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Understanding The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is like a jigsaw puzzle

 Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are worshipped as the one Supreme Divine which is fundamental to Savitri Era Religion. Their guidance to disciples are elaborate which may not be binding for all devotees. Reading however is important since their words carry the vibration for evolution.

Remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo with the feeling of gratitude is a common emotion for the devotees. Apart from their writings, their work for the divinisation of the body is most profound. Savitri Era Religion understands the exclusive and evolutionary nature of their work.

Simply being an admirer or a follower of Sri Aurobindo is not enough. Accepting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine is the sign of being a devotee. Only the devotees are capable of aspiring for descent of the Supramental consciousness effectively with their grace.

The Secret of the Veda was written by Sri Aurobindo more than a century ago but hasn't been read or discussed adequately. There should be clarity as regards how far his propositions are true. Paying lip service to Sri Aurobindo by ignoring his important contributions should stop.

Hindutva sympathisers are misguiding people by focusing on the political aspect of Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Religion emphisises the spiritual significance of their work and how they are worshipped as the one Supreme Divine. Following them entails an adventure of consciousness.

It's ridiculous that some are addressing meetings on Sri Aurobindo without reading even ten percent of his writings. They are totally ignorant of The Mother too. Such attempt of the current regime for creating pseudo intellectuals is reprehensible. Expertise requires hard work.

Religion is part of people's day-to-day lives but the political branches of different religions are fighting with each other. Social aspects too clash at times but that's not difficult to resolve. Capturing power and building careers by using religion is attracting lots of people.

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy is the best route to get out of the tangle of various schools of Indian as well as Western philosophy. By integrating the Upanishads with the Veda, he has accomplished a much needed synthesis to stand as an alternative to popular mythological worldview.

Thinkers have dreamt of a perfect society but Sri Aurobindo doesn't share their optimism. Descent of the Supramental consciousness is the only means for establishment of a harmonious society, he contends. Collective aspiration for this is essential through surrender to The Mother.

The best part of democracy is the dramatic and cathartic changes it throws from time to time as we have witnessed in the last half-a-century. That's not a small thing.

Philosophy is generally understood as a mental conception but in the case of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy, it includes practice too. He calls it Integral yoga and anyone reading his books is automatically drawn to a higher level of consciousness and wishes it to be a firm reality.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have written extensively on various aspects of life, society, and the future. Still it is not possible to derive a complete picture of the world we live in. Believing in them, however, saves from the false and misleading narratives propagated by others.

Evolution of consciousness is the most important element Sri Aurobindo has introduced into philosophy. Explaining its divine origin and impetus, he foresees transformation of human nature and freedom from misery and suffering. Surrender to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the route.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine and therefore comparing them with other famous personalities is absurd. Their writings too are of a different order as most of their insights are unprecedented. Reading their books with devotion and surrender constitutes yoga.

By writing The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo rendered all previous philosophical formulations redundant which continues to this day. The Secret of the Veda too was explained in terms of evolution of consciousness as represented by various deities. Immortality was posited as possible.

Various parties are asking for votes centered on many great leaders, but politics based on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's ideals has not been attempted, so far. All those who believe in goodwill, ethics, and sound democratic values ​​are invited to be a part of Savitri Era Party.

Constant tussle amongst the Hindutva adherents is not surprising as such debates are continuing since the days of Raja Ram Mohan Roy. Sri Aurobindo, too, has examined many issues relating to religion, threadbare, but some scholars are more interested in writing books than reading.

Sri Aurobindo had postulated that there's no Arya-Dravida divide or AIT but if modern research and evidences prove the contrary, it should be accepted. Defending his views on sheer nationalist sentiment is an insult to his scholarship. His support for Sanskrit should be moderated.

Philosophy is one subject in which centuries old texts rub shoulders with modern ones. Sri Aurobindo tried to synthesise the wisdom of many streams of knowledge in The Life Divine, including the Veda. In Savitri too he created high level of poetry around the theme of immortality.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated a new era for the mankind and hence worshipping them as the one Supreme Divine is the best option, at present. Savitri Era Religion is the most modern and rational religion without the burden of any cumbersome rituals. All are invited.

There is no sign of the present humanity being pitchforked into the Supramental stage as predicted by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo but that is the most audacious dream to believe in. "This mire must harbour the orchid and the rose" explains the logic of future evolution in Savitri.

The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is universalistic in nature and hence is opposed to Hindutva or an India-centric approach. Associating it with that of Vivekananda or anyone else is patently wrong. Integrating the Veda with evolution and science forms its uniqueness.

All art and creativity is a search for the ultimate enjoyment of which we are all ignorant. Each moment of life, similarly, is a struggle towards overcoming death. Whole process of evolution, in fact, is a journey towards Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss of which we are portions.

The Supramental being or Superman as conceived in the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is too distant from present realities. The highest conception for a human being, however, has been defined as the characteristic traits of a Brahmin. Not birth or caste-based of course!

All life is yoga can really mean all life is yoga only if one is devoted and surrendered to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. It's by the conjunction of call and grace that any yoga is possible. Integral yoga is a specialised invention of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo with evolution's aid.

Savitri Era Party is the only party which can provide an ideological alternative to BJP, which is seen as current favourite. Popularity doesn't endow legitimacy to policy and there are multiple serious complaints against BJP. So, democracy springing a surprise can't be ruled out.

Sri Aurobindo brought some fundamental changes to philosophical thinking as he never shied away from mentioning the Divine while explaining worldly affairs. The scientific theory of evolution gave him the instrument for turning supposed mechanical processes as the Divine's plan.

Many are appreciative of the current regime in India but Savitri Era Party considers it as anti-evolutionary. The vision and guidance of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only path for the country for achieving true justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity for all its citizens.

Govt. recognition for Savitri Era Religion is a long pending demand without which children of devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are finding it difficult to be in the fold. Establishing specialised institutions also is not becoming possible without requisite legal protection.

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo created a new path for the humanity and thousands of centres are functioning for popularising their teaching. As Savitri Era Religion is yet to be granted Govt recognition, Hindutva elements are infiltrating these institutions and corrupting philosophy.

Sri Aurobindo was responsible for split in Congress party in 1907, at Surat. It was on strong ideological grounds and India has been searching for the right ideological framework since then. Sri Aurobindo wrote in detail about the future but Indians are yet to take him seriously.

Hindus were divided into Arya Samaji and Sanatani which was easy to understand, but now we find numerous sects arguing with each other on this platform. Most are RSS/Modi supporters but some are opposed to them. Temple at Ayodhya should hold a conference for thrashing out issues.

Understanding The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is like a jigsaw puzzle and many get confused by so many books. Savitri Era Religion is the only route through which one can worship them as the one Supreme Divine and after that there is no need of learning about them through quotations.

Undue promotion of Tagore, Vivekananda, and Gandhi in post-Independent India gave rise to irrationality and mediocrity. Neglect of Sri Aurobindo has contributed to continuation of old forms of philosophy and religion. Dominance of obscurantist forces in politics now is its result.

Savitri Era Party drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo is the only party which can provide ideological alternative to BJP.

Dry-as-dust Secularism has run its course in India. Social justice, too, will, increasingly, seem to be an insult to a section of the citizens. Savitri Era Party, drawing inspiration from Sri Aurobindo, is the only party which can provide a viable ideological alternative to BJP.

I don't know how did you miss his argument. Comparison to Sri Aurobindo is on the basis of original ideas and not vis-à-vis the West.

Like Hegel, Sri Aurobindo has aligned history with philosophy. Thus evolution or Divine intention can't be decoupled from politics. Practical nature of politics is taken for granted and many are too cocksure of managing or manipulating but the outcome is not wholly in their hands.

There are scores of Sanskrit texts and their commentaries belonging to different traditions. Each person reads a few and becomes a prisoner of their thought process. Sri Aurobindo did a diligent selection for Arya (1914-1921) among which The Secret of the Veda has a prime place.

Savitri Era Religion provides the option of worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine and freedom from mythology and rituals. It's a wonderful opportunity for establishing one's own direct relationship with the Supreme Divine without any intermediaries.

I had the good fortune of accepting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine at the age of eight in 1964. Thereafter acquiring a sound intellectual background by reading their books took several decades. Not being exposed to any other guru has saved me from confusion.

Most people haven't read Sri Aurobindo's books and don't feel any intellectual handicap. Neither the education system nor the political environment provides any stimulus either. Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been doing transmission of awareness of Sri Aurobindo since 2005.

Monday, February 05, 2024

Development or democracy cannot create an ideal society

 Collated X posts in original by Tusar Nath Mohapatra

Old philosophical texts in Sanskrit have been flogged to death. Commentaries on them too have been combed ad nauseam. The books of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are a breath of fresh air in this context which hold immense futuristic potential for moulding minds and unfolding events.

Old religions have their peculiar mythologies but Savitri Era Religion is more inclined towards philosophy and psychology. Universities world over are teaching outdated philosophies but The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have unveiled Vedic evolutionary philosophy and Integral psychology.

After writing The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo examined the question of Rebirth in a speculative format. He also wrote about India in a popular style. The Future Poetry too could be construed as catering to the cultural genre. Comments on current affairs like War however are rare.

Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) has been emphasising the importance of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy since 2005. Savitri Era Religion (2006) spreads the idea of worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine. Savitri Era Party (2007) is against AAP, BJP, Congress.

There is no substitute to adopting new technology. The same is true for philosophy, too. Following Sri Aurobindo is the best course instead of wasting time and energy on outdated ideologies and great men who are spent forces. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine.

Sri Aurobindo wrote continuously in Arya from August 1914 to January 1921 the intellectual output of which is unparalleled in human history. Wisdom of the past was insightfully aligned with the evolutionary future. Empty predictions about human society were given intuitive filip.

The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo (CWSA) are available online in 36 volumes at

Correspondence at

Collected Works of the Mother (CWM) in 19 volumes at

Mother's Agenda in 13 volumes at

Our intellectuals and journalists have forgotten Sri Aurobindo completely. No one is interested in him. No one finds any virtue in his massive writings. He is totally irrelevant in politics. Absolutely valueless for academics too. Such a sad state of affairs! It will end one day.

Tagore and Netaji popularised the image of an escapist about Sri Aurobindo among the Bengalis. Congress labelled him as an extremist advocating violence. Historians banished him from the text books due to spirituality. Hindutva camp confines him to a revolutionary and nationalist.

Radhakrishnan didn't rate Sri Aurobindo's philosophy highly and refused to treat his symbolic interpretation of the Veda as of any significance. Ramakrishna Mission didn't permit its followers to study Sri Aurobindo's books. P. Lal and Nissim Ezekiel, too, disapproved his poetry.

Technology and development shouldn't delude us into believing that we live in an era of knowledge. The whole world is wallowing in ignorance and the challenge is to turn towards the beacons of light. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the only source of knowledge and right direction.

Arya in August 1914 was a new revolution. Its content is yet to receive wide acceptance. Universities are neglecting superior knowledge. Savitri Era Learning Forum has been striving for foregrounding the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo since 2005.

The philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo seem tethered to Ashram and Auroville. In Ashram the members are dependent for their sustenance on an authoritarian management. In Auroville people are to fend for themselves and hence all kinds of conflicts. Yoga however is different.

The Mother was born on February 21, 1878 in Paris of Jewish parents, her father being Turkish and mother Egyptian. She first came to India in 1914 and stayed in India from her second visit in 1920 till she passed away in 1973. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine.

Savitri Era Religion is more about The Mother than Sri Aurobindo under whose grace I have lived for the last sixty years. She gave me the opportunity to be free from the narrow religious, cultural, and nationalistic sentiments so that I could found Savitri Era Religion and Party.

Many refer to Sri Aurobindo but without knowing about The Mother, it is difficult to acquire any correct impression of him. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are worshipped as the one Supreme Divine, who are always present in their three poises: individual, universal, and transcendent.

Savitri Era Religion unites all devotees of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo spread across the world. No central organisation, no authority, no rules or rituals, and no formal initiation or system of exit. It's absolutely voluntary on the basis of a common faith and rational philosophy.

Savitri Era Party is the only political party in India which accepts Sri Aurobindo as the ideal and icon. It has got a different outlook on things and a universal approach. It supposes that the other political parties are following anti-evolutionary paths and outdated ideologies.

We have been reading incorrect history from the school days and have seen undue promotion of some great men excluding Sri Aurobindo. This has not been rectified till date. Savitri Era Learning Forum has been spreading awareness of Sri Aurobindo since 2005.

Sri Aurobindo's philosophy predicts descent of the Supramental consciousness and Savitri Era Religion is dedicated to it. Worshipping The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine and surrender to them is the basic principle. Reading of their books is practice of yoga too.

20th century philosophy explored diverse avenues and the philosophy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the most valid among them. It has also implications for empirical fields like psychology, biology, and physics. Consciousness studies is increasingly becoming interdisciplinary.

It's clear now that neither the Left nor the Hindutva faction is interested in the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo. Savitri Era Religion has become an effective barrier for appropriating him, too. But evolutionary inevitability will push the relevance of Sri Aurobindo to logical end.

Situating Sri Aurobindo is ticklish since a wrong lens can lead to skewed inferences. Thus a linear or historical approach can't do justice to him. Savitri Era Religion holds The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine and their philosophical contributions as derivative.

The physical presence and actions of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo (1872-1973), and not their published writings alone, should be the basis of awareness of them. Further, their dealings with the Occult should be given due prominence for understanding them and their mission on earth.

Modern life is about options and accepting The Mother & Sri Aurobindo as the one Supreme Divine can save one from meaningless mythologies and rituals. Savitri Era Religion boasts of a robust philosophical undergirding in consonance with the scientific Consciousness studies field.

The whole world is a victim of wrong narratives and fake news. Apart from political and religious establishments, various civil society institutions are also perpetrating this practice. People have no means to check facts. Each individual should be aware of this danger and act.

Awarding Bharat Ratna to Advani, on second thoughts, smacks of lack of confidence on the part of the Govt. For it may or may not get a chance in future for this privilege. BJP hasn't been able to expand its vote base and people have become tired by seeing Modi's theatre, daily!

Political delusion is preventing many educated people from appreciating Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. For them some icons of social justice and ethics are more important. Yogic vision of Sri Aurobindo which transcends ordinary morality is overlooked. Sharpening of intellect needed.

Universities in India are deaf to upgrading syllabi and Sri Aurobindo continues to be outside their curriculum. There's no rationale why outdated knowledge is fed to the young students. Instead of promoting mythology, Govt should take steps to impart right philosophical education.

Each country pays respect to its poets and philosophers but Sri Aurobindo is yet to be accorded the deserved status in India. Further, philosophy is not something ornamental. It's like medicine which needs to be administered upon the minds of people on a daily basis for results.

Unlearning is a very important component of Sri Aurobindo's philosophy. Apprehending him with an open mind without any past baggage is the best way for assimilating his thoughts. Trying to seek validation for old theories and assumptions is the biggest barrier for his teachings.

India was under the British rule and Arya came out in August 1914 from Puducherry which was under French occupation. Apart from The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, Paul Richard was involved in bringing out the monthly magazine in English as well as French. Epochal!

Many people feel emboldened by the current narrative in India but democracy can disrupt such dominance in a whiff. This is not simply wishful thinking or political bashing. Savitri Era Party believes in Sri Aurobindo's prediction that rationality will prevail by replacing myths.

Surrendering to The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the best intellectual opportunity at present. No other party or religion can provide such foolproof philosophical shelter. If someone estimates that The Life Divine has no significant value then he is a prisoner of his own foolishness.

We don't meet people in their entirety in Social media. Most project a particular image of theirs or back some specific ideology out of self-interest. Those promoting marginalised issues remain invisible since merit is overlooked. Popular paradigms rule by commerce and politics.

Her sponsors and beneficiaries are at fault. She was simply hired as a professional.

I don't agree with your logic. What you characterise as waste of time was the preparation so that the mind seeks more. Secondly, what is good for one person may not be good for another. Depends upon one's background and propensity. One can start from Poems

A large section is rueing the loss of Nehruvian scenario but it was inevitable. Lack of acquaintance with Sri Aurobindo's philosophy spawns such shallowness. Hold of morality on human mind is not strong enough and is likely to give way. Hence Sri Aurobindo recommends spirituality

It's difficult to understand why college text-books are not revised with the same speed as the temple. Breaking the grip of the Leftist ecosystem on education is not easy and blaming foreign universities or media houses for this is ridiculous. Intellectual wherewithal is lacking!

The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are the one Supreme Divine who are always present. Anyone can love them and receive their grace without any rituals or system of practice. Their contributions to 20th century philosophy is phenomenal which predicts descent of Supramental consciousness.

Various schools of thought like Brahmo Samaj, Arya Samaj, Theosophical Society, and Ramakrishna Mission emerged during the 19th century and it was the work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo in the 20th century to dispel the confusion spread by them. Arya was launched in August 1914.

New theories of diverse thinkers like Marx, Spencer, Nietzsche, Bergson, and Freud created a confusing situation in the West during 19th century. Science too provided an uncertain worldview. Sri Aurobindo integrated all these streams in The Life Divine along with the Vedic wisdom.

Remembering The Mother & Sri Aurobindo and reading their books is important from the view of future evolution. Simply development or democratic atmosphere cannot create an ideal society. Descent of Supramental consciousness alone can bring lasting changes. All must collaborate.

Intellectual matters should be examined objectively and decided on the basis of rigorous rationality but it's absurd that intellectuals in India are divided along political lines. Evidences are valid on partisan lines. Even a stone or a pillar has multiple semiotic connotations.