Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Hindutva enthusiasts dread Sri Aurobindo

Being elated by an advocate's argument may be a self-inflating instinct but waiting for final judicial verdict is a matter of sophistication.
Sri Aurobindo was in jail for one year as an undertrial and was acquitted. That he encountered Divinity in it is, of course, another matter.
Those opposed to AAP, BJP, and Congress must join hands to build Savitri Era Party and carry forward Sri Aurobindo's ideal of human unity.
Congress and RSS are guilty of spreading defective interpretations of Indian tradition. But, Savitri Era Party is inspired by Sri Aurobindo.
RSS strategy is to keep Indians ignorant and subjugated by temple politics. Savitri Era Party invokes Vedic wisdom unveiled by Sri Aurobindo.
Savitri Era Party is against the concept of Hindu Rashtra and strives for World Union as foreseen by Sri Aurobindo in line with Vedic unity.
Go means light in the Veda, says Sri Aurobindo. But RSS emphasis on Go as cow has led to many misreadings and mistakes which must be mended.
Knowledge should never be assessed in terms of numbers but many fall prey to the charms of a crowd and charisma of commercial minded Gurus.
@MrRavianandan Having invoked Sri Aurobindo's name, I don't think you have to go anywhere else. He is the supreme.
@MrRavianandan That's his greatest strength by which he beats all religious theologies and Western metaphysics. The Life Divine has no match.
@MrRavianandan When light fades out completely it's darkness. So it's only degree of same principle. Integral Advaita accommodates extremes.
@MrRavianandan Moral categories are social constructs needed for human drama. Evolution has use of them for contrast and tension to move.
@MrRavianandan Sholay without Gabbar Singh is a nonstarter and so would be the world scripted around war and violence and conflict and crime.
Understanding how this universe functions is essential to plan one's future and fix priorities. No better explanation than Sri Aurobindo's.
Hindutva enthusiasts dread Sri Aurobindo and ensure none of their acquaintances catch the contagion of unadulterated truth unleashed by him.
It's sad that patriotic sentiment leads people away from Dynastic Congress who fall in BJP trap of promoting Mythology, Astrology, & Rituals.
Issues galore and so being peeved with BJP is normal but why so many sensible persons blindly support the Congress Dynasty is beyond logic.
Congress manipulation of India's Democratic system down to a person like MMS playing accomplice to corruption surely needs a bit of sunlight.
NKG is the most authentic voice after The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo's third dream was World Union.
Support Savitri Era Party for fruition of this Evolutionary prospect.

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