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Sri Aurobindo outlines the philosophy of the future

Savitri Era - 22.5.22 - Tweets in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra, President, Savitri Era Party (2007) and Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006)

Matrimandir and Auroville belong to the devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as a whole and not the residents alone. The Govt. of India must end its unauthorised occupation and return the property and its administration. All court or tribunal orders, therefore, are ultra vires.
Govt is aware of its tenuous and untenable position in Auroville. Therefore it created a fake dispute in order to establish the indispensability of its presence in Auroville. Mischievous effort is also on to denude Matrimandir of its essential religious sanctity and secularise it
Levi doesn't refer to Baudrillard or his seduction but wrote recently about what Peirce called an abduction.
Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the best bargain at the moment.
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Sri Aurobindo wrote The Life Divine to answer all these questions and more.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are always present. Unalloyed loyalty and absolute reliance on our part is the only requisite. #MyTwitterAnniversary
Important dates and Darshan days are two different things and there should be clarity on the matter. Different websites have different versions leading to confusion. Darshan days are four and the rest are Special days. Moreover, local centres celebrate their own special occasions
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo aimed at the transformation of human nature for evolution to the next level of consciousness. Has the "love and bonding" that RSS inculcates any such success? Or, it moves in the reverse direction? [The RSS' Shakha Model: A unique gift of Dr. Hedgewar]
Sri Aurobindo arrived in Puducherry on April 4, 1910 to live the rest of his life there till December 5, 1950. It was a French colony and thus he never returned to India. On November 24, 1926, he attained Siddhi after which his public contact became minimal and Ashram took shape.
Philosophical speculations are going on since time immemorial. There are many competent authors and commentators now on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. But The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are always present and this makes all ontological formulations based on their writings inchoate.
Lack of acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo's works is the reason why intellectuals in India are suffering from faulty judgment and defective affiliation. Participating in religious festivals shouldn't blur one's vision. They have just social and commercial purposes and it ends there
The Mother was very sensitive as regards how others would approach Sri Aurobindo and that's why he went into seclusion. Thankfully, his writings didn't stop, and additionally, the conversations began. Both of them being at the same wavelength of consciousness is a rare phenomenon
A day of unprecedented significance for our planet as The Mother came all the way from France to meet Sri Aurobindo in Puducherry today in 1914. A day of hope and joy; promise of harmony despite war and conflict and all human imperfections. The month of March is blessed. -Authpur
The kind of reality The Mother & Sri Aurobindo lay bare are beyond the purview of the present modes of scientific investigation. Further they envisage the integral yoga which takes care of the problem of changing our circumstances. The world needs to know such an emancipatory way
Thousands of handles are busy tweeting in order to misguide and mislead. Don't be impressed by their superb articulation and kaleidoscopic range. Many change colours faster than a chameleon. So, be on guard and keep their endorsements at bay. Follow Sri Aurobindo for firm anchor.
Claiming religious superiority is absurd owing to human stupidity. Political mobilisation on this basis therefore is a double whammy. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo urge to understand the cosmological framework from a spiritual standpoint. Aim of life and overcoming death are targets
Never quarrel with the history. Each thing is for a purpose and has multiple implications for the future. Judging on moral terms therefore is fraught with uncertainty. The evolutionary angle is the most crucial arbiter deciphering which is difficult. Sri Aurobindo is the best bet
Being a prisoner of own background and education, it's the responsibility of each one to search for the right worldview. There's no foolproof guidance and hence arriving at the right source is a matter of privilege. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, definitely, facilitate on this score
Philosophy is fundamentally vacuous. So the challenge is how much vacuity one can digest. Gargi was therefore cautioned not to cross a certain limit. Agastya elsewhere sought to defy Indra. [Why Philosophy Practice isn’t so Philosophical] via
English being our window to the world it's always necessary to remember that we are operating in an atmosphere of extreme media manipulation. Other countries have their own local languages but in India English and the Western worldview dominate the domestic scenario. Buyer beware
Despite the politically correct yearning for peace and progress, war is an evolutionary necessity. It reconfigures many spheres and spurs development. As long as national identities dominate, war can't be eradicated. Sri Aurobindo prescribed World Union as solution a century back
You are an expert on Sri Aurobindo and you are asking me? In his #FiveDreams broadcast on August 14, 1947, he foresees nations to evolve into a loosely federal World Union which he had theorised in detail, earlier, in his Ideal of Human Unity and Human Cycle (ARYA, 1914 - 1921).
Intensity and purity of aspiration is one of the key tools of yoga. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have given many examples where it leads to exemplary courage. In such circumstances, the past imperfections of the person gets burnt, as it were. Thus, each one of us has such moments.
Experts and analysts regularly comment on people and events but the philosophical approach is more complex and multi-layered. The spiritual or evolutionary lens is still more perceptive and discerning it needs dispassionate disinterestedness. All this falls under human capability
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo fought against finitude with the certitude that perfection and harmony are intrinsic to human nature. Arriving at that state should be the prime concern of everyone. Yoga as "your own godward adventure" is the only avenue for this evolutionary journey.
The meaning of human civilisation is to elevate our thoughts, feelings, and sundry mundane concerns. There is no better example of representing this than The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in the last hundred years. It's surprising why Indians don't recognise or value such accomplishment
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The relevance in the present context is how Sri Aurobindo applied his spiritual force against Hitler by publicly supporting the British war effort which confused many. Thus those harbouring Nazi connection or sympathy should take lessons from this despotic and despicable episode.
Sri Aurobindo was in his thirties when he established himself as the top leader against the British. Lal-Bal-Pal recognised his talent and threw their weight behind him. He singlehandedly changed the political discourse by demanding complete independence in the democratic spirit.
Each person has his preferred political party extending to many generations, in some cases. Savitri Era Party is determined to wean them away and win their hearts with the noble future vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. All are requested to lend support in this momentous task.
Most people in our country haven't heard of Sri Aurobindo. Most educated persons are not aware of his intellectual achievements. So Savitri Era Party has the responsibility to draw peoples' attention towards him so that a truly democratic political party rises from the grassroots
Savitri Era Party came into being in 2007, in the centenary year of the Surat split of Congress. First Ramdev and then Hazare and Kejriwal spearheaded agitations during 2010-11 altering the political landscape. BJP too benefited. Savitri Era Party longs for value-based politics.
Till now, Savitri Era Party has not attempted any ground level functioning. Now, I think, the time has come to build an organization base. So, those interested in working as regional coordinators and other functionaries should come forward. Allegiance to Sri Aurobindo is a must.
All personality-based and dynasty-linked parties have failed miserably. Savitri Era Party inspired by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only alternative in this situation. Sri Aurobindo's admirers are scattered all over the country and local mobilisation in this direction needed.
A party is being projected as the future as B party fails to be politically correct. C party has a lot of people in its payroll and thus manages some noise. Instead of a party and its ideology, the person is attracting more attention. Savitri Era Party hopes to reverse this trend
Love for the country is a good thing but the BJP version of it is patently defective. Presently, it's devotion to Modi or Yogi, apart from Ram. Aversion towards people of other religions is a basic trait. Also, buttressing tradition and superstition by disregarding Sri Aurobindo.
There should be an award for neat and clean tweets by utilising full character limit. I often have to sacrifice the last full stop, of course. Too many hashtags make the tweet look untidy. Eminent handles like and use many short-cuts and IAST
Scores of top intellectuals are active on Twitter but no one seems to be very enthusiastic about Sri Aurobindo. No one with funds similarly has shown interest in propagating Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. Such indifference is curious and signals abysmal ignorance of his significance
It's not unknown that Sri Aurobindo has been a victim of unhindered distorted history as a result of which a whole generation has been deprived of his liberating thought and aesthetics. It's needless to mention that acquaintance with his works can spur untrammelled educative haul
Leave aside the distant past, even the history of the last fifty years is a contested space. Varying perceptions and political standpoints prevent truth from becoming apparent. Unrevised textbooks exacerbate the nebulous scenario. Thus, the ambivalence and confusion continues.
The last fifty years have been spent through the distorted history and narrative peddled by the media and academia. Efforts are on to muddle the matter further instead of any credible rectification. The absence of any responsible institution for this task aggravates the situation
There is nothing wrong if the ruling party tweaks its ideological position to accommodate the good work done by past leaders so that various factions of society feel placated, instead of painting someone in black and white terms. The only thing I want is clarity and transparency.
The tweets I read are full of self-confidence and an air of finality. No one seems to be in doubt or allow others the benefit of doubt. Verdicts are certain with no scope to learn anything new. Mark of the Management culture but Sri Aurobindo can offer myriad ways of new thinking
It's a matter of regret that most people thoughtlessly chase celebrities, glamour, and current fads. The media has a vested interest and the commercial aspects act like an octopus. Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF since 2005) has been persuading for perusing Sri Aurobindo's works
Having been exposed to the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo from an early age, I haven't read any book by Indian authors. Such an insulation has helped me to remain focused and avoid stupidity. One book is worth: Humanization of Transcendental Philosophy by R. Sundara Rajan
Philosophical language is a necessity but over a period of time it becomes an addiction. Those conversant with Sri Aurobindo will, obviously, not relish ordinary journalistic writings. Part of aesthetics; but there is also a need to express philosophical content in simpler form.
Each one of us learns new things everyday. Simultaneously, we are also resisting learning many new things that we encounter incessantly. "Who will come with me? Who will climb with me? Who would live largely? Who would live freely?", Sri Aurobindo's Invitation is for one and all.
Not only his writings are full of long words and sentences but also the content always hovers in the higher regions of thought. Vastness of consciousness is one of Sri Aurobindo's pet themes in consonance with the Vedic concept of Varuna. SAVITRI too is modeled on Miltonian mould
By announcing that all life is yoga, Sri Aurobindo underscored the role of education and devised a five-pronged integral education. He also highlighted swabhava and swadharma aspects of the individual so that his uniqueness and eminence are not sacrificed at the altar of society.
Notwithstanding his lofty destination of yoga, Sri Aurobindo demonstrated an eye for details and addressed the nuts and bolts of how to achieve them. The social and political field is the first encounter for which he charted out an elaborate itinerary culminating in a World Union
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo lay emphasis on work as a medium of yoga. Sri Aurobindo, however, was, especially, interested in poetry as an adventure of consciousness. The theme of SAVITRI being conquering death, Sri Aurobindo foregrounds this Vedic manifesto in the modern milieu.
In addition to a robust philosophy, Sri Aurobindo stressed on the practice of yoga with the basic principles of aspiration, rejection, and surrender. He also brought in the primacy of The Mother. Such a course without any recourse to fixed rituals or physical method is a blessing
Philosophy has always been a lens for looking at the root of things but the 20th century produced some outstanding streams like Phenomenology, Structuralism, Semiology, Deconstuction, and Hermeneutics apart from Critical Theory. Sri Aurobindo, too, created his Integral nondualism
The colonial masters gifted us democracy but an aristocratic Prime Minister and his dynasty thwarted its efflorescence. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo dream of a society built on the principles of unity, mutuality, and harmony. Fraternity based on the spiritual unity of human beings.
Politics pervades all spheres of life and there is no escape from it. It is essential, therefore, to understand, minutely, the philosophy undergirding it. Universities teach the history of it but Sri Aurobindo outlines the philosophy of the future course that politics would take.
Just mentioning Sri Aurobindo's 150th birth anniversary year instead of the robotic practice of copy and paste can exhibit living interest and animated enthusiasm for spreading his message. Taking care of grammar, spelling, clarity of statement or cogent argument is important too
Each ideological faction is investing money and intellect for pushing its agenda. Democracy tends to legitimise such exercise irrespective of moral or intellectual relevance. The followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo should take the advantage of his 150th birth anniversary year
The way the East and the West got integrated by coming together of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in March 1914 is pregnant. Hurdles in the path of human unity are sure to dissolve and tenets of politics will see a sea change. Beauty and harmony shall permeate all action and instinct
Many are prisoners of ideology or narrative owing to money. They may be good at heart and appreciative of Sri Aurobindo but avoid referring to him due to career compulsions. Savitri Era Religion is also a repulsive factor but it is better to be open and upfront about the matter.
A simple Google search can lead one to loads of audio, video, and reading sources on Sri Aurobindo. What's needed is an iota of appreciation and curiosity. But most people are tied to the tradition and don't venture to look beyond it. Still technology can do wonders for diffusion
If an institution named after Sri Aurobindo is not to someone's liking, then he might avoid Sri Aurobindo's philosophy too. Local factors play an important role in this respect. But one should try not to suffer from such bias and approach The Mother & Sri Aurobindo independently.
History of ideas in modern India and the place of Sri Aurobindo in it should be a very interesting book. Unfortunately young people are falling prey to defective narratives propagated by political parties. Mending these through factual and useful worldview is vital for the future