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Savitri Era is the keynote

Once upon a time there was a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" which ruled for 3-4 years. It showed invisible interconnectedness and how we are propelled like puppets. Many were influenced and their lives changed. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo keep on reminding of such a reality.

Speaking of fiction, perhaps the closest one to the logic of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is that slim but great book by Richard Bach: Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Many are calling upon the citizens to remain united but what's the central glue? Unfortunately the country has failed to identify this even after seven decades. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo alone provide that keynote but our intellectuals have been myopic in not picking up that key

Deluge of content is driving people to more and more tiktokisation or fragmentation of consciousness whereas The Mother & Sri Aurobindo insisted on integration. This is an ontological U-turn whereby one discovers a central guiding force within oneself that's shaping future course

Sri Aurobindo arrived in the Tamil land on April 4, 1910. His prediction of the future is the only solution. The task is to understand and accept which can save from strenuous speculation. The role of The Mother is also crucial. Some are trying to malign her which is unfortunate!

Basic political lessons:
1. Upfront authoritarianism is better than clandestine dictatorship
2. Open revision of history or narrative is better than secret, invisible, or round about manoeuvre
3. Brazen fakery or clumsiness is better than its sophisticated or ivory tower versions

1. Hazardous to speculate long term in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic.
2. Time has a role and present status of RSS is not rock solid.
3. Drastic changes are possible in next five years.
4. Dynastification of Congress created a vacuum of which RSS is merely a beneficiary.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo postulated reconfiguration of Cell functioning as an Evolutionary necessity for attaining Immortality. Hope, this is a step forward in the direction of unraveling that mystery. How much volition or yoga can really engineer changes in biological process.

The sense of entitlement of some on Twitter is amazing. They say they would have made a much better Prime Minister without of course the inconvenience of contesting in any election. And this section of citizens regularly calls others as fascists and warns against authoritarianism

First codification; then implementation. First laying down the tenets and then following them. Thus be it Quality or Dharma, the blueprint is essential for building. Domain knowledge, therefore, is crucial; respecting it essential. This is the lesson number One of Dharma practice

1964 - Came in contact with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and began reading their booklets and magazines in my village, Sailo Jharapara
1971 - Came to Bhubaneswar to join BJB College
1977 - Came to Sundargarh to join PNB
1988 - Came to Delhi
2000 - VRS & SELF

2005 - Access to Internet and instant publishing of a blogpost was a dream come true. A lot of learning during the last fifteen years
2012 - Joined Twitter which continues to be a second home
2020 - Lockdown but strayed into Elyments; so, great days ahead.

2005 - Centenary year of Bande Mataram movement provided the impetus for an epochal event. Google gave the opportunity for launching Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Blog. Sify was at 64 kbps on my freshly acquired assembled AMD desktop with 256 mb of RAM

2006 - Savitri Era is our religion [though Sri Aurobindo and The Mother warned against creation of a cult, they themselves encouraged it. Sri Aurobindo himself deified The Mother and vice versa] From Sri Aurobindo Reader (1999) edited by Makarand Paranjape

2007 - Centenary year of Congress split at Surat provided the stimulus for SEP.
None of the present political parties in India is willing to toe the ideals of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. So, perforce we launch the Savitri Era Party. On to the streets then!

2008 - An unprecedented war of words broke out over The Lives of Sri Aurobindo by Peter Heehs. I refused to be under either faction and maintained a sane position. The book was banned and present generation is deprived of knowing about a great son of India

2015 - As I have been vocal about religion, politics, and anti-establishment themes, I remain an untouchable but somehow Nitte invites me to present a paper which was later published in their journal. Thankfully, that gives me the credentials of a scholar.

2016 - I hit upon the idea that overpopulation is at the root of all problems of India. Further, each language is a distinct nation like the European countries and hence the States should be granted Sovereignty under a loose Federation. Replica #WorldUnion

Granting Sovereignty to the States can itself form an alliance of 20 to 30 Nations with immense international clout. Local innovation and enhanced decibel level on multilateral fronts can really create an impact. Going the USSR way is the finest solution; also for US and China.

It was pretty historical by juxtaposing himself and Sri Aurobindo. The latter has never recovered in the public eye.

Almost all information on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are in black and white. No one can add anything new except wild speculations and manufactured allegations. Yes, all enjoy the right to creative expressions like Heehs and entertaining adda opportunities.

I have been complaining against Marxist historians for ignoring Sri Aurobindo. Arunoday is a good person and well intentioned. He has expertise on many spheres but not on Sri Aurobindo. He should avoid writing on him till he reads adequately. Insulting The Mother too is not good.

No, AB is not a Marxist; he is staunchly against them. He like most RW handles doesn't follow me. I provide authentic information and objective views; a rarity in the present milieu. Yet most prefer what's pleasing instead of harsh truth. Being abreast of critical opinion needed.

Till now we are reading distorted history. So, if you can dig out the truth, that would be great. It's not the question of any person or organisation; their reputation matters little before the truth. So, there's no barrier; Indians deserve to know their past without adulteration.

Unfinished agenda and Evolutionary forces are sure to make it happen. Bande Mataram was written for Bengal and not for India. The song should be returned to the rightful owners. Sovereignty to the States is the best solution in the present circumstances. Colonial legacy must end.

1. By Colonial legacy, I meant India. It should return to its original status of multiple Kingdoms/States. Each language is a nation and must be recognised as such
2. As regards the song, it was of Bengal, for Bengal, and by Bengal. Most don't know that and it should be respected

"The key to happiness is setting realisable goals" but the Constitution of India is a compendium of myths. Such high standards are not humanly possible and so it flounders. Assuming that a MP will take care of thousands of families is a superstition. Hence, Sovereignty to States.

Democracy is a peace time pastime. The State comes to the rescue during a crisis. Thus the State needs to be near; within hearing distance. That's participatory unlike the present abstract or imperial model. Indians must turn India into a #BharataFederation as part of #WorldUnion

Ancient monuments of Greece, Rome, or Turkey are standing tall but in India they are all underground. Is there any particular reason for this? Recently a huge temple appeared from the bed of #Mahanadi in #Odisha. #PrachiValley is still shrouded in mystery.

India is running like a federation for the past two and a half months. So, CMs are in control. Modi isn't wholly responsible. Looking it that way is defective.

From the safety of my home, it's difficult to understand the kind of hardships so many are going through but then implementation of any policy will create its own victims. It's an unprecedented situation and the authorities are at pains in safeguarding the interests of citizens.

All are mental health experts now, but the same old foolishness and stupidity. Just successful social adjustment is not the solution; it's like moving in a round and round. Evolution imparts meaning, gives direction, and enhances worth. Only The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach this.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasise that the earth is one. They also express their dissatisfaction with the present political order and foresee a #WordUnion. It's an Evolutionary inevitability and no specific method has been set. Thus, this crisis is not without a silver lining.

When I'm hungry or thirsty, it's a human question; nothing to do with my religion, nationality, or linguistic ethnicity. This virus crisis, similarly, concerns the whole humanity. If it's not being tackled on that basis, then a greater disease afflicts the human race. Needs cure.

Most of life is basically a quest for direction. More important because of the plethora of options at every step. Many are oblivious but somehow are led towards it. Mere moving forward may not be the right way. Making a conscious decision is finally the sign of a diligent person.

Raja is about unadulterated merriment without much religious obligations or austerity. But it's not just tradition or mere repetition. Its occult significance has much to do with the current crisis if one is conversant with The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. Yoga reposes responsibility.

It's not just a material or medical problem; the occult Evolutionary dimension is far more profound. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have spoken about such prospects much earlier. Unfortunately our Universities refuse to examine these aspects of futurology and students remain ignorant.

Weighty dimensions: Sri Aurobindo as a politician, Sri Aurobindo as a poet, Sri Aurobindo as a philosopher, or Sri Aurobindo as a yogi. But his most important work was at the level of body cells. Something the current crisis has much to imbibe and subscribe to; Vedic Immortality.

The virus is a killer and also a teacher. So many things were taken almost for granted all these years but nothing is assured now. Understanding life and its meaning was getting neglected, or even ignored. But no, the basics have to be learnt anew from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.

Lack of accountability is understandable but why transparency deficit? Who authorises such stupidity?

Thursday, June 04, 2020

Evolution is scouting for footholds

Yes that's rhetorical
Not a fact.
Unanimity is not the right criteria for a verdict on this complex subject. Better to keep the debate open.

That's not a good idea; a journal or magazine shouldn't be an encyclopaedia. Variety keeps readers engaged and retains the scope for emergent topics. Focus turns it staid and drains out energy to innovate or the necessity to be interesting so as to attract new readers. Just my 2c

Lockdown brings home the point that one's true ownership is over his home only. Yet, megalomania drives many to lecture on territories of whole countries and continents. Local should gain relevance and grow preponderance for driving out mentality of adolescence and false vanity.

The self-evident validity and legitimacy of the Gandhi-Nehru-Tagore-Radhakrishnan consensus has been challenged successfully but by not replacing that with Sri Aurobindo's multifaceted architecture, a vacuum has been created. Those who rush in to fill that huge space are pygmies.

Hero worship sustains self-esteem but ambition and critical scrutiny is necessary to find the right hero. Religion and culture resist this requisite as a result of which most rot in juvenility. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provide the needed intellectual nourishment for growing up.

Well articulated but the solution in the transformed scenario is not very clear. That's because there's no philosophical approach although philosophy is at the very base of political right. Sri Aurobindo has wrote on these themes in detail but unfortunately they remain neglected.

Sanatan bandwagon is pushing Sanskrit but important for Savitri Erans to cling to SAVITRI in English. Reading one random page a day can do wonders. This is the only way to help ourselves till any reliable vaccine is found for Coronavirus. And therefore, it isn't merely religious.

Babaji Maharaj was emphatic about Nama Japa. It's a potent tool. Reciting SAVITRI has the power of lifting the atmosphere to a higher wave length. Mantra acts at the intersection of physical voice turning into transformative energy. Body is a chemical plant; voice is therapeutic.

Important to remember this responsibility. Aspiration for Supramental with necessary purity and intensity is the key. Meddling in current affairs or peddling piecemeal solutions is like fiddling when a city burns. Evolution is scouting for footholds for its next big leap forward.

The world around us functions through interplay of various elements of human nature. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo sought to transform their very foundation so that a better collective life emerges. Advent of Supramental force has the power to alter the basics. Otherwise, no escape.

We are used to a doctored Gandhi, a manicured Tagore, or a sanitised Subhas but the truth is that the truth is elsewhere. So, instead of reacting to sundry portrayals, creating one's own picture is fidelitous. In fact, that's how the world runs since Barthes' Birth of the Reader.

Blake you mention often but please check if the same inspiration can be traced to Coleridge or even Schiller. I think there's scope for some slackening of the strict fourfold mould for exploring more rarefied regions of flexible nature. Key ideas elsewhere

Tagore's popularity in Bengal hinges upon his upfront juxtaposing or even braiding personal or private feelings with emancipatory religious sentiments which the older Bhakti tradition had tried to camouflage behind mythological characters. Sri Aurobindo however would steer clear.

I was born and brought up in a traditional agricultural family in an Odisha village with round the year religious festivals. Now, like many others, I worship The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the Supreme Divine and try to follow their teaching. Castles of old religions will collapse.

The Mother famously said our aim is not success, it's perfection. It's a valiant proclamation in the face of practically no signs of any silver lining. So, repeating these has much utility. There are a million ways to escape but only one way to stay put. Her another timeless gem.

Despite my shoestring knowledge on international affairs, India, USA, and China going the USSR way is an Evolutionary inevitability. When and how early peple accept this reality depends upon how much Coronavirus can act as a catalyst or thrust its threat to make them fall in line

One is rightsizing for efficiency. Second is Sri Aurobindo foresees a #WorldUnion which can take shape and function efficiently once the hegemony of huge nations are over. So, more democratic and federal sentiments can grow to encompass global proportions.

Religion is an important factor in present day political discourse which transcends nationalities. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo however are confident of its loosing steam and succumbing to Evolutionary urge for human unity. Coronavirus is forcing this notion of We-are-one-as-humans

Perhaps the most important aspect to understand in Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is that Divine virtues or embodiments belonging to the typal world. Sri Aurobindo puts the human being with his psychic being one step ahead. He can transcend his limitations and be a part of Evolution.

Odia can be considered a near-dead language now as movies and media use a mixed variety. Difficult to fight against the times and so preservation of pure Odia songs of the second half of the last century is important. Books or art forms are less important.

It's useless to say something unless supported by data. Yes, agreed but Intuition is something that transcends data. Sympathy and intensity of emotions can create a situation of Knowledge by identity. Like how gas clouds condense to form new stars. No permanent foe for Evolution.

I'm no fan but feel relieved that a man from grassroots having years of training under RSS is the Prime Minister at the time of an unprecedented crisis. Any more competent or qualified person would have been a misfit. It's not about handling the crisis but about knowing the pains

Migrant workers' crisis has shown that they don't have to migrate. Sovereignty to States can make it possible. This is a new opportunity of State level nationality and rebuilding economy with cultural landscape intact. Central govt. is absolutely redundant in this whole scenario.

Lockdown has brought into focus the role of a safe home but most Indians are deprived of that. A 2BHK flat should be available at ₹10 Lakh across the country and necessary policies should be a priority. Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, with 1260 flats, is still a model to replicate.

In a crisis situation like this, at least three States can be said to have exhibited sufficient independence and autonomy without much help from the Centre. They are Odisha, West Bengal, and Kerala. This new found confidence can be contagious with languages as fissiparous factor.

Many are ridiculing the focus on local. Now, consider a scenario with the States as sovereign and they compete with each other. How invigorating the same situation becomes without altering much of the realities! So, Independence is crucial for unlocking the true local potentials.

From Evolutionary perspective, it's a difficult job to judge. Ordinary notions of Reforms and Development are crucial but the incremental and cumulative dimensions may not be conducive. So, the emergence aspect retains its relevance. Present crisis seems to be pregnant with that.

New Age and Management popularised notions like leadership, success, and wellbeing. They have brought them into focus as achievable. There's no denying that a tremendous degree of success has been possible during the last two decades. Yet, expecting continuous growth is doubtful.

1. All life is yoga
2. Be simple, be happy, remain quiet, do your work as well as you can
3. Remember and offer
4. Call and Grace
5. Aspiration, rejection, and surrender
6. Faith, sincerity, and surrender
7. Unity, mutuality, and harmony
8. Widening, heightening, and integration.
Twelve qualities of The Mother
Assigning Vedic significance to flowers

Education aspect is very important in the present context. Without a firm anchor and proper direction, drifting is easy. Sri Aurobindo represents Modernity imbibing the best elements from tradition. No better example of a right mix than his yogic insights.
Sri Aurobindo has hinted at Sanskrit possessing original root sounds that are self-creative. However no such quest is on and subjective findings are suspect. As regards the Mantra aspect Sri Aurobindo's poetic output in English is more accessible and relevant for the modern times

National, religious, and ethnic divisions are playing havoc and The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer the most feasible solution. SAVITRI is pivotal for the future and mankind must rally round it for perennial peace, progress, and harmony. Supramental consciousness must reign over us.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are symbols of higher consciousness and hence no compromise with the past. Men's ignorance of their relevance is part of our prayer and aspiration for a sublime sequence of cultural efflorescence. They have "attempted all, prepared, achieved all for us"

Veda doesn't mean that one has to go through complex poetical creations in dreary Sanskrit. Sri Aurobindo has made the job easier by psychological interpretation of the deities. The Secret of the Veda by him explained originally in English is an essential reading for all Indians.

From the Veda to SAVITRI, that's the trajectory the followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have to popularise. Both are unfamiliar and difficult arena but the key to the future of humanity is hidden there. Present crisis is the right pretext to delve into context of these texts.

The PM is highlighting the role of service including innovation or jugaad in Man ki baat which might form the bedrock of economy. The Mother too experimented with such model in Sri Aurobindo ashram as well as Auroville. Need to study and explore its potentials for an alternative.

Even, their intellectuals are not free from such imaginary imperatives. Refusing to learn from Western scholars may be justified due to predominantly Marxist perspectives. So, looking for the right direction should be a priority. Here, Sri Aurobindo provides the best alternative.

BJP supporters suffer from three falsities:
1) Glorified past forming the theme of an attractive narrative
2) Not recognising the present reality of religious or political diversity
3) Believing that Sanskrit or Ayurveda etc. are useful for future excellence or India's greatness.

Most followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo just copy and paste instead of discussing or contextualising. That's safe. We have been dealing with current affairs for which there's no direct guidance available. It's dicey but needed to be attempted for collaboration with Evolution

In a black swan scenario like the present when whole paradigms are in the melting pot and we invoke The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for right Evolutionary intervention, some visible change on this score shouldn't be ruled out. Vedic imperatives for #SavitriEra.
Competition is said to be the cornerstone of modern economic system but what reigns is mafia, monopolies, or cartels with govt association. So Capitalism like Democracy remains a chimera since both are inconsistent with human nature. Liberty-wallahs should revise theory suitably.

"Sunlight is the best disinfectant" and transparency is the need of the hour. Mafia, monopolies, and cartels run mostly with Govt connivance and aided by information asymmetry undermine society and backstab humanity. Breaking their nexus needs to be the priority in this calamity.

Good company for some aerobics #Odishake
Returning to the roots: Pala #Odishake
On war footing #Odishake #OdiaSong
The original #Odishake - Mayurbhanj Chhau

3. Never mess with tradition #OdiaSong
4.[ ଶାସ୍ତ୍ରୀୟ ମାନେ କଣ ଆମ ଲୋକଗୀତ ସବୁକୁ ଛାଡ଼ି ୧ମିନିଟରେ କେତେଥର ସ୍ୱର ଥରେଇ “ଆ–ଆ” କରିପାରିବା ତାକୁ ହିଁ ଆମ ସଙ୍ଗୀତ ବୋଲିବା? ମୋ କ୍ଷୁଦ୍ରବୁଦ୍ଧିରେ ଏସବୁ ପଶେନି– ପ୍ରକୃତରେ ଏସବୁ ଆମ ସଙ୍ଗୀତ କେବେ ନଥିଲେ । ] ଓଡ଼ିଶୀ ସଙ୍ଗୀତ ଫର ଡମିଜ: ଚମ୍ପୂ ଛାନ୍ଦ ଚଉତିଶା ଆଉ ... pattaprateek #OdiaNiyama

#OdiaSong Au chanda lagi kumuda jhurana (Lakshmi - 1962) and a few others here
A few snatches of #OdiaSong Nayane Sunayana re (Sadhana - 1964) and Hay madabhari akhi (Kie Kahara - 1968) here
His unforgettable role as Sudama in Krushna Sudama (1976) of which he was the producer too. #OdiaSong Kahare kiese is the translation of Sri Aurobindo's poem Who of whom he was an ardent follower.
1988, Nimapara: He wore a military style shirt with shoulder straps. Being the sole singer, he carried the show on his broad shoulders with elan.
As Akshaya Mohanty remarks in his Akashvani interview, he had not much attraction for Odissi songs. Raaga-based songs couldn't flourish in Odia except for the lone Sagare adhira. Later, Bhubaneswari Misra added a few. Bengali is very rich in this respect.
After many decades, heard Sajafula today; Kshiti Prakash Mohapatra and Sebarani Mohapatra. Nice songs; liked the duet. Akashvani should upload old Sajafula songs to YouTube; they are great creations with thematic unity by a single lyricist. Cover July 1969
Thank you. All friends and well-wishers of Odisha should join to highlight respect and concern for local languages and their preservation. This #OdiaSong by Kantakabi also shows how intimately close Odia is to Sanskrit not only in vocabulary but also in pronunciation. @maidros78
Dear @maithilithakur madam,
Yesterday I chanced upon your songs and liked them immensely. My request to you is to sing one Odia song. It's an old radio song but not available on the web. This is a cover version which you can recreate to its original glory.
Subha bibaha baje re (Ghara Sansara (1973) #OdiaSong #OldOdiaSong #LostOdiaSong

In the season of Covid 19, it may not be impertinent to remember Ovid, [a Roman poet who lived during the reign of Augustus. He was a contemporary of the older Virgil and Horace, with whom he is often ranked as one of the three canonical poets of Latin literature.] From Wikipedia
Hindi Kovid and Ratna exams used to be conducted by Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti, Wardha. I hadn't reached that far. 1969-70.
For the record: NCC Camp
For the record: PNB
Lockdown profile 2020
My attempt to sing Bande Utkala Janani in the unadulterated tune

These are symptoms but what's the remedy to this malady? A step by step approach can help. Eulogising great men of the past is so common but recognising current talents is rare. If that's done in a systematic manner, then this habit will grow and crab mentality will wane. Thanks.
1. Population has become mixed with 3rd or 4th generation migrants.
2. They put extra effort to snatch opportunity and limelight.
3. They are helped by outsider officials and businessmen.
4. Such concerted positioning is absent in local population. Skill-wise they are deficient.
Let's come to brass tacks:
~Each one should tweet about someone who is doing good work in some sphere and the scenario will change drastically within a month or two.
~SM is for communication but people are extremely reluctant to RT. So let's make it a point to RT one tweet daily.

[Savitri is not merely poetry or literary creation. It contains an exact description of what Sri Aurobindo saw, felt, experienced and realized in various levels of the cosmic and transcendent consciousness of the spirit, ...] -M.S. Srinivasan #SriAurobindo

June 4, 2020