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Sri Aurobindo's philosophy took a decisive turn

 Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Savitri Era: No apparent division between religious and secular

Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), President, Savitri Era Party (2007) and Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad.

India's Rebirth is a compilation of quotations from Sri Aurobindo's writings but was not published by Sri Aurobindo Ashram. This mischievous book has corrupted minds of countless readers. Sri Aurobindo: The Life and Teachings of a Revolutionary Philosopher by Roshen Dalal is good.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine. Evaluating their roles along with other great men has very little relevance. If one reads their books in a comparative context, then there's every possibility of missing their real significance. Faith and loyalty is essential. 

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo unveiled a new paradigm of knowledge and life in 1914. They emphasised that it's part of evolutionary inevitability and everyone, eventually, will be forced to adopt what looks to be impossible today. Technological developments don't tell the full story.

Fierce debate in going on over atheism and Hindutva stalwarts seem confused. Savitri Era Religion invites all to its fold to partake of the wisdom of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. They have cleared all philosophical doubts and riddles in 1914 which anyone can consult with profit.

Current election has triggered vigorous guessing game with both sides claiming to cross 250. Looks like it may be a reality and tiny parties will be in great demand for govt formation. In such a scenario, narratives will be reformulated and the federal spirit will get rejuvenated. 

The most damaging also.

Sri Aurobindo launched Arya in 1914 which dealt with humanities. Reading his books can revise perceptions.

Distribution of resources is being debated today but not on economic lines, alone. Religion is very much in the picture and claws are out in the open. Savitri Era Religion, deriving inspiration from the writings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, offers the most suitable ideology.

Culture or nurture is considered an advancement over nature.

Apart from the focus on Charvaka, Sanatan vs Dravidian debate is simmering as part of the election campaign. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo provided a new philosophical formulation in 1914 and Savitri Era Party invites all to follow it so that the ancient contradictions get resolved.

It's immaterial which party says what. Parliament is supreme and what it enacts should be debated. There are hundreds of checks and balances in our system. So keeping faith on modalities of democracy is important. Spreading unnecessary panic is not in the interest of the country.

Savitri Era Religion is an intellectual adventure and political leap. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo prepare the mind continously for higher ideals and universal truths. One no longer feels chained to the narrow confines of a nation, caste, or religion. A truly liberating experience.

Evolution of BJP from RSS, Jana Sangh, SVD, Janata Party, and Vajpayee-Advani era to the present Modi-Shah Pvt Ltd Co is as tragic as the gradual degeneration of Congress. It would appear that democracy is an impossible ideal and what we actually get is perversion and debasement.

Savitri Era Religion believes in Integral Advaita enunciated by Sri Aurobindo and accordingly even the current political goings on are deemed as ordained evolutionarily. The Prime Minister hitting a new low in public discourse may be one such example of how a turning point comes.

I haven't read many books apart from Sri Aurobindo's and some on philosophy. I haven't read, for instance, William Dalrymple, Amish Tripathi, Vikram Seth, Vikram Sampath, Devdutt Pattanaik, APJ Abdul Kalam, Shobhaa De, Chetan Bhagat, Bibek Debroy, Sanjeev Sanyal, or J Sai Deepak.

The Mother's final arrival in Puducherry on April 24, 1920 is a red letter day in the history of India. It's observed as a Darshan Day in Savitri Era Religion. Sri Aurobindo's philosophy took a decisive turn towards the worship of The Mother. They both are the one Supreme Divine.

Savitri Era Party suppots Sam Pitroda for suggesting review of policies relating to the creamy layer. He is being derided like V.P. Singh but ultimately every party will have to adopt these revolutionary measures. His connection with poorer part of Odisha is of special importance. 

South Kolkata also.

I have witnessed many streams of political and economic ideologies flourishing in our country during the last sixty years. They are in flux and nothing has stabilised. The only path that I have never been able to lose faith on is that of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. My gratitude!

Spreading hatred has become so normalised that the concept of treating all citizens equally has practically vanished. So everyone has to be a representative of a specific caste, religion, or language. No common existence or universal feeling. Constitution is a worthless document!

Body should be exempted from criticism.

Savitri Era Religion believes in the divinity of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and their predictions. Current political phase in India is clearly a case of degeneration and aberration. Financial and intellectual corruption are all pervasive. Let's pray for some higher consciousness.

Sandeep Balakrishna is giving a series of video lectures on Marxist destruction of Indian history. Dhruv Rathee in his latest video is explaining how millions of Indians are being brainwashed by Hindutva propaganda on the lines of Hitler. Reading Sri Aurobindo can bust distortion. 

Greed and hostility can't be the motivation for healthy politics. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo therefore endeavoured for transformation of human nature. Descent of Supramental consciousness is the only means for such a prospect for which aspiration, rejection, and surrender needed.

Modi has repeatedly proved being incapable of representing the lofty spirit of Indian Constitution. He has also destroyed the collective leadership concept in BJP. His preference for certain industrialists has cost him dearly. It's unfortunate that so many people want him again.

One can love the country and his or her religion but to equate both with Modi is nothing but fanaticism. To give the devil his due, Modi is regularly criticised by some for not doing enough for the Hindus, and in that sense, he has kept the hawks at bay. But he is ceeding space!

Savitri Era Party demands maximum two terms for CMs and PMs. Thankfully, Indian voters have ensured that no Prime Minister enjoys such a luxury after Nehru and Indira Gandhi. INDIA has many PM aspirants but Nitish Kumar joining it for top post can't be ruled out. India needs him.

Modi had nurtured a very strong image of having a sagely detachment towards money. Public loved him as being incorruptible. But the Electoral bonds exposure has shattered the trust. He is perceived to be an impostor. His supporters pretend to forget the issue. But the die is cast!

I have been an observer of politics since 1966 when Harekrushna Mahatab left Congress and later Biju Patnaik followed suit. Significantly, that trend has never stopped. BJP should have turned a mainstream descendant of JP movement but misplaced emphasis on religion has spoiled it. 

Modi needs to be defeated to prove that Hindutva has run its course. Politics should aim at abolishing reservations so that all are treated equal. Dynastic parties should be extinct like Dinosaurs. States should be granted Sovereignty on linguistic basis under a loose federation.

Most people are drunk on the hope of seeing a strong India but my priority is ethics. There should be ample transparency and accountability adorning out democracy. The Prime Minister not addressing a single press conference is sacrilegious. Modi is unfit to govern on this ground.

Savitri Era Party considers Hindutva as anti-evolutionary in the light of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. Modi has displayed utter intellectual bankruptcy and political unscrupulousness validating this. After 77 years of Independence, Indians deserve mature politics and institutions.

I check hundreds of handles but finding some non-partisan view is simply impossible. Reading the books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo has helped me to be wary of motivated narratives. Reasonable acquaintance with Western philosophy prompts me not to be impressed by smart analyses.

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No apparent division between religious and secular

 Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Savitri Era: श्रीअरविन्द का अनुसरण करना सर्वोत्तम विकल्प है

Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), President, Savitri Era Party (2007) and Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), SRA-102-C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad (UP)

Most people are swayed by propaganda of new age gurus and they remain deprived of genuine philosophical orientation despite the best of communication avenues. Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF - 2005) is dedicated to the ideals of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and its dissemination.

Inveighing against the falsehoods Congress perpetrated was a commendable campaign of Hindutva, but replacing them with another set of doctored narratives has been its most reprehensible act. Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can rectify historical and metaphysical distortions.

Having travelled in different States, the improved condition of roads makes me happy. But when it comes to knowledge and discourse, the elegance of highways and flyovers is missing. Scientific attitude, and not political preference, should drive quest for knowledge or objectivity. 

Stealing knowledge and claiming credit for it including ghost writing is age old. Colonialism created a fertile ground for manipulation of history and narratives resulting in undermining of indigenous resources. Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively to restore balance and critical eye.

Novels, movies, and advertisements legitimise falsehood which gets accentuated during election campaigns. Justifying imaginary scenarios becomes the hallmark of experts and analysts. Painting a glorifying past turns intoxicant for self-esteem. Sri Aurobindo demolishes many myths.

Career opportunities lure academics into twisting narratives. Journalists fall prey to such inducements easily. But educated persons swallowing false propaganda and defending it is difficult to understand. Sri Aurobindo provides philosophical background for psychological analysis. 

Western philosophy is a battlefield where each thinker refutes others. Buddhist philosophy also suffers from the same ailment. Sri Aurobindo ends all cosmological quarrels by authoring The Life Divine. New Age gurus have become popular by borrowing from him without acknowledging.

Savitri Era Party doesn't agree with the RSS version of nationalism. It prefers to support the AIT although Sri Aurobindo is on record to be against it. Savitri Era Party also demands Sovereignty to the States on the basis of languages. Abolition of reservations is another plank.

Savitri Era Religion encourages worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine, so that one is free from outdated beliefs and rituals. Descent of Supramental consciousness is pivotal to Sri Aurobindo's vision and collaborating with it is evolutionary imperative.

Most here succumb to hubris and pose as specialists in order to conceal ontological insecurity. Reading The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's books helps delving into inner recesses and discovering remedial measures. The beauty of exploring own self is eradicating differences with others.

Indians are going to vote tomorrow for a new Lok Sabha. Savitri Era Party is against AAP, BJP, & Congress for different reasons. Unlike 2014 and 2019 no emotionally charged event has vitiated the atmosphere apart from a stray remark incensing the Rajputs. Let's pray for a new PM!

Sri Aurobindian school of philosophy is multi-layered but comprehensive. Its evolution and embracing of new horizons, including branching out, are interesting fields of study. A further fascinating facet is the deployment of poetry in elucidating prophetic or mystical niceties.

Two chapters from The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo (CWSA) are immensely important when it comes to ethics with no apparent division between religious and secular.

The Suprarational Good

Standards of Conduct and Spiritual Freedom

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated a new era for humanity. They have written extensively for explaining innumerable issues and problems. Reading them helps to acquire new insights into life and deeper understanding of the world. Following them amounts to practicing yoga.

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श्रीअरविन्द का अनुसरण करना सर्वोत्तम विकल्प है

 Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Savitri Era: Indians must realise the importance of March 29, 1914

Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (b. 1956), President, Savitri Era Party (2007) and Founder, Savitri Era Religion (2006), SRA102C, Shipra Riviera, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad

My suggestion is not to look at them together as their work and periods are different. Each should be understood separately and critically. Secondly, concentrating on the first phase of Sri Aurobindo's life can be misleading. His arrival in Puducherry on April 4, 1910 is new era.

Sri Aurobindo wrote in English and hence is almost unknown among those who are fed on Bengali literature and music. Even in intellectual matters his ratings are not very high where Western authors dominate. Thus it's important that he is recognised as the greatest son of the land. 

As more and more people are tasting prosperity they realise that corruption is an integral part of wealth creation and political parties are no different. So corruption as an issue doesn't bother the voters much. Cultural or ethnic pride is more important than maintaining ethics.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have opened a road of sublime possibility for the humanity. Worshipping them as the one Supreme Divine and surrendering to them is the most wise option for all. Otherwise, the old ways of suffering and exploitation will continue for thousands of years.

My family of blogs are receiving thousands of views every month and it's a great satisfaction that so many people are benefiting from Archives from 2005. Awareness of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is widening in the process. It has been a record of history of ideas over two decades.

Western philosophy and science had been hostages of Christianity in many ways. Sri Aurobindo demolished this nexus by writing The Life Divine by which the Vedic cosmology integrated with evolution was reestablished. Through Savitri he gave it a scriptural status for whole mankind. 

Sri Aurobindo's insights on Nietzsche, Blake, or Coleridge, among others, are almost unknown in the West. His philosophy and poetry too is yet to have access in University corricula. This sort of neglect of knowledge resources is a colossal shortcoming of the modern civilisation.

Anti-BJP parties and intellectuals throwing their weight behind Kejriwal is enigmatic. Assuming that he is not involved in any scam is against the logic of any investigation and judicial process. Accusing the govt of unjust action doesn't hold water. Savitri Era Party supports ED. 

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo represent new knowledge, devotion, and dedication towards self-transformation in consonance with evolution. No other book or philosophy offers this epochal advantage. It's the responsibility of all educated people to verify the claim and act accordingly. 

As a participant of JP movement, watching a DR's video stirs many questions. It's instructive to remember that Hindutva forces came to the centerstage through JP and VP movements, in general, and Ramdev and Kejriwal's agitations proved to be a springboard for Modi, in particular.

Congress dynasty didn't allow democracy to take root in India. Modern concepts like fascism or dictatorship is not the right lens for evaluating the Indian situation. Mythological sanction for Monarchy runs deep in the psyche of people which even Nehru exploited. Modi repeats it.

So many people are newly learning about Sri Aurobindo but their interest is limited to India-centric pride and aspiration. The political situation is responsible for such a scenario. The challenge however is to be aware of the evolutionary imperative of Supramental consciousness.

I have witnessed Emergency and nothing at present can be compared to that. Why go that far? NAC was a clear example of subverting the Indian Constitution. Opposing Modi has many merits but rejuvenating Congress is harakiri. Savitri Era Party is in favour of independent candidates. 

RSS avowedly is a cultural organisation and hence is not interested in Constitutional positions. As long as Modi is PM, voices of other elected representatives don't matter much. Hence ministerships can be distributed among the defectors. But the real centre of power will be RSS.

In a vast country like India, divided by various linguistic and provincial sentiments, attraction towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo appears to be an uphill task. But a rational examination of all available options will lead to that inevitable destination of Savitri Era Religion.

Scores of political parties are opposed to Hindutva now. Even constant rumblings continue within the Hindutva camp itself. So the position of Savitri Era Party is something unique. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have clearly predicted the demise of religions and it's a matter of time. 

By analysing the situations of 1914, 1974, and 2024, it becomes evident that the human confusion has been a constant. It's only by following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo that right ideology can be discovered. Savitri Era Party and Savitri Era Religion are pioneers in this direction. 

Nice explanation but blaming democracy looks a bit harsh since in spirituality too the family can be a victim. Of course these are theoretical positions for in reality such neat detachment may not be possible. Further spiritual grounding provides multi-layered checks and balances.

Sri Aurobindo escaped from Kolkata and reaches Puducherry through sea-route on April 4, 1910. It's an absolutely new phase of his life. Along with The Mother, he ushers in unprecedented intellectual revolution in the subsequent years. Spirituality and yoga become evolutionary aim. 

Peter Heehs wrote The Lives of Sri Aurobindo in 2008 the controversy around which lasted for five years. The book is still banned in India but many unknown facets of the attitudes of the devotees and followers towards The Mother & Sri Aurobindo came to the fore during the period.

The real ideological challenge to BJP or Hindutva is Savitri Era Party inspired by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I have been highlighting this since 2005 but journalists in our country have no inclination for searching or giving publicity to anything new. Intellectuals are the same. 

Congratulations on behalf of Savitri Era Religion and I hope that the new knowledge, devotion, and volitional yoga that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo inaugurated on March 29, 1914 are duly evaluated by the present generation. The Life Divine and Savitri are incomparable creations.

Worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine helps one to be freed from ancient mythologies and cumbersome rituals. Savitri Era Religion, established in 2006, is a pioneer in providing alternative evolutionary cosmology and modern socio-political environment.

When everyone is clueless about ideology, following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, blindly, is the safest alternative. They had met for the first time on March 29, 1914 in Puducherry and Arya, a monthly philosophical journal, was launched by them on August 15 of the same year.

Golden opportunity for the country at present to have a new Prime Minister since two terms are enough for anyone. True democracy has eluded the country till now and let's hope that a new goxt comes to the power for reestablishing Constitutional values and Federal atmosphere.

BJP's chances can be better if it announces a new person as the next Prime Minister since there's no compulsion to repeat Modi. RSS had cited the age factor for eliminating Advani from the race in 2014. Serving two terms, similarly, can be implemented now as Modi is damaging BJP.

By implementing the Kulkarni Doctrine, Vajpayee and Advani had been successful in broadening the support base of BJP which Modi and Mohan have continued. But the dictatorial tendencies of Modi has become a liability for the party. His theatrics has become stale; words sound empty. 

श्रीअरविन्द का अनुसरण करना सर्वोत्तम विकल्प है।

Though against Hindutva, I have tried to maintain a positive attitude towards the Modi govt. but the Electoral bonds issue has robbed fhat sympathy. BJP has a historic role against Dynasty and dethroning Modi is the only way to save the party and restore democratic functioning.

As the country is approaching another election, praying to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo for morality and democracy is also necessary. Many issues relating to corruption are stirring the public consciousness the outcome of which can be exemplary. Ramdev's yoga should include ethics.

Constitution of India and that of different political parties are meant for ensuring ethics. Those flouting them are enemies of democracy. Defections before elections prove the futility of ideology. So, establishing their own credibility is a big challenge before the politicians.

Worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine, under Savitri Era Religion, enables one to enjoy freedom from the tyranny of mythology and rituals. Their writings are subject to academic scrutiny and no dogmatic belief is required in this most rational religion.

Castes and subcastes are being intensely analysed for the elections in Western UP as the fight between SP and BSP hots up. BJP might drop to the third position as its prospects seem to be nosediving nationwide. Electoral bonds issue has exposed the moral hypocrisy of BJP and RSS.