Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Yoga of negotiating media

How so many disciples were attracted towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and the Ashram grew over the years is an interesting story in itself.[1] Similarly, why Sri Aurobindo broke his own resolution to meet Tagore but denied audience to Gandhi seems to be a mystery.[2] The new generation will learn about all these through books and other media. But it would be very difficult for anyone to gather accurate information as Heehs' book has proved.[3]

As human civilisation moves ahead, it groans under the burden of more and more texts and narratives.[4] No human being can handle all these. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, thankfully, act as a filter. They show what is good in the past and what one should choose from the future. But for imbibing these, one needs to read their works carefully with an open mind. Developing interest in areas where one lacks competence is also one of their basic encouragements.

Besides the creative, romantic, and aesthetic aspects of their teachings, certain other dimensions need to be brought under focus. For instance, a very concerning aspect of modern day living is disproportionate influence of TV and Social Media upon people. Further, the ability to time events, hijack discourse, and overwhelm through spectacle are being increasingly harnessed to manipulate sentiments. Consequently, there is virtually no distinction between content and advertisement. 

Political mobilisation, similarly, has gone beyond conventional avenues. All kinds of backdoor methods are being practiced by sugar-coating distasteful agenda. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo stand as towers of light to help ward such offensives off. Invoking the Mother's force in an unambiguous religious way is the only recourse for such purposes. And absolutely no need to be niggardly in this regard. [TNM55]

4. Secularism of a new kind

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