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Future poetry, number's dreams, and machine theology

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Savitri Era: Hindutva obscurantism pushed India a century back #SriAurobindo
A recent publication from a fine mind but, palpably, with the same symptoms.
Spiritual significance of flowers
This admirable monograph, interestingly, draws on some of the ideas of Sri Aurobindo and thus is much more balanced.
Specialist foreigners can easily spot genius in Sri Aurobindo while educated Indians are busy debating empty themes. -
India of 2017 and its present complex picture never existed before. We, who are active today, must act on ground with Sri Aurobindo as guide
Current situation of India is in a pitiable state with the States suffering from penury and powerlessness. Independence of States is a must.
Singing the glory of Indian culture and tradition and the enormous potential of its mythical soft power is nothing but utter hypocrisy, now.
Population has grown four times since Independence and the States have turned Nations. Indian Constitution has become useless after 70 years
Indian mentality, society, and Democracy need to be reworked completely and Savitri Era Party has true intention and intellectual resources.
Sitting over the fate of 1.3b people without adequate arrangement for solving their problems is anomalous on the part of Indian Constitution
PM and ruling party President belonging to one State is the final blow to the Indian Constitution. Each State has right to self-determination
Youth of India must come out of their being at awe of dead leaders and look around for inspiration. No match of Savitri Era Party at present
That something has been handed down to you and you go on pulling it strenuously without any chance of scrutinising it is not true Democracy.
Like Mythology, Astrology, and Rituals, Democracy and its hegemonic paraphernalia need to be torn apart in order to establish people's rule.
Young people are overwhelmed by the spectacle of the State apparatus faithfully aired by TV. Courage to change the rot in the system needed.
There is inherent thirst for perfection and urge for reform in every citizen and when that power comes to the fore, Savitri Era Party scores
Delhi can't solve these problems. 70 years have passed, another 70 will pass; no one is bothered. The States need Sovereignty & Independence
Ideology holds a greater viability than any leader and Sri Aurobindo provides the middle path between BJP and Congress (the Secular faction)
The Secret of the Veda is the Sri Aurobindo's most original and revolutionary contribution to Indian knowledge bank.
Sri Aurobindo forged his Vedic Evolutionary dialectic 100 years back confronting Darwin, Freud, and Einstein head on
The Future Poetry is not merely a commentary on English poetry but Sri Aurobindo exploring a sublime political order
[Last 70 years have been most peaceful for Europe and this by moving away from Westphalian nation-state's rigidity.]
When Savarkar's acolytes will be willing to juxtapose Sri Aurobindo's vision, better sense can descend. @Kal_Chiron
Thanks. Had I supported Modi, I would have become a cynosure for the RW but I prefer to follow the adage that all that glitters is not gold.
Criticising BJP, RSS, or Modi is of no avail if it means boosting Congress. Sri Aurobindo must occupy the vacuum for an alternative politics
National news is not helping the States or the masses. Sovereignty to States can save people from the daily (over)dose of manufactured drama
Each business, media, and political organisation should be raided once in a while. Shouldn't be construed other than routine medical checkup
Emphasising one thing or the other when philosophy, religion, and science have failed to make any sense of our existence is arbitrary/flawed
["Nothing is ultimately real", not even the science that demonstrates through logical deductive reasoning that "Nothing is ultimately real"]
Please correct to Alipore jail. Btw, after April 24, 1920 Integral Yoga underwent considerable revision and I'd request you consider it more
My understanding is that the methods followed by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are their own; not for us. Even Record was not published by them
Searching for techniques (predominant in most Westerners) is a stage and SC/RoY fit in well. Integral Yoga is simply surrender to The Mother
Personal trajectory of each one of us runs unique. In a public forum here we are discussing the theoretical aspects and standard principles.
That's fine. Last month, @Sheks65 told about his experiences inspiredly; then suddenly developed cold feet and deleted the thread of tweets.
That brings us to the Hindu ecosystem with its elaborate Mythology and intricate Philosophy which even baffled Hegel

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