Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Democracy forces compromises

India has become a colony again through top corporates and International syndicates setting the agenda no matter who is PM. Harsh reality!
Nothing more ridiculous than Modi fans going ecstatic over where he will speak next and size of the crowd. Barometer of India progressing!
Someone predicted that when Modi gives a talk at Stanford, Burnol sales will surpass all past records. Such patriotism and such pride! sad.
Mythology and Rituals have turned people so easygoing that high targets are simply unthinkable. Just doing a parikrama ensures salvation!
Although RSS believes in Science & Progress, it maintains a discreet silence not to antagonise Hindutva ecosystem, when it comes to Rituals.
Hindutva must discover the enemy within and discard Mythology and Rituals if it wants to grow as a great nation. Scientific attitude a must.
Both History and Mythology must undergo stringent critical analysis so that the true narratives are reestablished in a dispassionate manner.
@shashiasha Good that you are optimistic & that's how it should be. Institutional props & policies can speed up things and Govt job is that.
Managing day-to-day issues is not the only thing for a new Govt. It must lay down fresh policy guidelines for Science, Education, & Culture.
Many people are attracted by good oratory and don't verify content. From Osho to Rajiv Dixit, a whole Hindi-belt generation has paid dearly.
Swadeshi couldn't be a success even during the Freedom Struggle. Whoever is peddling Swadeshi today must be branded as pure anti-nationals.
If Lalu is such a corrupt leader, let the people of Bihar say so. Unfortunate that BJP couldn't throw a face that'd remotely match Nitish's.
Bihar MGB is Oxygen for Sonia Congress, the presence of which is toxic for Indian politics. Democracy gives choices; forces compromises too.
Heard the Minister of External Affairs addressing Lok Sabha but she didn't reveal anything new that the Govt should have about this episode.
No better proof of intellectual bankruptcy than praising a Minister's speech for repeating some old allegations devoid of any fresh evidence.
Lok Sabha is not a talking shop or spellings learning school. Ministers must produce hard proof and not books to substantiate what they say.
Good clothes or oratory is no proof of innocence nor being a Minister. Fit ways must be adopted as to how an accused should be probed right.
BJP supporters must demand higher standards from their Ministers, not mediocrity. Fifteen months, but not a single proof against Congress!
Political choices in various States now follow a pattern. Yogendra Yadav should aim at creating a new national Party.
@Vidyut Being a fan is okay but there are more critical approaches. Hope, you spare some time to study them instead of premature conclusions
@Vidyut There are lot more deeper issues than that and it needs thorough study. Otherwise, your tweets are misleading a large number of ppl.

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