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Sound ontological shelter painstakingly built by Sri Aurobindo

Dear Kashyap,

Your conjecture that consciousness can be turned on or off has the theoretical sanction of Sri Aurobindo which he has dwelt upon in his famous chapter in The Life Divine:

This ingenious formulation traces back to Tantra and has resonances in Heidegger's aletheia. Inability of physics to prove things during our lifetime need not prevent us from dwelling in sound ontological shelters so painstakingly built by seers like Sri Aurobindo.

Wishing you all the best,

Tusar (b.1955)

[On Jun 25, 2017 12:46 AM, "Vasavada, Kashyap V" wrote: Dear KSRAO,
First, scientists have not agreed on the definition of consciousness! And before they can explain it “ in simple terms to non-scientists” they have to understand it themselves!! Of course, even how life arises from atoms is not clear. That is why there are all these endless debates.
By the way I have one argument in favor of possibility that atoms or particles  may have some rudimentary consciousness. Biologists now know that the difference in genes between chimpanzee and humans may be at the most one percent. But genes can be turned on or off. That is what makes us different. Similarly, perhaps consciousness can be turned on or off.  Of course I cannot prove that. Otherwise I will buy a ticket to Stockholm to collect my Nobel Prize!! Best Regards, Kashyap] To view this discussion on the web visit

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Myers, Maya, and the Cosmic Mind #SriAurobindo
Inability of physics to prove things need not prevent us from dwelling in sound ontological shelters ably built by seers like Sri Aurobindo.
Sri Aurobindo's vision and arguments written originally in English pose an invincible challenge to 3000 years of Western intellectual output
Each individual is a nation, a religion, a world, and a universe. Modernity and Democracy are mere instruments in facilitating his freedom.
As an Odia my Kalinga consciousness extends at least from Bali in Indonesia to Karnak in Egypt and so should the story of my Aryan ancestry.
While Hindutva grapples with Modernity Evolutionary dialectic of Sri Aurobindo in The Life Divine and Savitri is certainly not sitting quiet
Indian philosophy, like Astrology, Mythology, and Rituals, can be misleading. Sri Aurobindo's selection and interpretation alone is genuine.
Sri Aurobindo began writing The Synthesis of Yoga in 1914 to remove cobwebs of misconceptions of Yoga collected over the previous centuries.
Reading Sri Aurobindo creates an illusion of easy achievement of yogic powers but it is better to err on the side of caution and be patient.
Integral Yoga is a life long process in the sense that instincts and impulses peculiar to a particular age and stage of life require purity.
Right understanding of Sri Aurobindo is the best form of practicing his Yoga and diverse reading is sine qua non given Internet-based access
#FiveDreams Manifesto broadcast on 14 August 1947 is a firm indication of the political means as a practical aspect of Yoga and Spirituality
Sri Aurobindo's books has survived Alvin Toffler, Arthur Koestler, Carlos Castaneda, Fritjof Capra, Francis Fukuyama, & Samuel P Huntington.
People and society are global concerns and there is no monopoly on knowledge of any nation or religion. Sri Aurobindo favours World Union.
Many complain that women were forbidden to read the Veda but now, how many of them have read The Secret of the Veda?
[Sri Aurobindo sees current crisis as part of an evolutionary movement creates conditions under which Supermind can]
[Plurilogue - ]
Jis dinse maine tumko
Man mera tujhko mange
Jo tumko ho pasand
Kisi raah mein kisi
Koi maane ya na maane
Ye maana meri jaan
Haal kya hai dilon

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Myers, Maya, and the Cosmic Mind

Dear Joy,

I'm happy that you are working at so many different arenas and continue to think in lofty realms. Hope, you are able to access higher and higher zones of inspiration in the years to come.

As far as I am concerned, I feel that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo have not permitted us to rely upon on any set of technicalities beyond their own formulation and terminologies. Hence, professional knowledge shouldn't interfere in our aspirational trajectory.

Since all domains are dealing with partial knowledge and nothing can be proved decisively, I will prefer not to believe in what you write. This caveat notwithstanding, you are free to develop on the seeds of ideas you juggle with. Once again, I convey my encouragements for the same.

June 16, 2017

Dear Jo,

Today, I read some pages from your book via Google Books and found it quite interesting. The fact that you have been able to formulate such a framework independent of existing theories is certainly impressive. Resonance with Chomsky's thesis seemed fascinating to me.

Although the book is the result of your immense learning, I assume that you are not familiar with Sri Aurobindian Ontology. So, once again, I request you to check the following link just for your information sake.

Let their be no vacuum space in your lifelong quest for knowledge.

Thanks and all the best,
Tusar (b.1955)
June 16, 2017
Tusar Nath Mohapatra


Instead of Wittgenstein, here is an excerpt from an analysis of Whitehead, his contemporary:

[One of Whitehead’s projects is the rehabilitation of all Forms, or “eternal objects” – both qualitative and quantitative... This growth towards definiteness is governed by both logical and aesthetic criteria, and it strives towards the maximization of value in itself and in its relevant future.]

The whole paper can be read at:


To "Sadhu-Sanga Under the holy association of Spd. B.M. Puri Maharaja, Ph.D." group.

1) Knowledge acquisition presupposes curiosity, humility, and methodological integrity.
2) Position and prestige shouldn't stand in the way of clear thinking and perceiving.
3) Science and Mathematics need not elbow out alternative means of understanding life and the world.
4) Geographical divide of knowledge systems need to be bridged and integrated through increased dialogue.
5) Ignoring robust contributions of the past debilitates present discourse and hence suggestions should be examined with alacrity.
6) Narcissism, oneupmanship, or arrogance have no place in the realm of quest for truth and even long titles can be a hindrance.
7) Avoiding verbosity, hijacking of discussion, and displaying pedantry is essential for focussed examination of issues for finding solution.
8) Expressing lack of competence in areas under discussion should be a norm instead of offering impressionistic responses.

A fine link is at:

Thanks and all the best.
June 14, 2017
Tusar Nath Mohapatra


Dear Chris,

Unlike Bruno, Leibniz, or Schelling, before him, Sri Aurobindo responds to Darwin, Freud, and Einstein to stress that Science alone is not capable of understanding Consciousness. Without reading Sri Aurobindo's work, impressionistic statements don't help the ongoing discussions in this forum as everyone is afflicted with some defective ontology. Refuting Sri Aurobindo's framework can be a good starting point of scientific inquiry.

Tusar (b.1955)

Dear Jim,

As far as I can sense, you have not read Sri Aurobindo's books. Your present worldview may seem flawless but many new vistas will open up if you go through The Life Divine and Savitri. There is no dearth of secondary literature also. Hope, you do yourself a favour by reading Sri Aurobindo. They are available online at:

Wishing you all the best,

Tusar (b.1955)
June 13, 2017

Cosmic Mind is ordinarily understood as containing the secret of the whole Creation but in Sri Aurobindo's interpretation, it lies somewhere in between in the ladder of Consciousness representing the whole Existence. He redefines the ill-understood concept of Maya and fuses it with Myers' Subliminal and Vedic Hiranyagarbha to conceive an ever-emergent Supermind which is only an intermediary rung in the march of Evolution.

It's hoped that physicists here make some effort to know Sri Aurobindo's ontological formulations.


Tusar (b.1955)
June 13, 2017

Dear Jo,

I find that you generally keep yourself confined to the Western tradition but Sri Aurobindo has accomplished some wonderful syntheses in the realm of Ontology. You are thorough on Leibniz but I am sure if you read Sri Aurobindo you can find much clearer ways of looking at things and contradictions posed by science at present.

Hope, you read The Life Divine available at:


Tusar (b.1955)
June 13, 2017

Dear Bruno,

Thanks for your considered reply. It appears that what I am asking for coincides with C.P. Snow's Two Cultures dichotomy. So, it's actually a question of competence and because of my modest education, average intelligence, and limited memory, I perhaps prefer to rely wholly upon Sri Aurobindo's theory instead of searching for truth all by myself.

That said, I will certainly not deprive myself of all the benefits that science and technology brings in course of time.

Wishing you all the best and success in your professional field,

Tusar (b.1955)
June 7, 2017

Dear Jim,

I can't understand what you have tried to communicate here. I'm familiar with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy and his terminologies. Beyond that it's all confusing for me. However, I would like to send out an appeal to all through you, as follows:

Dear members of Sadhu-Sanga,

This forum has seen some intense debates over the nature of reality and dynamics of consciousness. The topic has been approached from the perspective of different streams of science as well as philosophy. Very advanced knowledge from each field has been marshalled by respective specialists to unlock the mystery. But mostly it has been agreed that we are much far away from any semblance of a solution. This should mean as a very sobering sentiment in the face of human finitude.

Although, Freud is generally credited with introducing a nebulous notion like subconscious into Science, Sri Aurobindo can be said to have offered the most detailed account of consciousness in the realm of speculative philosophy. His framework encompasses elements from diverse schools of theology, theosophy, philosophy, and science. Such a synthesis and integral scheme is unprecedented and has not been surpassed as yet.

I quite understand that such hyperbole would shock many of you as this forum has many staunch devotees of other philosophers and scientists. But, I would request you to examine my assertion with utmost scientific or logical rigour. I know, it's not possible since most of you are hard pressed for time; others lack inclination. So, what's the solution? An expert of Domain A can't give a dependable opinion unless he is reasonably aware of Domains B, C, D, Etc.

So, there are no shortcuts and my request to all of you is to invest some time on The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo. While delineating the whole spectrum of consciousness, he is also emphatic that it's definitely knowable despite our human finitude. Further, his method of Integral Yoga unveils a volitional course of self-enlargement which, he insists, is the only means of fathoming the mystery of consciousness. This might appear arcane and esoteric but he provides an escape route from the web of numbers and mathematical equations.

Be that as it may, what Sri Aurobindo divulges in superb English prose needs to be chewed and digested. Many of his ideas have become quite common and are often spoken without giving him the due credit but many other concepts are still there which can lead the debates here to their logical as well as satisfactory conclusion. I'm resisting the temptation of citing one example or two with the hope that the members of this esteemed forum discover the joy, themselves, in Sri Aurobindo's own magical words.

Finally, there is no gainsaying that no one likes jargon but it's unavoidable in this forum. However, there is a need for standardising terminology for the purpose of scientific investigation of consciousness. Here, Sri Aurobindo's contribution forms an excellent anchor as well as point of departure. I don't think members can take any more.

Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b.1955)
Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF)
May 19, 2017 


June 8, 2017


Dear Bruno,

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) wrote a century back and his book The Life Divine draws from diverse sources, both Indian and Western. He conceives existence as a cyclic process of 1) Involution of highest consciousness as matter and then its 2) Evolution from matter to life and then mind etc. He postulates that Supermind is the next rung in this ladder of consciousness. He avoids prescribing any set method but advises that higher states of consciousness can be accessed by a volitional process of self-exceeding.

Thus, when you say about incompleteness of machines, it perhaps can be construed that it is part of the Evolutionary transition, as everything else. But my basic point is, if it is the question of consciousness, then why bring in numbers or machines instead of, say, poetry, which Sri Aurobindo himself preferred. This is not in any way to belittle your professional field of work, competence, or preference.

Wishing you all the best,

June 6, 2017

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Dear Bruno,

I'm not competent to comment on all that you say here, but can understand to some extent the weight of your problems and, may be, their possible dystopian repercussions.

Since you mentioned transhumanists, I'm pasting four extracts below for added perspectives. Your namesakes, - Giordano Bruno and Bruno Latour, - are important players in this emerging scenario, incidentally.

May 30, 2017

Extracts: [...]

Dear Vinod

I'd like to draw your attention to an extract from The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo:

"Subdivide the visible aggregate or the formal atom into essential atoms, break it up into the most infinitesimal dust of being, we shall still, because of the nature of the Mind and Life that formed them, arrive at some utmost atomic existence, unstable perhaps but always reconstituting itself in the eternal flux of force, phenomenally, and not at a mere unatomic extension incapable of contents."

You can take a look at the whole chapter at:


May 30, 2017

Dear Prof. Kaashyap

I don't think I have met anyone with yogic powers or experiences and feel it's good that you didn't find anyone in India. Sri Aurobindo has written extensively on various subjects and they are now freely available online at:

My request to you is to read a page or two at random, even if it doesn't interest you or you don't understand. I can assure you that it'd be very rewarding in terms of self-enrichment over a year or so.

May 29, 2017

Thanks Bruno for appreciation and positive assessment. You have raised enough anticipation in this forum about your theory which, let's hope, will be unveiled by you someday so that it can be understood by non-specialists like me without being tortured by mathematical symbols or equations.

I have, however, added the final four lines to the above poem as follows:

It's agreed that we are far away
From any semblance of a solution
This should mean as a very sobering attitude
In the face of human finitude.

All the best,



Tweets by Tusar Sir @SavitriEraParty
(Tusar Nath Mohapatra)
Finitude and Philosophy

Sadhu-Sanga mulls over consciousness
From pigs to piano, quantum and qualia
Taking a tour from Turing to Penrose and Rosen
Leibniz to Gödel

Machines can know their incompleteness
Numbers conspire to spur consciousness
Notions from Nagasena to Chaitanya
Tug of war over physicalism

From eight-limbs Yoga to eight-bends Gita
Mails flying to and fro throughout eight praharas
Weaving web of words on world wide web
To comfort

Theories don't compare, domains vary
Pushing names a political game
Leibniz is lionised, Gödel waiting for Godot
TM and Vedic Unified-Field

Investigating consciousness via science
And mathematics can never be satisfying
Because of the subjective nature
Of the object of observation.

It's agreed that we are far away
From any semblance of a solution
This should mean as a very sobering attitude
In the face of human finitude.

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty


Only four thinkers have been successful in coherently narrating the mystery of our existence: Hegel, Whitehead, Sri Aurobindo, and Heidegger
I pick out the four in the sense that they provide a neat (single-book) narrative but for others, it has to be sourced from multiple texts and the end result might lack fidelity. Besides, in these four, one can find elements of others in the past and contemporary science too.

May 13, 2017

Sri Aurobindo wrote about Heraclitus as follows:
"The philosophy and thought of the Greeks is perhaps the most intellectually stimulating, the most fruitful of clarities the world has yet had... Professor R. D. Ranade has recently published a small treatise on the philosophy of Heraclitus. From the paging of the treatise ..."

Tusar Nath Mohapatra 
Dear JE,

Your attempt to draw attention to Leibniz is certainly admirable but I'm not sure whether your claims are valid. However, reading Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine can surely give you an alternative perspective to examine your convictions. Thanks.

Apr 26, 2017

Dear PJ,

I don't know if you are aware of Sri Aurobindo. His The Life Divine is considered a very authoritative work that deals with the Dogma question you raise here. Hope, you read it sometime. Thanks.

Apr 26, 2017

Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively on Consciousness a century back but referring to his Ontology is being avoided in these conversations. He provides a much advanced point of departure to study this problem which, I hope, can help in resolving many difficult dilemmas. Thanks to everyone participating in these discussions.

Tusar Nath Mohapatra
Apr 20, 2017


" Hegel put himself outside this tradition."

A recent book, "Hegel's India" brings into focus his tryst with Indian philosophy giving rise to the speculation that many of his innovative notions were inspired by (or, borrowed from) it.

This, of course, is a fertile area of study. A review:

Tusar Nath Mohapatra

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RE: [Sadhu Sanga] back to Thomas Nagel, "Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False" (2012)
" Hegel put himself outside this tradition." A recent book, "Hegel's India" brings into focus his tryst with Indian philosophy giving rise to the speculation ...
16 Apr by me - 242 posts - 47 authors

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Democracy needn't be restricted to the State

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Future poetry, number's dreams, and machine theology #SriAurobondo
Democracy implies people's rule and it needn't be restricted to State. All Companies and NGOs in public services must come within its ambit.
Despite its blemishes, Market must be free but Democracy, with all its flaws, is supreme. Restricting its turf by Market won't pass scrutiny
Constitution of India was drafted when most public services were in the hands of the State. Now, the Constitution has become fully outdated.
Not only the State has shrunk but also it has provided legal and moral right to private exploiters and autocratic maneuverers to loot public
If Democracy can't have sovereignty within the country and there will always be plenty of holy cows, it's hypocrisy.
Déjà vu for us courtesy The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, 2008 by Peter Heehs @peterheehs causing vertical split in Ashram
Sudhir Kakar and Peter Heehs deserved mention, I think, and may be Ashis Nandy. They are pioneers in this field of study with India as focus
While William James gets pride of place in the Review, Frederic W. H. Myers, the real pioneer in this field must be remembered and discussed
Constitution is vehicle of Democracy and can't be above it. Democracy must be functional and vibrant enough to mend or jettison Constitution
Democracy took away five lives at Mandsaur today. Something terribly wrong with our country, with our Constitution. People are mere pebbles!
No other remedy than Democracy to heal Democracy. Immense potential when likeminded join hands and push agenda under a party banner like SEP
Our fight is on four fronts
Against Mythology and Rituals
Against Marxists and Rationalists
Against intellectuals
And anti-intellectualists.
Indian languages must be respected and therefore the prospect of the States being Sovereign. So, demanding #dravidanadu is a flawed strategy
The way you dismiss Sri Aurobindo's work in half-a-sentence is astonishing. Nothing is superior in profundity than
Sri Aurobindo has translated, reinterpreted, and written commentaries upon whatever is useful. Delving into other things can be misleading.
How many here have read "Tales of Prison Life" by Sri Aurobindo? [FJ Sheed’s translation of Augustine's Confessions]
@akazlev Hope, you post links to various articles you author at so that it's updated at Best
Despite impressive scientific progress nature's mystery is still a well-guarded secret. Political unfolding too is unpredictable and whimsy.
Difference in language, perception, and interpretation among people leading to multiple opinions upon same thing torments humanity endlessly
This opacity, absurdity, and meaninglessness is all pervasive and no one has any clue as to what the future has in store except repetition.
I can claim to be the only independent & objective voice on Twitter who has been consistently against Modi with analytical clarity. #Shourie
Intellectuals expressing support for Modi four years back was absurd and anguishing. Good they are returning to my side one by one. #Shourie
Intellectuals like #Shourie owe the country an explanation as to what was their compulsion for being a midwife for inflicting a shoddy Modi.
Nothing more satisfying than finding I was right in opposing Modi during the last five years when giants like #Shourie incurred misjudgement
Split in RW triggered by #Shourie can mean many salutary things. No longer, compulsory support for all Hindutva initiated outrageous moves.
Given his moral and intellectual stock, attributing motives to #Shourie or trying to judge him through the lens of past events is anomalous.
No doubt, #Shourie act has sent shivers down the spine of intellectuals supporting Modi and Hindutva. Half of their hubris is punctured now.
Opposing AAP, BJP, Congress, and the Left is the safest way of serving Democracy. Sri Aurobindo provides most valid ideological alternative.
Hindutva has not been able to throw a capable and suitably qualified leader to head the country till now. Grounding in Sri Aurobindo too far
Modi came to power because of division of votes between SP and BSP in UP. It's not going to be repeated in 2019 as realignment process is on
Ignoring India's connections with Ionia, of Heraclitus, Thales, Anaximander, & Anaximenes or Egyptian temple complexes like Karnak is myopic
Your present worldview may seem flawless but new vistas will open up if you go through The Life Divine and Savitri.
Considering the power of their Symbols, it's better to avoid them for personal use like in DP or logo etc, in my opinion. Just a suggestion.
Sri Aurobindo redefines ill-understood Maya and fuses it with Myers' Subliminal & Vedic Hiranyagarbha to conceive an ever-emergent Supermind
Since arguments over physics is gradually turning a war on web, Sri Aurobindo's formulations on Consciousness should receive more attention.
Unlike Bruno, Leibniz, or Schelling, Sri Aurobindo responds to Darwin, Freud, and Einstein to stress Science can't understand Consciousness.
[Sri Aurobindo, like many postmodern thinkers, is aware of the need to go beyond Aristotelian/Euclidean logic] ~Eric Weiss
[Something is wrong with "science" when "scientists" prefer to discuss hermeneutics and opinion but do not energetically do the experiments]
B.K.Matilal attempted to banish questions of “theology and mystical experience” from the study of Indian philosophy]
[right methods of thinking—analysis, decision-making, prioritizing, planning, structuring, critical evaluation, logic]
I had joined Punjab National Bank in 1977 and migrated to Delhi in1988. Listening to Guruvani telecast but can't read Punjabi on the screen!
Everyone is ranting or whining here. Victimhood is so deeply entrenched that its venting gives a sense of individuality and aesthetic satiety.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Future poetry, number's dreams, and machine theology

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Hindutva obscurantism pushed India a century back #SriAurobindo
A recent publication from a fine mind but, palpably, with the same symptoms.
Spiritual significance of flowers
This admirable monograph, interestingly, draws on some of the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and thus is much more balanced.
Specialist foreigners can easily spot genius in Sri Aurobindo while educated Indians are busy debating empty themes. -
India of 2017 and its present complex picture never existed before. We, who are active today, must act on ground with Sri Aurobindo as guide
Current situation of India is in a pitiable state with the States suffering from penury and powerlessness. Independence of States is a must.
Singing the glory of Indian culture and tradition and the enormous potential of its mythical soft power is nothing but utter hypocrisy, now.
Population has grown four times since Independence and the States have turned Nations. Indian Constitution has become useless after 70 years
Indian mentality, society, and Democracy need to be reworked completely and Savitri Era Party has true intention and intellectual resources.
Sitting over the fate of 1.3b people without adequate arrangement for solving their problems is anomalous on the part of Indian Constitution
PM and ruling party President belonging to one State is the final blow to the Indian Constitution. Each State has right to self-determination
Youth of India must come out of their being at awe of dead leaders and look around for inspiration. No match of Savitri Era Party at present
That something has been handed down to you and you go on pulling it strenuously without any chance of scrutinising it is not true Democracy.
Like Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals, Democracy and its hegemonic paraphernalia need to be torn apart in order to establish people's rule.
Young people are overwhelmed by the spectacle of the State apparatus faithfully aired by TV. Courage to change the rot in the system needed.
There is inherent thirst for perfection and urge for reform in every citizen and when that power comes to the fore, Savitri Era Party scores
Delhi can't solve these problems. 70 years have passed, another 70 will pass; no one is bothered. The States need Sovereignty & Independence
Ideology holds a greater viability than any leader and Sri Aurobindo provides the middle path between BJP and Congress (the Secular faction)
The Secret of the Veda is the Sri Aurobindo's most original and revolutionary contribution to Indian knowledge bank.
Sri Aurobindo forged his Vedic Evolutionary dialectic 100 years back confronting Darwin, Freud, and Einstein head on
The Future Poetry is not merely a commentary on English poetry but Sri Aurobindo exploring a sublime political order
[Last 70 years have been most peaceful for Europe and this by moving away from Westphalian nation-state's rigidity.]
When Savarkar's acolytes will be willing to juxtapose Sri Aurobindo's vision, better sense can descend. @Kal_Chiron
Thanks. Had I supported Modi, I would have become a cynosure for the RW but I prefer to follow the adage that all that glitters is not gold.
Criticising BJP, RSS, or Modi is of no avail if it means boosting Congress. Sri Aurobindo must occupy the vacuum for an alternative politics
National news is not helping the States or the masses. Sovereignty to States can save people from the daily (over)dose of manufactured drama
Each business, media, and political organisation should be raided once in a while. Shouldn't be construed other than routine medical checkup
Emphasising one thing or the other when philosophy, religion, and science have failed to make any sense of our existence is arbitrary/flawed
["Nothing is ultimately real", not even the science that demonstrates through logical deductive reasoning that "Nothing is ultimately real"]
Please correct to Alipore jail. Btw, after April 24, 1920 Integral Yoga underwent considerable revision and I'd request you consider it more
My understanding is that the methods followed by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are their own; not for us. Even Record was not published by them
Searching for techniques (predominant in most Westerners) is a stage and SC/RoY fit in well. Integral Yoga is simply surrender to The Mother
Personal trajectory of each one of us runs unique. In a public forum here we are discussing the theoretical aspects and standard principles.
That's fine. Last month, @Sheks65 told about his experiences inspiredly; then suddenly developed cold feet and deleted the thread of tweets.
That brings us to the Hindu ecosystem with its elaborate Mythology and intricate Philosophy which even baffled Hegel