Saturday, January 31, 2015

Analyse Sri Aurobindo from 1947 to 1950

Politics in India has seen diverse phases and building an alternative to BJP should be seen as the most important challenge for citizens now.
Modi win can never legitimise the sinister mode of his ascendancy just as Kejriwal's Dharna as CM can't be justified by his agitational past.
Nation's intellectuals mortgaging their freedom of expression to a Party & a PM is perhaps the most deplorable aspect of human civilisation.
Overnight changing of Party loyalty constitutes worst kind of ideological corruption that is far more despicable than financial corruption.
Nothing wrong with people swooning under charisma but when planned & sponsored by a Cartel, it turns into a racket detrimental to Democracy.
BJP is busy blending modern branding with traditional emotions associated with Religion & Politics but Sri Aurobindo aims to transcend them.
Hindutva is equally guilty of twisting Religion as Nehruvian faulty view of it. Sri Aurobindo integrates its appropriate role with Politics.
Those against RSS are yet to understand that the Gandhi-Nehru-Marx template is inadequate to fight it and only Sri Aurobindo has ammunition.
Modi is quietly replicating Mao that "attacked and harassed members of China’s elderly and intellectual population."
@Lutyenspundit Reading, and not a Library, is needed now that everything is available online.
@Lutyenspundit That is where the guidance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo helps immensely.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo save us from trouble of straying into avoidable areas of inquiry & superfluous exposition.
Being introduced to Sri Aurobindo via his potent political views is the gateway for far richer discoveries relating to life goals and skills.
@Mr_MohitB @sunkal1 Fine argument and to obviate it we are calling ourselves belonging to Savitri Era Religion, a brand new universal faith.
@sunkal1 I said Hindutva as popularised by RSS since Hinduism is a nebulous term. Sri Aurobindo however has spoken against all old Religions.
@sunkal1 Sri Aurobindo might have felt against certain practices obtaining then but he can't be said to be opposing Democracy in principle.
@sunkal1 Critical scholarship doesn't agree with such a narrow portrayal of Sri Aurobindo but you are entitled to your fond impressions.
@sunkal1 The historical context was different 100 years back but if we analyse Sri Aurobindo from 1947 to 1950, a different picture emerges.
BJP follows the strategy of deploying a couple of supporters on Twitter to slam every major decision or proposed legislation by the Govt.
A cursory comparison between Dr MMS and Modi as PM shows that both are unresponsive to questions and criticism, of course, in divergent ways.
Every nation must renegotiate Democracy and Freedom after regular intervals and India is on the spur of such a moment thanks to Modi wave.
Modi is winning over outsiders gradually and the day is not far off when Kejriwal too would feel charmed by his charisma ending 5 yrs enigma
If Modi continues as PM in 2022, he will surely be ashamed of his juvenility while meeting foreign heads during his first year of in office!
@krishnarjun108 Clarity in presentation and spot on on Party flaws but attributing Govt initiatives personally to Modi smacks of sycophancy.
BJP supporters spare no occasion to accuse Kejriwal of Nautanki but none complains when their own man performs and they go ecstatic over it.
@sanjaypugalia @virat_hindu2 Role of Sheila Dikshit in fleshing out an image of a stern & meticulous female administrator can't be belittled.
@souvickch @bharat_builder Not merely micromanagement of Constituencies can deliver; it's ideology which sways voters and AAP has none yet.
Hindutva and Mythology are responsible for India's backwardness which must be replaced by Sri Aurobindo's Philosophy.
Origin of Congress, Left, and Hindutva converge but ideological chasms at present are irreconcilable. So, Sri Aurobindo is the only way out.
@bhoopalp Chinese cities may be prosperous but rest of population not affluent. Indian situation is different and so no point in comparing.
Following Sri Aurobindo and not Lohia, Ambedkar, or Savarkar that Indians can carry their country to the next level of progress & prosperity.
India will be impoverished by cutting off from high intellectual tradition of the West in the same way as UP insulating itself from English.
1515 onwards is context enough to judge the status of India in 2015 during which the contributions of the West are enormous and overpowering.
We needn't be niggardly in acknowledging our debt to the West for Modernity and Democracy and stop overplaying the role of Ancient India.
Obama visit has once again underscored perpetual inferiority complex of Indians vis-à-vis the West in all Professional and Performance areas.
We had a Prime Minister who held the ability to understand each clause of the Nuclear Deal but the same can't be said about the incumbent.
How far is the role of @NITIAayog in formulating the Indo-US Nuclear Deal? Or, it's a glorified mute spectator?
A new Govt shouldn't face any opposition, election, or Parliamentary scrutiny during its first year so that it exhausts its whims & fancies.
No Padma Bhushan to Shanti Bhushan or Prashant Bhushan?
There is perhaps no other person than R.K. Laxman who is so universally loved and respected by all Indians. Deserves a National mourning.
The @Statesman_News preserved its reputation of being staid for a long time but its current Apps is perhaps one of the best among its genre.
Like Insurance agents or Amway push sellers, RSS Pracharaks are a bore, but they impose themselves as most interesting persons in the world.
RSS emphasises upon physical presence and personal acquaintance to boost commitment instead of imparting systematic intellectual enrichment.
The basic training RSS Pracharaks undergo is how to seduce youngsters for attending their Shakha by behaving like one of them and it stays.
@AnilAroraLdh Mohan Bhagwat and Amit Shah already hold the domains vacated by Sonia and Ahmed respectively. Modi is merely a glorified mask.
Modi wants two smooth terms and he understands very well that there is no better formula than following the footsteps of Dr. Manmohan Singh.
Hindutva, instead of being an imposition, should be part of a voluntary self-discovery the process in which RSS can be an agile facilitator.
Barring stray comments stoking controversies RSS seems to be interested in igniting debate and discussion instead of pushing issues too far.
@CRamanaKumar Modi, in fact, wants Kejriwal to win and become subordinate to him and if Bedi gets defeated, BJP doesn't lose much.
@mohitiitd Congress ouster is surely the brighter side but decline of inner Party democracy in BJP & lack of transparency vis-à-vis RSS bad.
@mohitiitd Depends upon how you look at it and you are entitled to subscribe to the popular perception. I  however find no reason to change.
@mohitiitd Nothing related to Sri Aurobindo here. Expressing my apprehensions about powerful business & finance Cartels operating worldwide.
Although performance of the BJP Govt. so far has been satisfactory by and large, there is nothing to write home about on the Party front.
An international syndicate running BJP now is the most frightening scenario for India's Democratic system. Even, Obama visit part of menu.
Market-driven economy includes Govt. intervention and participation and in no way antithetical to it. Preventing Cartelisation is the task.
Consensus imposed by the High Command is cancerous for a Political Party and must be avoided so that grassroots leadership grow organically.
As the Party structure of BJP is getting corroded due to autocratic functioning, the chance of an alternative Right-leaning Party is bright.
Congress is drowning due to lacklustre Dynasty and outdated Gandhi-Nehru paradigm. Sri Aurobindo should be the new national inspiration now.
BJP Govt. in Delhi is in the interest of NCR welfare now but forming an alternative Right-leaning National Party is the need of the hour.
@rranjan501 Poison or not, the country has to grin and bear it. But there shouldn't be a situation that there is no alternative to BJP.
Those frustrated with the AAP experiment should band together to create a broad based Party first instead of looking as BJP as panacea.
Parties are in disarray; no Party intends to nurture internal democracy. Pity that people of Delhi have no fair option to vote against BJP.
@ravighiyar @centerofright Sure, with Sri Aurobindo as inspiration, sooner than later.
Reason why Mythology is pernicious. "The concepts the mind clings to are the most powerful idols." @IndiaFactsOrg
Pfau, Ramey, and Wolterstorff
Bankruptcy of liberal proceduralism
An enlightening read for the youth: Patterns of the Present: From the Perspective by Georges Van Vrekhem via @amazon
@ThinkersPad @_Mauna_ Pali is suspected to be an older version of Odia that was accorded Classical status recently (1st North Indian lang.).
@ThinkersPad @_Mauna_ It was all part of Kalinga empire then and the word Pali means village. Even Buddha was born in Odisha, a theory says.
@ThinkersPad @_Mauna_ I'm not into these rival claims but lots of scholarship and documentation is available for serious students of history.
@ThinkersPad @_Mauna_ You may Google for further matter on the basis of
Thanks to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, I feel liberated from all past religions and their tangled mythologies. [TNM55]
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo intended to interpret and integrate available knowledge without any indication of finality
age and health issues do play a catalytic role in retarding intellectual vigour and enforcing more devotional fervour
The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs - The book and its author therefore are destined to suffer lifelong censure
A Classic [The Political Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. V. P. Varma. Motilal Banarsidass, Jan 1, 1990 - 494 pages.]
[His many-sided playfulness bursting out - Sri Aurobindo's Humour]
[Poverty, Inequality and Prosperity:  Inner Causes and Remedies – M.S. Srinivasan]
[Study of World History – Towards a New Approach — M.S. Srinivasan] via @wordpressdotcom
[The range of Sri Aurobindo is such that he could satisfy any scholar in almost any field whatsoever.] @smurali1234
[Sri Aurobindo’s works are indeed like a gold mine -pure, exciting to the core. The delight is also equally endless.]
[Sri Aurobindo himself was a master at critical thinking and encouraged anyone who came under his spell to further]
[Sri Aurobindo is the prime example of Integral Yoga Activism for this study.]
[CWSA in 37 volumes Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo in a uniform library edition. 28 volumes have been issued thus far]
[there is an urgent need, an imperative necessity for government intervention in Sri Aurobindo Ashram administration]
Exhibition of Books on Sri Aurobindo and the Mother -

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo play with unseen forces

Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo leads to better understanding of life and the world. First, knowledge gained through ordinary experience gets expanded. Secondly, new questions are generated as regards future course. These are, of course, Philosophical matters not unrelated to Science and Technology. And, it constitutes a veritable feast for those with intellectual bent of mind.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, however, used to handle unseen powers. Even after their departure, they are believed to be exerting their force and subtle presence whenever invoked. This aspect of their teaching adds a potent and fertile dimension to the Philosophy authored by them. Books written on them analyse only what is texual while action and actual experiences are rarely covered.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo intended to interpret and integrate available knowledge without any indication of finality or infallibility. This open ended nature of their teachings is a sign of maturity as well as versatility. But it also involves a risk of being invaded by spurious claims of 'anything goes' variety. As their legacy is being passed to newer hands, the questions of purity will, obviously, be a much contested space. [TNM55]

Being part of history, the role of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and their writings can be examined from various viewpoints resulting in varied verdicts. The effect of such enterprises, therefore, can be adverse and confusing, especially, for those harbouring prejudices. Institutions connected with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, also, might be responsible for spreading bad impressions due to mismanagement or undesirable performance. Aligning with a certain political faction, too, can repel a substantial section of people. Besides, peculiarities relating to geography and culture contribute to unsubstantiated opinions and rumours circulating.

Overcoming all such hurdles is crucial for an honest and objective encounter with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. But unsavoury incidents in the Ashram, Auroville, and elsewhere in the past have given rise to lingering conflicts and controversies. Not surprisingly, such factors have proved to be repulsive for many people. Nevertheless, faith in The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is growing through diverse sources. Disenchantment with mushrooming fake New Age avenues is a prime cause as many are discovering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the most genuine and authentic teachers. Further, the liberal and ritual-free atmosphere their path provides is proving attractive for the young.

When Sri Aurobindo asked his disciples to surrender before The Mother, it can be termed as a religious turn. The Mother book published around that period reinforced the trend. Since then, reliance on The Mother among the devotees has been more predominant than mere intellectual justification or Ontological superiority. This devotional approach, paradoxically, obviates the need for struggling with any Philosophical or Sociological concerns emerging from the vast corpus of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's writings. Avoiding this other extreme is also a major challenge in the face of many denouncing the intellectual culture by privileging the spiritual experience.

Be that as it may, age and health issues do play a catalytic role in retarding intellectual vigour and enforcing more devotional fervour. There is also a major chance of aesthetic enjoyment fading and fatigue setting in. Clinging to an undefined Integral Yoga, in such circumstances, needs more intellectual conviction and rigour rather than less. Influx of more people might dilute the teachings and dogmas erected but to confront it is required loads of sincerity and unwavering loyalty. This, in short, is the rationale for Savitri Era Religion. [TNM55]

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sri Aurobindo taps Art and Poetry

No point in blaming human nature; the task is how to surpass it. Sri Aurobindo shows the Vedic route to self-exceeding through Integral Yoga. 
@GreatHeretic Electoral victories are fine but winning Vedic intellectual targets, as Sri Aurobindo has alerted, remains a challenging task.
Listening to Bhajans is the easier option. Sri Aurobindo awakens to the deeper concerns and challenges of human life and its aspiration.
Higher significance of human life as per Vedic injunctions must receive equal importance as politics, technology, and material prosperity.
Influencing political affairs through Sri Aurobindo's insights on society is a far greater enterprise for the educated than current affairs.
Interest in politics is fine but understanding the basic questions of human destiny as revealed by Sri Aurobindo is also an essential role.
By reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo at a young age helps to confront many hard questions of life with confidence and courage.
The Secret of the Veda unveiled by Sri Aurobindo 100 years ago is the most important task for the present day Indians for understanding life.
Sri Aurobindo taps Art and Poetry - what's ordinarily lumped under Culture - as a means for self-ascension as well as an aid to Evolution.
Hindutva mobilises easier and materialistic mode of Rituals, Fairs, and Festivals whereas Sri Aurobindo asks for elevation of Consciousness.
Decoupling the Veda & Upanishads from Mythology and Rituals, Sri Aurobindo emphasised upon their utility for self-Evolution and Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo encountered the Veda and Upanishads in an altogether different manner than traditional teachers to give modern interpretations.
Radha Rajan discounting any political contribution by Sri Aurobindo beyond 1907 is a travesty of established facts.
If Hindu historians assume that the course of political events can't be influenced by Yogic powers, then they are as good as Secularists.
Nationhood is a magnified form of Property rights aligning a specific Religion with which makes a heady cocktail and hence must be spurned. 
Sri Aurobindo: Nationalist or Extremist? via @academia
@NekkantiR There are many other issues which need to be seen together.
@NekkantiR Even if it is so, it should come to light. Who are those people who want to harm the Ashram and why can't they be fought openly.
Be it Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Congress; AAP, BJP, or RSS: the High Command culture rules everywhere - rare scope for democratic functioning.
@skjain_05 @dr_rajpurohit Please spare some attention to probe Sri Aurobindo Ashram affairs to enlighten the public.
@snayagam @krishnarjun108 @chinmaykrvd @ChandrusWeb @vijayvaani Cognitive research is quite in line with Sri Aurobindo's Consciousness rungs
@cpings4 @chinmaykrvd @krishnarjun108 “Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Consciousness: Eyes of Infinity”
@WordOfTheFree @Mamdhata The Foundations of Indian Culture – by Sri Aurobindo
@samAlochaka Savitri Era Devotees: "Man:Slave or Free?" by Sri Aurobindo
After navigating through a reasonable terrain like Times of India when one scans Delhi Times then the realisation dawns how chaotic life is.
@_Mauna_ War is the father of all, said Heraclitus. So conflict has a role and a wise enemy is better than foolish friends but people block.
@_Mauna_ Paradoxically, despite their atrocities, ensuing technological strides have contributed to human Civilisation greatly!
For large sections of Indians 2014 brought the sense of Independence but like Congress BJP too will decline given its widescale ambivalence.
If she wins, @thekiranbedi will be the 16th. [Fifteen women have served as the chief minister of an Indian state.]

Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Master-disciple Social-contract in Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo wrote the Foreword to Hymns to the Mystic Fire in as late as 1946 wherein he reiterated the salience of his interpretation of the Veda. So, it’s sad that Heehs has introduced such degree of ambivalence regarding what can be called the most original of Sri Aurobindo’s contributions. [TNM55]

Mythology and sycophancy go together which have kept Indians chained and downtrodden for centuries together. It's time to overgrow them.
Once the meaning and destiny of human life is understood as per the Veda, a clearer picture emerges beyond Mythology, Astrology, or Rituals.
No other Civilisation is fortunate to retain an ancient record of Wisdom like the Veda, reminds Sri Aurobindo, but Indians seem indifferent.
At a time, when India needs to discover the path of Sri Aurobindo, the Ashram is embroiled in unseemly controversies!
Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a unique organisation so far as its ideals but its constitutional and regulatory provisions have proved to be slack.
Currently, there is no Master-disciple Social-contract operating in Sri Aurobindo Ashram; it's between Trust management and Beneficiaries.
If one set of Sri Aurobindo Ashram inmates enjoy Power, comfort, and limelight while expecting the rest to be bonded labourers, it's absurd.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram has the moral obligation of not disowning human failings and must devise adequate sociological cushion than throw out.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram must recognise that aspiring for Power is a normal human trait and hence be permitted in-house avenues to vent itself.
Supporters of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust lambaste a rival group in public for being Power hungry which they claim can't be called politics!
Sri Aurobindo Ashram owes an explanation to Indian public as to why it has not been able to issue an authorised biography of Sri Aurobindo.
@sunkal1 Ignorance about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is widespread and add to it tons of prejudice & malice which need to be countered slowly.
@sunkal1 Sociological scrutiny of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as normal human beings is bound to generate warped views
@sunkal1 That's for the reader to decipher but I have been consistent in publicising Sri Aurobindo's epochal revelations regarding the Veda.
Sri Aurobindo solves Capitalism/Socialism, Secularism/Communalism, Development/Environment, or Worldly ambition/Spiritual aspiration.
@mohitiitd The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have specifically mentioned many items which one must give up to aid Evolution.
@mohitiitd One crucial element in the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is not to cling to the past as most of it are anti-Evolutionary.
@ngc1729 @openmindedatma "This world is a life sentence," no doubt, but Sri Aurobindo assists to turn it into an adventure of Consciousness.
@bipinbhimani Agreed but Democracy means each citizen will express his choice dispassionately without fear or favour, regardless of results.
@bipinbhimani Statistically, a single vote means nothing but the sovereignty and autonomy it enjoys at that moment is a modern day wonder.
@bipinbhimani But in U.K. we see the coalition is running fine although, initially, many feared incompatibility. Chaos is part of Democracy.
To the credit of BJP, Modi Govt. has not yet skidded much from the Nehruvian path which makes it attractive for more and more fence sitters.
No Modi fan ever imagined even in his dreams that the Govt will have to meet population growth figures along with other economic parameters.
Hindutva advising women to have 4-5 children proves that it's 4-5 centuries back in intellectual growth & must evolve
@gopimaliwal True, but it'd also be a mistake to claim that India didn't benefit at all from the Socialist phase. May be, many were unseen.
@skjain_05 @dr_rajpurohit Really astonishing that no one has been able to diagnose Kejriwal so far whether he is a Maoist or closet Sanghi.
@AapAnandKumar AAP has not been able to set up a duly elected Executive body yet which goes against it's being ascribed as a political Party.
[whether Sri Aurobindo should be considered a Hindu and whether his teachings could be classed as Hinduism. ~RP]
[Sri Aurobindo represents an authentic third position beyond the world-negating spirituality of the past, and.. ~Ned]
[Radha Rajan needs to study more - Foreigners like Heehs have made baseless insinuations on the Mother & Sri Aurobindo]

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sri Aurobindo exhorts to work towards Evolution

No post-Colonial nonsense; one must be absolutely impartial and dispassionate about the source as far as Knowledge or Poetry is concerned.
Reading first two chapters of The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo should be considered as essential for anyone trying to understand India.
Instead of treating the Veda as History, Sociology, or mere Rituals, Sri Aurobindo restores to it the original dynamics of self-Evolution.
The story of civilisation is virtually Vedic adventure of Consciousness and Sri Aurobindo has restated the same in Savitri, a legend retold.
Sri Aurobindo rescues from the deafening noise pushing Mythology and Medievalism to acquaint with Vedic modes of volitional Self-Evolution.
Before turning inordinately proud of saving the country, the youth of India must learn about what the Veda ordains them, from Sri Aurobindo.
Politics serves as an easy means of boosting self-esteem for the youth but Sri Aurobindo exhorts to work towards Evolution of Consciousness.
If Hindutva follows Congress example of ignoring Sri Aurobindo, it'd be a colossal loss of opportunity not only for India but also the world.
@sunkal1 Ignorance about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is widespread and add to it tons of prejudice & malice which need to be countered slowly.
@sunkal1 Sociological scrutiny of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as normal human beings is bound to generate warped views
@sunkal1 That's for the reader to decipher but I have been consistent in publicising Sri Aurobindo's epochal revelations regarding the Veda.
@ngc1729 @openmindedatma "This world is a life sentence," no doubt, but Sri Aurobindo assists to turn it into an adventure of Consciousness.
@dkgdelhi @AmarRajivDixit Vishwaguru Sri Aurobindo should fire the imagination of Indian youth at present
It's difficult to sustain the claim that Sri Aurobindo belonged to Indian tradition only if one is aware of his Ilion
Worrying about Power generation is fine but it's also crucial to probe Powers Within by Sri Aurobindo. via @amazonIN
Sri Aurobindo: Saga of a Great Indian Sage by Wilfried Huchzermeyer - a concise & brilliant introduction via @amazon
Sri Aurobindo CWSA Volume 30 PDF 1.3 MB: 04 Jan 15 Letters on Yoga — III, Volume 31 PDF 2.1 MB: Letters on Yoga — IV
[translations and performers for a Satprem play - Auroville Art Service] via @avartservice
[Those who do not know anything about his great mission can hardly understand how concentrated was his application..]
[Prasad sisters: Documented facts and details about their case
A well-wisher of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has sent]
AAP is the odd man out in Indian politics and hence BJP bagging Delhi looks like to be in the interest of the NCR as well as the Country.
Since NCR will continue to be the growth engine of the country, a BJP Govt. in Delhi should make more sense despite abhorrence for Hindutva.
AAP Govt. in Delhi is likely to ensue endless Saas-Bahu episodes as BJP will resort to arm-twisting methods relating to Development of NCR.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Defeat ill effects of Mythology and Hindutva

Modern generation of Indians must directly access Sri Aurobindo and be worthy inheritors of priceless ancient Wisdom.
Sri Aurobindo releases Ontology and volitional modes of human Perfection from religious boundaries and makes them available universally.
With the aid of Sri Aurobindo, youth of India must be willing to defeat ill effects of Mythology & Hindutva and espouse Science & Modernity.
Don't carry misunderstandings and prejudices imbibed from Indian tradition all your life and learn from Sri Aurobindo to enrich civilisation.
@mohitiitd Theoretically yes, but from personal experience I have observed that once co-opted by a school, it's difficult to be open-minded.
Most Hindutva defenders are hardcore Vivekananda disciples who have undertaken the burden to prevent Sri Aurobindo's teaching from spreading.
Both Hindutva and Vivekananda are barriers to the sublime Knowledge source and path to Perfection unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Multiple wrong perceptions did penetrate the Indian consciousness through Gandhi, Tagore, and Vivekananda, and Sri Aurobindo rectifies them.
Acolytes of Golwalkar, Savarkar, and Vivekananda must make up their minds to receive higher education and understanding from Sri Aurobindo.
Winning Power after decades long struggle is bound to make Hindutva blind for a while but faultlines of its clash with Modernity will show up.
@bhoopalp Right now, it's easier to see the adversary outside but as debate thickens, more insiders will be influenced by Western fairness.
@bhoopalp Like people educated in British system also fought against its rule, dynamics of Hindu consolidation will throw own critical foe.
@bhoopalp Implementation will have its rough edge due to imperfect nature of human condition but that shouldn't deter from targeting Harmony.
@bhoopalp Not very sure, but they say that the best possible examples are certain Scandinavian nations (which are small and Christian).
@bhoopalp You may be right but I was thinking of people like Berlin, Rawls, and other postmodernist philosophers who theorised upon Justice.
@dkgdelhi Gandhi's role in India's history in terms of sheer duration & diversity is do dominant that it will need scores of books to erase.
Both AAP and BJP are functioning like fascist organisations without any transparency, clear hierarchy, or inner-party examination of issues.
Modi and RSS are prisoners of International syndicates & people of India are being befooled by clever media management. Hindus must wake up!
Hoping to win successive elections through Hindu votes consolidation is a chimera as Democratic aspirations are likely to take precedence.
Indian Constitution doesn't give any special weightage to any religion and hence all aggressive mobilisation of Hindus is counterproductive.
Some people made noise about Intellectual Kshatriyas but right now India has evolved up till Intellectual Shudras as Modi and Irani signify.
as abilities are unevenly distributed those crawling at the bottom of the pyramid need to be treated sympathetically.
@ranikhet You are in a different mood, it seems. Otherwise, you would permit the daughter-in-law and wife of two former PMs some speciality.
@ranikhet Sonia, an Indian citizen and MMS, a RS member from Assam, to be precise. Why lose perspective (and err on facts)?
@ranikhet I don't think even the worst enemy of Congress would ascribe UPA rule as unconstitutional. You are perhaps a bit harsh & emotional.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Inconsistency is not hypocrisy

[On the unreasonableness of legal religion  by Isaac Weiner 
what many “lived religion” scholars find most interesting, namely the productive tension between norms and practices, the varied ways that individuals negotiate their religious lives from within disciplinary power structures, or, put more simply, the fact that inconsistency is not tantamount to hypocrisy. ]

Being ordinary and average is an inalienable aspect of human condition that deserves protection. It's surely admirable to pursue excellence and attain expertise but as abilities and opportunities are unevenly distributed, those crawling at the bottom of the pyramid need to be treated sympathetically. [TNM55]

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Light radiated from Puducherry

Survival of the fittest tantamounts to being commercially viable at present, and so languages & religions need much more than mere emotions.

Events baffle but the sure step of Evolution is on
Apparent discord proceeds towards an unseen Harmony
In conflict, people prepare the road.

Rather than the paradigms of the past
Nature would hew new pathways
A destination, eschewing repetition
To the Vedic progressive Perfection.

War, a Vedic device to score over the night
And welcome Evolution, an unavoidable interregnum
A delight for the hero but for choosing sides.

Tagore's ambivalence over Sandeep
And Subhash hobnobbing with Hitler,
Gandhi's fetish for Nonviolence,
Marxists securing Nehru's obedience.

Not easy to decipher the ways of the Evolution
Eminent men have faltered in their sojourn
Not Pune nor Delhi
Light radiated from Puducherry.

Friday, January 02, 2015

Follow the Judeo-Vedic Savitri Era Religion

In the long history of the cycles of civilisation in the world many details have vanished & hence it's conjectural to claim cultural purity.
Debating over how people of different religions behave with each other is futile exercise. Sri Aurobindo tells to say goodbye to old faiths.
Period during which Kings were competing with each other by building huge temples establishing their claim to fame can be called Stone Age.
Savitri Era urges to extricate yourself from the hegemony of temples and mythology and apply the principles of Self-Perfection upon oneself.
In order to judge if something from the pre-1947 period is really good or bad, one must consult Sri Aurobindo for the most authentic opinion.
Despite Sri Aurobindo being away from active politics, his nuanced differences with Gandhi, Tagore or for that matter Nehru are interesting.
It's possible for present regime to whitewash history so as to banish memories of past rulers but Sri Aurobindo will be a pain in the neck.
Present Indian scenario is not a tussle between the Hindu and the rest. It's between Modernity and Freedom vs. Medievalism and Superstition.
RW is now on overdrive in growing some theoretical muscle but one substantial mistake they commit is to treat Hindu as a monolithic category.
Resolve to protect Liberty and Modernity by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals so that children always feel India as their own land.
Prevalence of Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals forces many Indians to turn agnostic but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a fascinating option.
It's worth the while to get rid of victimhood & negativity and follow the Judeo-Vedic Savitri Era ushered in by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo wades through Mythology, Mysticism, and Philosophy to express his Prophesies through Poetry. Make his SAVITRI a daily habit.
All educated Indians should keep a copy of SAVITRI with them to recite a page or two from it whenever they feel like.
Hindutva privileges Mythology and promotes Ritualistic mode of religion while Sr Aurobindo presents an enlightened version of Vedic culture.
Just because Modi was able to become PM doesn't exonerate Hindutva of its ills and make it trustworthy for future generation. Buyer beware!
The youth of India must develop adequate intellectual muscle to wrestle with what Sri Aurobindo wrote hundred years ago in 1914 in the ARYA.
Indian culture must unshackle itself from Medieval Hindutva & claim Sri Aurobindo's Judeo-Vedic Integralism to keep pace with Economic surge.
Nehruvian perspective was okay for adolescence but the Nation must evolve into Sri Aurobindian maturity after a brief Hindutva interregnum.
Nehruvian neglect of Sri Aurobindo's Knowledge Capital has cost the country dear and it has to pay the price by way of Hindutva backlash.
Sri Aurobindo weans away from Vedic Ritual and initiates into Integral Self-Perfection derived from Psychological interpretation of the Veda
Savitri Era unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has robust Philosophy and Psychology and steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
The Mother recognised the spiritual worth of Sri Aurobindo much before anyone else in India could.
@PawanDurani RSS thinking is steeped in Mythology & Medievalism which is difficult to wash away by public service or educational undertaking.
Must read for RSS [Western intellectual culture, from Plato and Aristotle forward into the early nineteenth century.]
@shantprakash Savitri Era steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals - Launching ARYA in 1914, Sri Aurobindo
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Antecedent, narrative and conceptual frameworks
[As per philosophy of Vedic seers, what is realised on the microcosmic scale must prove on macrocosmic scale as well]
History, Science, and Hermeneutics
Honey on a tree nearby
"The strength of India is that it is a country of in-betweens. It is a median country."
The RSS's plan for 2015: to lay claim to non-Hindus, non RSS-Hindus
and even anti-RSS Hindus!
@Hashestweets @kunalmajumder brings up the question of
politics played by Mohan Bhagwat
[We can look back at waning year with gratitude for all lessons it taught and for little victories over our nature.]
@KausikGy @sarkar_swati @vinod_sharma @prasannavishy @amargov [Excellent introduction to Sri Aurobindo's life -DB]
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[Long after he is dead and gone, his words will be echoed and re-echoed, not only in India but across distant seas and lands. ~CR Das, 1909]