Monday, August 17, 2015

Steer clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjackets

@ToGovern Thanks. Please find time to read the works of Sri Aurobindo whenever possible.
Congress education system has deprived you of reading the works of Sri Aurobindo. Each one must read them to understand the Indian tradition.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to support English, Science, Modernity, and Democracy by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, Rituals, and Superstitions.
@avenger_D Sri Aurobindo's epochal interpretation of Veda brings out inner psychological significance of the hymns by eschewing mythology.
Though educated in England Sri Aurobindo went deep into the heart of Sanskrit to recover the original intention set out in Veda & Upanishads.
The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, while synthesizing the East and the West, emphatically steers clear of Buddhist and Hindutva straightjackets.
Despite its attractive nomenclature, Integral Yoga introduced by Sri Aurobindo doesn't prescribe any rigid system of practices or rituals.
Sri Aurobindo believes in the transformative power of knowledge leading in the direction of Evolution which is key to humanity's Perfection.
On the political front Sri Aurobindo foresees all the countries of the world coming together under a federal structure heralding human unity.
Sri Aurobindo secures a revered place in Indian history, but his significance is more oriented towards a splendid future for whole humanity.

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