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Einstein, Whitehead, Bergson, and Sri Aurobindo

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The war we bear daily on Twitter
Arise out of misguided ideologies. 
Men are prone to falling prey when young
And carry them all their lives.
Hundreds of books delineating the greatness of Sri Aurobindo but their message don't percolate to Twitter. Proactive learning methods, a must.
[A great spiritual pressure is making itself felt in all human affairs; old norms & tried-out forms are fading away]
Even vis-à-vis Science, Sri Aurobindo questions preferred paradigms and claims empirical legitimacy for logic of supra-physical perceptions.
Conflicts between religions are nothing but a result of false understanding of defective Cosmologies. Sri Aurobindo settles them all deftly.
Hindutva is not interested in debates and avoids the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. Instead, some Kalam clones are very dear to its supporters.
I purchased a desktop in 2005 and in 2011, iPhone bought at same price replaced all its functions. Sri Aurobindo has similar potentialities.
Like without Darwin, Nietzsche, or Freud, Sri Aurobindo's philosophy would lose much of its punch. Marx meets his worst foe in Sri Aurobindo.
Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is enough but understanding their historical context & genealogical aspects has added charm.
When Einstein was venting his exasperation on meeting Whitehead and Bergson (1921-22), The Mother & Sri Aurobindo had established Knowledge.
After The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's writings, all the philosophies & scriptures of the world have become defective in their knowledge content.
Don't shy away from a critical comparison between writings of Vivekananda and Sri Aurobindo with clinical precision to know right direction.
Words have power and Sri Aurobindo's writings can change the thinking of modern day Indians to shed Hindutva unreason & Marxist rationalism.
Barring a handful, Hindutva supporters did not pay any formal homage to Sri Aurobindo on August 15, this year on Twitter. Seems due to fear.
[To learn for the sake of knowledge, to study in order to know the secrets of Nature and life, to educate oneself..]
Sri Aurobindo did his best to endorse Cripps proposal but was ignored. Present generation also too unmindful of what he says. Not good sign!
India is yet to become equal with other advanced nations but Sri Aurobindo has endowed it with a task which needs to be pushed with vigour.
Learning is the key to take this nation ahead and not by chanting Hindu-Hindu & indulging in all kinds of hedonism in the name of festivals.
Hindutva enthusiasts must plug their intellectual deficiency by reading a little bit of Western philosophy along with Sri Aurobindo's works.
I don't feel it's my fault if others don't care to read Sri Aurobindo attentively or refer to his opinions on matters of national importance.
A person half my age might have many factors for supporting Hindutva or Modi but he must listen to opposite views carefully/benefit of doubt.
In Odisha, for instance, Hindutva has no relevance. People are already neck deep in Jagannath cult. Only issue that can click is Governance.
Congress failure and Janata debacle led to BJP upswing. But to remain politically relevant, BJP must come out of the Hindutva apron strings.
Mandir issue was responsible for turning good argument on its head and Hindutva has not recovered since then. No alternative to ethics/logic.
Hegel and Kierkegaard, Baudrillard and Merleau-Ponty Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.

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