Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sri Aurobindo exhorts to work towards Evolution

No post-Colonial nonsense; one must be absolutely impartial and dispassionate about the source as far as Knowledge or Poetry is concerned.
Reading first two chapters of The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo should be considered as essential for anyone trying to understand India.
Instead of treating the Veda as History, Sociology, or mere Rituals, Sri Aurobindo restores to it the original dynamics of self-Evolution.
The story of civilisation is virtually Vedic adventure of Consciousness and Sri Aurobindo has restated the same in Savitri, a legend retold.
Sri Aurobindo rescues from the deafening noise pushing Mythology and Medievalism to acquaint with Vedic modes of volitional Self-Evolution.
Before turning inordinately proud of saving the country, the youth of India must learn about what the Veda ordains them, from Sri Aurobindo.
Politics serves as an easy means of boosting self-esteem for the youth but Sri Aurobindo exhorts to work towards Evolution of Consciousness.
If Hindutva follows Congress example of ignoring Sri Aurobindo, it'd be a colossal loss of opportunity not only for India but also the world.
@sunkal1 Ignorance about The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is widespread and add to it tons of prejudice & malice which need to be countered slowly.
@sunkal1 Sociological scrutiny of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as normal human beings is bound to generate warped views
@sunkal1 That's for the reader to decipher but I have been consistent in publicising Sri Aurobindo's epochal revelations regarding the Veda.
@ngc1729 @openmindedatma "This world is a life sentence," no doubt, but Sri Aurobindo assists to turn it into an adventure of Consciousness.
@dkgdelhi @AmarRajivDixit Vishwaguru Sri Aurobindo should fire the imagination of Indian youth at present
It's difficult to sustain the claim that Sri Aurobindo belonged to Indian tradition only if one is aware of his Ilion
Worrying about Power generation is fine but it's also crucial to probe Powers Within by Sri Aurobindo. via @amazonIN
Sri Aurobindo: Saga of a Great Indian Sage by Wilfried Huchzermeyer - a concise & brilliant introduction via @amazon
Sri Aurobindo CWSA Volume 30 PDF 1.3 MB: 04 Jan 15 Letters on Yoga — III, Volume 31 PDF 2.1 MB: Letters on Yoga — IV
[translations and performers for a Satprem play - Auroville Art Service] via @avartservice
[Those who do not know anything about his great mission can hardly understand how concentrated was his application..]
[Prasad sisters: Documented facts and details about their case
A well-wisher of Sri Aurobindo Ashram has sent]
AAP is the odd man out in Indian politics and hence BJP bagging Delhi looks like to be in the interest of the NCR as well as the Country.
Since NCR will continue to be the growth engine of the country, a BJP Govt. in Delhi should make more sense despite abhorrence for Hindutva.
AAP Govt. in Delhi is likely to ensue endless Saas-Bahu episodes as BJP will resort to arm-twisting methods relating to Development of NCR.

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