Thursday, August 30, 2012

Shooting arrows at Ramalgam

It is heartening to note that the ideological Ramalgam pursued by RSS-BJP so far is being subjected to critical scrutiny by their own young and astute sympathizers. In Secularism is Important to Modern India, for instance, Harsh Gupta @hguptapolicy inter alia avers, “The political philosophy of Hindutva is morally wrong, detrimental to the Indian national interest, detrimental to Hinduism, and politically counter-productive.”

Similarly, ThePragmaticIndian @Realist_Indian tweets 5h, “My views. State has to be secular. Don’t understand what Hindu Rashtra means.” These are, no doubt, refreshing perceptions that come from common sense and compassionate attitude. Interestingly, such views stand close to the vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo but, unfortunately, no one has read their works. [TNM55]  

Friday, August 24, 2012

From Three Masters of Suspicion to Twin Masters of Realisation

Google+Tweets 7m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - Tusar N. Mohapatra - 21:09  - Unequivocal opposition of Fascism by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is now a well-established fact. Interesting contrast with Tagore and Subhas Chandra Bose as well as the curious Marathi enthusiasm. [TNM55] …
28m - Tusar N. Mohapatra - 20:47 -Integral Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo (along with the disciples) is taking a decisive turn around this time and the Ashram is taking shape. Interesting account of the goings on on the materialist front to compare. [TNM55] …
59m Neo-Hindu organisations treat Sri Aurobindo as competitor & ignore. For Hindu majoritarian movements he is not helpful: …
2h A journalist is born after a 9-months MassCom course but Twitter transforms him/her at par with the Managing Editor of a national newspaper.
3h A relative helps in hospital but extracts his pound of flesh later is not uncommon. RSS follows this formula for enrolment & indoctrination.
3h Evolution is Vedic journey from 3 Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, & Freud to Twin Masters of Realisation: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
3h Teaching fishing or giving away fish? - The answer is well known, yet an enduring curiosity and respect for Theory is still to precipitate.
4h Foucault termed school as prison, but it has no substitute. BJP must go by the College instead of Coaching centre approach of cracking exam.
4h 14 out of 107 I'm following have black DPs. Roughly the same percentage of votes BJP polled in UP Assembly elections. Hindu rate of growth!
4h - @RisingIndiawins Discounting the Freudian angle won't be fair &, perhaps, that has a much larger role than we assent as politically correct.  View conversation
5h Anna-Baba-RSS synergy, though ubiquitous and redoubtable, is highly vulnerable vis-à-vis modernity. They prefer sly action and avoid debate.
5h 1907 saw Congress splitting on fierce ideological ground engendering, subsequently, a plethora of splintered hues of Left and Right streams.
5h All well meaning and right thinking people of my beloved country! Don't despair. Bharata Bhagya Bidhata Sri Aurobindo & The Mother are there
6h Contrary to popular notion, Democracy doesn't respect the crowd; it transfers their power to an assembly of parliamentarians & their wisdom.
6h Celebrating rustic austerity and anti-intellectualism is no panacea for a resurgent India. Fighting anachronism and obscurantism is a must.
6h The shadowy assistance of RSS to Anna-Baba theatre is more targeted at the sub-texts they perpetuated than the overt demand of corruption.
6h The Mother & Sri Aurobindo dared to create a prototype of ideal collective living 100 years ago by formulating a robust theoretical buttress
6h Anna-Baba Nukkad-Natak Mandli is a cruel carricature & sad anti-thesis of all that is noble in Indian culture & wisdom. Shibboleths galore.
6h The adolescent infatuation with any hero is more about camouflaging self-insecurity and being co-opted into the network of an exalted tribe.
7h Carnivals have their use in mass participation and democratisation, but politically contrived ones suffer from partisanship & intransigence.
7h One shudders when Ram Jethmalani is sighted with Anna-Baba bandwagon. How can there be any consonance between a courtroom and street chaos?
7h Waiting for Modot Army has brought immense aberrations to national discourse thus subverting its own cause as well as the democratic ethos.

7m - @swaraj_india Geography also divides, so what's wrong with religious division? Violence & ill-will are to be eschewed. Savitri Era Religion  View conversation
3h - @hiteshrangra @SanghPariwar Sri Aurobindo, the famed prophet of nationalism, was born on #August15 1872. Let's celebrate his 140th birthday.  View conversation

Courage, Goodness, Generosity, and Equality

Tweets 4h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Freedom, Nationalism, Secularism etc. have to be redefined and reinvented in the light of Sri Aurobindo's writings for India to survive.
8h Anna-Baba fiasco proved how dishonest assurances flounder. NDA & UPA are engaged in shadow boxing by marshalling technicalities as tactics.
9h SMS limit and Petrol price should be synchronised with the Sensex movement. That would save frequent official notifications.
10h Everyone justifies his action or opinion; that's a matter of great hope for Justice & humanity. Synchronising the means remains a challenge.
10h - @RisingIndiawins But instead of aspiring or waiting for wars, better course is to collaborate with the forces of transformation & evolution.  View conversation
11h Political parties lack moral anchor and are expediency-driven. Evolutionary ideals must replace the current functioning, says Sri Aurobindo.
11h Freedom means nothing if bereft of fair-play and fellow-feeling. The Mother's symbol speaks of Courage, Goodness, Generosity, and Equality.
12h Today's black DPs; tomorrow's MPs. Good opportunity for regimenting cadre & fastening loyalty belts. Whoever unfurled flag of Free Thought!
13h Just 140 characters and one turns an accuser, the investigator, whole jury, and the judge at one go to pronounce the sentence with finality.
13h Kahin Pe Nigahen Kahin Pe Nishana - is a perfect description of all political discourse in a Democracy as Elections are always on the radar.
13h When finger felt itself is moon, Naveen got rid of lovely Pyari. Street or media may reflect public opinion but can't substitute Parliament.
13h "A furore a day" is what Parliament may turn out, yet harbouring a Gungi Gudia or a Mauni Mohan Singh; not to forget Chambal's Bandit Queen.
14h Kejriwal has no clue how to accumulate fund for fighting elections. RSS has 1001 front and back organisations for round the year collection.
14h Freedom struggle had many unreasonable strands & so is the case with JP, VP, RJB as well as Anna-Baba movements. Parliamentarism is supreme.
14h Whosoever exaggerates is doing a disservice to the nation. Freedom can never mean license and, like regulators, editors have always existed.
15h Watergate involved secret election fund and that's the issue which needs to be thrashed out. Funding of even civil society agitations hazy.
16h Fast-unto-death died recently, wolf of Emergency might meet similar fate. Proportion is the spice of life, herd move is devoid of direction.
19h The Secret of the Veda is also the secret of Sri Aurobindo. But no need to read any endorsement of awful anachronisms running for centuries.
20h - @acorn Besides, there is no reason why the views of the Govt. and the opposition should converge especially when a vast majority is silent.  View conversation
20h You need a group of three or four to tag and endorse each other, mutually commend the comments and thus appear to come out victor on Twitter.
22 Aug Having burnt our fingers in Heehs imbroglio, we are wary of absolute freedom of speech. Verbal terrorism is a menace & must not be fostered.

17h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty It's comfortable to discuss & complain about history. But the challenge is to come together under Party banner & work for a better tomorrow.
17h @ShivaKap Not the question of votes exactly, it's ideology. We can get votes too if we join hands & present the option of a credible party.  View conversation
17h @ShivaKap Yeah, after 65 years lot many things need to be attended to. Unfortunately our educated section is callous & politically impotent.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap It's the FIVE DREAMS Manifesto of Sri Aurobindo broadcast on August 14, 1947. Pl. Google-search and read.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Precisely, and therefore this Savitri Era Party. If all right thinking people support, it can come to power and things can change.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap That's what I'm hinting at. One must understand the roots of the disease in order to heal it. Sri Aurobindo has written in depth.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Education, health, & money, in fact, are domains of 3 different castes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, & Vaishya, in a broad religious sense.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap One persons flaunts, and the other says it's wrong. There is need to reconcile both views. So, first one has to understand basics.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Likewise, castes have deeper significance corresponding to various limbs of body. So they are essential for any organic society.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Appropriate sentiments, but they have their root in religion which is inbuilt. Quest for perfection/divine is religion ecosystem.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Although against it, Ambedkar introduced caste in Constitution. Though not in favour of religion, Sri Aurobindo created a new one.  View conversation

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Sri Aurobindo never bothered about crowd

Tweets 23m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Sri Aurobindo never bothered about crowd; he wrote, and the world reads his luminous works today with awe and reverence. Celebrate #August15 33m - Sanketik Ramdev and Filmy Anna are no hope for India's future. FIVE DREAMS Manifesto broadcast on August 14, 1947 is assured rallying point. 14h Let Sri Aurobindo's editorials in Bande Mataram, Karmayogin, Dharma, and Arya a century ago guide this nation and not Ramdev's shenanigans. 14h - Himself a bundle of confusion, Ramdev's quixotic adventure can be a cruel and costly experiment in deepening of democracy in the country. 14h - Ramdev is entitled to leveraging his popularity for any agitational venture but consequences as regards public welfare are sure to backfire. 18m - Know-alls need not be ashamed of not to have read Sri Aurobindo. To be a child before him & proceed with an open mind is the right attitude.
16h - … has 41 RETWEETS and … has 28 RETWEETS. Both are wrong in supposing an illusory Hindu monolith.  View tweet

Monday, August 06, 2012

Sri Aurobindo arms us with a different Jantar Mantar

Tweets 2h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - @swaraj_india @SandeepWeb @orsoraggiante @dubash Welcome. Hope, Sri Aurobindo's views too features, but suspect inadequate awareness of him.  View conversation
4h - @shivsBHARAT Please read the opinions of Sri Aurobindo on India and the World to acquire authentic insights on our role for future evolution.  View conversation
4h Spelling was sacred and committing any mistake was criminal, but now it’s being demolished with vengeance on the web. Impatience with past.
4h If tablets & smart phones are evolving then human body too must be changing albeit in a slow pace. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo unlid mystery.
5h - Perennial Hindutva confines itself within a geographical-mythological boundary; looks upon the Other as adversary. Sri Aruobindo breaks open
5h - Perennial Hindutva aims at salvation, Sri Aurobindo targets evolution and emphasizes upon the essentiality of agency and his participation.
5h - @Team_CRI The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the most potent soft-power India possesses and a suitable religio-political ecosystem is a must.  View conversation
23h - @kiran_patniak Now that the Team has gone political, it's better to adopt political instinct and avoid public criticism.  View conversation
5 Aug Many attribute the latest salvo by Advani to leadership rift in BJP but the real reason is ideological confusion involving Kulkarni doctrine.
5 Aug - @swaraj_india Sri Aurobindian ontology resolves scores of theological disputes and provides a faultless framework for matters of belief.  View conversation
5 Aug - @sabhlok We too welcome their decision to enter electoral arena and hope that Team Anna prefers to join Savitri Era Party.@kiran_patniak -  View conversation
5 Aug Prejudice must not deprive us of perfection. Sri Aurobindo's scholarship is unsurpassable & let's spot the treasure and taste it's delight.
5 Aug Honest persons become corrupt over a period of time blaming system. Sri Aurobindo helps reverse the process through yoga of transformation.
5 Aug Sri Aurobindo is the only anchor around whom a dependable collective can take shape that abhors corruption. Only he offers a robust theory.
5 Aug 2014 is also "Arya" Centenary that gave us The Life Divine, The Synthesis of Yoga etc. All need read these instead of idly waiting for Modot
5 Aug - @RisingIndiawins Please read a slim title "The Riddle of the World" by Sri Aurobindo and find out how the unseen world perceived as reality.  View conversation
5 Aug Disregarding trivia and respecting knowledge should be constant pursuit. Reciting a couple of lines from Savitri can be immensely ennobling.
5 Aug Even Shankaracharya erred in interpreting the Ishopanishad, says Sri Aurobindo. Sayana too was found wanting by him in deciphering the Vedas
5 Aug Sri Aurobindo is the most authentic voice of Indian wisdom and it's the duty of the present generation to hearken to him and prevent pigmies
5 Aug Reading 40 volumes of Sri Aurobindo's works should be everyone's target to commemorate his 140th Birthday on #August15. 140 characters over.
5 Aug - @doctoratlarge @RisingIndiawins Sri Aurobindo is sure remedy for such scepticism. But one must be willing to read even with critical faculty.  View conversation
5 Aug The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo may not have earned the status of essential reading by Hindutva votaries and experts but it should.
4 Aug - @swaraj_india A better way of looking at it would be to study whether a set-up can at all be called democratic when women head it & rule men.  View conversation
4 Aug - @SandeepWeb @malviyamit Well, Sri Aurobindo used to welcome criticism. View conversation
4 Aug - @SandeepWeb @malviyamit Because he is well versed with the writings of Sri Aurobindo which natives abhor. View conversation
4 Aug Political issues are not stand alone phenomena. Apart from the sociological diagnosis probing from the evolutionary angle is also essential.
4 Aug This reveals how right theory & ideology is crucial for any journey as a minor deviation in direction might lead to being left high and dry.
4 Aug Team Anna fiasco though an eye-opener as regards harnessing media is also a great disappointment in terms of policy obscurity and confusion.
4 Aug Why no one is talking about the Venkatachaliah constitutional review committee report is a mystery. -Tusar N. Mohapatra …
4 Aug The appearance of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev in the political firmament of India borders on the bizarre. June 01, 2011 …
4 Aug - @acorn @bibekdebroy Essays on the Gita by Sri Aurobindo presents a different perspective that is apt for mature minds wrestling with ethics.  View conversation
3 Aug - @vsengupta @ashutoshibn7 I'm pained that JP and VP are being jibed at. Regardless of what they actually achieved, great leaders were they.  View conversation
3 Aug - @KanchanGupta What happened is less important than what V.P. Singh stood for and why some people will always revere him like their Messiah.  View conversation
2 Aug - @_R_Srikanth Please don't bilittle JP's knowledge base and his life long quest for a just soceity.  View conversation
3 Aug - @acorn Premature verdict. Let's wait for them to take food first and then confer.  View conversation
3 Aug That's how we are different from all other parties and carve out a niche which is the most plausible route our polity will logically take.

3 Aug No party in India is in good shape. Team Anna should first devise a suitable framework for successful running of a party & electing leaders.
3 Aug Opacity of policy has been the bane of political scene in India and alliances have worsened it. Team Anna should specify their all leanings.
3 Aug Forming a political party and contesting elections are not exactly the same thing. Team Anna should first formulate definite stand on issues.
3 Aug The name of Sri Aurobindo may not inspire assured electoral dividends at the moment but we are confident of garnering a large constituency.
3 Aug No excitement or curiosity in India today for the new & innovative. Waiting for Modot is a safe game that is indulged in by most lazy minds.
3 Aug - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty No political party understands Sri Aurobindo's vision. His words are a century old but breath fresh air to jaded rhetoric blowing currently.
3 Aug The Vedic imperative is to reclaim cosmic light & knowledge. Sri Aurobindo unravels great mystery of self-empowerment sans self-abnegation.
3 Aug Faith & freedom are crucial for individual fulfilment. Skewed secularism that encourages atheism, anarchy & anomie requires to be thwarted.
3 Aug Mere morality & austerity is a poor sibling of enabling spirituality. Not negation & denial but by dynamic grappling with wealth is the key.
3 Aug A wholesome psychological framework grounded in evolution is what Sri Aurobindo offers that acts as an effective antidote against corruption
3 Aug Emancipating spirituality of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as encapsulated in the famous phrase "All Life is Yoga" is a true anchor for ethics.
3 Aug Narrow nationalism & shallow socialism is sure recipe for pushing the country backwards by a Century. Let's follow Sri Aurobindo's 5 DREAMS.
3 Aug Sri Aurobindo is far more relevant today than the compounded confusion perpetrated by Anna, Ramdev, Sri Sri, Agnivesh, and Subramanian Swamy.
3 Aug Anna movement is only 16 months old and absolutely unprecedented. Still people never tire of comparing it with past or predicting its future.
2 Aug Instead of the secular trap, Anna's proposed party should follow the global vision of Sri Aurobindo as outlined in the FIVE DREAMS Manifesto
2 Aug Thus, politics, like economics, is incentive driven but at times owing to sublimation, ethics or charisma substitute gross or the pecuniary.
2 Aug Just like power of exercising violence is transferred to the State in Democracy, certain level of corruption is condoned in case of Monarchy
2 Aug - @kiran_patniak @anku6 @KiranKS Sab kuchh Google search par upalabdh hai, aur is kam me aap mera madad kar sakte hain (janhit ke madde-nazar)  View conversation - 2 Aug - @kiran_patniak @anku6 @KiranKS My suggestion to them is to join Savitri Era Party.  View conversation - 2 Aug - @kiran_patniak @anku6 @KiranKS Please take me seriously: I welcome Team Anna's decision to join electoral politics. But their ideology is faulty.  View conversation - 2 Aug - @kiran_patniak @anku6 @KiranKS You are also agitated today. Read my blog later.
2 Aug As competitors in politics, criticism is normal. 2 Aug The conceptual and ideological base for a successful party for the future has been established. 2 Aug Please Google search and find out its views since 2007.  2 Aug Humne to pahle se Party banake rakhe hain. Aaiye, shamil ho jaiye.  View conversation
2 Aug @kiran_patniak @anku6 It's a new birth for Anna today as he'll undergo political journey in unpredictable routes. So knowing him starts now.  View conversation
2 Aug Anna and Advani are in same boat now with almost identical ideology. So, a huge blow for those fervently waiting for Modot. Bolt from blue.
2 Aug Kejriwal and his fastmates drawing widespread sympathy even from ideological adversaries can be explained as a variant of Stockholm syndrome
2 Aug - @amishra77 Ideological robustness is surely welcome but that NDA came to power on the basis of the Kulkarni Doctrine (Goa musings) is a fact.  View conversation
1 Aug - @orsoraggiante Savitri by Sri Aurobindo sings the ultimate destiny of man informed by the Vedic aspirations for Truth, Light, & Immortality. View conversation - 1 Aug - @orsoraggiante Entire works of Sri Aurobindo including Savitri you can now read online. Autobiographical notes also constitute one volume. 1 Aug - @orsoraggiante For any clarification, my email is @swaraj_india @krishnarjun108 -  View conversation
1 Aug - @gchikermane Beyond Man: The Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo & The Mother by Georges van Vrekhem, however, surpasses both of them in clarity.  View conversation
1 Aug Why such low awareness about Sri Aurobindo? On the one hand there is bias and resistance, but a bigger factor that pervades is ignorance.
1 Aug - @swaraj_india Instead of waiting for the Modot it's preferable to launch our each one's version of a million mutinies like Savitri Era Party.  View conversation
31 Jul It will be August an hour hence,
That saw the advent of the sun upon earth.
In 1872 on 15th to be precise,
Sri Aurobindo chose to take birth.
31 Jul The war against evil or the Vedic stealers of light,
Is a long-drawn one and not of overnight,
Discernment & perseverance need be held tight.
31 Jul For evicting those who backstab Mother India,
Three souls with steely resolve fight on empty stomach,
In a consciousness cleansing operation.
31 Jul - So, who in India today can give shape to the Dreams of Sri Aurobindo? The present scenario is as disappointing as today's grid collapse. But 31 Jul - #August15 is a sure reminder that thirst for light & immortality is of Vedic vintage that this land has carried forward through thick & thin.
31 Jul From Vico & Herder through Kant's Perpetual Peace, ideal of Human Unity has travelled long though bruised by 2 World Wars. Now India's turn.
31 Jul - #August15 has this great dual significance of freedom and fulfilment. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have enjoined upon us Indians for fruition.
31 Jul It's not about being a Superpower or winning Olympics medals. Destiny of India is to march forward towards the Supramental evolution of man.
31 Jul An attitudinal overhaul and an altogether different Jantar Mantar is called for instead of the present puny approach. Sri Aurobindo arms us.
31 Jul Technology has unified the planet. Humanity as a species must endeavour to harness it for psychological unity and eradicate enmity#August15
31 Jul No effort towards unity will go in vain, promise The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Between them they signify the meeting of the East and the West.
31 Jul His words have power, the power of transformation of consciousness thus pushing the unifying urge of evolution forward. Sri Aurobindo leads.
31 Jul No light in India today but Sri Aurobindo assures that India will show light to the world. #August15 is his birthday & let's read his words.
31 Jul Race, religion, language, nationality, and gender: all enter the melting pot when Human Unity is contemplated. Wanted huge proactive spirit.
31 Jul World Union, says Sri Aurobindo, is an evolutionary inevitability. The nitty gritty, however, are the responsibility of present generation.
31 Jul This in peacetime and being treated as a picnic but such eventualities as part of war can be disastrous. Sri Aurobindo stressed Human Unity.
31 Jul Feeling of National integration through power failure that ranks as a world record poses a survival question mark before human civilisation.
31 Jul May the nation wake to the anthem of truth, light, & immortality as sung by Sri Aurobindo in his epic Savitri invoking Vedic lore.#August15
31 Jul In this hour of darkness may the country remember the sage voice of Sri Aurobindo, the sun of the nation and on whose birthday came freedom.
31 Jul If it's demanding accountability at apex level Team Anna must also prove its accountability to the public by conforming to democratic means.
31 Jul Transparency impresses the most. Team Anna should divulge its organisational hierarchy and get rid of the present obscure decision making.
31 Jul Policy neatness can stop nitpicking by others and that warrants comprehensive thinking and not just cherry picking. Get down to brass tacks.
31 Jul Till now Team Anna has avoided honest intellectual interrogation of its track record leading to confusion on alliance & ideology. So urgent.
31 Jul Savitri Era Party requests Team Anna to give up fasting & tackle patently political issues by political means without insisting on shortcuts
31 Jul Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo valorizes the body as much as the mind and psychic being. Enervating the body by fasting is therefore wrong.
31 Jul Time people are sensitized about Sri Aurobindo's critique of Gandhian practices like fasting. He even doubted its efficacy for spirituality.
30 Jul The political course Savitri Era Party drew in 2007 is plain & simple. Huge space for new national party with genuine ideological framework.
30 Jul Embracing Sri Aurobindo and his 5 Dreams can indisputably make Arvind Kejriwal invincible within the current political chaos of the country.
30 Jul Kejriwal receiving flak from expected quarters proves he is on right track. Only he should be aware about the significance of his namesake.
30 Jul - @ArchanaRaghuram Reading The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo can give a fair orientation in this arcane area. Synthesis of Yoga, too, is good.  View conversation
30 Jul Please read Sri Aurobindo, or the Adventure of Consciousness, by Satprem before #August15 by way of paying homage to this extraordinary poet.
30 Jul - @gopimaliwal That's an early letter. For a detailed account of the subsequent phases of his life you may read The Lives of Sri Aurobindo.  View conversation
30 Jul The Left & the Right, both have been consistently disregarding the genius of Sri Aurobindo, the sun of modern India. August 15, his birthday
30 Jul - @swaraj_india Surely the best theorisation is by Sri Aurobindo.  View conversation
30 Jul - @SandeepWeb @swaraj_india @zenrainman But he misses the poetic output of 2 Millennia. Sri Aurobindo is a more credible compass on this score.  View conversation
30 Jul - @swaraj_india @sandeepweb @zenrainman Start with Sri Aurobindo and the rest will come sliding by way of allusion or comparison.  View conversation
30 Jul - @KiranKS Step by step, Team Anna is nearing the logical inevitability charted by Savitri Era Party. Just, need to add Sri Aurobindo as icon.  View conversation
30 Jul - @PondyTweets I'm not so certain as much depends upon the reader's level. A person new to Sri Aurobindo might find it nice but not a devotee.  View conversation
30 Jul - @swaraj_india @_daddy_g You may consider a similar series on Savitri Era Party.  View conversation - 20h - @swaraj_india @alok_bhatt @barbarindian Mostly balanced, but the tweets on Sindhe seemed to be an over-reaction.  View conversation
30 Jul Thanks to Anna Hazare's Jantar Mantar show, I and my wife happen to watch the TV together at times these days. Social engineering at work.
29 Jul Delhi, NCR celebrating extempore Earth Day. Environmentalists holding mock drill of survival sans water and power. #22ndCentury - #Catch22
29 Jul Our opposition to Anna Hazare movement is unequivocal just as Hitler was identified early as the face of evil by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
29 Jul - @Realist_Indian Let not the crowd cloud right thinking. Anna is on wrong path and pursuing despicable methods. Sri Aurobindo holds the key.  View conversation
29 Jul - @ashutoshibn7 Anarchists are forcing huge ideological confusion upon the country. Time to stay calm and draw inspiration from Sri Aurobindo.  View conversation
29 Jul - @kaushikcbasu True. A simple test, likewise, is if one is not drawn towards Sri Aurobindo, that reveals the person harbouring irrationality.  View conversation
29 Jul - @ShankkarAiyar And a quarter Century quest for iron ore met success in December, 1907 inaugurating a new India.  View conversation
29 Jul - @SORBONNE75 May I request you to read a few lines from Savitri by Sri Aurobindo whenever you feel like. Thanks.  View conversation
29 Jul - @jay_ambadi Difficult to eradicate Bhakti as can be seen in Ambedkar's followers. Sri Aurobindo qualifies the most for a rationalistic love. 29 Jul - @jay_ambadi That's a loveable vantage point to start with an open mind. Learn and tell others since you write so well. View conversation 
29 Jul - @malviyamit Sri Aurobindo's books surely rank for Post-graduate and above level not only in India but worldwide. Self-study is better still. View conversation
28 Jul Those who are stagnating at Vivekananda's level must explore Sri Aurobindo's writings. It's like a leap from a lake to an oceanic vastness. 28 Jul A general background is earned from the works of Vivekananda. Sri Aurobindo lifts one to Himalayan heights through his synthetic philosophy. 28 Jul Vivekananda passed away in 1902 and Sri Aurobindo in 1950. Sri Aurobindo's insights during the eventful, intervening 48 years are valuable.
28 Jul Most from my TL consistently write about politics but they are not prepared to join politics. Thus, it's all sound and fury to push careers.
29 Jul - @harryfinch That used to ring once in a while. This handheld loves silence. (Posted from my iPhone)  View conversation