Thursday, December 24, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's 1915 essays Superman and Evolution need to be reread

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo introduced such revolutionary ideas that people of all faiths get influenced causing turmoil in their religions.
Intellectual dishonesty due to political, religious, & cultural anchorage is preventing many from approaching Sri Aurobindo with receptivity.
The singlemost innovation that India has produced during the past one century that can beat rest of the world is Sri Aurobindo's philosophy.
Disillusionment with BJP and AAP is forcing people to look for alternatives. But everyone wants a readymade party instead of building one.
Fixation with Mythology and tradition is so strong that majority of Indians can scarcely imagine of a new party, a philosophy, or a religion.
Reluctance of Indian Universities to offer courses on Sri Aurobindo Studies (covering Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, and Politics) is sad.
Jagannatha Dasa Odia Bhagabata, Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita, or Ramcharitmanas act as barriers to new thought in respective linguistic areas.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have grafted profound new thought to the medley of Indian tradition for negotiating with the demands of Evolution.
Popularity of Shankara, Vivekananda, and Ramana privileges a strand of metaphysical thinking which Sri Aurobindo has challenged successfully.
Many supporters of Vidyasagar, Vivekananda, Tagore, & Subhas Bose are found lukewarm towards Sri Aurobindo and dismissive of his scholarship.
@ramolia82 Examples of how affinity to a certain school of thought and ecosystem or spell of charisma can keep one bonded to the old tunes!
A common impression is Sri Aurobindo is merely a scholar and not a realised soul. Still it's worth reading his books.
The Bengal Renaissance article in Wikipedia doesn't consider it worthwhile to mention Sri Aurobindo or his politics.
Endeavour for progress continues in countless ways but to determine whether they are Evolutionarily aligned consulting Sri Aurobindo needed.
No means to amend incoherent and defective theologies of past religions. Adopting Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary paradigm is best option.
Present popularity is no indicator of future resilience. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly expressed no confidence in past religions.
Instead of identifying themselves as Dalits and trapped forever under the shelter of reservations, SC/ST people should follow Sri Aurobindo.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer the most modern and liberal alternative for overcoming fragmentations on the basis of castes and religions.
Sri Aurobindo was a top Nationalist and wrote extensively on the significance of Indian culture much before Gandhi or RSS came into picture.
Whether one is interested in the political vision of Sri Aurobindo or not, understanding his metaphysics is essential for self-management.
Superficial meanings of Sanskrit texts popularised by poets and playwrights need to be critically examined in the light of Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo unhinges Veda from ritual & religion to explain the Ontological framework hiding behind its utterances
SELF aims at supplementing the individual’s struggle for a successful social adjustment with more aspirational input
@India_Policy Political correctness is an evolving phenomenon; not something fixed. Demonizing human rights, liberal values brings no glory.
If one ignores Grotius or Locke and relies upon Golwalkar instead for his philosophical foundations, then his ethical perspective is warped.
Heraclitus and Plotinus, Schelling and Hegel, Nietzsche and James, all find their stands reconciled in Sri Aurobindo's Integral Philosophy.
Neglecting Sri Aurobindo is the most detrimental lapse in Ambedkar's scholarship. [Ambedkar, Democracy, Upanishads]
Sri Aurobindo is the most appropriate political alternative to Gandhi, Nehru, Lohia, Periyar, Ambedkar, Savarkar, Golwalkar, or Kejriwal.
@rupasubramanya Support Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo's Five Dreams.
@Retributions The Doctrine of Passive Resistance - Introduction by Sri Aurobindo
Published in 1915, Sri Aurobindo's two essays on Superman and Evolution need to be reread.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Sri Aurobindo's alternative paradigm stems from Veda

Hindutva suffers serious infirmities in the eyes of Sri Aurobindo, who offers an alternative paradigm that is universal and stems from Veda.
Oppose AAP, BJP, and Congress. That's how a new national party can take root in the country with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as Inspiration.
Collaborating with the Vedic Evolutionary dialectic as broadcast by Sri Aurobindo as his Five Dreams in 1947 should be the motto of Indians.
@Hitarth1987 @maidros78 @sarkar_swati Sri Aurobindo makes the task much easier only if Indians of present generation care to listen to him.
@maidros78 @Hitarth1987 @sarkar_swati No brick and mortar right now but this handle does constitute a party owing allegiance to Sri Aurobindo.
Your understanding of India & its significance for the future of the world can undergo a sea change when you read The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Superficial pride of being Hindu can acquire profound architecture if one chances upon Sri Aurobindo's elevating interpretation of the Veda.
Reclaiming freedom of thought is important. Once you get out of outdated political agenda, the thought of Sri Aurobindo can show a new path.
Sri Aurobindo was nonchalant about numbers. So, don't seek validity from popularity. Knowledge is the best justification for human conduct.
[Peirce, James, Santayana, and Dewey; Freud, Jung, Rank, Reich, and Kohut, and the Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo]
Suspect festivity; don't be carried away by legends and mythology. Accessing a sane ontology as unveiled by Sri Aurobindo in Savitri needed.
Nobody telling you about Sri Aurobindo in school or college is no reason not to read his writings available online.
Neither economy nor feminism is an isolated phenomenon. How Sri Aurobindo refurbishes our understanding of surrounding should draw attention.
Leftist historians distorted history but why Right Wing scholars are so reluctant to give Sri Aurobindo the honour he deserves is intriguing.
Heralding the Ideal of Human Unity in 1915, Sri Aurobindo has shown the path India must follow for ushering in an harmonious future society.
Various philosophies and forces are always in conflict but can't act in isolation. Depends on individual whom he lends himself as vehicle.
RSS and BJP look towards the past for inspiration; portray mythological fiction as sociology and history. Resist it.
Sri Aurobindo wrote about the future of India and the world in 1915, a decade before RSS was born. Follow his vision
Love for India and Hindus need not automatically lead to BJP and RSS. Sri Aurobindo lent a critical eye and unveiled his Five Dreams in 1947.
Sri Aurobindo's Ideal of Human Unity is the most needed teaching to resolve growing communal tension in the country.
One swims through thousands of themes while reading Sri Aurobindo and hence it's wrong to hold prior impressions about him or his theories.
Reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo from the angle of their implications for Sociology or Management is a very fruitful route.
No greater contradiction than one loves India but not ready to read Sri Aurobindo. Plus, invoking the past by ignoring him is double whammy.
Heraclitus and Plotinus, Schelling and Hegel, Nietzsche and James, all find their stands reconciled in Sri Aurobindo's Integral Philosophy.
D.S. Kothari (1906–1993), a scientist, was instrumental in introducing Sri Aurobindo's philosophy in education.
Neglecting Sri Aurobindo is the most detrimental lapse in Ambedkar's scholarship. [Ambedkar, Democracy, Upanishads]
@jaganniwas Bourgeoning claim on scarce resources will always keep politics leaning towards the left. 2) Even BJP grew out of RJB movement!
So, the raid was intended to take the rage over Shakur Basti slum demolition out of media radar! Quite successful operation in that sense.
So much of surprise and disbelief in the country when law takes its own normal course! Says a lot about the abnormal state of our Democracy.
@chinmaykrvd Time to change your handle name in view of Modi rewriting Indo-Pak history! @sarkar_swati @maidros78

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RSS flanked by Kafka and Abhinavagupta

Obscurantism, Medievalism, and Kafkaesque functioning are basic flaws of RSS today. Further, its fascination for Fascism is also well known.
Tryst with Abhinavagupta can make RSS wrestle with philosophy and break its anti-intellectualism. But then, Sri Aurobindo won't be far off!
In Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, Evolution and Quantum physics find due explanation whereas RSS is more interested in the icons of bygone era.
@ManikantKant @AnaMyID Please read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo for deeper understanding of the existence as well as human subjectivity.
@ManikantKant Nothing more valuable than The Life Divine and Savitri. No need to read the whole. One chapter enough.
@iamUrvi @avenger_D Reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo should be considered as primary task if one is interested in Ontological stuff.
Beyond day-to-day outrage on Twitter, Sri Aurobindo provides the most acceptable & viable long-term ideal for India.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo stand as towers of light to help ward such offensives off. [TNM55] #SavitriEraReligion
Delhi and Auroville are 2 territories the administrations of which need to be modified on an urgent basis by restoring full-scale democracy.
Action in Delhi; target Lucknow! Akhilesh has been served sly notice to fall in line since Nitish is not going to be soft towards Mulayam.
Mamata can't forget how crudely Mulayam ditched her in Presidential election nor Mayawati would forgive him. Needling Nitish was last straw!
Time for Nitish to be proactive in U.P. without repeating the MGB model. People are eager to vote for a new party with fresh ideas & promise.

Yoga of negotiating media

How so many disciples were attracted towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and the Ashram grew over the years is an interesting story in itself.[1] Similarly, why Sri Aurobindo broke his own resolution to meet Tagore but denied audience to Gandhi seems to be a mystery.[2] The new generation will learn about all these through books and other media. But it would be very difficult for anyone to gather accurate information as Heehs' book has proved.[3]

As human civilisation moves ahead, it groans under the burden of more and more texts and narratives.[4] No human being can handle all these. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, thankfully, act as a filter. They show what is good in the past and what one should choose from the future. But for imbibing these, one needs to read their works carefully with an open mind. Developing interest in areas where one lacks competence is also one of their basic encouragements.

Besides the creative, romantic, and aesthetic aspects of their teachings, certain other dimensions need to be brought under focus. For instance, a very concerning aspect of modern day living is disproportionate influence of TV and Social Media upon people. Further, the ability to time events, hijack discourse, and overwhelm through spectacle are being increasingly harnessed to manipulate sentiments. Consequently, there is virtually no distinction between content and advertisement. 

Political mobilisation, similarly, has gone beyond conventional avenues. All kinds of backdoor methods are being practiced by sugar-coating distasteful agenda. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo stand as towers of light to help ward such offensives off. Invoking the Mother's force in an unambiguous religious way is the only recourse for such purposes. And absolutely no need to be niggardly in this regard. [TNM55]

4. Secularism of a new kind

Monday, December 14, 2015

Veda is the pivot of Indian identity

Sri Aurobindo has given the most coherent philosophy. He advocates a World Union as political solution for mankind.
Hindutva has forced fissures into Hinduism which will disintegrate eventually. Prophecies of Sri Aurobindo point to an identical scenario.
To look for a crusader against corruption within a Democracy seems anomalous. There should be an institutional mechanism for such functions.
Personality cult & Feudal culture is so ingrained among Indians that true Democracy is never given a chance raising self-correcting features.
All activism outside Parliamentary functioning is subversive and leads to anarchy. Political parties have a role to respond and contain them.
The day the educated in India shed their bondage to dishonest political ideologies & choose their path independently, it's real Independence.
Being Indian means allegiance to the Constitution of India and subordinating all other identities like language, caste, and religion to it.
Each issue of public concern must find its solution within the Parliament; neither in Courts nor in streets (Babas straying into politics).
To think that the Nation runs whenever Parliament faces a deadlock is sheer delusion. It's case of Democracy being administered slow-poison.
In the garb of opposing Congress, AAP, etc., BJP alienates a large section of Hindu population who never identify with its aggressive mode.
Instead of attempting to popularise Hindutva BJP captured power by dishonestly leveraging Modi's development plank. Shows lack of conviction.
@hmadhok That means more than 50% Hindus don't support BJP, but it brands them as anti-Hindu or anti-national and questions their intention.
BJP also makes use of popularity of TV, film, & sports stars instead of encouraging its grassroots workers with proven loyalty for Hindutva.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advised to practice Integral Yoga, a psychological exercise for self-enrichment, instead of performing rituals.
Sri Aurobindo gave a new interpretation of the Veda saying it doesn't involve Rituals. Indians need to follow him instead of superstitions.
The Veda is the pivot of Indian identity. Sri Aurobindo exhorts to integrate our common sense existence with the underlying common essence.
Skirmishes among BJP & Modi supporters on Twitter are becoming the norm. Disagreements are becoming more apparent and hypocrisy transparent.
Bihar episode exposed how BJP has scarce consistency as regards ideology or allies. Expediency in other States would drive its growth south.
Democracy demands to engage with people to tweak policy. BJP however treats its deceitful ideology as constant and people as mere adjuncts.
BJP and RSS feel terribly uncomfortable with the Constitution of India and want to dethrone it through personality cult and temple politics.
Those who got swayed by the Great Leader hype must redraw their Democratic contours and throw weight behind the Constitution & Institutions.
After Delhi & Bihar, Modi win looks like a freak. In that sense, his leadership, both of the party as well as the country, lacks legitimacy.
Disparities practiced on caste and gender basis should attract serious attention of Indians instead of gloating over empty and lazy rituals.
Human civilisation has travelled via countless trials & errors; not always following the arrow of Evolution. Sri Aurobindo unravels mystery.
Vedic dialectic is an ongoing narrative. The fight between light and night is enacted perpetually in innumerable instances. Choose your side.
Vedic Evolutionary ideals Sri Aurobindo foregrounds are self-evident and self-existent; so can't be judged on economic or utilitarian lines.
Mulling over how the tenets of Democracy, Modernity, & Globalisation may evolve to the Vedic Sat-Chit-Ananda level is the most urgent task.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have handled far greater challenges like Evolution of body to a deathless state and establishment of Life Divine.
Ethical posture on Twitter is quite dense and suffocating. But most are unaware or oblivious of the absurdity of their espousal of issues.
Beyond day-to-day outrage on Twitter, Sri Aurobindo provides the most acceptable & viable long-term ideal for India.
@sabeaux Neither Congress nor BJP has any definitive ideology. Sri Aurobindo wrote out ideology for India 100 years ago but has been ignored.
Your academic excellence & professional competence may be outstanding but let it not get the better of your need to understand Sri Aurobindo.
Modernity has a fetish for plurality, no doubt; but Savitri Erans rejoice over their lack of option.
Savitri Era Party has been able to navigate through recent political events reasonably well. #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo including his Autobiographical Notes and Other Writings of Historical Interest

Hounding Hindutva out

This is the Centenary year of The Ideal of Human Unity which first appeared in the Arya in September 1915.[1] The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have worked relentlessly to see this ideal becoming real and the challenge continues even today. Sri Aurobindo gave voice to the theme in his broadcast on August 14, 1947 by poignantly terming it as his dream.[2] He found another occasion to put the idea more emphatically, -  a year before his passing away, - while writing the Postscript Chapter for the second edition of the book.[3]

Writing in The Indian Express on March 21, 2002, Mangesh V. Nadkarni had clearly articulated the role of various forces opposing Sri Aurobindo's vision taking shape.[4] The situation is no different thirteen years later. But I have the satisfaction that Savitri Era Party has been able to navigate through recent political events reasonably well. Our opposition to RSS, BJP, and Modi in general and Hindutva in particular has been in the right direction, as the sequences from Babri to Dadri prove. The followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo must carry forward this line of action if they are serious about seeing the five dreams to fruition.

2. The third dream was a world-union

Sunday, December 13, 2015

The joy of no option

Modern day temple complexes house multiple deities including Sai Baba at places so that every devotee can perform his or her ritual. This single window service enables many to save time and money. Otherwise, people had to travel long distances earlier on different occasions. But the system of round the year festivals for worshipping various gods and goddesses continues. Some religions find it cumbersome and have cut down festivals to one or two. 

Such a problem of plenty also pervades Western philosophy. There are so many major philosophers that no one can write on any topic without referring to half a dozen names at the minimum.[1] Further, one feels guilty if he mentions someone but leaves out another. So, ultimately, one just juggles various names without arriving at any final conclusion on anything. Such writing is proliferating without any sense of responsibility to thrash out some kind of a solution.[2]

An identical problem is faced by Bengalis. So many great men were born before Independence that they are always tormented as to whom to remember and whom to honour. Their love and respect is always torn between multiple personalities. Deep fissures also develop between friends and family members while negotiating this problem of plenty.[3]

All these problems don't exist for a follower of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. That's a great convenience and a blessing. Modernity has a fetish for plurality, no doubt; but Savitri Erans rejoice over their lack of option. While I feel singularly fortunate personally in this respect, many devotees of The Mother are yet to be freed from other loyalties. To work upon this aspect of our devotion is surely a crucial dimension. [TNM55]

1. Choosing a few traditions 
2. Philosophy of Mythology and Revelation (h/t Schelling)

Friday, December 11, 2015

Sri Aurobindo advocates a World Union as political solution

Thousands of books published in the West on philosophy and religion are a sign of vibrant intellectual culture. But unfortunately their academicians are either unaware or dismissive of Sri Aurobindo. As a result, attempts to understand the present remains partial and inchoate. In India also, there is resistance to accept Sri Aurobindo as a mainstream philosopher and so his thought remains largely unknown. Besides, so much of prejudice has been spread about him that even young people look at him with suspicion instead of admiration.
Sri Aurobindo has given the most coherent philosophy to the world. He also advocates a World Union as political solution for mankind. His stress is on transformation of human nature through the practice of Integral Yoga. His ultimate aim is unity, mutuality, and harmony. These evidently require rising beyond regional and religious boundaries. Unwillingness to adopt such attitude is understandable but Sri Aurobindo reiterates its Evolutionary inevitability.

The following that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo command in different parts of the world is turning into a political formation. That their teachings are increasingly bridging the east-west and left-right divide is a matter of great political significance. [TNM55]

Tweets: @maidros78 @sarkar_swati A very perceptive commentator of those momentous events is Sri Aurobindo. Please try not to contradict his insight. What SA would have advocated is methologically absurd. I requested: written history should be adequately consulted. You are surely entitled to "your" conclusions but SA has been conspicuous by his absence (selective amnesia) so far. You are free to do whatever you like. I'm just pointing out that ignoring crucial sources leads to wrong conclusion.
@Parikramah Demanding something which is not available to us is what I thought as absurd. It's a rational response (far from K's passion).
@Ish_Apte That's okay, since individuals differ. But it shouldn't mean exchange of ideas cease. Discourse has its own dialectic; takes time.

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hindutva enthusiasts dread Sri Aurobindo

Being elated by an advocate's argument may be a self-inflating instinct but waiting for final judicial verdict is a matter of sophistication.
Sri Aurobindo was in jail for one year as an undertrial and was acquitted. That he encountered Divinity in it is, of course, another matter.
Those opposed to AAP, BJP, and Congress must join hands to build Savitri Era Party and carry forward Sri Aurobindo's ideal of human unity.
Congress and RSS are guilty of spreading defective interpretations of Indian tradition. But, Savitri Era Party is inspired by Sri Aurobindo.
RSS strategy is to keep Indians ignorant and subjugated by temple politics. Savitri Era Party invokes Vedic wisdom unveiled by Sri Aurobindo.
Savitri Era Party is against the concept of Hindu Rashtra and strives for World Union as foreseen by Sri Aurobindo in line with Vedic unity.
Go means light in the Veda, says Sri Aurobindo. But RSS emphasis on Go as cow has led to many misreadings and mistakes which must be mended.
Knowledge should never be assessed in terms of numbers but many fall prey to the charms of a crowd and charisma of commercial minded Gurus.
@MrRavianandan Having invoked Sri Aurobindo's name, I don't think you have to go anywhere else. He is the supreme.
@MrRavianandan That's his greatest strength by which he beats all religious theologies and Western metaphysics. The Life Divine has no match.
@MrRavianandan When light fades out completely it's darkness. So it's only degree of same principle. Integral Advaita accommodates extremes.
@MrRavianandan Moral categories are social constructs needed for human drama. Evolution has use of them for contrast and tension to move.
@MrRavianandan Sholay without Gabbar Singh is a nonstarter and so would be the world scripted around war and violence and conflict and crime.
Understanding how this universe functions is essential to plan one's future and fix priorities. No better explanation than Sri Aurobindo's.
Hindutva enthusiasts dread Sri Aurobindo and ensure none of their acquaintances catch the contagion of unadulterated truth unleashed by him.
It's sad that patriotic sentiment leads people away from Dynastic Congress who fall in BJP trap of promoting Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
Issues galore and so being peeved with BJP is normal but why so many sensible persons blindly support the Congress Dynasty is beyond logic.
Congress manipulation of India's Democratic system down to a person like MMS playing accomplice to corruption surely needs a bit of sunlight.
NKG is the most authentic voice after The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo's third dream was World Union.
Support Savitri Era Party for fruition of this Evolutionary prospect.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Embrace the ideal of human unity woven by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo's third dream was World Union.…
Support Savitri Era Party for fruition of this Evolutionary prospect. View details ·
Apart from RSS, many neo-Hindu cults & quasi-religious outfits enforce an anti-intellectualist culture & adherents don't read Sri Aurobindo.
Both BJP & Congress have been found wanting in sincerity of purpose. People of India must come together to build Savitri Era Party as choice
Forget Chandan Mitra. This is how Sri Aurobindo describes the glory of Mitra as he is invoked in Vedic hymns of yore…
Sri Aurobindo's admirers are there in every town but they are owned by other organisations. Time to break free & work for Savitri Era Party.
65 years after Sri Aurobindo passing away, it's clear that both Congress and RSS have failed miserably to lead the nation as per his vision.
Works of Sri Aurobindo enable to understand not only the strengths but also weaknesses of Indian culture and tradition, needed to work upon.
Sri Aurobindo accomplished transfer of the leadership in philosophy from the West to India.……
@Sheks65 It's a rhetorical paraphrasing of their writing on India which is also echoed by many direct disciples. Do you find it exaggerated?
No other nation, no other religion, no other philosophy can vanquish India; that's the assurance The Mother & Sri Aurobindo give to devotees
Never forget how GUI visual indicators transformed the Windows scene in 1995. Reading Sri Aurobindo can spur similar effect on your thinking
Needless fear of other religions is what drives the Hindutva bandwagon to react irrationally. Follow Sri Aurobindo & his Evolutionary vision
All those who call themselves Hindu must shed their insecurity and march forward with the wisdom Sri Aurobindo left behind to win the world.
Western thought is essential for mental growth but goal should be to logically arrive at The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.…
Sri Aurobindo delves deep into the human question, - his travails and his destiny, - beyond the national boundaries.…
BJP has hinted that it has no need for people on Twitter. So, supporters should start reading Sri Aurobindo's works.…
Read Sri Aurobindo's writings on your own to escape impressionistic misrepresentations spread by some eminent men.…
Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the safest guide in the path of life to surmount confusion surrounding it…
Each BJP supporter on Twitter must introspect how he or she has thrown national interest to the winds to follow the herd for fueling hatred.
BJP supporters are outraged by Mitra comment but their stellar role in promoting Modi as PM is proving to be too costly for the nation now.
Those who can, do; those who can't, tweet. If one has more important work, he won't be able to tweet; it's obvious. So how Chandan is wrong?
Embrace the ideal of human unity and accept its Evolutionary inevitability as woven by Sri Aurobindo a century back.…
Religion is neither linked to geography nor genes. Indians must recognise this simple fact and practice fairness towards fellow citizens.
How other countries manage relief operations during disasters where RSS is not present would be interesting to study, to minimize RSS' role.
Legal, political, & sociocultural dimensions of religion have become so complicated that its original purpose and function no longer matter.
How far events like Babri demolition been a trigger for later instances of terror acts can't easily be reckoned but can never be ruled out.
Punjab militancy did incalculable damage to Indian polity and economy; yet no one blames Sikhism. So, Islam being singled out is intriguing.
@Rao_Krishna Nationhood may not be a virtue. A federal State for the whole world should be the ultimate aim, as Sri Aurobindo visualises.
RSS has been brought up on fiats and one-way communication but now is the time to democratise its functioning and policy-making mechanism.
Now that they are in power, RSS should take the views of all hues of Hindus into consideration on topics like English, Temple or Reservation
As if blending 1) Economic reforms & 2) Socialism for votes is not enough, politicians carry the burden of 3) promoting Mythology & Rituals.
RW confusion on core policy issues is interesting and exposes the vacuity of their know-all attitude without having to deal with problems.
@hmadhok That's a blessing in disguise! Economy in the field should matter and get delinked from files and paperwork.
Democracy, Modernity, & free-thinking are crucial for any nation and for this purpose, dethroning Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals essential.
As long as its people are under the sway of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals, India cannot develop large-scale entrepreneurial capabilities
Exploitation and cut-throat competition has been the basis of Western prosperity. How far that's welcome by Indians' value system is the key
Economic backwardness of India should be examined from the point of view of Evolutionary perspective and the future of Vedic enlightenment.
Hands off is the only principle to deal with market and economy. Everyone acting according to his pet set of foolishness is the best formula
Marx introduced commodity fetishism by ascribing magical qualities to objects while Barthes underlined meaning-making by the reader/beholder
Everyone is entitled to his own faith & attendant practices. Sri Aurobindo provides a superior template against which others can be checked.
Getting rid of the superstition that performing those particular sets of rituals will yield results is also essential for educated persons.
Sri Aurobindo exhorts to apply a little bit of more stress on consciousness instead of lazy performance of rituals and enjoying celebrations
Rituals are like abacus which has no use for the experienced but the grip of habit is such that older people become more addicted to rituals
All religions grapple with the problem of reconciling the mundane with the sacred and resort to rituals. Sri Aurobindo taps consciousness.
December 5: Requesting all to tweet a word about Sri Aurobindo on his Mahasamadhi Day.…
Sri Aurobindo protects us from the defects in the theories of Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud, James, Whitehead, etc. down to @RichardDawkins
Social & political problems draw immediate attention but in Savitri Sri Aurobindo leads to an Evolutionary solution.…
@akazlev Aryan invasion/migration continues to be contentious topic in India. Are you a bit conversant with it? What's your take in general?
@akazlev Do you find any linkage of Kabbalah in Sri Aurobindo's Evolution (1909) published before The Mother came?…
@akazlev Btw, does your acquaintance with Kabbalah make it any easier to see merit in Sri Aurobindo, which is not available to many others?
@akazlev Considering that Kabbalah is so ancient and might have resonances in the Veda, do you think it scores over other Semitic religions?
@akazlev What about Gebser, Alan?
Terrorism, poverty, or racial discrimination etc. are formidable challenges but being on the side of Evolution needed for surmounting them.
Economy or technology may be just the visible sectors but unification of the world is an ongoing phenomenon as underlined by Sri Aurobindo.
The Life Divine and Savitri by Sri Aurobindo wake us up to the universal spirit of human race and how to escape narrow nationalist sentiment
Remember Sri Aurobindo on December 5 (died in 1950)…
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.


@shantprakash प्रसिद्ध दलित चिन्तक व अनुसूचित जाति के प्रखर प्रवक्ता श्री शान्त प्रकाश जाटवप्रथम-स्वतंत्रता-संग्राम/
[अंग्रेजो ने रणनीती के अन्तर्गत हिन्दुसमाज को कमजोर करने का षडयंत्र रचा: शान्त प्रकाश जाटव]प्रथम-स्वतंत्रता-संग्राम/
"आरक्षण तथ्य एवं समसामयिक विश्लेषण" पंचनद शोध संस्थान, अध्यन केंद्र वैशाली, मुख्य वक्ता शान्त प्रकाश जाटव

Friday, December 04, 2015

Remember Sri Aurobindo on December 5

Story of the West between Ludwig Feuerbach (1804–1872) and Jean Gebser (1905–1973) can be considered as the most crucial vis-à-vis Evolution
From Raja Ram Mohan Roy (1772–1833) to Sri Aurobindo (1872–1950) and Mirra Alfassa (1878–1973) is an interesting parallel in Indian context.
Born on August 15, 1872 in Kolkata, Sri Aurobindo breathed his last in Puducherry on December 5, 1950. Remember him!
The life of Sri Aurobindo is a burning example of how he relied upon superior inspiration in all his actions & same is the case with Mother.
Remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is a dependable way of turning attempts at reform and finding solutions traversing the correct track.
Planning and designing are essential to succeed in any project but remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo secures an Evolutionary certainty.
Remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo ensures channelising of energy in the positive direction sans hatred, antipathy, rancour or acrimony.
Adopting a questionable means might be tempting at times but remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo procures riding on the keel of morality.
Proceeding rationally and applying prudence aim at excellence but remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo animate speculation into intuition.
Nothing more worthwhile than understanding how one functions but that is inextricably linked to the cosmic framework Sri Aurobindo unravels.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are firm that feelings of goodwill & benevolence hold as much power as material offering.
The RSS understands the power of the crowd and derives legitimacy by lending solidarity, be it religious, political, or moments of calamity.
In the Hindu Rashtra, RSS is always in power; no competitions. So, when BJP captures power at the Centre, it feels as a setback for the RSS.
The RSS draws its inspiration from 20th century theories but seeks to establish its ideal society as supposedly existed in 20th century BCE.
Myriad organisations are connected with RSS but most avoid promising excellence or firm commitments. Then, no accountability & transparency.
Even Elst keeps on complaining about its anti-intellectual ethos But no reaction or remedial action on behalf of RSS.
@vamsi_praneeth Alternative perspectives regarding RSS: Helps to know what others think.
@vamsi_praneeth 1) Seeking truth is a personal responsibility beyond any uncle's influence, 2) Philanthropy is no validation of philosophy.
BJP has such a large support base but it's surprising that its intellectuals have such low count of followers!

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Handling Sri Aurobindo's ideology is not easy

Indian people have been deprived of a true Democratic order in the country by Congress & RSS. Time to act & reclaim.
@vamsi_praneeth Your characterization of RSS is simply not true. But u/r free to disagree as a supporter. Other option is to probe the issue.
@vamsi_praneeth Read the words of Sri Aurobindo to understand how the world is evolving. Then you can decide your own path and who to curse.
@SonaChele1 @ScorpiusMaximus Handling Sri Aurobindo is not easy as ideology of RSS is likely to be hurt. That's reason he has been ignored.
Educated Indians will have to rethink present polity and their affection if they are really earnest the country reaps dividends of Democracy.
Politics can never be boring since it involves a child-like quest for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity representing Sat, Chit, and Ananda.
Four Varnas are also a variation of Sat, Chit, and Ananda signifying their divine origin, thus forming the four primary pillars of creation.
Discrimination between various castes, and nor the Varna system, per se, should be the target of criticism and necessary remedial measures.
@kuldipsuri59 In the Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, there is no such duality. They are just reflections of each other and evolving.
Sri Aurobindo's superb delineation on "the four great luminous Kings, Varuna, Mitra, Bhaga, Aryaman." #Veda #Konark
Love of Knowledge grips at times but the underlying instinct of Self-interest derails it. A Brahmin is one who can resist that. #Varuna #Veda
The Veda urges to aspire for the highest consciousness so that it has transforming effect on all our longings below pulling in diverse ways.
The language of the Veda might give the impression of an unbridgeable gap between man and the Gods but actually it's an integral hierarchy.
Each individual action (or sentiment) need not be understood in terms of some group behaviour. Evolution picks up individuals to push agenda.
Subordinating Ideology to exigencies of career and extraneous priorities rampant. Rescuing Research from agenda-driven paradigms an urgency.
Not many follow the intellectuals! @MukulKMishra 4470 @_Mauna_ 3392 @anirbanganguly 3389 @VikasSaraswat 3363 @kshetragnya 2862 @maidros78 2139

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Indian Democracy from the clutches of Congress and RSS

The Marxist and the Nehruvian paradigm is past its prime, and the RSS school of thought is no match for the future.
The question is if "anti-Hinduim" is an established fact of Indian polity, then whether it should be seen as a negative feature or respected.
Being areligious or anti-religious is normal in a Democracy and educated people shouldn't be so bothered about such predilection of citizens.
Those who are engaged in propagation and protection of some religion are entitled to dismal views of others, but Democracy takes precedence.
Majoritarian mentality is an absurdity within a Democracy. Respect for the choice of each person, without any hindrance, should be the norm.
India is a Democracy first and foremost as per its Constitution. Those religious minded should mould their feelings towards fellow citizens.
Educated people must practice Democratic behaviour in public. Denouncing religious attitude of other citizens can't be treated as Democratic.
Those concerned on religious lines must understand that Democracy is only criteria that unites India. Anything else is recipe for disaster.
The other day, a politician remarked that the effect of Castes and Religion in politics is almost non existent in Odisha which is admirable.
Though numerically marginalised, antipathy towards Brahmins among other castes in UP and Bihar runs deep, subverting Hindu cohesion of RSS.
Congress prevented discourse beyond dynasty; RSS considered intellectual probe as subversive. Focus will perforce shift to Sri Aurobindo now.
A whole generation of public intellectuals have been responsible to keep Sri Aurobindo away from the public notice. A criminal conspiracy!
If Sri Aurobindo's philosophy could touch Gebser and Wilber, why intellectuals in India happen to be so insensitive?
Certain contradictions in polity and society are beyond repair and need to be discarded like an old appliance. Sri Aurobindo has the answer.
Savitri Era inspired by the Vedic Evolutionary paradigm unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is at the forefront of Secular-Liberal march.
RSS got rid of Advani and Modi will pass into oblivion; for Mohan Bhagwat, Gadkari is the right man to lead the nation. Rule Nagpur! rule...
There is no better formula than Democracy as regards human affairs. RSS jettisoned by BJP will be the first step for ushering in Democracy.
Communists joining electoral politics in India with their masters in China is same as BJP feigning Democratic functioning with Nagpur intact.
Indians will have to win Democracy by shedding their weaknesses for lesser ideals like language, religion, region, profession, caste, etc.
Democracy can set the nation free to pursue the path of its true destiny as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo. End of Congress and RSS is a must.
There are some good theoreticians among the RSS supporters and, understandably, their contemplation over the health of Democracy is minimal.
As long as Congress and RSS are active, Indians stand no chance of enjoying the taste of true Democracy and the consequent reign of Liberty.
Neither emotional issues nor economic matters are as grave as the political question. Democracy is in the doldrums and, hence, must be saved.
India is strong enough to deal with any kind of security exigencies. But Indian Democracy is suffering from malnutrition due to Congress-RSS.
Victory in Bihar exposes many shortcomings of Democratic functioning. Young Indians must unite to win true Democracy by banishing Cong, RSS.
Before Independence, Liberty was the first objective. Seven decades later, Democracy is the prime task but RSS and Congress are hindrances.
Hidden agenda of Congress and RSS have prevented economic forces from operating freely as a result of which Indians are trapped in poverty.
Unless India is freed from the clutches of Congress and RSS, its people won't achieve the power of self-determination or economic progress.
Patriotism is akin to any other form of love. If you harbor soft corner for language, faith, or caste, your love for the country is impaired.
Contribute your mite to award every citizen of India his or her full Democratic entitlement unhindered by dynastic designs & remote control.
[real understanding comes by the body-understanding. Indeed, true aim of knowledge is not merely to know but to be.]

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Savitri Era gains when Congress and RSS fight

Remember the two cats and a monkey story? When Congress and RSS wrestle over Secularism, benefit would accrue to Savitri Era automatically.
BJP, RSS, Modi and Margdarshak Mandal are four different directions. I don't think it's within human capability to manage this contradiction.
Disproportionate emphasis on Hindi is a major factor contributing to corrosion of intellectual vigour in RSS. English can instil liberalism.
Those used to read Hindi newspapers tend to avoid English almost instinctively and, consequently, are deprived of much intellectual stimuli.
Many are comfortable with glorifying Hindi, Sanskrit, and other regional languages, but promoting English and Humanities should be priority.
English is a link language not only in India but also across the globe. Nothing to be apologetic about this great language & unmatched reach.
Language, culture, religion are evolving phenomena like technology or markets. Developing receptivity for what suits the future is prudence.
Cartelisation is the most debilitating disease Markets are suffering from. In a way, regulatory bodies facilitate this by enforcing rules.
Without trying to understand Sanskrit as per Sri Aurobindo's hermeneutics, pedantic conclusions are bound to be flawed
@curbset @Openthemag Consulting Sri Aurobindo what he wrote a century back can solve many of our ideological dilemma
@jothishnair1010 @TRILOKHNATH Please go through latest scientific findings which favour AIT/AMT without any bias.
Follow Sri Aurobindo's Ideal of Human Unity
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.