outstanding presentation. A must read.

Just read how Narasansha (praised by people), an epithet for Indra, can turn into Nrisansha (tyranny) in the volume on Vedic Studies by Sri Aurobindo
You are perhaps echoing The Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt. Or, "A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic," attributed to Stalin. But the fundamental problem is elsewhere. Vritra in the Vedas; it can change forms and modalities.
Beneficiaries don't feel it's bad. Ultimately it's by a band of human beings under whatever brand it may be. So the question is is there any hope of transformation of human nature? Otherwise it will recur despite protests and platitudes. As of now no formula is available to stop.

People perform rituals dutifully but don't expect results to follow invariably. This tentativeness is the reason why religion or astrology survives. The same attitude persists in the field of science too. No one is too optimistic; even on the Development or Governance front, same

One that said New Age books have the potential of causing depression due to heightened expectation. Thanks

Kings, invaders, and empire builders have dominated the history books. Time to replace them with thought leaders and philosophers. How Lacan was perpetually intrigued by the mystery of language and left behind innumerable insights must receive the deserved attention and research.

Heidegger was a contemporary of Sri Aurobindo and his main philosophical work was published within decade of The Life Divine. But his insights into language and poetry inaugurated a whole new turn of Western thought. Sri Aurobindo's deconstruction of the Veda is yet to take off.

Culture is receiving continued patronage owing to its multifarious utility and social security but the challenge is to awaken to Vedic formula of Harmony and Immortality. This task transcends beyond race, region, religion, language, gender, or other divisions obtaining at present
The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo redefines each and every aspect of Indian wisdom and tradition. While chasing ritualistic externalities is deemed to be prestigious, understanding the very basics of life's imperatives and the fundamentals of religion should assume priority

Savitri Era of those who adore
Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother
Freedom has this outstanding feature of not believing in anything

The lyrics has some resemblance with the bhajan:
dukhi manisara ijata kete na mahata kete

Bansberia Kartik Utsav

In the land of grassroots

Unique destiny

Savitri Era Learning Forum: Computerized fakery intrude onto our reality - Futuristic tweets by @vakibs

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Freedom of not believing in anything

Tweets in original by @SavitiEraParty and @NathTusar (September - October, 2019)

Sri Aurobindo has written on the significance of Mantra but his unveiling of the secret of the Veda doesn't emphasise on any ritualistic chanting or performance of fire sacrifices. Perhaps, the first stunning effect of a word, a phrase, or a song is Mantra and not its repetition.

The Divine manifestation of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can't be seen as contingent on their writings or conversations. Their contribution to theory is surely subject to interrogation and critical examination. The same courtesy can't be extended to their being the Supreme Divine.

Identifying the West with materialism at places is one of the flaws in Sri Aurobindo's writings. His assessment of Darwin, Nietzsche, and Freud too needs more sympathetic and systematic appraisal. So students of Humanities should provide necessary cushion for comparative analysis

Reading some books by Sri Aurobindo or visiting Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Puducherry can confuse one about him. Knowing him merely as a Freedom fighter or Revolutionary is also equally partial. Understanding him is a lifelong enterprise and going beyond texts, the most challenging.

Sri Aurobindo hails from this place: Konnagar (in between Uttarpara and Chandannagar). Sites of pilgrimage and inspiration.

When the past is narrated in a way to make it interesting, it becomes creative. News served in such a manner is aptly called stories. In fact there's no escape from such a situation; elements of fiction infect every conversation. So being objective or neutral is just not possible

Each one is a wonder and there's no compulsion to rely upon past texts or traditions. Any encroachment upon an individual's autonomy needs to be resisted and tribal leashes like caste and religion must not suffocate freedom. Culture and literature should foster such an atmosphere

Each tea shop is an installation art or a mini museum

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo didn't claim any transformation of human nature yet they reposed immense faith on a harmonious collective life taking root in the course of future evolution. This is purely a theoretical construct without any substantiation. Thus it's a matter of faith.

They wanted us to believe that the West has developed mature democracies and Congress is attempting the same in India. All warts were ignored. The fact is that Democracy has no perfect model and the current fermentation therefore can't be construed as aberration or degeneration.

Two decades should be sufficiently long to forget about 20th century in order to awaken to wide-ranging challenges of the present and the future. Moth eaten myths and legends need to be jettisoned so that the modern generation can build on fresh substratum by applying creativity.

The direct disciples were responsible for spreading this all-knowing Sri Aurobindo impression but such an expectation of him is flawed. It's better to be exact about in which areas Sri Aurobindo has an edge and how they can be disseminated through a critical academic environment.

Sri Aurobindo's writings are difficult and can be bypassed and Sri Aurobindo has written on all aspects of life and has answered almost all questions of existence: these are two extremes and needs to be avoided. Contemporary and future issues are much more complex than his oeuvre

Certain aspects are ontological and can't be described in terms of the performance of Congress, Modi, or for that matter any other leader. Civilisation and Development are cyclical or spiral and geography is a prime factor alongwith temperament of people and happiness parameters.

The individual is not a part of a bigger universe; the universe rather is a part of the individual. All one's perceptions therefore are unique to himself or herself; nothing universal, rational, or scientific about it. This is far more reductionist than the anthropocentric view.

Nothing exists outside oneself: no past or future; no myth or narrative. The world exists solely in an individual's consciousness; all knowledge is subjective. So peddling any authentic history is as illusory as philosophical coherence. Habitus can't be seen as a sign of veracity

Suspect all myths and narratives being assiduously disseminated by the media and academia. Each one is a prisoner of his own trajectory and searching for any universally acceptable ontological framework is surely futile. Thus, all past philosophical formulations are mere stories.

Understanding Sri Aurobindo in the context of both India and the West is not an easy task and articulating it in a sustained manner demands superlative calibre and competence.

Sri Aurobindo simply reiterates this argument; doesn't offer any fresh evidence. So, the matter is far from being decided either way.

Certain characters we learnt about in the school seem eternal: Gulliver, Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, Casablanca, Jim Hawkins, Uncle Tom, etc to which can be added Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Bartlebooth, José Arcadio Buendía, and of course, Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo).

Nothing seems firm after one year; RW discourse is as confused as ever. Always reacting, ranting, mocking, or outraging; no solid offerings, no publications. That's in the fitness of things perhaps. Even Sri Aurobindo couldn't reach any final conclusions; all his works incomplete

You may not be aware, but you have paraphrased what Sri Aurobindo highlights in the very first chapter of The Life Divine: “Today we see a humanity satiated but not satisfied by victorious analysis of the externalities of Nature preparing to return to ...“
Therefore the Twitter; discussions can spread awareness and stoke curiosity. Brick and mortar organisations have proved to be ineffective and stagnant. Besides, it's one world in the virtual space. #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SriAurobindo @SavitriEraParty

Despite imposition of Hindi and English local or coloqal languages amazingly hold the fort. Awarding Sovereignty to new nations constituted on the basis of local languages is a most logical demand. Odisha was the first such State formed in 1936. Megalomania around India must end.

Right from 1947, Kashmir has been the bone of contention leading to wars with Pakistan and antipathy towards Muslims. Ram temple movement added momentum to which the so-called appeasement issue was yoked. Hindutva stalwarts try to twist the narrative by equating Islam with Jihad.

Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar's Desher Katha inspiring revolutionaries in Bengal and Sri Aurobindo joining hands with Tilak and Moonje or later Hedgewar refining his nationalism while studying in Kolkatta can't be lost sight of. Thus, it's more synthetic and undergoing metamorphosis.

Religions are discovering that they can't fool all the people all the time. As education and awareness rises people will take a critical look but commercial and entertainment dimensions will linger. Since you are aware of Sri Aurobindo, you should be happy; he predicts collapse.

Let there be no misunderstanding; his interpretation is perfectly alright. Leaders and thinkers are great in their own right; carrying the burden of Evolution. But it degenerates. Freud has unveiled epochal insights worth admiring but his theory might aid anti-Evolutionary forces
I supplied some hints but they aren't exactly as you propose. I have no other means than to rely upon what Sri Aurobindo has said and then joining the dots. And, it turns out to be fairly accurate, by and large. As historians have banished him, present view of the past is warped.

That's nice. Task is to popularise Sri Aurobindo's view of the past, present, and the future. Educated Indians haven't been able to benefit by his writings either due to prejudice or lack of access. But it provides an alternative narrative than Hindutva and Congress-Left combine.

A lot many things are there in Sri Aurobindo's writings like trigunatita bypassing ethics or being heroic despite committing crimes; he also uses the term vibhuti. So all those who have carried the burden of mankind have been instruments of Evolution. Churchill was but not Subhas

I avoid quotations but can offer my own impression; Sri Aurobindo didn't find him worth pondering over. Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud posed the major challenge for him which snowballed into Hitler. Fascism continues in various forms and fighting it is the most important task

Freedom has this outstanding feature of not believing in anything. It too can be a sign of utmost humility that one doesn't know. From that safety, it's prudent to reject all knowledge sources and philosophical streams. Then, only two dates matter: August 15 and March 29 (1914).

Nice thread but the whole process seems to be following a pattern in a mechanical manner. Don't know whether it's your own thought or borrowed but an important factor would be the milieu. If it's serving an Evolutionary purpose it'd succeed; if not will face insurmountable hundle

"The present age of mankind" (Sri Aurobindo is concerned about the whole mankind or the human race and not just India or Hindus) is undergoing "a graded psychological evolution of the race" -The Human Cycle - The Curve of the Rational Age (CWSA-25-XIX-192)

Hindutva votaries can never win in the narrative battle because their existence is dependent upon othering. That the other is powerful and can devour it is the fear psychosis they spatter. Thus victimhood and inferiority remain ingrained just like the members of Scheduled Castes.

All said and done, spirituality is of theoretical utility only for it can't deliver on demand. But philosophically, it offers the best possible explanation of our existence as Sri Aurobindo has shown in The Life Divine. Apart from generating optimism, it fights fundamentalism too
Tragedy of India is the British legacy of being huddled under a single nation whereas the reality like Tibetans is local. So I have been campaigning for Sovereignty to States so that various forms of hidden spontaneity come to the fore. Each language must find full efflorescence.

For many discovery of a 1000 years old sculpture is much more important than what Sri Aurobindo wrote 100 years back as if his poems like The Rishi, Ahana, or Love and Death don't mean anything, not speak of Savitri. How can an entire nation be so callous!

Mother worship is common in India especially in Bengal and it was easy for Sri Aurobindo to tap the emotion. Westerners however are too rigid and suspicious in this respect and hence The Mother is still far off for most of them. Transcending either aspect is certainly a challenge

Another misconception is that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never founded a new religion as they have clarified a number of times. But there was persistent accusations from several quarters that it's being turned into one. So I thought it fit to just name it as Savitri Era Religion.

There's a misconception that Sri Aurobindo is not a philosopher because once he had remarked so. One of his best philosophical writings is The Problem of Rebirth which was serialised in ARYA 100 years back. He never gave the impression of resolving the mystery of Karma. Must read

No gainsaying that the world existed before the person but so far as the person is concerned his knowledge of the world existing before him is subsequent and would dissolve on his death or if he is in coma. So this awareness doesn't float outside the consciousness of human beings

A spider's web can be described without the spider or with the spider. Then how it connects from different points from two walls can also be included. Thus there can be multiple perspectives. By pushing the spider out of the discourse webs of words can be multiplied exponentially

Bulk of character-traits are transmitted through genes and some are emergent. Marriages generally being confined to a caste, concentration of skills and attitudes is not unusual. So, birth-based Varna is a fact. However, Sanskritisation as indicated by M.N. Srinivas is also true.
What you are attributing to Sri Aurobindo may not be accurate. In its origin, Varna was different but it degenerated and Sri Aurobindo won't be blind to such a stark reality. As regards giving children, it sounds too proprietary for each individual pursues his or her own destiny.
It's not a question of what you do or I profess, as if we are autonomous beings functioning in isolation. Resistance to knowledge is the root of the problem; understanding things should be the priority without going ballistic at the first instance. Sri Aurobindo demands humility.

I'm curious to know whether your concern is just because you were born into this religion or on subsequently discovering superior qualities in it? Roughly, the former is political and the later is economic. Faith on gods and goddesses and mythology would approximate as aesthetic.

In a country where majority of citizens have no idea as to what 370 or 377 is, what happened in 1947 can be considered as a miracle. 1992 surely was a step in the backward direction which doesn't seem to be being reversed. Role of lovers of Sri Aurobindo in this scenario crucial.

Roy Bhaskar wrote many books to explicate reality but towards the end of his life he could spot the spider. Then there was nothing much to explain the web in isolation. However, his followers were aghast; how could he commit such a sacrilege! Publishing industry too was dismayed.

India is at the crossroads. No respect for knowledge; it's fashionable and prestigious to push planted narratives. Decibels are more credible than crucibles of truth. Entire corpus of Sri Aurobindo should have been part of syllabus but Universities are yet to evince any interest.

Scholarship shouldn't be resented; persons shouldn't be despised. The content should be the focus. What's good must be appreciated; what's flawed or distorted, deliberately or otherwise, needs to be countered. With sufficient caution and due academic humility; by producing fresh.

No national level institution dedicated to Sri Aurobindo studies. As a result, ambivalence persists on his views on several crucial issues. Even a chair somewhere will be able to produce diverse papers to popularise his relevance and break resistance. But, no one with conviction.

Indian civilisation is a misleading phrase. People lived in pockets near rivers. In the evening, they used to light a fire to ward off wild animals. Used oil or ghee and children hummed some songs. This took the form of yajna over a few generations. The Veda got added to rituals.

Constitution is about how to capture power by distributing favours and patronage. So how to keep the flock together assumes utmost importance and for that all kinds of identity is utilised. However certain books in libraries offer resistance, silently; because the author is dead.

Reach of Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) is meager but immense in terms of significance. Many have met tangentially with the potential of engendering diversions in thought and attitude. Thirsting for an anchor by grappling with philosophical uncertainty is the need.

While a day has so much of variety in terms of circadian rhythm and allied psychological rollercoaster that we ride, annual Merry-go-round of seasons seems to have no noticeable effect or causal factors in human functioning. This disconnect is surprising when even sea sees tides.

One basic thing is true. Seduce a person into conversation and after a while he will go on and on revealing many aspects of his thinking or hopes. This can be ascribed to power of language reinventing the person also. But healing can't be thrown out like baby with the bathwater.

When will Delhi retreat? Can Kalinga (Odisha) regain its Sovereign status? @NathTusar #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
Once the States of India get Sovereignty, co-operation as well as competition will soar. Instead of thinking China or Japan, our own capacities will receive focus. International presence and clout will grow manifold. Overall, each new nation will contribute its best to grow fast.

So many people expressing happiness over the Romila Thapar affair seems something like toppling of Saddam Hussein's statue in significance for them.

While publishing the revised edition of Savitri in 1993, Sri Aurobindo Ashram also brought out a separate slim volume collating the old and new lines or passages. A similar compilation is needed for how much old history has been replaced by new findings published by RW journals.

Agree. Can only empathise with a mother's burden; but that's again somewhat empty, for we are worlds apart. You may however consider Sri Aurobindo for some future paper, if an occasion arises. Thanks.

My father, Chintamani Mohapatra was a teacher there during 1950-75 (approx.). He used to teach history. Both my elder brothers studied there whereas I in the village school in Sailo Jharapada.

Modern Odia songs by Akshaya Mohanty, Pranab Patnaik, Md. Sikandar Alam, Raghunath Panigrahi, & Chitta Jena deserve to be listened by people of other languages. Each of them has a golden voice and one can fall in love with their voice even if one can't make out much of the lyrics

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