Saturday, January 17, 2015

No Master-disciple Social-contract in Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Sri Aurobindo wrote the Foreword to Hymns to the Mystic Fire in as late as 1946 wherein he reiterated the salience of his interpretation of the Veda. So, it’s sad that Heehs has introduced such degree of ambivalence regarding what can be called the most original of Sri Aurobindo’s contributions. [TNM55]

Mythology and sycophancy go together which have kept Indians chained and downtrodden for centuries together. It's time to overgrow them.
Once the meaning and destiny of human life is understood as per the Veda, a clearer picture emerges beyond Mythology, Astrology, or Rituals.
No other Civilisation is fortunate to retain an ancient record of Wisdom like the Veda, reminds Sri Aurobindo, but Indians seem indifferent.
At a time, when India needs to discover the path of Sri Aurobindo, the Ashram is embroiled in unseemly controversies!
Sri Aurobindo Ashram is a unique organisation so far as its ideals but its constitutional and regulatory provisions have proved to be slack.
Currently, there is no Master-disciple Social-contract operating in Sri Aurobindo Ashram; it's between Trust management and Beneficiaries.
If one set of Sri Aurobindo Ashram inmates enjoy Power, comfort, and limelight while expecting the rest to be bonded labourers, it's absurd.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram has the moral obligation of not disowning human failings and must devise adequate sociological cushion than throw out.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram must recognise that aspiring for Power is a normal human trait and hence be permitted in-house avenues to vent itself.
Supporters of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Trust lambaste a rival group in public for being Power hungry which they claim can't be called politics!
Sri Aurobindo Ashram owes an explanation to Indian public as to why it has not been able to issue an authorised biography of Sri Aurobindo.
@sunkal1 Ignorance about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is widespread and add to it tons of prejudice & malice which need to be countered slowly.
@sunkal1 Sociological scrutiny of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as normal human beings is bound to generate warped views
@sunkal1 That's for the reader to decipher but I have been consistent in publicising Sri Aurobindo's epochal revelations regarding the Veda.
Sri Aurobindo solves Capitalism/Socialism, Secularism/Communalism, Development/Environment, or Worldly ambition/Spiritual aspiration.
@mohitiitd The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have specifically mentioned many items which one must give up to aid Evolution.
@mohitiitd One crucial element in the teaching of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is not to cling to the past as most of it are anti-Evolutionary.
@ngc1729 @openmindedatma "This world is a life sentence," no doubt, but Sri Aurobindo assists to turn it into an adventure of Consciousness.
@bipinbhimani Agreed but Democracy means each citizen will express his choice dispassionately without fear or favour, regardless of results.
@bipinbhimani Statistically, a single vote means nothing but the sovereignty and autonomy it enjoys at that moment is a modern day wonder.
@bipinbhimani But in U.K. we see the coalition is running fine although, initially, many feared incompatibility. Chaos is part of Democracy.
To the credit of BJP, Modi Govt. has not yet skidded much from the Nehruvian path which makes it attractive for more and more fence sitters.
No Modi fan ever imagined even in his dreams that the Govt will have to meet population growth figures along with other economic parameters.
Hindutva advising women to have 4-5 children proves that it's 4-5 centuries back in intellectual growth & must evolve
@gopimaliwal True, but it'd also be a mistake to claim that India didn't benefit at all from the Socialist phase. May be, many were unseen.
@skjain_05 @dr_rajpurohit Really astonishing that no one has been able to diagnose Kejriwal so far whether he is a Maoist or closet Sanghi.
@AapAnandKumar AAP has not been able to set up a duly elected Executive body yet which goes against it's being ascribed as a political Party.
[whether Sri Aurobindo should be considered a Hindu and whether his teachings could be classed as Hinduism. ~RP]
[Sri Aurobindo represents an authentic third position beyond the world-negating spirituality of the past, and.. ~Ned]
[Radha Rajan needs to study more - Foreigners like Heehs have made baseless insinuations on the Mother & Sri Aurobindo]

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