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Embrace the ideal of human unity woven by Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo's third dream was World Union. incarnateword.in/cwsa/36/the-fi…
Support Savitri Era Party for fruition of this Evolutionary prospect. View details ·
Apart from RSS, many neo-Hindu cults & quasi-religious outfits enforce an anti-intellectualist culture & adherents don't read Sri Aurobindo.
Both BJP & Congress have been found wanting in sincerity of purpose. People of India must come together to build Savitri Era Party as choice
Forget Chandan Mitra. This is how Sri Aurobindo describes the glory of Mitra as he is invoked in Vedic hymns of yore incarnateword.in/cwsa/15/the-gu…
Sri Aurobindo's admirers are there in every town but they are owned by other organisations. Time to break free & work for Savitri Era Party.
65 years after Sri Aurobindo passing away, it's clear that both Congress and RSS have failed miserably to lead the nation as per his vision.
Works of Sri Aurobindo enable to understand not only the strengths but also weaknesses of Indian culture and tradition, needed to work upon.
Sri Aurobindo accomplished transfer of the leadership in philosophy from the West to India. savitriera.blogspot.in/2006/09/savitr… twitter.com/SavitriEraPart…
@Sheks65 It's a rhetorical paraphrasing of their writing on India which is also echoed by many direct disciples. Do you find it exaggerated?
No other nation, no other religion, no other philosophy can vanquish India; that's the assurance The Mother & Sri Aurobindo give to devotees
Never forget how GUI visual indicators transformed the Windows scene in 1995. Reading Sri Aurobindo can spur similar effect on your thinking
Needless fear of other religions is what drives the Hindutva bandwagon to react irrationally. Follow Sri Aurobindo & his Evolutionary vision
All those who call themselves Hindu must shed their insecurity and march forward with the wisdom Sri Aurobindo left behind to win the world.
Western thought is essential for mental growth but goal should be to logically arrive at The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. evergreenessays.blogspot.com/2015/12/buddha…
Sri Aurobindo delves deep into the human question, - his travails and his destiny, - beyond the national boundaries. incarnateword.in/cwsa/13/all-wi…
BJP has hinted that it has no need for people on Twitter. So, supporters should start reading Sri Aurobindo's works. incarnateword.in/cwsa/13/the-su…
Read Sri Aurobindo's writings on your own to escape impressionistic misrepresentations spread by some eminent men. incarnateword.in/cwsa/08/the-id…
Writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the safest guide in the path of life to surmount confusion surrounding it incarnateword.in/cwm/12/the-sci…
Each BJP supporter on Twitter must introspect how he or she has thrown national interest to the winds to follow the herd for fueling hatred.
BJP supporters are outraged by Mitra comment but their stellar role in promoting Modi as PM is proving to be too costly for the nation now.
Those who can, do; those who can't, tweet. If one has more important work, he won't be able to tweet; it's obvious. So how Chandan is wrong?
Embrace the ideal of human unity and accept its Evolutionary inevitability as woven by Sri Aurobindo a century back. incarnateword.in/cwsa/25/the-tu…
Religion is neither linked to geography nor genes. Indians must recognise this simple fact and practice fairness towards fellow citizens.
How other countries manage relief operations during disasters where RSS is not present would be interesting to study, to minimize RSS' role.
Legal, political, & sociocultural dimensions of religion have become so complicated that its original purpose and function no longer matter.
How far events like Babri demolition been a trigger for later instances of terror acts can't easily be reckoned but can never be ruled out.
Punjab militancy did incalculable damage to Indian polity and economy; yet no one blames Sikhism. So, Islam being singled out is intriguing.
@Rao_Krishna Nationhood may not be a virtue. A federal State for the whole world should be the ultimate aim, as Sri Aurobindo visualises.
RSS has been brought up on fiats and one-way communication but now is the time to democratise its functioning and policy-making mechanism.
Now that they are in power, RSS should take the views of all hues of Hindus into consideration on topics like English, Temple or Reservation
As if blending 1) Economic reforms & 2) Socialism for votes is not enough, politicians carry the burden of 3) promoting Mythology & Rituals.
RW confusion on core policy issues is interesting and exposes the vacuity of their know-all attitude without having to deal with problems.
@hmadhok That's a blessing in disguise! Economy in the field should matter and get delinked from files and paperwork.
Democracy, Modernity, & free-thinking are crucial for any nation and for this purpose, dethroning Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals essential.
As long as its people are under the sway of Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals, India cannot develop large-scale entrepreneurial capabilities
Exploitation and cut-throat competition has been the basis of Western prosperity. How far that's welcome by Indians' value system is the key
Economic backwardness of India should be examined from the point of view of Evolutionary perspective and the future of Vedic enlightenment.
Hands off is the only principle to deal with market and economy. Everyone acting according to his pet set of foolishness is the best formula
Marx introduced commodity fetishism by ascribing magical qualities to objects while Barthes underlined meaning-making by the reader/beholder
Everyone is entitled to his own faith & attendant practices. Sri Aurobindo provides a superior template against which others can be checked.
Getting rid of the superstition that performing those particular sets of rituals will yield results is also essential for educated persons.
Sri Aurobindo exhorts to apply a little bit of more stress on consciousness instead of lazy performance of rituals and enjoying celebrations
Rituals are like abacus which has no use for the experienced but the grip of habit is such that older people become more addicted to rituals
All religions grapple with the problem of reconciling the mundane with the sacred and resort to rituals. Sri Aurobindo taps consciousness.
December 5: Requesting all to tweet a word about Sri Aurobindo on his Mahasamadhi Day. motherandsriaurobindo.in/#_StaticConten…
Sri Aurobindo protects us from the defects in the theories of Marx, Darwin, Nietzsche, Freud, James, Whitehead, etc. down to @RichardDawkins
Social & political problems draw immediate attention but in Savitri Sri Aurobindo leads to an Evolutionary solution. plasim.blogspot.in/2015/12/hard-p…
@akazlev Aryan invasion/migration continues to be contentious topic in India. Are you a bit conversant with it? What's your take in general?
@akazlev Do you find any linkage of Kabbalah in Sri Aurobindo's Evolution (1909) published before The Mother came? debashishbanerji.com/sawiki/sciy/ww…
@akazlev Btw, does your acquaintance with Kabbalah make it any easier to see merit in Sri Aurobindo, which is not available to many others?
@akazlev Considering that Kabbalah is so ancient and might have resonances in the Veda, do you think it scores over other Semitic religions?
@akazlev What about Gebser, Alan?
Terrorism, poverty, or racial discrimination etc. are formidable challenges but being on the side of Evolution needed for surmounting them.
Economy or technology may be just the visible sectors but unification of the world is an ongoing phenomenon as underlined by Sri Aurobindo.
The Life Divine and Savitri by Sri Aurobindo wake us up to the universal spirit of human race and how to escape narrow nationalist sentiment
Remember Sri Aurobindo on December 5 (died in 1950) savitriera.blogspot.in/2015/12/rememb…
Savitri Era of those who adore, Om Sri Aurobindo & The Mother.


@shantprakash प्रसिद्ध दलित चिन्तक व अनुसूचित जाति के प्रखर प्रवक्ता श्री शान्त प्रकाश जाटव panchnad.org/vaishali/प्रथम-स्वतंत्रता-संग्राम/
[अंग्रेजो ने रणनीती के अन्तर्गत हिन्दुसमाज को कमजोर करने का षडयंत्र रचा: शान्त प्रकाश जाटव] panchnad.org/vaishali/प्रथम-स्वतंत्रता-संग्राम/
"आरक्षण तथ्य एवं समसामयिक विश्लेषण" पंचनद शोध संस्थान, अध्यन केंद्र वैशाली, मुख्य वक्ता शान्त प्रकाश जाटव pic.twitter.com/RmWEDNwuos

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