Friday, August 14, 2015

Sri Aurobindo recovered what is best in Indian Culture

Some South Indian Brahmins versed in Sanskrit texts stress on Dharma tenets without realising that people from other parts are very lukewarm.
@JyoitaS "Glorious heritage" also includes Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals which teach students Superstitions and faulty Gender relations.
@JyoitaS Leftists don't fall from the sky. Students turn Leftists to get freedom from meaningless Rituals, Mythology, and Superstitons.
The fierce Hindutva of several South Indian Brahmins (having zero legitimacy in their own States) is an intimidating phenomenon on Twitter.
South Indian Brahmins supporting Hindutva don't see any virtue in Sri Aurobindo and his Evolutionary vision of future. They worship the past.
Writing on history is no great virtue; only when one is capable of bringing out philosophical implications, real relevance is established.
Sri Aurobindo wanted his countrymen to be forward looking and draw advantage from integration with the West. Hindutva drags back to the past.
Sri Aurobindo has already recovered what is best in Indian Culture. Rest of it are degrading mires of Mythology and cobwebs of Superstitions.
Herd mentality can't create a great nation. Young Indians must hone their critical faculty to scrutinize Hindutva with Sri Aurobindo's works.
Like @PritishNandy , I can't claim embodying plurality, but one can't be a true Indian without being Sri Aurobindian.
Sri Aurobindo reminds that India doesn't mean India itself; it encompasses the whole world, the future of humanity. Shows the path to follow.
If someone imagines himself as an intellectual in India but has not read what Sri Aurobindo wrote 100 years back, then it's a pure delusion.
If someone claims to have read Sri Aurobindo but didn't understand him or find him appealing, then his intellect is inchoate and juvenile.
@Parikramah I respect your sentiments and agree that many of my tweets are polemical. On Twitter, however, not many SIB Sri Aurobindians.
@Parikramah Exactly & now Sri Aurobindo has a long list of adversaries in fans of Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore, Vivekananda, Subhas, Radhakrishnan.
@ravikumarg14 That has happened due the efforts of Karmayogi during the last decade or two but clinging to rituals and mythology is there.
@IndianRealist @ravikumarg14 I don't force my opinions on anyone but nothing wrong in understanding contrary viewpoint as intellectual game.
@Parikramah It's a valid task for you. But, as far as my reading goes, Mother & Sri Aurobindo are something apart, absolutely unprecedented.
@Parikramah True, but the modality has to be learnt from Sri Aurobindo as he has foreseen it and not speculatively or Khichdi concoctions.
@Parikramah Thanks. No agreed view on Sri Aurobindo's legacy as his writings are vast & varied. Each one has to grow by reading him in doses.
Hindutva is wedded to rituals, festivals, and spectacles since the crowd emboldens political legitimacy but its essential kernel lies buried.
Celebrate the August 15 with Sri Aurobindo's Early Cultural Writings, Collected Poems, & Collected Plays and Stories.
Independence Day message of Sri Aurobindo was broadcast over the All India Radio, Tiruchirapalli on August 14, 1947.
Don't wait for Mark Zuckerberg to recommend The Life Divine [William James, The Varieties of Religious Experience]
Watched later part of The Godfather on TV for first time last night; mute and subtitles. Aesthetically, no match for our Sholay or Deewaar.
@amz360 Whether you agree or not, perception about RG has gone up ten times after his candid & hard hitting speech in Parliament, yesterday.
People have really not been consulted on the administrative structure in the Country after August 15, 1947 nor the contents of Constitution.
With growing political maturity and web-based communication, the Constitution needs to be discussed threadbare with geography as the focus.
Rivers and Railway network should be more preferable criteria for carving out efficient administrative zones instead of Linguistic States.
A Chief Minister having, practically, no role in the Central Govt. is an anomaly. More equitable role for the smaller States is a necessity.
Introducing online voting for non-geographical constituencies meant for gender/special groups and minorities needed for deepening Democracy.
India must move towards a EU like federal structure with absolutely voluntary membership by constituent States mandated by their own people.
BJP supporters abhor the word, Secular, but, to his credit, Modi is running a perfectly Secular Govt. by keeping it separate from Religions.
@chinmaykrvd Resistance to Modi and Hindutva as a whole is a formidable force and for most, Nitish Kumar is the most prominent symbol of it.
Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA, yet their supporters must learn to speak for Institutional norms.

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