Friday, December 28, 2012

Sri Aurobindo advocates a religious ethos for nationalism

Tweets 23 Dec - @satyamevajayate Reciting Savitri and reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is perhaps the best means for spreading sanity and harmony.  View conversation
23 Dec - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty May the youth of my country follow the words of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo instead of chasing quick-fix solutions in Rajpath and India Gate. 23 Dec Those who are fueling anarchy in the name of securing instant justice through direct democracy are enemies of national interest and harmony 23 Dec The alacrity with which some national level players jump regularly to fish in troubled waters without thought sends shivers down the spine. 23 Dec - @raj393 No instant solutions barring invoking the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Halting moral degeneration is a long-term process. 23 Dec - @raj393 Mere security and secularism is not enough for inculcating character. Sri Aurobindo has advocated a religious ethos for nationalism.  View conversation
20 Dec From now on as the search for a new iDom begins, the idiom of Indian politics goes for a toss. Religion and its pseudo version under scanner. 13 Dec [International Research Network on Religion and Democracy presents an international conference ‘Are We Postsecular?’ 13–14 Dec. 2012 at LSR] 10 Dec - @OUPAcademic @philosophybites "Matter, the usual philosophical pariah, is spiritual, and has been treated with due respect" by Sri Aurobindo.  View conversation
5 Dec Neither Ambedkar nor Savarkar, Sri Aurobindo is the true beacon of light for guiding the future of India and the world in the 21st Century. 1 Dec - @SathyaSher @alok_bhatt @kshetragnya Read Sri Aurobindo's Human Cycle and all theoretical confusion will melt away. Ignorance is no glory.  View conversation
29 Nov Give must not spur any give and take ... For to know how to wait is a heroic trait. …
28 Nov The philosophy of Sri Aurobindo has not been accepted on a wide scale till now, but then no other philosophy has been universally accepted. 28 Nov "गो is cow or cattle, no problems there" surmises @bibekdebroy, but no, then what is Goloka or Gaveshana? Sri Aurobindo comes to the rescue. 28 Nov What is the meaning of life? The simple answer is LIFE. L = Light, I = Immortality, F = Freedom, E = Ecstasy or Bliss. …
28 Nov A confluence of myth, history & philosophy, Savitri, like Suez Canal, ensues unhindered East-West commerce of culture. …
28 Nov Admirers of Swami Vivekananda are legion but only a minuscule of them has read the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. …
26 Nov - @saliltripathi With a slight modification of course, with Sri Aurobindo and his 1947 Five Dreams as the pivot. @sabhlok -  View conversation

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Founding a new religion is not an easy task

Their recent posts imply that Levi and Harman are no longer as confident about OOO as they were a year ago. RSS has come in for scathing attack even from faithfuls for its functioning as a secret society. AAP seems clueless about its future and no clarity has emerged on policy front. Leftist rhetoric is tottering under the weight of clinging to false hopes but is surviving through polysyllables.

RC is right in catching discrepancies in The Mother's utterances, but he must understand the balancing act she had to perform in the face of multi-pronged resistances. Founding a new religion is not an easy task and sugarcoating the cruel truth is always permitted. The choice is either to have faith or move away but whining all the while and creating nuisance perennially doesn't behove of a person who values diversity. His academic interrogations, however, are welcome. [TNM55]