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Democracy needn't be restricted to the State

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Savitri Era: Future poetry, number's dreams, and machine theology #SriAurobondo
Democracy implies people's rule and it needn't be restricted to State. All Companies and NGOs in public services must come within its ambit.
Despite its blemishes, Market must be free but Democracy, with all its flaws, is supreme. Restricting its turf by Market won't pass scrutiny
Constitution of India was drafted when most public services were in the hands of the State. Now, the Constitution has become fully outdated.
Not only the State has shrunk but also it has provided legal and moral right to private exploiters and autocratic maneuverers to loot public
If Democracy can't have sovereignty within the country and there will always be plenty of holy cows, it's hypocrisy.
Déjà vu for us courtesy The Lives of Sri Aurobindo, 2008 by Peter Heehs @peterheehs causing vertical split in Ashram
Sudhir Kakar and Peter Heehs deserved mention, I think, and may be Ashis Nandy. They are pioneers in this field of study with India as focus
While William James gets pride of place in the Review, Frederic W. H. Myers, the real pioneer in this field must be remembered and discussed
Constitution is vehicle of Democracy and can't be above it. Democracy must be functional and vibrant enough to mend or jettison Constitution
Democracy took away five lives at Mandsaur today. Something terribly wrong with our country, with our Constitution. People are mere pebbles!
No other remedy than Democracy to heal Democracy. Immense potential when likeminded join hands and push agenda under a party banner like SEP
Our fight is on four fronts
Against Mythology and Rituals
Against Marxists and Rationalists
Against intellectuals
And anti-intellectualists.
Indian languages must be respected and therefore the prospect of the States being Sovereign. So, demanding #dravidanadu is a flawed strategy
The way you dismiss Sri Aurobindo's work in half-a-sentence is astonishing. Nothing is superior in profundity than
Sri Aurobindo has translated, reinterpreted, and written commentaries upon whatever is useful. Delving into other things can be misleading.
How many here have read "Tales of Prison Life" by Sri Aurobindo? [FJ Sheed’s translation of Augustine's Confessions]
@akazlev Hope, you post links to various articles you author at so that it's updated at Best
Despite impressive scientific progress nature's mystery is still a well-guarded secret. Political unfolding too is unpredictable and whimsy.
Difference in language, perception, and interpretation among people leading to multiple opinions upon same thing torments humanity endlessly
This opacity, absurdity, and meaninglessness is all pervasive and no one has any clue as to what the future has in store except repetition.
I can claim to be the only independent & objective voice on Twitter who has been consistently against Modi with analytical clarity. #Shourie
Intellectuals expressing support for Modi four years back was absurd and anguishing. Good they are returning to my side one by one. #Shourie
Intellectuals like #Shourie owe the country an explanation as to what was their compulsion for being a midwife for inflicting a shoddy Modi.
Nothing more satisfying than finding I was right in opposing Modi during the last five years when giants like #Shourie incurred misjudgement
Split in RW triggered by #Shourie can mean many salutary things. No longer, compulsory support for all Hindutva initiated outrageous moves.
Given his moral and intellectual stock, attributing motives to #Shourie or trying to judge him through the lens of past events is anomalous.
No doubt, #Shourie act has sent shivers down the spine of intellectuals supporting Modi and Hindutva. Half of their hubris is punctured now.
Opposing AAP, BJP, Congress, and the Left is the safest way of serving Democracy. Sri Aurobindo provides most valid ideological alternative.
Hindutva has not been able to throw a capable and suitably qualified leader to head the country till now. Grounding in Sri Aurobindo too far
Modi came to power because of division of votes between SP and BSP in UP. It's not going to be repeated in 2019 as realignment process is on
Ignoring India's connections with Ionia, of Heraclitus, Thales, Anaximander, & Anaximenes or Egyptian temple complexes like Karnak is myopic
Your present worldview may seem flawless but new vistas will open up if you go through The Life Divine and Savitri.
Considering the power of their Symbols, it's better to avoid them for personal use like in DP or logo etc, in my opinion. Just a suggestion.
Sri Aurobindo redefines ill-understood Maya and fuses it with Myers' Subliminal & Vedic Hiranyagarbha to conceive an ever-emergent Supermind
Since arguments over physics is gradually turning a war on web, Sri Aurobindo's formulations on Consciousness should receive more attention.
Unlike Bruno, Leibniz, or Schelling, Sri Aurobindo responds to Darwin, Freud, and Einstein to stress Science can't understand Consciousness.
[Sri Aurobindo, like many postmodern thinkers, is aware of the need to go beyond Aristotelian/Euclidean logic] ~Eric Weiss
[Something is wrong with "science" when "scientists" prefer to discuss hermeneutics and opinion but do not energetically do the experiments]
B.K.Matilal attempted to banish questions of “theology and mystical experience” from the study of Indian philosophy]
[right methods of thinking—analysis, decision-making, prioritizing, planning, structuring, critical evaluation, logic]
I had joined Punjab National Bank in 1977 and migrated to Delhi in1988. Listening to Guruvani telecast but can't read Punjabi on the screen!
Everyone is ranting or whining here. Victimhood is so deeply entrenched that its venting gives a sense of individuality and aesthetic satiety.

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