Friday, August 24, 2012

Courage, Goodness, Generosity, and Equality

Tweets 4h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty Freedom, Nationalism, Secularism etc. have to be redefined and reinvented in the light of Sri Aurobindo's writings for India to survive.
8h Anna-Baba fiasco proved how dishonest assurances flounder. NDA & UPA are engaged in shadow boxing by marshalling technicalities as tactics.
9h SMS limit and Petrol price should be synchronised with the Sensex movement. That would save frequent official notifications.
10h Everyone justifies his action or opinion; that's a matter of great hope for Justice & humanity. Synchronising the means remains a challenge.
10h - @RisingIndiawins But instead of aspiring or waiting for wars, better course is to collaborate with the forces of transformation & evolution.  View conversation
11h Political parties lack moral anchor and are expediency-driven. Evolutionary ideals must replace the current functioning, says Sri Aurobindo.
11h Freedom means nothing if bereft of fair-play and fellow-feeling. The Mother's symbol speaks of Courage, Goodness, Generosity, and Equality.
12h Today's black DPs; tomorrow's MPs. Good opportunity for regimenting cadre & fastening loyalty belts. Whoever unfurled flag of Free Thought!
13h Just 140 characters and one turns an accuser, the investigator, whole jury, and the judge at one go to pronounce the sentence with finality.
13h Kahin Pe Nigahen Kahin Pe Nishana - is a perfect description of all political discourse in a Democracy as Elections are always on the radar.
13h When finger felt itself is moon, Naveen got rid of lovely Pyari. Street or media may reflect public opinion but can't substitute Parliament.
13h "A furore a day" is what Parliament may turn out, yet harbouring a Gungi Gudia or a Mauni Mohan Singh; not to forget Chambal's Bandit Queen.
14h Kejriwal has no clue how to accumulate fund for fighting elections. RSS has 1001 front and back organisations for round the year collection.
14h Freedom struggle had many unreasonable strands & so is the case with JP, VP, RJB as well as Anna-Baba movements. Parliamentarism is supreme.
14h Whosoever exaggerates is doing a disservice to the nation. Freedom can never mean license and, like regulators, editors have always existed.
15h Watergate involved secret election fund and that's the issue which needs to be thrashed out. Funding of even civil society agitations hazy.
16h Fast-unto-death died recently, wolf of Emergency might meet similar fate. Proportion is the spice of life, herd move is devoid of direction.
19h The Secret of the Veda is also the secret of Sri Aurobindo. But no need to read any endorsement of awful anachronisms running for centuries.
20h - @acorn Besides, there is no reason why the views of the Govt. and the opposition should converge especially when a vast majority is silent.  View conversation
20h You need a group of three or four to tag and endorse each other, mutually commend the comments and thus appear to come out victor on Twitter.
22 Aug Having burnt our fingers in Heehs imbroglio, we are wary of absolute freedom of speech. Verbal terrorism is a menace & must not be fostered.

17h - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty It's comfortable to discuss & complain about history. But the challenge is to come together under Party banner & work for a better tomorrow.
17h @ShivaKap Not the question of votes exactly, it's ideology. We can get votes too if we join hands & present the option of a credible party.  View conversation
17h @ShivaKap Yeah, after 65 years lot many things need to be attended to. Unfortunately our educated section is callous & politically impotent.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap It's the FIVE DREAMS Manifesto of Sri Aurobindo broadcast on August 14, 1947. Pl. Google-search and read.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Precisely, and therefore this Savitri Era Party. If all right thinking people support, it can come to power and things can change.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap That's what I'm hinting at. One must understand the roots of the disease in order to heal it. Sri Aurobindo has written in depth.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Education, health, & money, in fact, are domains of 3 different castes: Brahmin, Kshatriya, & Vaishya, in a broad religious sense.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap One persons flaunts, and the other says it's wrong. There is need to reconcile both views. So, first one has to understand basics.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Likewise, castes have deeper significance corresponding to various limbs of body. So they are essential for any organic society.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Appropriate sentiments, but they have their root in religion which is inbuilt. Quest for perfection/divine is religion ecosystem.  View conversation
18h @ShivaKap Although against it, Ambedkar introduced caste in Constitution. Though not in favour of religion, Sri Aurobindo created a new one.  View conversation

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