Sunday, August 02, 2015

Focus on politics as per Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx book

Terror has no religion has been amply mocked but another dimension that needs consideration is most terrorists are employees & breadwinners.
As long as Kashmir issue festers, it's obvious that India will face Pakistan sponsored terrorism by Muslims. So, it's geopolitics specific.
Sad that Sardar Beant Singh, the brave Chief Minister, who successfully pulverized Punjab militancy has not been awarded Bharat Ratna yet.
Demographic profile of each State must be the fulcrum of local aspirations instead of a pan-Indian metanarrative imposed on the whole nation.
If the present inhabitants of the erstwhile Kalinga Empire, for instance, desire to be united under one State, there should be no objection.
One day, Indian Democracy may be mature enough to emulate the example of UK. [Voters were asked: Should Scotland be an independent country?]
It's interesting to remember that merger of Princely States with India did not reflect people's democratic choice but was by ruler's assent.
Raging anger & alienation in Andhra over special status proves the fragile nature of Centre's sympathy & sensitivity on how the States feel.
Freedom of speech is a right granted to citizens who are supposed to exercise it with responsibility. Anonymous trolls shouldn't be eligible.
@ranikhet Everyone is free to vote even a foreigner in a free country.
@kiran_patniak @PradeepKhatri18 @Alhamdd786 @SharanSujit Informed opinion is always better than hearsay or impression
If people learn to value facts and know history correctly, as @sarkar_swati and team is attempting, then Sri Aurobindo will be recognized.
Barring a few like @GreatHeretic not many have understood the preeminence of Sri Aurobindo in cleansing centuries-old cobwebs from our minds.
As a majority of original followers of Sri Aurobindo have succumbed to Hindutva trap, fresh people may accept Sri Aurobindo with conviction.
@kalisbrood Any evidence of otherwise?
Modi has done a good service in the sense that many of Sri Aurobindo's supposed devotees have been thoroughly exposed for Hindutva-leaning.
I have been able to retain my independence of thought and common sense as I'm not attached to any institution or angling for Govt patronage.
In the absence of a vibrant discursive atmosphere, the legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is yet be understood in its full potentiality.
Even the writings, correspondences, & conversations of Sri Aurobindo on political matters are yet to be systematized in their actual context
Interestingly, foreigner devotees of Sri Aurobindo are at the forefront at the moment, who are trying to retain the purity of his teachings.
@kalisbrood May I qualify purity with "claimed".
Instant remarks & repartees on Twitter hold the potential of misrepresenting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, but that's the way for negotiation.
@kalisbrood Depends upon the individual and his background. While reading, one is sure to come across a number of unfamiliar pronouncements.
I don't deal with yoga or meditation on Twitter since I scarcely have any competence. Focus is on politics as per Sri Aurobindo and Karl Marx book.
Those blinded by Hindutva hubris are entitled to their perspective but rescuing Sri Aurobindo from their metanarrative needs intellectuality.
Some write a lot relating to Sri Aurobindo but mean nothing or lack confidence to articulate unpalatable truths and so, resort to verbosity.
As a matter of fact, my tweets are targeted at those who are unaware of Sri Aurobindo to whet their appetite & not who are already well-read.
Primary task is to rescue Sri Aurobindo from the popular Baba category and establish him as a great political thinker and extraordinary poet.
To put it simply, Hindutva is Primary school, Marxism, Secondary school; and Sri Aurobindo, like it or not, amounts to University education.
Political preference is not a safe guarantor of intellectual worth. Mind must not be mortgaged to outworn ideologies or dubious fraternities.
Thanks to Sri Aurobindo, I don't have to bear the guilt of being a partner in demolishing Babri Masjid or hanging someone on his Birthday.
Many people visit Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry but catch various misconceptions about him & his philosophy. Reading his books essential.
Journalists are so ignorant about Sri Aurobindo that they hardly refer to his interventions like supporting Cripps Mission & its implication.
Celebrating the birth anniversary of Sri Aurobindo on August 15 by garlanding his picture is not of much value unless accompanied by reading.
Whether in prose or in poetry, Sri Aurobindo explored Integral Yoga Psychology, all his life, without adhering to any of established schools.
Many are not aware about the crucial role that Sri Aurobindo plays in introducing correctives to errors spread by Theosophy and Vivekananda.

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