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Western philosophy and psychology have not been able to surpass Sri Aurobindo

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Revolutionaries will be extolled in the context of Colonialism, but Gandhi's pronouncements are more geared for Democratic environment, now.
Even in Sri Aurobindo, we observe a similar dichotomy. Although his association with revolutionaries is known, he never endorsed in writing.
A single criterion is not adequate to judge Gandhi or his aides. Similarly, critical look at the revolutionaries & their motivations needed.
@TeutonicHindu Please read the book, The Secret of the Veda written by Sri Aurobindo to understand what spirituality really means and works.
Govt is entitled to its moves in a Democracy; Market will find ways to respond to them. Ultimately Elections will settle what is good or bad.
Just like not voting is also a form of voting, Parliament not functioning is also a sort of functioning. Democracy authorises Govt to go on.
Where Govt errs, Market rectifies & voters ratify. All norms & ideals require Democratic sanction to acquire legitimacy. Else, it's anarchy.
Opposing fascist tendencies is as much a sacred duty as resisting anarchist forces. They are two sides of the same coin but fight to con.
Democracy enables citizens to abdicate arms and violence; frees them from scrutinizing each and every issue from moral or practical angles.
Edifying to recall how violently both fascist and anarchist forces reacted when V.P. Singh embarked upon social justice (later SC approval).
Govt. as teacher is a tempting urge but such attempts are temporary at the most. Transformation of human nature is a very long term affair.
Opposition to BJP or AAP notwithstanding, an Elected Govt must be allowed to function and execute its decisions. Registering protest enough.
Modi, the PM, doesn't want BJP or RSS to be strong in exactly the same way as Sonia (& Indira) didn't let State leaders to grow in Congress.
This tangential and tertiary role of State leaders in national politics is a major shortcoming of our Constitutional functioning & Democracy.
Kejriwal too learnt his lessons early on & became AAP supremo. Thus Democratic party structure ideal is merely an idle theoretical construct.
Material benefit or Social mobility attract support for Political parties. Sri Aurobindo would insist on aiming at the highest ideal Harmony.
Biggest victory for Modi would be when he tames Nitish Kumar following a carrot and stick policy as he is doing with other east-side CMs.
It's futile to expect any ideological purity on the part of the PM in a country as vast and diverse as India. Pragmatism overtakes Idealism.
Thus Modi (as an individual) weighs a tad higher than the Congress Dynasty for safeguarding national interest as well as grassroots politics.
All those who dreamt of superhuman traits in Modi must get acquainted with "Karnad's unheroic hero, Puru," Tughlaq et al as a reality check.
BJP is bad but Congress is worse. Resist the temptation of feeding the Dynasty in the false pretext of safeguarding Democracy and Probity.
Like individuals, Organisations & Govts too learn by experience and hence are entitled to tinker with rules and mores for experiment's sake.
Never underestimate the impact of worst seeming legislations imparting the Chaos effect & Market lapping it up by throwing fresh challenges.
Many blame the Socialist policies of the past as bane of nation but they form the rock and mortar of the robust foundation of Indian Market.
Like human body is okay with a mix of veg & non-veg diet, Market loves to rummage through Capitalist, Socialist, Anarchist, & Fascist fodder.
Genuine liberalism is wary of utopian Market fundamentalism and prefers to put money on Evolution that ever moves in spiral trajectories.
Devotion is integral part of religion but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have prepared the ground to elevate it to have intellectual foundation.
Mythology induces to put your intellect to sleep and take leave of logic while Sri Aurobindo stimulates to cling to rationality & curiosity.
Sri Aurobindo encourages to grow, grow in your consciousness & that involves an enormous amount of unlearning; emptying the cup, as they say.
Three unprecedented and unparalleled creations of Sri Aurobindo: 1) The Life Divine, 2) SAVITRI, and 3) The Secret of the Veda. Must reads.
Thousands of books on Depth Psychology and Consciousness Studies will drive you mad unless you possess a thorough grounding in Sri Aurobindo.
Indians must know this simple fact: Western philosophy and psychology have not been able to surpass Sri Aurobindo during the past 65 years.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the most trusted teachers in the world insofar as aim of life & transformation of human nature are concerned.
Media enables to relate to the outside world but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo alert us to the quantum of sedimentation in our inner universe.
Modern emphasis on autonomy of an individual, though tempting, is ontologically unsound and, according to Sri Aurobindo, is a superstition.
@ShubhamDevadiya @laidback1954 He and Paswan were promoted by V.P. Singh. Not very articulate but his rootedness & conviction are strengths.
There can't be a more apt example for the phrase, "from the sublime to the ridiculous" than the transition from Dr. Manmohan Singh to Modi.
One is forced to admire the scientific spirit emanating from the West but they have faltered on two counts: 1) Jesus myth 2) No clue to Veda.
Those who chant "Change the System" should first understand how the System operates. The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo lays bare the System.
Why is Ramdev silent, now? [On 9 August 2012, Ramdev launched another indefinite protest against corruption and to bring back black money.]
Wrestle with issues to tone up brain muscle:
@teamkabirkhan @BeingSalmanKhan Interview misses a very important aspect. I found Bajrangi Bhaijaan truly devotional.
Must reads: Harriet B. Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin & Fakirmohan Senapati's Chha mana Attha Guntha (Six Acres & A Third)
[Heehs is not making an original observation when he refers to Sri Aurobindo and his associates as terrorists.]
[Sri Aurobindo was the first great Eastern mystic to blend mysticism with messianism.]
[Sri Aurobindo, the great philosopher yogi, was able to most persuasively describe the messianic-redemptive ideal] SF

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