Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RSS itself should retire

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Savitri Era: Modernist agenda of Savitri Era Party #SriAurobindo
@jasmvk So, what is the alternative? Without positing that no meaningful task is possible.
@jasmvk Modi majority is not for ever. Task is to build a new party so that the modern generation can have an option other than cow worship.
Hindutva votaries used to promise that they will set the History books right. No such confidence is visible now save stray digital articles.
Travelled from Udhampur to Jammu by bus last Sunday & it indeed felt like cruising through some Science Fiction zone
@ShootinThoughts At times, contemplating over the wisdom of a specific tweet (or lack of it) is in order instead of focusing on the author.
RSS doesn't try much to defend itself for it understands that the more acute is its criticism, the more will be the number of its supporters
Common and easy strategy is castigating the detractors instead of coming clean on allegations or clearing their concerns and apprehensions.
No other person's death anniversary can serve so much of happiness and enjoyment especially if Vividh Bharati is on.
@Rjsayema This is the best ever by #RafiSahab @Raja_Sw @Satyapriyan
Watched Aan and thought Nimmi being in a double role; later, found out she is Sheela Naik. Baahubali kept on crossing my mind as comparison.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Three melodious song offerings #SriAurobindo
@ShekharGupta Remember the tagline, "If you want to talk, you don't have to walk" (Superphone intercom in 1978) ? Now, "To quit, just tweet"
UP is being projected as a direct fight between BSP & BJP but the reality is Akhilesh is firmly ensconced in his throne to perform hat-trick
Those enjoying power and wealth by selling victimhood to Dalits will never agree to dispensing equality to all under the Indian Constitution
@LopakdotIn This exposé shows how watchdogs are essential cogs in the wheel of Democracy.
@biswajeetdash @alok_bhatt @OdiaCulture A variant with flat exterior is called Neua in Odia. A poor cousin, indeed, in terms of taste.
@alok_bhatt @mamtan14 @OdiaCulture Neither Kaddu nor Sitafal bring sense of the shape of Pumpkin by sound effect as its Odia name, Kakharu.
This national campaign against Reservations is being run by @SavitriEraParty to awaken people at large to the virtues of Liberty & Equality.
If private companies handle their own Foreign affairs, there is no reason why States shouldn't set up their own Overseas issues Ministries.
Since many Indians hold considerable asset in foreign lands including human resources, Nationalism has turned a nebulous and porous concept.
Democracy is all about dreams. One should enjoy one's own conception of and hope for an ideal society. Only imposing on others is a problem.
Democracy is an admirable proposition but a political party through which it functions is like a Leviathan so far as a citizen is concerned.
Science is the threshold separating a verifiable fact from hypothesis. Those valorising Mythology and Rituals do enormous harm to Science.
Body has a role in industrial and health related activities but in matters of religious experience, it is likely to be lazy and mechanical.
Popular brands of Hinduism reinforce the mechanical model of Mimamsa and Tantra whereas Sri Aurobindo refuted it and preferred Consciousness
All forms of activism and marketing are proven Defence mechanisms and so their sanity part is a little suspect, but not always the issues.
Even Freud established a predatory duality between the analysand and the analyst but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo award autonomy sans any Guru
Crossed Dadri level crossing yesterday for an auto & it seemed to be an expedition with Captain Cook. Filth on Pathankot rly tracks appaling
@Roflindian Objections:
1. The Picture seems to be concealing more than revealing
2. A perfect moment in time doesn't seem to be convincing.
Just like true Democracy is a hostage of rules of Parliament, price discovery is prevented to a large extent by the rules of Stock Markets.
Most issues of Governance and Development are subordinated to the Muslim factor and hence change to Presidential system is the only saviour.
Treat all citizens as equal. No Reservations or privilege dispensation. Free the citizens from the clutch of religions on lifestyle choices.
Reservations pile up more and more grooves of privileges involving a plethora of injustices. Time now to throw away this worn out machinery.
Indian State must not discriminate among its citizens. Labeling them as SC, ST, or OBC etc. is against the spirit of Liberty and Equality.
People from all castes and sections are occupying influential positions and hence justification for social justice no longer have relevance.
Love for India shouldn't degenerate to a slavish loyalty for BJP. Sri Aurobindo keeps aloft a sublime version of Nationalism and Human Unity
Protect your individuality, protest against received wisdom and imposition of Rituals and Superstitions. Sri Aurobindo provides ammunitions.
Rebel against Mythology and the whole industry that is built around it to fleece you. Insulate your children from being contaminated by it.
People following questionable ideologies are quoting Sri Aurobindo out of context. Beware of their keenness in seeking deceptive legitimacy!
Hindutva demands the kind of protectionism that Marxism has enjoyed in Media and Universities but Sri Aurobindo encourages free war of ideas
Sri Aurobindo far surpasses Vico, Herder, Hamann, & Hegel in his independent inquiry into motivations behind Evolution and East-West tension
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo experimenting with cells when Margulis and Sagan, Maturana and Varela, and Luhmann too were active is interesting
Rescuing Sri Aurobindo from the worshipers of cow, Sanskrit, and Mythology is essential to expose the youth to Tech, Science, and Modernity.
India is not free yet as despicable ideologies are ruling the political discourse. Bringing Sri Aurobindo's vision to centrestage is uphill.
How many have read a complete biography of Sri Aurobindo? It is a necessity for understanding the significance of the genesis of new India.
Role of Sri Aurobindo is critical in injecting a slew of correctives to a series of skewed diversions thrust by various Renaissance schools.
History is important but more important is to rescue the current course of events from being steered by the RSS. Sri Aurobindo is the means.
Many forces like the Marxists, Dalits, rationalists & secular brigades of various hues are against RSS but themselves harbour serious flaws.
Parliament is the appointed place for discussion of issues but everyone seems to want them decided outside. Telecasting proceedings futile.
Sectarian and partisan politics pull away from rational understanding of issues but Sri Aurobindo assures that such foolish phases will pass
Democracy hinges upon the right person being elected to rule. By being lured by false will-o'-the-wisps, Indians have been a failure so far.
A large section of educated Indians being RSS supporters, one can only pray for a liberal and ethical polity reigning the country by 2047!
Ignorant voters are often blamed for electing wrong persons to power. But educated citizens are more responsible for supporting the corrupt.
Sri Aurobindo is hopeful that the rule of Reason and Ethics is bound to replace the present state of affairs driven by fear, hate, and greed
Modi is a known protector of crony-Capitalism and corruption. Followers of Sri Aurobindo must stop supporting this anti-Evolutionary agent.
Apparent democratic functioning of BJP and liberal posture of Modi are brilliant smokescreens. Invisible hand of RSS is expanding its grip.
Anyone who is fighting for truth, moderation, restraint, decency and transparency can be said to be a soldier of Sri Aurobindo's #FiveDreams
@SaatmA I don't recommend "Experience" since imposters are the first to jump over and start spinning a yarn or an immersion healing session.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
RSS, itself, and not its shorts, merely, should retire. Born with all good intentions, it has verily turned into a Frankenstein's monster.
No sympathiser of RSS can be a votary of freedom and Democracy. None of its members has ever demanded any transparency or accountability.
India is afflicted with numerous burning problems but burying RSS is a priority for re-evaluation of issues and exploring remedial measures.
Politics in UP and Bengal is driven by large concentration of Muslim voters. Those complaining appeasement etc. fail to grasp the reality.
State-wise arithmetic doesn't permit any firm pattern precipitating in national politics. Despite apparent stability, India is on a volcano.
For facilitating urgent change of journey plans by trains available at the time, sale of tickets within the platform area should be provided
Twitter is an excellent platform where one grows fast. But those who employ staff or hide identity may not benefit from its full potential.
A common mistake by newcomers is to follow celebrities & ladies. Searching by topics and circulating deserving tweets should be the strategy
@ArmchairPseph @devayasna Thanks. Kalinga as birthplace of Buddha should be examined seriously for possible discovery of many missing links.
Old and outdated facts crowd our textbooks and People are given disproportionate importance. Children should study only the latest concepts.
Proverbs, like Rituals, have enormous hold upon the masses. Lines from some evergreen Bollywood numbers too tend to sway people's emotions.
Film lyrics offer almost the entire inventory of nuggets of philosophy and hence the youth in India don't feel attracted towards Cosmology.
Some influential streams of philosophy emphasise upon the primacy of the individual but parents are the most important points of departure.
Unlike the present day urban youth, being born and brought up in a village is a huge advantage for understanding why Hindutva to be avoided.