Friday, August 24, 2012

From Three Masters of Suspicion to Twin Masters of Realisation

Google+Tweets 7m - Savitri Era Party @SavitriEraParty - Tusar N. Mohapatra - 21:09  - Unequivocal opposition of Fascism by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is now a well-established fact. Interesting contrast with Tagore and Subhas Chandra Bose as well as the curious Marathi enthusiasm. [TNM55] …
28m - Tusar N. Mohapatra - 20:47 -Integral Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo (along with the disciples) is taking a decisive turn around this time and the Ashram is taking shape. Interesting account of the goings on on the materialist front to compare. [TNM55] …
59m Neo-Hindu organisations treat Sri Aurobindo as competitor & ignore. For Hindu majoritarian movements he is not helpful: …
2h A journalist is born after a 9-months MassCom course but Twitter transforms him/her at par with the Managing Editor of a national newspaper.
3h A relative helps in hospital but extracts his pound of flesh later is not uncommon. RSS follows this formula for enrolment & indoctrination.
3h Evolution is Vedic journey from 3 Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, & Freud to Twin Masters of Realisation: The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
3h Teaching fishing or giving away fish? - The answer is well known, yet an enduring curiosity and respect for Theory is still to precipitate.
4h Foucault termed school as prison, but it has no substitute. BJP must go by the College instead of Coaching centre approach of cracking exam.
4h 14 out of 107 I'm following have black DPs. Roughly the same percentage of votes BJP polled in UP Assembly elections. Hindu rate of growth!
4h - @RisingIndiawins Discounting the Freudian angle won't be fair &, perhaps, that has a much larger role than we assent as politically correct.  View conversation
5h Anna-Baba-RSS synergy, though ubiquitous and redoubtable, is highly vulnerable vis-à-vis modernity. They prefer sly action and avoid debate.
5h 1907 saw Congress splitting on fierce ideological ground engendering, subsequently, a plethora of splintered hues of Left and Right streams.
5h All well meaning and right thinking people of my beloved country! Don't despair. Bharata Bhagya Bidhata Sri Aurobindo & The Mother are there
6h Contrary to popular notion, Democracy doesn't respect the crowd; it transfers their power to an assembly of parliamentarians & their wisdom.
6h Celebrating rustic austerity and anti-intellectualism is no panacea for a resurgent India. Fighting anachronism and obscurantism is a must.
6h The shadowy assistance of RSS to Anna-Baba theatre is more targeted at the sub-texts they perpetuated than the overt demand of corruption.
6h The Mother & Sri Aurobindo dared to create a prototype of ideal collective living 100 years ago by formulating a robust theoretical buttress
6h Anna-Baba Nukkad-Natak Mandli is a cruel carricature & sad anti-thesis of all that is noble in Indian culture & wisdom. Shibboleths galore.
6h The adolescent infatuation with any hero is more about camouflaging self-insecurity and being co-opted into the network of an exalted tribe.
7h Carnivals have their use in mass participation and democratisation, but politically contrived ones suffer from partisanship & intransigence.
7h One shudders when Ram Jethmalani is sighted with Anna-Baba bandwagon. How can there be any consonance between a courtroom and street chaos?
7h Waiting for Modot Army has brought immense aberrations to national discourse thus subverting its own cause as well as the democratic ethos.

7m - @swaraj_india Geography also divides, so what's wrong with religious division? Violence & ill-will are to be eschewed. Savitri Era Religion  View conversation
3h - @hiteshrangra @SanghPariwar Sri Aurobindo, the famed prophet of nationalism, was born on #August15 1872. Let's celebrate his 140th birthday.  View conversation

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