Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Defeat ill effects of Mythology and Hindutva

Modern generation of Indians must directly access Sri Aurobindo http://t.co/S7aWJVds3H and be worthy inheritors of priceless ancient Wisdom.
Sri Aurobindo releases Ontology and volitional modes of human Perfection from religious boundaries and makes them available universally.
With the aid of Sri Aurobindo, youth of India must be willing to defeat ill effects of Mythology & Hindutva and espouse Science & Modernity.
Don't carry misunderstandings and prejudices imbibed from Indian tradition all your life and learn from Sri Aurobindo to enrich civilisation.
@mohitiitd Theoretically yes, but from personal experience I have observed that once co-opted by a school, it's difficult to be open-minded.
Most Hindutva defenders are hardcore Vivekananda disciples who have undertaken the burden to prevent Sri Aurobindo's teaching from spreading.
Both Hindutva and Vivekananda are barriers to the sublime Knowledge source and path to Perfection unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Multiple wrong perceptions did penetrate the Indian consciousness through Gandhi, Tagore, and Vivekananda, and Sri Aurobindo rectifies them.
Acolytes of Golwalkar, Savarkar, and Vivekananda must make up their minds to receive higher education and understanding from Sri Aurobindo.
Winning Power after decades long struggle is bound to make Hindutva blind for a while but faultlines of its clash with Modernity will show up.
@bhoopalp Right now, it's easier to see the adversary outside but as debate thickens, more insiders will be influenced by Western fairness.
@bhoopalp Like people educated in British system also fought against its rule, dynamics of Hindu consolidation will throw own critical foe.
@bhoopalp Implementation will have its rough edge due to imperfect nature of human condition but that shouldn't deter from targeting Harmony.
@bhoopalp Not very sure, but they say that the best possible examples are certain Scandinavian nations (which are small and Christian).
@bhoopalp You may be right but I was thinking of people like Berlin, Rawls, and other postmodernist philosophers who theorised upon Justice.
@dkgdelhi Gandhi's role in India's history in terms of sheer duration & diversity is do dominant that it will need scores of books to erase.
Both AAP and BJP are functioning like fascist organisations without any transparency, clear hierarchy, or inner-party examination of issues.
Modi and RSS are prisoners of International syndicates & people of India are being befooled by clever media management. Hindus must wake up!
Hoping to win successive elections through Hindu votes consolidation is a chimera as Democratic aspirations are likely to take precedence.
Indian Constitution doesn't give any special weightage to any religion and hence all aggressive mobilisation of Hindus is counterproductive.
Some people made noise about Intellectual Kshatriyas but right now India has evolved up till Intellectual Shudras as Modi and Irani signify.
as abilities are unevenly distributed those crawling at the bottom of the pyramid need to be treated sympathetically. http://t.co/VFFGNawupy
@ranikhet You are in a different mood, it seems. Otherwise, you would permit the daughter-in-law and wife of two former PMs some speciality.
@ranikhet Sonia, an Indian citizen and MMS, a RS member from Assam, to be precise. Why lose perspective (and err on facts)?
@ranikhet I don't think even the worst enemy of Congress would ascribe UPA rule as unconstitutional. You are perhaps a bit harsh & emotional.

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