Thursday, August 13, 2015

Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA

Secularism and Democracy are alien to BJP's DNA, yet their supporters must learn to speak for Institutional norms.
The Minister may be innocent but there is a prima facie case owing to family connection. Strange that no one from BJP is asking for a probe!
On the one hand you allege that Sonia was the de facto PM and MMS, a cypher and on the other hand, say she never worked. Both can't be true.
No one prevents the Govt to probe all financial irregularities since 1947. Before that, it must probe questionable dealings of own Ministers.
Rahul has been ridiculed no end; but this seems to be a solid case he has taken up. Though Sushma is in front, the ultimate target is Modi.
If anyone feels that Sushma helped Modi without the concurrence of *Modi* it's absurd. The needle of suspicion rightly points towards *Modi*
@chinmaykrvd No comments on physical attributes, please. Political differences, enough and deserve mutual respect, too.
@chinmaykrvd No need for you to take leave of decency. Please maintain decorum.
Contrary to the general impression, today's debate was not something personal between Sushma and Sonia/Rahul. The whole nation wants to know.
The Minister defending herself strayed far outside the subject and levelled several unsubstantiated charges disregarding Parliamentary norms.
Parliament is no place to display ferociousness or being a lioness, especially when one is an accused. I'm ready for any probe is fit reply.
One feels aghast at the euphoric reaction of the BJP supporters. If this is the quality of our literate class, then, God save this country!
BJP supporters still don't feel that they are in power and continue to criticise Sonia/Rahul instead of taking action against their misdeeds
Instead of referring to sundry sources in a haphazard manner, Sushma should have authored books on various cases that she charged Congress.
@avenger_D Referring to something else to divert attention is such a common trait that even the Minister doesn't realise it's a faulty way.
@avenger_D Most of her speech was unrelated to subject and it's not expected of a Minister who is supposed to safeguard Parliamentary norms.
@avenger_D Please understand what I'm trying to stress. Govt has to adhere to standards, it's its duty. Opposition can be reckless like BJP was.
@DrAShukla They need to be investigated and subjected to judicial process. No one is preventing the Govt. Why empty allegations?
@DrAShukla You are straying off-topic. Today we are discussing a specific issue and the conduct of members of Parliament.
@avenger_D All said and done, the speech of a veteran Parliamentarian like Sushma Swaraj was off-topic and nothing more than a caricature.
@avenger_D As a citizen, I'm trying to scrutinize the Govt. action but your focus is always on the opposition. Hence mismatch of wavelength!
@avenger_D Hate may not be the right word; I oppose BJP but also engage with it as a dormant well-wisher & distant (unsolicited) consultant.
@chinmaykrvd Congress is financing Nitish in a big way apart from offering media & other incentives at the national and international level.
@chinmaykrvd That would have made sense but for the not-so-apparent effect of AAP and Left support. Their network spreads numerous spheres.

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