Tuesday, December 15, 2015

RSS flanked by Kafka and Abhinavagupta

Obscurantism, Medievalism, and Kafkaesque functioning are basic flaws of RSS today. Further, its fascination for Fascism is also well known.
Tryst with Abhinavagupta can make RSS wrestle with philosophy and break its anti-intellectualism. But then, Sri Aurobindo won't be far off!
In Sri Aurobindo's philosophy, Evolution and Quantum physics find due explanation whereas RSS is more interested in the icons of bygone era.
@ManikantKant @AnaMyID Please read The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo for deeper understanding of the existence as well as human subjectivity.
@ManikantKant Nothing more valuable than The Life Divine and Savitri. No need to read the whole. One chapter enough. https://t.co/yoSQcui2qV
@iamUrvi @avenger_D Reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo should be considered as primary task if one is interested in Ontological stuff.
Beyond day-to-day outrage on Twitter, Sri Aurobindo provides the most acceptable & viable long-term ideal for India. https://t.co/JoalxGrP7Q
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo stand as towers of light to help ward such offensives off. [TNM55] #SavitriEraReligion https://t.co/yNUDwTGMIM
Delhi and Auroville are 2 territories the administrations of which need to be modified on an urgent basis by restoring full-scale democracy.
Action in Delhi; target Lucknow! Akhilesh has been served sly notice to fall in line since Nitish is not going to be soft towards Mulayam.
Mamata can't forget how crudely Mulayam ditched her in Presidential election nor Mayawati would forgive him. Needling Nitish was last straw!
Time for Nitish to be proactive in U.P. without repeating the MGB model. People are eager to vote for a new party with fresh ideas & promise.

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