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Gandhi was trying to uphold Civil Society values

There is nothing more precious for us than Sri Aurobindo's works. However, I'm not very enthusiastic about compilations. Let's take the example of Letters on Yoga. Without historical context and the conversational setting, the reader misses much of the charm. Besides, Sri Aurobindo's own words may not be quite apposite for specific current issues.

The solution I have in mind is to secure articles on various problems from present disciples to create anthologies. Let people muster courage to speak out sans the compulsion of citing Sri Aurobindo and without resorting to verbosity. Let's say it clearly that the solutions The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have foreseen are far away, and so, we must come forward to think about the present issues, ourselves, like rest of the world is doing.

Thus, active participation of Sri Aurobindo's followers is necessary to supplement present discourse on sociopolitical issues. If you can get one article each from ten different writers, that would be a more interesting and relevant book. [TNM55]

A. Gandhi

Gandhi has come under attack recently through a series of articles in the Press for being unsympathetic towards the Revolutionaries resorting to violence during the freedom struggle. These well documented works seek to portray Gandhi as a tacit collaborator of the British and hence undeserving of reverence as Father of the Nation. The Revolutionaries, obviously, are treated with sympathy and awe. On the face of it, this reading seems genuine and close to patriotic sentiments, which is fair. But there are other aspects when examined in more detail.

The crux is the context. What the Revolutionaries were engaged in was perhaps justified because they were fighting against the Colonial rule, but Gandhi was trying to uphold Constitutionalism and Civil Society values that are valid even after independence. From this angle, Gandhi's statesmanship qualities seem to far surpass the patriotic heroism of the Revolutionaries. So any rigid stance on this matter violates basic ethical subtleties.

B. Rajiv Malhotra

Plagiarism charges against Rajiv Malhotra has attracted wide attention recently. Malhotra is known for his books on Indology where he disputes the Western viewpoints and supplies alternative readings sympathetic to native culture and history. In his latest book, he cited several passages from a Western author some of which are not properly attributed. Upon being charged with plagiarism, he, instead of apologising, preferred to justify it by saying that the Western authors too borrow ideas from Sanskrit texts without attributing. Thus, a person who is expounding on Dharma was found to be wanting in adhering to basic publishing ethics, egged on by supporters on religious lines.

C. Ramdev

Ramdev is a famous yoga-guru with followers all over the nation. Sometime in 2011, he started speaking political language and undertook fast against corruption along with his supporters in Delhi. Later on, he came out openly in favour of BJP and campaigned actively for its Prime Ministerial candidate. However, once the elections are over, he became silent about blackmoney and any wrongdoing by the Govt. Two objections here: 1) He used his influence upon people as a teacher for political purpose, and 2) He leveraged the whole episode for furthering his business interests. Thus, there was clear compromise on the ethical front. [TNM55]

Friday, August 21, 2015

Neither Development nor Corruption, it is Democracy vs. Fascism

Tweets 8/19 2015
Einstein, Whitehead, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
8/20 2015
#WorldUnion Day today as declared by The Mother (Third Dream of Sri Aurobindo). Let's all pray and aspire for Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo identify Hitler as the greatest adversary of human civilisation. Men and events in history be judged accordingly.
Now reading The Clasp of Civilizations by Richard Hartz of Sri Aurobindo Ashram on #globalisation and #religion. ] Retweeted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra
[his thigh was broken. Nobody knew or knows much about the superhuman work Sri Aurobindo and the Mother have done]
Hindutva supporters admire Hitler, Subhas fans also are oblivious of his grave error but Sri Aurobindo knew the truth
Sri Aurobindo was meeting only The Mother & a handful of desciples, was writing in seclusion but also fighting Hitler
@_YogendraYadav No overnight solutions. Corruption is within everyone; Sri Aurobindo calls for transformation of human nature via Evolution.
An impression is being spread that there is no other corrupt person apart from Lalu. Utter hypocrisy to be under such simplistic delusions.
@pras4net And someday, you will believe me!
[for one Lajpat, a hundred Lajpats will arise. Let them hear a hundred times louder your war-cry - Jai Hindustan.]
@SavitriEraParty thanks for speaking up for the safety of our children in #SaveMirambika don't let the management malign SriAurobindo's name] Retweeted by Tusar Nath Mohapatra
[The third dream was a world-union forming the outer basis of a fairer, brighter and nobler life for all mankind.] SA
@India_Policy @chinmaykrvd The invisible force behind is the Left under the stewardship of Yechury who is a Harkishan Singh Surjeet acolyte.
@GarodiaVinay The present Mirambika crisis and the earlier Heehs imbroglio prove how coming together under one political set up is necessary
Congress with its inexhaustible resources has taken over the Bihar election management for Nitsh. Also, a test case for Rahul coming of age.
Remembering Ram Mohan Roy or Jyotirao Phule occasionally serves Civilizational impetus, but the right name for the future is Sri Aurobindo.
Many on Twitter lack intellectual integrity and are either prejudiced or paid. So, why blame politicians for corruption who fight elections?
[it has become standard practice for BJP leaders to duck tricky queries by referring to the UPA’s performance] @TheStatesmanLtd Edit.
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, while synthesizing the East and the West, emphatically steers clear of Buddhist & Hindutva straightjackets.
@swaraj_abhiyan Abhiyan or Movements can avoid corruption which is not possible for a Party as it will fight election. So form a Party first
@swaraj_abhiyan Revolution and religion are both interested in a crowd so that people make money from each other under its benevolent banner
Present issue in the country is neither Development nor Corruption. Let it be drilled into everyone's head that it is Democracy vs. Fascism.
Absolute honesty & integrity is scarce even in an Ashram. Demanding corruption-free environment in politics is either hypocrisy or utopian.
Understanding the present context by overlooking what happened a decade back is essential for clarity on Bihar. All must back Nitish Kumar.
[Aurobindo has become a modern exemplar of inclusive values inherent in Hinduism by allowing linear progressive time]
8/21 2015
When one finds people changing focus and searching for genuine course, then, there is no reason for being distraught.
@sarkar_swati @Un_Spin Commendable quest for facts, but the word judgment disrupts the discourse signaling the fact that there are no facts!
Goel or Gandhi, no respite from biting facts: A Daniel come to judgement!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Einstein, Whitehead, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo

Tusar Nath Mohapatra @SavitriEraParty SRA-102C Indirapuram Ghaziabad
Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF): Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.
264 Following 536 Followers 24,831 Tweets Joined Twitter 4/14/12
The war we bear daily on Twitter
Arise out of misguided ideologies. 
Men are prone to falling prey when young
And carry them all their lives.
Hundreds of books delineating the greatness of Sri Aurobindo but their message don't percolate to Twitter. Proactive learning methods, a must.
[A great spiritual pressure is making itself felt in all human affairs; old norms & tried-out forms are fading away]
Even vis-à-vis Science, Sri Aurobindo questions preferred paradigms and claims empirical legitimacy for logic of supra-physical perceptions.
Conflicts between religions are nothing but a result of false understanding of defective Cosmologies. Sri Aurobindo settles them all deftly.
Hindutva is not interested in debates and avoids the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. Instead, some Kalam clones are very dear to its supporters.
I purchased a desktop in 2005 and in 2011, iPhone bought at same price replaced all its functions. Sri Aurobindo has similar potentialities.
Like without Darwin, Nietzsche, or Freud, Sri Aurobindo's philosophy would lose much of its punch. Marx meets his worst foe in Sri Aurobindo.
Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is enough but understanding their historical context & genealogical aspects has added charm.
When Einstein was venting his exasperation on meeting Whitehead and Bergson (1921-22), The Mother & Sri Aurobindo had established Knowledge.
After The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's writings, all the philosophies & scriptures of the world have become defective in their knowledge content.
Don't shy away from a critical comparison between writings of Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo with clinical precision to know right direction.
Words have power and Sri Aurobindo's writings can change the thinking of modern day Indians to shed Hindutva unreason & Marxist rationalism.
Barring a handful, Hindutva supporters did not pay any formal homage to Sri Aurobindo on August 15, this year on Twitter. Seems due to fear.
[To learn for the sake of knowledge, to study in order to know the secrets of Nature and life, to educate oneself..]
Sri Aurobindo did his best to endorse Cripps proposal but was ignored. Present generation also too unmindful of what he says. Not good sign!
India is yet to become equal with other advanced nations but Sri Aurobindo has endowed it with a task which needs to be pushed with vigour.
Learning is the key to take this nation ahead and not by chanting Hindu-Hindu & indulging in all kinds of hedonism in the name of festivals.
Hindutva enthusiasts must plug their intellectual deficiency by reading a little bit of Western philosophy along with Sri Aurobindo's works.
I don't feel it's my fault if others don't care to read Sri Aurobindo attentively or refer to his opinions on matters of national importance.
A person half my age might have many factors for supporting Hindutva or Modi but he must listen to opposite views carefully/benefit of doubt.
In Odisha, for instance, Hindutva has no relevance. People are already neck deep in Jagannath cult. Only issue that can click is Governance.
Congress failure and Janata debacle led to BJP upswing. But to remain politically relevant, BJP must come out of the Hindutva apron strings.
Mandir issue was responsible for turning good argument on its head and Hindutva has not recovered since then. No alternative to ethics/logic.
Hegel and Kierkegaard, Baudrillard and Merleau-Ponty Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

No better satisfaction than wrestling with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy

If all the resources of Govt of India, BJP, RSS and multiple NGOs are employed to produce just a stage show, then woe to those feeling proud.
@drsbasu2115 That's nice. Let's expect the new generation to understand the real import of Sri Aurobindo in resisting both Hindutva and Left.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have successfully responded to the diverse philosophical & psychological currents of the West including science.
@kalisbrood Twitter is not a place for weighty debates on Yoga methods or long philosophical exegeses. Here, it's just hints and pointers!
@kalisbrood Instead of concentrating on me and my ignorance, just imagine how a stray tweet can change the life's direction of a new person.
@kalisbrood I don't ask you nor any other to agree with me. I learnt my lessons in my own way and there is no reason to converge with yours.
@kalisbrood Each person has his own peculiar set of inspiration and circumstantial compulsion to write & share. Please don't be an obstacle.
@kalisbrood If you believe so strongly that you are in ignorance, okay. Don't spread pessimism and anti-intellectualism to discourage others.
When one realises the vision Sri Aurobindo has for India's future, he acts on his own and won't depend upon the Prime Minister or any other.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's books helps build self-esteem. One understands the true role of India and one's own responsibility in fulfilling it.
Once you are convinced that Sri Aurobindo, indeed, is preferable than the Marxist or Hindutva viewpoints, it becomes easy to understand him.
Rishi Kalam, Mahatma Modi 
Hayek, Friedman vs. Dirac, Feynman
@_Mauna_ Hope, you are aware of SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo in which he affirms the possibility of deathlessness as envisioned by the Veda.
An informed Hindutva enthusiast tweeted recently to stick to nationalism and shun internationalism. Good intention but against Evolution.
Hindutva is nothing but utter confusion with diverse voices sprouting and claiming authenticity in vain. Food & Drink
Despite great strides in human thinking, no definite picture of reality has emerged yet. So, Sri Aurobindo's Evolution is the most dependable.
[Sri Aurobindo is thus forerunner of all major initiatives of freedom struggle] @drsbasu2115 - @maidros78
Sri Aurobindo himself chose to set his most futuristic vision within a mythological setting but SAVITRI turns out to be world's crest jewel.
Sri Aurobindo, however, considers reliance on Mythology as part of the Human Cycle and theorises how Evolution has the power to transcend it.
At a time, when the world is witnessing sweeping leaps in Science & Technology, Hindutva, with its hark back to Mythology, is an aberration.
India was under Colonial rule 100 years back, yet Sri Aurobindo wrote valiantly about how India will lead the world through its Vedic legacy.
Those who long for a new world & aspire for it strongly, assure The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, will automatically be led to discover the words.
Most interestingly, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were never enthusiastic to draw disciples as they believed in the inevitability of Evolution.
The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in 36 Volumes is now available online ranging from philosophy to poetry & plays.
Universalistic scenario painted by Sri Aurobindo in Life Divine is unmatched in breadth as well as elegance as is intellectually satisfying.
Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo essentially means transcending narrow religious or national confines to feel and act as a world citizen.
Sri Aurobindo thought & wrote about multiple castes, religions, & nations but refused to be bogged down by the differences & aimed at unity.
If one is confident of his intellect, there is no better satisfaction than wrestling with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy.
Sri Aurobindo secures a revered place in Indian history, but his significance is more oriented towards a splendid future for whole humanity.
On the political front Sri Aurobindo foresees all the countries of the world coming together under a federal structure heralding human unity.
Sri Aurobindo believes in the transformative power of knowledge leading in the direction of Evolution which is key to humanity's Perfection.
Despite its attractive nomenclature, Integral Yoga introduced by Sri Aurobindo doesn't prescribe any rigid system of practices or rituals.
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, while synthesizing the East and the West, emphatically steers clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjacket.
Though educated in England Sri Aurobindo went deep into the heart of Sanskrit to recover the original intention set out in Veda & Upanishads.
@avenger_D Sri Aurobindo's epochal interpretation of Veda brings out inner psychological significance of the hymns by eschewing mythology.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to support English, Science, Modernity, and Democracy by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, and Superstitions.
Congress education system has deprived you of reading the works of Sri Aurobindo. Each one must read them to understand the Indian tradition.
@ToGovern Thanks. Please find time to read the works of Sri Aurobindo whenever possible.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Steer clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjackets

@ToGovern Thanks. Please find time to read the works of Sri Aurobindo whenever possible.
Congress education system has deprived you of reading the works of Sri Aurobindo. Each one must read them to understand the Indian tradition.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to support English, Science, Modernity, and Democracy by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, and Superstitions.
@avenger_D Sri Aurobindo's epochal interpretation of Veda brings out inner psychological significance of the hymns by eschewing mythology.
Though educated in England Sri Aurobindo went deep into the heart of Sanskrit to recover the original intention set out in Veda & Upanishads.
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, while synthesizing the East and the West, emphatically steers clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjackets.
Despite its attractive nomenclature, Integral Yoga introduced by Sri Aurobindo doesn't prescribe any rigid system of practices or rituals.
Sri Aurobindo believes in the transformative power of knowledge leading in the direction of Evolution which is key to humanity's Perfection.
On the political front Sri Aurobindo foresees all the countries of the world coming together under a federal structure heralding human unity.
Sri Aurobindo secures a revered place in Indian history, but his significance is more oriented towards a splendid future for whole humanity.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Understanding Sri Aurobindo is a life long process

Reading Sri Aurobindo's own writings would be the best homage to him on his birth anniversary -
Four epochal interventions by Sri Aurobindo:
~ 1940: War Funds
~ 1942: Cripps Proposal
~ 1945: Wavell Plan
~ 1946: Cabinet Mission Proposals
Three madnesses, Four interventions, and Five Dreams define the life of Sri Aurobindo perfectly & explain why he relied upon the Sixth sense.
Unparalleled guidance on life and the world in Collected Works of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother:
@Vidyut You have perhaps no time for the longish exposé of the then Congress leaders by @sarkar_swati and team. They were as mean!
@Vidyut That may be mere impression; from movies and school speeches. Human nature, the same, chases self-interest. Lay workers seek esteem.
@Vidyut That'd be a great project, but no piece of writing can decisively prove anything. Subject to reception and dominant political stance.
@Vidyut He worked as his time demanded; you are also fighting by writing
I wish, you had mentioned Sri Aurobindo.
@Vidyut [It is a day that has increasingly lost meaning for me. What does independence mean?] it was my own birthday
@Sheks65 Surprisingly, no tweets wishing Sri Aurobindo today from Hindutva crowd. Seems like the message has gone home that he is a threat.
@Sheks65 You are a devotee. Others might be celebrating & enjoying a family outing. But it seemed to me quite unusual when I searched today.
@Sheks65 Even PM can forget too. Sri Aurobindo doesn't have any utility for any political party; not even in Bengal.
@harsh___gupta 1. PM has not faced TV reporters. 2. HRD Minister without a college degree. 3. PM and Party President from same State.
There was practically no discussion today on Twitter regarding Sri Aurobindo on his birth anniversary coinciding with the Independence Day.
On August 16, 1907, Sri Aurobindo was arrested by the British for alleged seditious articles in the Bande Mataram. It created a huge furore.
@akshaym Does Sri Aurobindo hold any chance to be compared remotely with such giants?
@akshaym Hayek, Friedman vs. Dirac, Feynman @harsh___gupta @sabhlok 
@chinmaykrvd Circular logic. Because he just can't understand that he is making a fool of himself!
Modi never wants Chauhan getting stronger or popular as he is perceived as an alternative power centre (Advani camp)
Most in BJP were forced to support Modi for power at Centre but share anguish at the way Advani was shunted out as they were indebted to him.
A split in BJP might look improbable now due to the Hindutva ecosystem but what happened to Congress in 1969 can't be deferred for too long.
@MihirkJha The party might simply split into regional formations. National leadership is antithetical to regional aspiration and freedom.
@MihirkJha BJP is no longer its previous avatar under Modi. It's under a corporate-style functioning. So a textbook implosion is inevitable.
@Sheks65 Nothing could be further from the truth than to believe that Modi was duly elected as the leader of BJP democratically. @MihirkJha
@MihirkJha As too many leaders in a party is not a sustainable proposition, Modi turned BJP a single-leader party (like all other parties).
Modi is like Bhallala Deva of Bahubali who hijacked the longtime efforts of so many others to grab the top slot. But, that's the Beginning!
Don't forget how RSS airdropped Gadkari to fulfill its longtime dream of shifting the Capital of India to Nagpur and declaring Hindu Rashtra!
Learn the principles of Indian culture from Sri Aurobindo as seen by him in his classic, The Renaissance in India.
Supporters in East coast States like Odisha feel miserable as BJP can't hope to capture power during their lifetimes. Real freedom fighters!
The fact that Nitish Kumar is mocked is a proof of his being a formidable threat to Modi. He will win Bihar but his right place is in Delhi.
Nitish Kumar, by definition, is a better Hindu as both Hindus and Muslims repose confidence in him than one who professes only Hindu support.
@Sheks65 Political Science is no laughing matter! Establishing theoretical principles is a must for clarity in thought and bust herd action.
@Sheks65 See, Nitish is symbol of anti-Modi fight, and that's a valid project involving millions of people. Any one can replace him tomorrow.
Such is the dread that pervades BJP that no supporter dares to take the name of any other leader than Modi bit approvingly or congratulating.
@ArmchairPseph Apropos senior leaders, and to this day, it can, safely, be asserted that no one has accepted Modi as leader with spontaneity.
@ArmchairPseph As a supporter feeling happy is justified, but BJP has come to power at severe costs; it has lost a lot of internal democracy.
@avenger_D Thanks, I think, I stand by them even today. Yes, one can think of Yogendra Yadav or Prof. Anand Kumar instead of Kejriwal.
@ArmchairPseph I agree with you, even AAP learnt it early. No one should blame Modi or Kejriwal. But that's not the Ideal; quest must go on.
@hooves2 Political melting pot is always pregnant with possibility. It was part of a conversation about potential threats to Modi within BJP.
@ArmchairPseph @Nikhil_7D Yes, intelligent people should apply their minds to these apparent contradictions and bring out the right insights.
@avenger_D Political opinions are bound to differ in a Democracy but by trying to engage with people like you, I seek to know herd-dynamics.
@Nikhil_7D Don't worry, Sri Aurobindo can help you to grow grey cells if you just read his books, no matter whether you understand or not.
@avenger_D Thanks for all the attention and thought. Be happy, Modi may or may not win in Bihar but he remains your Prime Minister till 2019.
@avenger_D The PM, is more proper, perhaps (that helps to conceal my frank feelings about him).
@vs70 @avenger_D @Nikhil_7D I live in India and I just said that Modi is "the" PM. I don't think there is any scope for any difference of opinion.
@vs70 No need to say your or our, I corrected it to an official the. Democracy has many a leeway!
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D Understanding Sri Aurobindo is a life long process and day-to-day political affairs needn't be guided by those ideals.
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D Agreed but I'm also entitled to my imperfections. Besides how communications can be leveraged optimally, also matters.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D You are quoting someone who has displayed visceral antipathy towards Modi. I'm innocent beside him! @Janamejayan
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I never impose; I simply express my views as enabled by Twitter with a twin purpose: Sri Aurobindo and anti-RSS.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No, I'm not asking for following any person. My request is to read the books by Sri Aurobindo.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D No such temerity either. But yes, following Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals are certainly not matters of intellect.
@Nikhil_7D If you have read the works of Sri Aurobindo, I will not like to argue on them. My focus here is what Hindutva & tradition pursue.
@Nikhil_7D Point is you can't argue on exegetical matters on Twitter. No space. Email is okay. Here, the purpose is provocation & propaganda.
@vs70 You got it right; we are against the mentality of banning or making things compulsory. That's the spirit of Indian Constitution.
@Nikhil_7D Twitter allows us to talk and sets permissible limits for discourse. I'm just using the facility and evolving with my opinions.
@Nikhil_7D Changing, in the trivial sense, if you like!
@Nikhil_7D So, better not to describe myself, the task here is to tweet and supply food for thought.
@Nikhil_7D Conversation is important but preferably with those with sceptic/open minds. But one doesn't have a choice. You are an ideologue!
@Nikhil_7D I mean, you are far beyond my ideal target audience since it's not easy to unlearn what one has over a prolonged period of time.
@ArmchairPseph @Nikhil_7D Just clarified that it's difficult to impart new awareness to one who is already full. But possibilities are there.
@avenger_D @Nikhil_7D My opposition is also based on his actions, nothing personal about it. But he is entitled to it for the sake of career.
@Nikhil_7D @avenger_D @ArmchairPseph @vs70 @Janamejayan @Sheks65 Fascist tendencies in Modi:
@Nikhil_7D I just responded to someone else's tweet.
@vs70 You are trying to skirt the issues.
@AgentSaffron Art and architecture are subjective affairs and the Bahubali effect, (including, size), needn't guide our sense of aesthetics.
@vinidratva I was thinking of the huge and a uniform kind of colour and style of buildings portrayed in the movie. Just an impression.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Sri Aurobindo recovered what is best in Indian Culture

Some South Indian Brahmins versed in Sanskrit texts stress on Dharma tenets without realising that people from other parts are very lukewarm.
@JyoitaS "Glorious heritage" also includes Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals which teach students Superstitions and faulty Gender relations.
@JyoitaS Leftists don't fall from the sky. Students turn Leftists to get freedom from meaningless Rituals, Mythology, and Superstitons.
The fierce Hindutva of several South Indian Brahmins (having zero legitimacy in their own States) is an intimidating phenomenon on Twitter.
South Indian Brahmins supporting Hindutva don't see any virtue in Sri Aurobindo and his Evolutionary vision of future. They worship the past.
Writing on history is no great virtue; only when one is capable of bringing out philosophical implications, real relevance is established.
Sri Aurobindo wanted his countrymen to be forward looking and draw advantage from integration with the West. Hindutva drags back to the past.
Sri Aurobindo has already recovered what is best in Indian Culture. Rest of it are degrading mires of Mythology and cobwebs of Superstitions.
Herd mentality can't create a great nation. Young Indians must hone their critical faculty to scrutinize Hindutva with Sri Aurobindo's works.
Like @PritishNandy , I can't claim embodying plurality, but one can't be a true Indian without being Sri Aurobindian.
Sri Aurobindo reminds that India doesn't mean India itself; it encompasses the whole world, the future of humanity. Shows the path to follow.
If someone imagines himself as an intellectual in India but has not read what Sri Aurobindo wrote 100 years back, then it's a pure delusion.
If someone claims to have read Sri Aurobindo but didn't understand him or find him appealing, then his intellect is inchoate and juvenile.
@Parikramah I respect your sentiments and agree that many of my tweets are polemical. On Twitter, however, not many SIB Sri Aurobindians.
@Parikramah Exactly & now Sri Aurobindo has a long list of adversaries in fans of Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Vivekananda, Subhas, Radhakrishnan.
@ravikumarg14 That has happened due the efforts of Karmayogi during the last decade or two but clinging to rituals and mythology is there.
@IndianRealist @ravikumarg14 I don't force my opinions on anyone but nothing wrong in understanding contrary viewpoint as intellectual game.
@Parikramah It's a valid task for you. But, as far as my reading goes, Mother & Sri Aurobindo are something apart, absolutely unprecedented.
@Parikramah True, but the modality has to be learnt from Sri Aurobindo as he has foreseen it and not speculatively or Khichdi concoctions.
@Parikramah Thanks. No agreed view on Sri Aurobindo's legacy as his writings are vast & varied. Each one has to grow by reading him in doses.
Hindutva is wedded to rituals, festivals, and spectacles since the crowd emboldens political legitimacy but its essential kernel lies buried.
Celebrate the August 15 with Sri Aurobindo's Early Cultural Writings, Collected Poems, & Collected Plays and Stories.
Independence Day message of Sri Aurobindo was broadcast over the All India Radio, Tiruchirapalli on August 14, 1947.
Don't wait for Mark Zuckerberg to recommend The Life Divine [William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience]
Watched later part of The Godfather on TV for first time last night; mute and subtitles. Aesthetically, no match for our Sholay or Deewaar.
@amz360 Whether you agree or not, perception about RG has gone up ten times after his candid & hard hitting speech in Parliament, yesterday.
People have really not been consulted on the administrative structure in the Country after August 15, 1947 nor the contents of Constitution.
With growing political maturity and web-based communication, the Constitution needs to be discussed threadbare with geography as the focus.
Rivers and Railway network should be more preferable criteria for carving out efficient administrative zones instead of Linguistic States.
A Chief Minister having, practically, no role in the Central Govt. is an anomaly. More equitable role for the smaller States is a necessity.
Introducing online voting for non-geographical constituencies meant for gender/special groups and minorities needed for deepening Democracy.
India must move towards a EU like federal structure with absolutely voluntary membership by constituent States mandated by their own people.
BJP supporters abhor the word, Secular, but, to his credit, Modi is running a perfectly Secular Govt. by keeping it separate from Religions.
@chinmaykrvd Resistance to Modi and Hindutva as a whole is a formidable force and for most, Nitish Kumar is the most prominent symbol of it.
Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA, yet their supporters must learn to speak for Institutional norms.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA

Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA, yet their supporters must learn to speak for Institutional norms.
The Minister may be innocent but there is a prima facie case owing to family connection. Strange that no one from BJP is asking for a probe!
On the one hand you allege that Sonia was the de facto PM and MMS, a cypher and on the other hand, say she never worked. Both can't be true.
No one prevents the Govt to probe all financial irregularities since 1947. Before that, it must probe questionable dealings of own Ministers.
Rahul has been ridiculed no end; but this seems to be a solid case he has taken up. Though Sushma is in front, the ultimate target is Modi.
If anyone feels that Sushma helped Modi without the concurrence of *Modi* it's absurd. The needle of suspicion rightly points towards *Modi*
@chinmaykrvd No comments on physical attributes, please. Political differences, enough and deserve mutual respect, too.
@chinmaykrvd No need for you to take leave of decency. Please maintain decorum.
Contrary to the general impression, today's debate was not something personal between Sushma and Sonia/Rahul. The whole nation wants to know.
The Minister defending herself strayed far outside the subject and levelled several unsubstantiated charges disregarding Parliamentary norms.
Parliament is no place to display ferociousness or being a lioness, especially when one is an accused. I'm ready for any probe is fit reply.
One feels aghast at the euphoric reaction of the BJP supporters. If this is the quality of our literate class, then, God save this country!
BJP supporters still don't feel that they are in power and continue to criticise Sonia/Rahul instead of taking action against their misdeeds
Instead of referring to sundry sources in a haphazard manner, Sushma should have authored books on various cases that she charged Congress.
@avenger_D Referring to something else to divert attention is such a common trait that even the Minister doesn't realise it's a faulty way.
@avenger_D Most of her speech was unrelated to subject and it's not expected of a Minister who is supposed to safeguard Parliamentary norms.
@avenger_D Please understand what I'm trying to stress. Govt has to adhere to standards, it's its duty. Opposition can be reckless like BJP was.
@DrAShukla They need to be investigated and subjected to judicial process. No one is preventing the Govt. Why empty allegations?
@DrAShukla You are straying off-topic. Today we are discussing a specific issue and the conduct of members of Parliament.
@avenger_D All said and done, the speech of a veteran Parliamentarian like Sushma Swaraj was off-topic and nothing more than a caricature.
@avenger_D As a citizen, I'm trying to scrutinize the Govt. action but your focus is always on the opposition. Hence mismatch of wavelength!
@avenger_D Hate may not be the right word; I oppose BJP but also engage with it as a dormant well-wisher & distant (unsolicited) consultant.
@chinmaykrvd Congress is financing Nitish in a big way apart from offering media & other incentives at the national and international level.
@chinmaykrvd That would have made sense but for the not-so-apparent effect of AAP and Left support. Their network spreads numerous spheres.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Democracy forces compromises

India has become a colony again through top corporates and International syndicates setting the agenda no matter who is PM. Harsh reality!
Nothing more ridiculous than Modi fans going ecstatic over where he will speak next and size of the crowd. Barometer of India progressing!
Someone predicted that when Modi gives a talk at Stanford, Burnol sales will surpass all past records. Such patriotism and such pride! sad.
Mythology and Rituals have turned people so easygoing that high targets are simply unthinkable. Just doing a parikrama ensures salvation!
Although RSS believes in Science & Progress, it maintains a discreet silence not to antagonise Hindutva ecosystem, when it comes to Rituals.
Hindutva must discover the enemy within and discard Mythology and Rituals if it wants to grow as a great nation. Scientific attitude a must.
Both History and Mythology must undergo stringent critical analysis so that the true narratives are reestablished in a dispassionate manner.
@shashiasha Good that you are optimistic & that's how it should be. Institutional props & policies can speed up things and Govt job is that.
Managing day-to-day issues is not the only thing for a new Govt. It must lay down fresh policy guidelines for Science, Education, & Culture.
Many people are attracted by good oratory and don't verify content. From Osho to Rajiv Dixit, a whole Hindi-belt generation has paid dearly.
Swadeshi couldn't be a success even during the Freedom Struggle. Whoever is peddling Swadeshi today must be branded as pure anti-nationals.
If Lalu is such a corrupt leader, let the people of Bihar say so. Unfortunate that BJP couldn't throw a face that'd remotely match Nitish's.
Bihar MGB is Oxygen for Sonia Congress, the presence of which is toxic for Indian politics. Democracy gives choices; forces compromises too.
Heard the Minister of External Affairs addressing Lok Sabha but she didn't reveal anything new that the Govt should have about this episode.
No better proof of intellectual bankruptcy than praising a Minister's speech for repeating some old allegations devoid of any fresh evidence.
Lok Sabha is not a talking shop or spellings learning school. Ministers must produce hard proof and not books to substantiate what they say.
Good clothes or oratory is no proof of innocence nor being a Minister. Fit ways must be adopted as to how an accused should be probed right.
BJP supporters must demand higher standards from their Ministers, not mediocrity. Fifteen months, but not a single proof against Congress!
Political choices in various States now follow a pattern. Yogendra Yadav should aim at creating a new national Party.
@Vidyut Being a fan is okay but there are more critical approaches. Hope, you spare some time to study them instead of premature conclusions
@Vidyut There are lot more deeper issues than that and it needs thorough study. Otherwise, your tweets are misleading a large number of ppl.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Difficult to agree with agitational protests

Difficult to agree with agitational protests and their priorities but it's sad if a leader of the stature of Yogendra Yadav is maltreated.
@bharat_k Actually leaders derive political mileage from such affairs and hence it's good for them. My feelings are for YY, the intellectual.
@orested2 I'm not against law & order taking own course (like when Ramdev was evicted in 2011) but I just felt bad for YY, the intellectual.
@orested2 If I remember correctly, permission had expired & Ramdev was trying to overstay despite requests to vacate. Then the midnight raid.
@orested2 Ramdev was clearly adamant & didn't act as a responsible law-abiding citizen. Hence, he should be responsible for the aftermath.
@orested2 I never compared, just gave an example. You seem a bit agitated and raise so many extraneous issues. Problem with Modi supporters!
@orested2 In a conversation civility is a must and we must know what exactly we are arguing for or against. I just said I felt sad about YY.
@orested2 Okay, if you feel so. I was reacting to what YY himself tweeted: that he has been beaten. I have no means to check if he is lying.
@orested2 I know him through various sources for quite a while, so won't rely upon extraneous evidence. I feel proud that he is in politics.
@orested2 All part of politics and democratic negotiation; so no complains. YY may lose in numbers game but will be seen in the mould of JP.
@orested2 Agreed, that all evidences are extraneous, that's a logical fallacy I committed. So, perhaps, I should call them as gut feelings!
@orested2 Both of us are guarding respective political turfs and hence no objectivity should be expected. Only way is to agree to disagree.
Why is Ramdev silent, now? [On 9 August 2012, Ramdev launched another indefinite protest against corruption and to bring back black money.]
@teamkabirkhan @BeingSalmanKhan Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional.
Baahubali may be religious, Bajrangi Bhaijaan is devotional & spiritual
SELF: Food for thought

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Western philosophy and psychology have not been able to surpass Sri Aurobindo

@kalisbrood So, you can quietly sit; no need to tweet.
@sarkar_swati Pasted a few extracts elsewhere for wider reach. Hope, you have no objections.
@krishnarjun108 Let the facts come out, we can draw respective inferences later. No doubt, she is undertaking a much-needed task competently.
Revolutionaries will be extolled in the context of Colonialism, but Gandhi's pronouncements are more geared for Democratic environment, now.
Even in Sri Aurobindo, we observe a similar dichotomy. Although his association with revolutionaries is known, he never endorsed in writing.
A single criterion is not adequate to judge Gandhi or his aides. Similarly, critical look at the revolutionaries & their motivations needed.
@TeutonicHindu Please read the book, The Secret of the Veda written by Sri Aurobindo to understand what spirituality really means and works.
Govt is entitled to its moves in a Democracy; Market will find ways to respond to them. Ultimately Elections will settle what is good or bad.
Just like not voting is also a form of voting, Parliament not functioning is also a sort of functioning. Democracy authorises Govt to go on.
Where Govt errs, Market rectifies & voters ratify. All norms & ideals require Democratic sanction to acquire legitimacy. Else, it's anarchy.
Opposing fascist tendencies is as much a sacred duty as resisting anarchist forces. They are two sides of the same coin but fight to con.
Democracy enables citizens to abdicate arms and violence; frees them from scrutinizing each and every issue from moral or practical angles.
Edifying to recall how violently both fascist and anarchist forces reacted when V.P. Singh embarked upon social justice (later SC approval).
Govt. as teacher is a tempting urge but such attempts are temporary at the most. Transformation of human nature is a very long term affair.
Opposition to BJP or AAP notwithstanding, an Elected Govt must be allowed to function and execute its decisions. Registering protest enough.
Modi, the PM, doesn't want BJP or RSS to be strong in exactly the same way as Sonia (& Indira) didn't let State leaders to grow in Congress.
This tangential and tertiary role of State leaders in national politics is a major shortcoming of our Constitutional functioning & Democracy.
Kejriwal too learnt his lessons early on & became AAP supremo. Thus Democratic party structure ideal is merely an idle theoretical construct.
Material benefit or Social mobility attract support for Political parties. Sri Aurobindo would insist on aiming at the highest ideal Harmony.
Biggest victory for Modi would be when he tames Nitish Kumar following a carrot and stick policy as he is doing with other east-side CMs.
It's futile to expect any ideological purity on the part of the PM in a country as vast and diverse as India. Pragmatism overtakes Idealism.
Thus Modi (as an individual) weighs a tad higher than the Congress Dynasty for safeguarding national interest as well as grassroots politics.
All those who dreamt of superhuman traits in Modi must get acquainted with "Karnad's unheroic hero, Puru," Tughlaq et al as a reality check.
BJP is bad but Congress is worse. Resist the temptation of feeding the Dynasty in the false pretext of safeguarding Democracy and Probity.
Like individuals, Organisations & Govts too learn by experience and hence are entitled to tinker with rules and mores for experiment's sake.
Never underestimate the impact of worst seeming legislations imparting the Chaos effect & Market lapping it up by throwing fresh challenges.
Many blame the Socialist policies of the past as bane of nation but they form the rock and mortar of the robust foundation of Indian Market.
Like human body is okay with a mix of veg & non-veg diet, Market loves to rummage through Capitalist, Socialist, Anarchist, & Fascist fodder.
Genuine liberalism is wary of utopian Market fundamentalism and prefers to put money on Evolution that ever moves in spiral trajectories.
Devotion is integral part of religion but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have prepared the ground to elevate it to have intellectual foundation.
Mythology induces to put your intellect to sleep and take leave of logic while Sri Aurobindo stimulates to cling to rationality & curiosity.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to grow, grow in your consciousness & that involves an enormous amount of unlearning; emptying the cup, as they say.
Three unprecedented and unparalleled creations of Sri Aurobindo: 1) The Life Divine, 2) SAVITRI, and 3) The Secret of the Veda. Must reads.
Thousands of books on Depth Psychology and Consciousness Studies will drive you mad unless you possess a thorough grounding in Sri Aurobindo.
Indians must know this simple fact: Western philosophy and psychology have not been able to surpass Sri Aurobindo during the past 65 years.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the most trusted teachers in the world insofar as aim of life & transformation of human nature are concerned.
Media enables to relate to the outside world but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo alert us to the quantum of sedimentation in our inner universe.
Modern emphasis on autonomy of an individual, though tempting, is ontologically unsound and, according to Sri Aurobindo, is a superstition.
@ShubhamDevadiya @laidback1954 He and Paswan were promoted by V.P. Singh. Not very articulate but his rootedness & conviction are strengths.
There can't be a more apt example for the phrase, "from the sublime to the ridiculous" than the transition from Dr. Manmohan Singh to Modi.
One is forced to admire the scientific spirit emanating from the West but they have faltered on two counts: 1) Jesus myth 2) No clue to Veda.
Those who chant "Change the System" should first understand how the System operates. The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo lays bare the System.
Why is Ramdev silent, now? [On 9 August 2012, Ramdev launched another indefinite protest against corruption and to bring back black money.]
Wrestle with issues to tone up brain muscle:
@teamkabirkhan @BeingSalmanKhan Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional.
Must reads: Harriet B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin & Fakirmohan Senapati's Chha mana Attha Guntha (Six Acres & A Third)
[Heehs is not making an original observation when he refers to Sri Aurobindo and his associates as terrorists.]
[Sri Aurobindo was the first great Eastern mystic to blend mysticism with messianism.]
[Sri Aurobindo, the great philosopher yogi, was able to most persuasively describe the messianic-redemptive ideal] SF

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Focus on politics as per Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx book

Terror has no religion has been amply mocked but another dimension that needs consideration is most terrorists are employees & breadwinners.
As long as Kashmir issue festers, it's obvious that India will face Pakistan sponsored terrorism by Muslims. So, it's geopolitics specific.
Sad that Sardar Beant Singh, the brave Chief Minister, who successfully pulverized Punjab militancy has not been awarded Bharat Ratna yet.
Demographic profile of each State must be the fulcrum of local aspirations instead of a pan-Indian metanarrative imposed on the whole nation.
If the present inhabitants of the erstwhile Kalinga Empire, for instance, desire to be united under one State, there should be no objection.
One day, Indian Democracy may be mature enough to emulate the example of UK. [Voters were asked: Should Scotland be an independent country?]
It's interesting to remember that merger of Princely States with India did not reflect people's democratic choice but was by ruler's assent.
Raging anger & alienation in Andhra over special status proves the fragile nature of Centre's sympathy & sensitivity on how the States feel.
Freedom of speech is a right granted to citizens who are supposed to exercise it with responsibility. Anonymous trolls shouldn't be eligible.
@ranikhet Everyone is free to vote even a foreigner in a free country.
@kiran_patniak @PradeepKhatri18 @Alhamdd786 @SharanSujit Informed opinion is always better than hearsay or impression
If people learn to value facts and know history correctly, as @sarkar_swati and team is attempting, then Sri Aurobindo will be recognized.
Barring a few like @GreatHeretic not many have understood the preeminence of Sri Aurobindo in cleansing centuries-old cobwebs from our minds.
As a majority of original followers of Sri Aurobindo have succumbed to Hindutva trap, fresh people may accept Sri Aurobindo with conviction.
@kalisbrood Any evidence of otherwise?
Modi has done a good service in the sense that many of Sri Aurobindo's supposed devotees have been thoroughly exposed for Hindutva-leaning.
I have been able to retain my independence of thought and common sense as I'm not attached to any institution or angling for Govt patronage.
In the absence of a vibrant discursive atmosphere, the legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is yet be understood in its full potentiality.
Even the writings, correspondences, & conversations of Sri Aurobindo on political matters are yet to be systematized in their actual context
Interestingly, foreigner devotees of Sri Aurobindo are at the forefront at the moment, who are trying to retain the purity of his teachings.
@kalisbrood May I qualify purity with "claimed".
Instant remarks & repartees on Twitter hold the potential of misrepresenting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, but that's the way for negotiation.
@kalisbrood Depends upon the individual and his background. While reading, one is sure to come across a number of unfamiliar pronouncements.
I don't deal with yoga or meditation on Twitter since I scarcely have any competence. Focus is on politics as per Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx book.
Those blinded by Hindutva hubris are entitled to their perspective but rescuing Sri Aurobindo from their metanarrative needs intellectuality.
Some write a lot relating to Sri Aurobindo but mean nothing or lack confidence to articulate unpalatable truths and so, resort to verbosity.
As a matter of fact, my tweets are targeted at those who are unaware of Sri Aurobindo to whet their appetite & not who are already well-read.
Primary task is to rescue Sri Aurobindo from the popular Baba category and establish him as a great political thinker and extraordinary poet.
To put it simply, Hindutva is Primary school, Marxism, Secondary school; and Sri Aurobindo, like it or not, amounts to University education.
Political preference is not a safe guarantor of intellectual worth. Mind must not be mortgaged to outworn ideologies or dubious fraternities.
Thanks to Sri Aurobindo, I don't have to bear the guilt of being a partner in demolishing Babri Masjid or hanging someone on his Birthday.
Many people visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry but catch various misconceptions about him & his philosophy. Reading his books essential.
Journalists are so ignorant about Sri Aurobindo that they hardly refer to his interventions like supporting Cripps Mission & its implication.
Celebrating the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo on August 15 by garlanding his picture is not of much value unless accompanied by reading.
Whether in prose or in poetry, Sri Aurobindo explored Integral Yoga Psychology, all his life, without adhering to any of established schools.
Many are not aware about the crucial role that Sri Aurobindo plays in introducing correctives to errors spread by Theosophy and Vivekananda.