Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Handling Sri Aurobindo's ideology is not easy

Indian people have been deprived of a true Democratic order in the country by Congress & RSS. Time to act & reclaim.
@vamsi_praneeth Your characterization of RSS is simply not true. But u/r free to disagree as a supporter. Other option is to probe the issue.
@vamsi_praneeth Read the words of Sri Aurobindo to understand how the world is evolving. Then you can decide your own path and who to curse.
@SonaChele1 @ScorpiusMaximus Handling Sri Aurobindo is not easy as ideology of RSS is likely to be hurt. That's reason he has been ignored.
Educated Indians will have to rethink present polity and their affection if they are really earnest the country reaps dividends of Democracy.
Politics can never be boring since it involves a child-like quest for Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity representing Sat, Chit, and Ananda.
Four Varnas are also a variation of Sat, Chit, and Ananda signifying their divine origin, thus forming the four primary pillars of creation.
Discrimination between various castes, and nor the Varna system, per se, should be the target of criticism and necessary remedial measures.
@kuldipsuri59 In the Integral philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, there is no such duality. They are just reflections of each other and evolving.
Sri Aurobindo's superb delineation on "the four great luminous Kings, Varuna, Mitra, Bhaga, Aryaman." #Veda #Konark
Love of Knowledge grips at times but the underlying instinct of Self-interest derails it. A Brahmin is one who can resist that. #Varuna #Veda
The Veda urges to aspire for the highest consciousness so that it has transforming effect on all our longings below pulling in diverse ways.
The language of the Veda might give the impression of an unbridgeable gap between man and the Gods but actually it's an integral hierarchy.
Each individual action (or sentiment) need not be understood in terms of some group behaviour. Evolution picks up individuals to push agenda.
Subordinating Ideology to exigencies of career and extraneous priorities rampant. Rescuing Research from agenda-driven paradigms an urgency.
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