Thursday, March 16, 2023

Which philosophy to follow

 Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (U.P.)

Those who are in the thick of current affairs may not feel philosophy being of any consequence but this very outlook constitutes a well-established philosophical attitude. Thus the question is which philosophy to follow. Thankfully #SriAurobindo is the best teacher on this score.
Religion ensures regularity of practice but blunts thinking ability while philosophy encourages questions by shedding complacency. Even then the individual difference is there moulded by heredity and environment. Finally the grace is instrumental for leading one in the right path.
Art and literature provide a lot of fodder for self-esteem and emotional maturity. Good for life but an inflated ego can be a barrier for spirituality. Philosophy on the other hand builds intellectual muscle and does ethical mapping. So it's valuable as the highest faculty of man.
Asserting something as I think, I believe, or To my mind is highly precarious. Ideas come from diverse sources and some erroneous ones recur by sheer habit. Thus, to claim ownership might lead to wrong consequences. The traditional doctrine of syādvāda takes shelter under may be.
Development has been happening in India during the last sixty years, everyday, irrespective of the party in power or ism in vogue. It's a cumulative process and what we see today will pale in comparison to what takes shape a few decades hence. Democracy is a more crucial concern.

Not many people read my tweets or blogs but the only consolation is nobody else is doing what I have been attempting. Most of what I encounter is run of the mill and parroting appears to be a great quality. Let's hope, Indians rise from the spell some day!
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It happened in 2013 and will repeat a decade later. Some prominent Modi supporters will go against him creating a flutter and a few top opponents will start singing the praise of Modi. So don't take these seriously; all part of the script. Meanwhile, Opposition Unity circus is on.
It's amusing that fresh constitutional matters are being formulated in the court and not in the parliament or in the people's court. Granting Sovereignty to the linguistic States can solve most of the problems India is facing now. The Central govt has become absolutely redundant.
Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively on religion and culture by providing a critique of tradition. But Indians didn't pay sufficient attention to his yogic vision. The result is before us. Reforms are being contemplated in view of election. But following #SriAurobindo is the solution.
People are free to support their preferred political leaders as the next Prime Minister but the question is what radical changes can he bring about. Where are the policy papers: political, economic, and social? Ideology should be discussed and not persons. That's the party system.
Bhagwat-Modi seem to be the current version of Gandhi-Nehru duo who are leading India to modernity. Their task is more difficult as the core supporters are deeply entrenched in tradition and religion. But the Constitutional ethics demands wide-ranging changes for staying in power.
No other govt is going to do anything concerning Sri Aurobindo. So whatever little the present govt manages to accomplish should be considered as great. At least the kind of secular and liberal environment being aimed at much to the chagrin of the hardliners needs to be supported.
Politics has traversed in abnormal ways and it will be so in the future. Right now, Modi winning 2024 seems certain but opposition unity can alter the situation. Those supporting the dynasty might appear fighting for modern values as against religious obscurantism but are deluded.
Democracy and Market are identical in the respect that both will throw the best in a free competitive environment. But in India, such a thing isn't happening. Human nature is cause and in this case lack of individuality and quest for excellence. Hegemony of Mythology exacerbates.
Longing for Hindu Rashtra is as valid in a democracy as aspiring for EU-type federation in India. These are contesting political dreams and there shouldn't be any animosity involved. Constitution of India has served its purpose and population growth necessitates smaller nations.
Language debates are amusing. My mother tongue is ଓଡ଼ିଆ #Odia and I love it. Sri Aurobindo has written Savitri in #English. So I support English. Mohammed Rafi songs are immortal. So I support #Hindi. Sandhya Mukhopadhyay is the best female singer. So I love and support #Bengali.
All citizens are potential Prime Ministers in a democracy but most don't aspire to become. The party system in India too doesn't favour a merit-based contest. People get swayed by feudalism and theatrics. Even popular Chief Ministers don't dare to throw their hats in the ring.
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Problem is that nothing can be called evil since democracy is evolving. So each phase has a role for honing a possible perfection in the future. Human nature is not democratic and the party functioning reflects that. The question is whether such level of morality can be practiced.
People are recommending seven books. Certain characters seem eternal: Gulliver, Robinson Crusoe, Don Quixote, Casablanca, Jim Hawkins, Uncle Tom, etc. to which can be added Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Bartlebooth, José Arcadio Buendía, and Vladimir (Didi) and Estragon (Gogo).
Akhanda Bharata, Hindu Rashtra, and Vishwaguru votaries keep on arguing issues like Brahmins, Hindi, and North-South antagonism. These social problems have a history of their own and will evolve over a long period. Thus, passing summary judgements or instant solutions is puerile.
People should be free to choose their religion and change their nationality. Political outfits shouldn't exploit these for milage. Religions shouldn't impose codes or restrictions on lifestyle matters. Celebrating festivals shouldn't be mandatory and people must be given freedom.
Sri Aurobindo's prose works during the latter half of his life comprises predominantly of his letters on a variety of subjects. Steeped with extraordinarily penetrating insights and profound sources of wisdom, these letters are an evidence of how much he cared for his disciples.
Being a senior citizen implies needing assistance and sympathy. But in Twitter it's added responsibility. People are busy in their selfish motives but for us being a watchdog and safeguarding ethical values is the task; being an impartial observer and offering objective opinions.
Devotees have direct relationship with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo who are worshipped as the one Supreme Divine. Thus, there's no system of any priests in Savitri Era Religion. Further, there's no prescribed mantra or any ritual. Each follower is free to choose his method of yoga.
Western scholars don't discuss Indian philosophy and try to keep the discourse confined to their own thinkers. In Sri Aurobindo, however, we find surpassing of both Western and Indian philosophy. Plus, he has the added advantage of yogic vision illuminating the path to the future.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo facilitates freedom from mythology, rituals, and allied superstitions. Enlightenment values burnished with Vedic wisdom provide a robust philosophical substratum. No obeisance to the priests, monks or sundry imposters. Individual growth is key.
Both on the front of philosophy and politics, Sri Aurobindo is the best guide. What he wrote on religion too is inescapable. Whether acknowledged or not his predictions are being increasingly imbibed by the public discourse. People find it difficult to digest but they are logical.
Difficult to swallow any interrogation or investigation process being labelled as targeting or political vendetta. No one in this country enjoys any immunity from legal action. Further, no action against a particular person can't be cited as a reason for demanding amnesty for all.
Securing funds for contesting in the elections is actually the culprit. All kinds of dishonest practices are adopted by the so called leaders. This is reason why good people find it difficult to survive in politics.
Till now there are allegations only and AAP hasn't been proved to be adopting corrupt means. So we should be careful in our comments.
Not being transparent can't be described as corruption. Only the courts have the power to hold someone as guilty.
Moral corruption and financial corruption are two different things. Calling someone corrupt without any court saying so is also a type of moral corruption. It's not just a question of opinion. As responsible citizens, we have to be exact with our words. Btw, I don't support AAP.
Yes, you have described it the right way which amounts to moral corruption. But no financial corruption has come to light like funds being misappropriated.
A political party has every right to fine tune its policies and strategies from time to time.
I have been tweeting against AAP and Kejriwal for a decade now.
Inculcating curiosity both scientific and philosophical on ontological matters in students is a big necessity. Govt privileging mythology and superstitions poses huge barrier to this. Sri Aurobindo is an acknowledged philosopher and poet but his writings are yet to enter syllabus.
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Communication is never complete or perfect. Even in case of written words which are supposed to be exact multiple interpretations precipitate. Scholars have toiled with tangles of hermeneutics since ages. So expecting others to be at one's own level may not be fair. Many just nod!
Savitri Era Party, opposed to AAP, BJP, and Congress, seeks to establish a modern and democratic political culture as conceived by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Religion, similarly, aims at freeing people's minds from the clutch of mythology, rituals, and superstitions.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach to aspire for a better world instead of worrying about the present state of affairs. People of goodwill around the world needn't feel powerless. Higher consciousness will descend to help at the right time. This is collaboration with the evolution.
Performing rituals spreads complacency. Spirituality, on the other hand, takes up all activities as worship, with an attitude of surrender to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Aligning with the evolutionary intention happens only through the intervention of The Mother & #SriAurobindo.
Awareness of Sri Aurobindo is increasing but many misunderstandings persist. Ashram and Auroville don't fully represent the philosophy of the Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Different systems followed by the local centres possess no definite validity. No particular book has the supremacy.
States getting Sovereignty on the basis of language has to be secured through the parliamentary process and there's no need for seeking any foreign help. Population growth necessitates carving smaller nations under a federal structure for democracy and development to be effective.
The chimerical nation idea in India suppresses the regional diversity and linguistic treasure. It has served its purpose and now let the States stand on their own. Right of self-determination needs to be recognised and respected. No logic of Kalinga empire being ruled from Delhi.
Inclusion of castes in the Constitution made it undemocratic. Dynastic party system corroded democracy. Finally, Hindutva activism has disrupted the democratic ethos unrecognisably. Indian nation idea itself is an imposition. Sovereignty to States can usher in the true democracy.
Wishing away religious, linguistic, ethnic, or caste divides is not easy. Democracy itself thus is an amorphous federation. Demographic mix varies from one region to another and local cultural issues are different. Bypassing all these by overarching national concerns is deceptive.