Friday, January 02, 2015

Follow the Judeo-Vedic Savitri Era Religion

In the long history of the cycles of civilisation in the world many details have vanished & hence it's conjectural to claim cultural purity.
Debating over how people of different religions behave with each other is futile exercise. Sri Aurobindo tells to say goodbye to old faiths.
Period during which Kings were competing with each other by building huge temples establishing their claim to fame can be called Stone Age.
Savitri Era urges to extricate yourself from the hegemony of temples and mythology and apply the principles of Self-Perfection upon oneself.
In order to judge if something from the pre-1947 period is really good or bad, one must consult Sri Aurobindo for the most authentic opinion.
Despite Sri Aurobindo being away from active politics, his nuanced differences with Gandhi, Tagore or for that matter Nehru are interesting.
It's possible for present regime to whitewash history so as to banish memories of past rulers but Sri Aurobindo will be a pain in the neck.
Present Indian scenario is not a tussle between the Hindu and the rest. It's between Modernity and Freedom vs. Medievalism and Superstition.
RW is now on overdrive in growing some theoretical muscle but one substantial mistake they commit is to treat Hindu as a monolithic category.
Resolve to protect Liberty and Modernity by rejecting Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals so that children always feel India as their own land.
Prevalence of Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals forces many Indians to turn agnostic but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer a fascinating option.
It's worth the while to get rid of victimhood & negativity and follow the Judeo-Vedic Savitri Era ushered in by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo wades through Mythology, Mysticism, and Philosophy to express his Prophesies through Poetry. Make his SAVITRI a daily habit.
All educated Indians should keep a copy of SAVITRI with them to recite a page or two from it whenever they feel like.
Hindutva privileges Mythology and promotes Ritualistic mode of religion while Sr Aurobindo presents an enlightened version of Vedic culture.
Just because Modi was able to become PM doesn't exonerate Hindutva of its ills and make it trustworthy for future generation. Buyer beware!
The youth of India must develop adequate intellectual muscle to wrestle with what Sri Aurobindo wrote hundred years ago in 1914 in the ARYA.
Indian culture must unshackle itself from Medieval Hindutva & claim Sri Aurobindo's Judeo-Vedic Integralism to keep pace with Economic surge.
Nehruvian perspective was okay for adolescence but the Nation must evolve into Sri Aurobindian maturity after a brief Hindutva interregnum.
Nehruvian neglect of Sri Aurobindo's Knowledge Capital has cost the country dear and it has to pay the price by way of Hindutva backlash.
Sri Aurobindo weans away from Vedic Ritual and initiates into Integral Self-Perfection derived from Psychological interpretation of the Veda
Savitri Era unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has robust Philosophy and Psychology and steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
The Mother recognised the spiritual worth of Sri Aurobindo much before anyone else in India could.
@PawanDurani RSS thinking is steeped in Mythology & Medievalism which is difficult to wash away by public service or educational undertaking.
Must read for RSS [Western intellectual culture, from Plato and Aristotle forward into the early nineteenth century.]
@shantprakash Savitri Era steers clear of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals - Launching ARYA in 1914, Sri Aurobindo
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.
Antecedent, narrative and conceptual frameworks
[As per philosophy of Vedic seers, what is realised on the microcosmic scale must prove on macrocosmic scale as well]
History, Science, and Hermeneutics
Honey on a tree nearby
"The strength of India is that it is a country of in-betweens. It is a median country."
The RSS's plan for 2015: to lay claim to non-Hindus, non RSS-Hindus
and even anti-RSS Hindus!
@Hashestweets @kunalmajumder brings up the question of
politics played by Mohan Bhagwat
[We can look back at waning year with gratitude for all lessons it taught and for little victories over our nature.]
@KausikGy @sarkar_swati @vinod_sharma @prasannavishy @amargov [Excellent introduction to Sri Aurobindo's life -DB]
[From tomorrow I shall not be making any posting on Another moment has arrived ... thank all my friends]
[Long after he is dead and gone, his words will be echoed and re-echoed, not only in India but across distant seas and lands. ~CR Das, 1909]

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