Thursday, June 23, 2022

Sri Aurobindo's 150th birth anniversary should inspire the young

 Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Tusar Nath Mohapatra
Savitri Era: Govt can't be the owner for ever Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006) #SriAurobindo #Auroville
Auroville issue has many ramifications. If decided with sagacity, it will resolve many other conflicts surrounding places of worship and simmering discontent over religious freedom. The point is govt must not interfere in genuine religious sentiments of people even if a miniscule
Sri Aurobindo formally started writing in 1906 exhibiting quest for an ideal human society. Simultaneously, the Vedic message of fulfilment of life also seized him. He has recorded his struggle for attaining various capabilities but ultimately recommended surrender to The Mother.
I have been pleading from time to time not to spread false promises in the name of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. They have spoken about lofty ideals but some mechanism is yet to be found for translating words into reality. The same applies to Auroville and its charter. Be practical
In The Secret ol the Veda, Sri Aurobindo has clearly indicated that the Upanishads and Puranas signal degeneration and dilution. A reordering of national consciousness on this basis is very much warranted but influential political sections are busy reaping the dividends of hatred
Something is freely available but people are not getting the benefit of it. I'm talking about Sri Aurobindo's writings. Reading one or two books is not enough. Over forty volumes including conversations are waiting to be devoured. Essential for any scholar
Devotion towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo needs to be exclusive. Loyalty and surrender are not negotiable. So those having extraneous attraction shouldn't pretend as devotees. Being a scholar of many things can derail your commitment to evolutionary agenda. The furrow is narrow
सदा नमामि मातरम् by Karunamayee
Nothing new but it's interesting that Sri Aurobindo writing in the same period had a diametrically opposite worldview. Thus, in Sri Aurobindo we find an alternative voice to Vivekananda, Tagore, Gandhi, Savarkar, Golwalkar, Periyar, Ambedkar, et al.
Right from 2005, I have been writing against Hindutva in the context of relevance of Sri Aurobindo. Current unfolding exposes the pernicious nature of the ruling party's ruling ideology. Only the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can show the right path to the nation.
Considering the chasm between early and later periods of some great philosophers, The Mother's ambivalence is not all that insurmountable. Nika Kuchuk examines a few peripheral issues but the central ontological assumption of she jointly being the Supreme Divine heals contraries.
Though by origin she doesn't belong to the West, but being born and brought up in France, The Mother represents a unique combination of culture and education. Sri Aurobindo is receiving some attention now but her work and philosophy relating to the body remains in the background.
Treatment of a few symptoms is not the answer. The disease needs to be eradicated completely. Sri Aurobindo had warned about all this long ago. Only by following the integral philosophy and psychology of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo that new thinking can be injected among the youth
Everything is substandard when compared with Sri Aurobindo. You have the best of philosophy, poetry and political theory. No need to run after the West or utilitarian sources. Humanity is one is the first lesson. We are one species poised to take a leap into Supramental territory
Working for the best of future is most needed now and Sri Aurobindo has provided the key. It's a collective endeavour and each one has to collaborate. Aspiring with the right attitude is the path. Personal life getting imbued with a larger goal can galvanise the whole atmosphere.
Dominant religions have ruled for too long and we see the consequences. The Mother has built the Matrimandir in Auroville for her devotees and let this new religion show light to people of the whole world. Earth is one and humanity needs to be forged into one aspiring community.
You are right but as citizens, we need to abide by the Indian Constitution. It recognises and extends protection to religion but not spirituality or any mystic exercise which can't be defined or ascertained properly. Thus it's a legal need. Also necessary for passing to next gen.
The Mother's devotees are small in number and mostly invisible. But the undercurrent is there and it's a slow process. The new religion is yet to receive legal recognition but has firmly set its foot. Many devotees express their devotion in the comments section of YouTube videos.
Children are born into a family of this religion or that religion but in the case of The Mother's devotees no such facility is available in the absence of legal recognition. As a result of which the children drift away. Devotees need to raise voice for keeping our flock together.
I have been demanding that Matrimandir and Auroville be handed back to The Mother's devotees. Matrimandir is the sanctum sanctorum of our new religion. Any attempt to secularise it would amount to desecration. Turning Auroville into an environmental or developmental hub is absurd
150th birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo is two months away. I request all to spare a couple of hours for reading his books. Writings in Bengali and Sanskrit, Volume 9 of The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo (CWSA) is a good place to start. Here's the link:
All said and done, Modi has scored a masterstroke by turning an adverse situation into a source of reaping endless advantages. It's not mere reiterating of a Nehruvian dictum. Once this principle stabilises, significant reforms borrowing from Sri Aurobindo can be given a trial.
The setting also extends to Odisha.
Now that the govt is seen as overtly espousing religious concern of minorities, it should give recognition to Savitri Era Religion and hand over the administration of Matrimandir and Auroville to the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. We don't worship Hindu gods or goddesses
Savitri Era Party demands 1) Returning Matrimandir and Auroville to the devotees 2) Recognition of Savitri Era Religion 3) Lifting ban on The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs 4) Prescribing Sri Aurobindo's books under University syllabus 5) Stop appropriating him as a Hindu.
Religion pertains to a certain relationship with God but by believing in mythological fiction common sense gets corroded. That's where fanaticism germinates. Lack of grounding in postmodernism too contributes to a sense of certainty. Reading Sri Aurobindo can teach the right path
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have predicted the arrival of a new species through Supramental descent as part of future evolution. They ask for our conscious collaboration by way of aspiration. This is a new religion and those willing to believe in their words must express volition.
All kinds of hypocrisy flourish under the widespread notion that Sri Aurobindo didn't start any new religion. It's a convenient ploy for clinging to the old religions. By founding Savitri Era Religion in 2006, I have made it clear that The Mother's devotees must have full loyalty
To err is human. Unity is strength. Thus unity can push man into committing more and more stupidity. Corporations and organisations not excluded.
Anyone with a slight acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo wouldn't approve of the Hindutva ideal. I have been highlighting this since 2005 and feel vindicated when BJP has been forced to identify some as fringe. From 1992 through 2002 to 2022 is a long time but a welcome change it is.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are a new religion and the Matrimandir in Auroville is the sanctum sanctorum. It shouldn't be misused as a tourist spot or a site for sundry govt celebrations. The devotees know its real significance and, hence, it should be handed back to the devotees.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are one Supreme Divine. Those quoting Sri Aurobindo for establishing his Hindu affiliation are in the wrong. Overlooking The Mother's background is erroneous. Matrimandir and Auroville belong to the devotees of this new religion. Govt should return them
Concerted effort is on to spread confusion about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Overnight experts have mushroomed with incessant webinars. Yet being a devotee is not easy. Most are socially entangled and harbour multiple loyalties. Accepting them as Supreme Divine is a new religion.
Neither trees nor roads can be the true meaning of Auroville. The real issue is ownership and the Govt should stop meddling in it. Matrimandir The Mother's Temple needs to be in the control of the devotees. The affairs of Auroville are merely its corollary. Non-devotees desecrate
We have witnessed recently how nation after nation came out to defend their religion. Devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo must raise their voice to get back Matrimandir and Auroville. Please RT my tweets so that they reach every corner of our country. Let people and media know
Many take the pretext of Integral Yoga to oppose the religion argument but the very primary principle of Sri Aurobindo's formulation is the conjunction of the call and the Grace. It's The Mother's love and grace that is pivotal to Integral Yoga. The one whom we adore is religion.
Thanks to the Constitution of India, I have been a part of Savitri Era Religion for almost sixty years now. But a Govt recognition and legal protection for the new religion can facilitate many things and remove ambivalence from minds of the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo lent his critical eye in significant measure as part of Indian Renaissance, much before Critical Theory blossomed. In spiritual domain too his path-breaking contribution heralded a new era. But his reception along with The Mother as Supreme Divine goes much further.
So many nice people write against the BJP and the RSS expressing apprehensions on the monochromatic worldview of Hindutva. But, surprisingly, they never refer to Sri Aurobindo voicing such warnings a century ago and the probable solution of following him as an antidote to hatred.
Surrender to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the keynote of Integral Yoga which is a special state of mind. Clinging to the past formulations won't allow to arrive at such a state. Reading their books attentively has the power to mould the mind to accept them as the Supreme Divine.
I had just joined college in Bhubaneswar and the Centenary year celebrations of Sri Aurobindo was on. I had the good fortune of attending many seminars and conferences. Some sadhaks from Puducherry also participated. His 150th birth anniversary should similarly inspire the young.
Being deeply aware of the obstacles posed by human nature, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were keen to obviate the traditional canons of spiritual practice. By highlighting All life as Yoga, they put value on work done in a spirit of dedication, though difficult to evaluate results.