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Savitri Era Party pleads guilty of simplifying Sri Aurobindo

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Savitri Era: The Mother's map is in the spirit of a Nation-soul #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra
Democracy is a work in progress & human nature is evolving. No reason to be disappointed by past data; a few leaders can bring new unfolding
I have seen quality of life changing vastly in India during the last sixty years. Development is on autopilot; Democracy is in danger rather
Right to property is the most important aspect of a mature society and to improve from what one already has is each person's responsibility.
I think you are afflicted by socialist thinking and expect everything done by the State. That's an error. Each individual must strive hard.
Corruption is there and lax law and order but they are part of the Market dynamics. People are in Socialist mindset and can't take advantage
Problem lies in comparison which is unnecessary and misleading. India will progress gradually and incrementally from where it stands today.
I'm campaigning for granting Sovereignty to the States of India by abolishing Central Govt so that Democracy and Development reaches people.
The way @sagarikaghose paints a playful image of religion has echoes in what Sri Aurobindo had jotted down playfully
Why @sagarikaghose mentions Rammohan Roy, Vivekananda, Tagore, Chaitanya, and Ramakrishna but forgets Sri Aurobindo?
Fundamentalist Hindutva is on the rise due to the Nehruvian mode of playful religion. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo say it's a serious business
Be it politics or religion, there is no alternative to ethics and dedication. [One man's perfection still can save the world. ~Sri Aurobindo]
Liberalism evolves. Nehruvian and Marxist narrative with some help from Bollywood reigned. World Union, Sri Aurobindo's third dream, is next
By reading the works of Sri Aurobindo, one feels empowered. The Vedic imperative is to recover light and truth from ignorance and deception.
Continuing Western engagement in India serves a great Evolutionary purpose. Overseas Indians too play a catalytic role in this integration.
The kind of Ontology that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo present enables one to get freed from any narrow belongingness like nation or religion.
The way Sri Aurobindo defines the character and functions of Varuna or even the qualities of a Brahmin, it's sublime
Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo holds the promise of being universal Religion securing human unity
The debate whether Indians came from outside or Varuna appears first in Zend Avesta turns immaterial before Sri Aurobindo's universal creed.
Dante and Milton transformed Biblical theology into ecstatic and aweinspiring poetry. Sri Aurobindo excelled in weaving Savitri architecture
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have ushered in an enlightened version of all-encompassing liberalism that abhors hatred, bigotry, and fanaticism
Nehruvians and Marxists perpetrated hypocrisy in name of diversity disregarding religious sentiments. Sri Aurobindo goes back to Vedic core.
TINA factor is driving people towards BJP but educated young men will certainly look for Ideology. Savitri Era Party will be the alternative
When BJP failed to weave a national narrative, it's trying to win the States with local manipulation, confirming its ideological bankruptcy.
RSS as an extra-Constitutional authority is certainly bad but being an albatross around Modi's neck has salutary effect in current situation
We have seen diverse zones of ideological spectrum ending in fiasco during the last sixty years and hence Hindutva and Modi will follow suit
BJP masquerading Hindutva behind the mascot of Modi plus marketing Development and Personality cult is height of deception on Indian people.
If one is not convinced of the Evolutionary inevitability then one has either not read Sri Aurobindo or not been able to understand properly
Imposing one's own religious, political, or nationalist preferences on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is a weakness which ought to be abandoned.
How prescient that Sri Aurobindo's ARYA writings published between 1914 and 1921 become so relevant to fight Hindutva menace after a century
Savitri Era Party has been able to analyse current affairs in the light of the Evolutionary vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo since 2005.
Regardless of reign of different ideologies and transition in technologies a fresh set of people have always prospered at the cost of others
Academia implies free debate and exchange of ideas but in India it stands for Marxist indoctrination by banishing Sri Aurobindo's philosophy
Upholding the symbols and practices of Modernity must be the first and foremost duty of any Govt swearing allegiance to Indian Constitution.
Adolescence marks loosening of parental attachment and searching for substitutes in a community, religion, or nation. Most fail to overgrow.
Mocking someone or scoring brownie points is what most people do on Twitter but never read a page from Sri Aurobindo
Just because the devotees of Nehru, Gandhi, Marx, Ambedkar, Savarkar, etc. avoid Sri Aurobindo, it's all the more necessary to remember him.
If all the political parties today find themselves helpless before Modi and all ideologies are blunt before Hindutva, then Savitri Era Party wins
By offering a valid and viable political ideology that can successfully contest Hindutva in content & intent and finally stealing a victory.
Disagree. Whenever two or more individuals come together, it's around some kind of ideological glue. Self-interest may be the unifying goal.
He is indulging in politics; has political ambitions - are indictments but "using" Sri Aurobindo for confronting Modi & Hindutva justifies my "crime."
Sri Aurobindo's writings are vast and complex but Savitri Era Party pleads guilty of simplifying it to mount an offensive on Hindutva & Modi
Pitting Sri Aurobindo against Modi amounts to simplifying though "Rejection of complexity" is a sign of Fundamentalism
Savitri Era Party opposed ban as it [does not bode well for a liberal culture: reduce complex arguments to sound bites]
Noble qualities unearthed by the recent Truschke's book is a further corroboration that Dr. Kalam might have been Aurangzeb in his past life!
Feel Philosophy: In struggles we can very well come together and aid each other
the Orchid and the rOse: Spirit within is the true guide to health and healing #SriAurobindo
[Sri Aurobindo has investigated and found "root-sounds" to be the proper basis for a science of philology.]
[What was it that Lacan did if not repeat Freud, making Freud very different even as... rigorous fidelity to Freud?]
[philosophy doesn’t teach you one specific skill–it teaches you how to learn, think critically, choose and flourish]

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The Mother's map is in the spirit of a Nation-soul

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Savitri Era: Savitri Era Party is raring for a counter-narrative #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams
Many States are perceived to be well off because of average financial figures. Poverty shouldn't be elbowed out by the lever of statistics.
Sri Aurobindo is definitely guilty of characterising the West as materialist but it should be read in context. Repeating same now is faulty.
Dismal painting of the West may not very factual nor very profitable especially when Hindutva seeks to enforce obscurantism and medievalism.
The Mother's map must be seen in the spirit of a Nation-soul and not one administrative entity especially when population has grown fourfold
Reliance on Mythology, Rituals, and literal interpretation of Vedic utterances are definitely against Modernity which need to be jettisoned.
You may believe MB but I have no faith in what hydra-headed RSS says. Further Hindutva has now become Frankenstein's Monster; out of control
Hindutva as monster has gone out of the control of its maker; that's what I meant. Left/Right labelling of forked-tongued RSS is problematic
Deciding what is original and what came later is also contentious. Further there are perspectives difficult to agree
Human beings own the earth and so administrative units or countries should be rationally reorganised according to geographical suitability.
Ethnicity or nationality shouldn't prevent people from drawing the best benefits of geographical resources and their technological harnesses
All people of the world are one and their concerns are the same. Govts are facilitators and if they fail are predators. Vigilance necessary.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo strived for human unity. Integral Yoga aims at transforming humble human condition to a unified human aspiration.
Westphobia is in fashion now but integration with what is best that the West offers is the most sensible option for India. English is basis.
Vigilance by citizens per se is not undesirable; rather they should very much be a part of any vibrant Democracy. Fear of perversion exists.
Legal and legitimate are different and Democracy values the later.  Majoritarianism is a flaw and responsible citizens can raise their voice
Democracy is more than Govt, Parliament, or Elections. Citizens' participation in whichever form it occurs is valuable lubrication exercise.
[Alipore Bomb Trial 1908–1910 Compiled, Edited & Introduction by Amiya K Samanta (Frontpage, Kolkata) Indian Council of Historical Research]
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Savitri Era Learning Forum: There is no science as such
Evergreen Essays: Science is ontology free

(Pics 2017: Indirapuram)

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Savitri Era Party is raring for a counter-narrative

Tweets by Tusar Sir @SavitriEraParty
Apex level Statecraft is complex manoeuvring and those asking Govt for instant retaliation/retribution expose their own juvenile propensity.
Sri Aurobindo is the only person who has told the true meaning of Go-raksha against the literal reading of the Veda perpetrated by Hindutva.
Current affairs can't be decoupled from Ontology and reliance on Mythology is a disaster. Sri Aurobindo brings clarity on the next Evolution
Science and Mathematics serve their mandate and try to be faithful to their procedure and language. Sri Aurobindo relied upon his Experience
Marxists were brilliant when they thought everything is moving in line with their theories and prophecies but now they obfuscate and obviate
Market dynamics and Evolutionary trajectory are at odds. Sri Aurobindo also never agreed with the popular reward-punishment theory of Karma.
Just to emphasise direct cause and effect relationships and such other eventualities occurring in near linear fashion are not always a rule.
The Problem of Rebirth by Sri Aurobindo is where he dwells on Karma. Also in The Life Divine and other places.
SAVITRI by Sri Aurobindo
Hindutva, being anchored in Mythology, has not been able to cultivate precision or scholarly idiom. Sri Aurobindo has filled up that vacuum.
Respecting ideas and scouting for talent has no alternative. Marxists had an overarching agenda; Hindutva has none except cow protection.
Okay, Mea culpa! But what's the direction of scholarship? I have not found any after combing the net for the last three years except history
Thanks for your comments but hope you know well that I don't belong to any herd and I tweet what I sincerely feel in the interests of people
Both AAP and BJP represent Fascist forces and hence there is nothing to be particularly happy or unhappy about Delhi results. @_SwarajIndia
No alternative in sight but rejecting dominant Fascist outfits is the first step to prepare ground for some Evolutionary plan precipitating.
Major political players are busy building future plans but Savitri Era Party is solely dependent upon in deciphering footfalls of Evolution.
Intellect and ideology will shape the future. Hindutva and the Left, both are bankrupts in this portfolio. Sri Aurobindo's Five Dreams rise.
It may be convenient to demarcate the secular from spiritual but Science & Philosophy continue to struggle hard to find such a neat division
Defining Hindutva amounts to hypocrisy because it is propagated through multiple outlets & countless metaphors to manipulate a billion minds
For RW Sri Aurobindo beyond 1909 Uttarpara Speech is problematic. His #FiveDreams broadcast on August 14, 1947 doesn't receive due attention
Sri Aurobindo never encouraged or endorsed any of his contemporary missions or ashrams and tried to build his own ecosystem for Life Divine.
Sri Aurobindo's relevance vis-à-vis Hindutva politics is two-fold:
1) He gives symbolic meanings to reject Mythology & Rituals; 
2) And, foresees World Union
Nothing surprising that those who have not read Sri Aurobindo detest my writings. Obviously, I'm not here to seek encomium from uninformed.
Kejriwal and Modi are live examples of how people can be befooled. Savitri Era Party follows the opposite policy of sincerity & transparency
Modi succeeds with Hindutva as bulwark but Kejriwal failed because of no religion. Savitri Era Religion is at the core of Savitri Era Party.
All talk of Liberty or Development falls flat unless backed by Religion. Savitri Era Party draws upon The Mother & Sri Aurobindo's inspiration.
Neither enmity with Pakistan nor social ills of Muslims should divert attention from main issue. Hindutva obscurantism need to be thrown out
Restoring Modernity, Plurality, and Democracy in India is the biggest challenge. No other party is fit for this other than Savitri Era Party
Deceptive harnessing of Hindutva ecosystem for political aggrandisement and undermining Democracy by fostering fascist fraternity must halt.
No dearth of intelligent & honest persons opposing Hindutva bandwagon but paradoxically they happen to be Congress Dynasty palanquin-bearers
Top intellectuals and journalists have turned ineffective before Hindutva juggernaut. Only Savitri Era Party is capable of confronting it.
As people are willing to suspend thinking and ordinary prudence, Savitri Era Party is raring for a counter-narrative
Sri Aurobindo must adorn his rightful place in Ontology, pedagogy, & politics; that's the pledge of Savitri Era Party to the people of India
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Just expressed a cognitive lacuna faced personally by me. I don't think saying Sikh or South Indian can be faulted since it's so much common
Vinod Mehra (13 February 1945–30 October 1990), Farooq Sheikh (25 March 1948−27 December 2013), and Vinod Khanna (6 October 1946–27 April 2017).
Savitri Era: Marxists knew they can't argue with Sri Aurobindo
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Science is business of finding the most parsimonious or consistent explanation or reason
Tusar Nath Mohapatra 
Dear JE,
Your attempt to draw attention to Leibniz is certainly admirable but I'm not sure whether your claims are valid. However, reading Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine can surely give you an alternative perspective to examine your convictions. Thanks.
Apr 26, 2017
Dear PJ,
I don't know if you are aware of Sri Aurobindo. His The Life Divine is considered a very authoritative work that deals with the Dogma question you raise here. Hope, you read it sometime. Thanks.
Apr 26, 2017
Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively on Consciousness a century back but referring to his Ontology is being avoided in these conversations. He provides a much advanced point of departure to study this problem which, I hope, can help in resolving many difficult dilemmas. Thanks to everyone participating in these discussions.
Tusar Nath Mohapatra
Apr 20, 2017
Apr 04, 2017: How about this book? @loveofallwisdom @LarvalSubjects @shaviro @DrZamalek @swapan55 @saliltripathi @aakar_amnesty 
Savitri Era Learning Forum: The Reality is one and not a sum or concourse #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Leibniz understood process and is a richer source than Whitehead #SriAurobindo
[Sri Aurobindo and the Revolution of India: Luc Venet has written a new biography of Sri Aurobindo’s life 1893-1910]

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Marxists knew they can't argue with Sri Aurobindo

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Artistes are always alone, be loyal to your idea @SACACIndia @Ut_patang
In a world of competing theologies and religions, Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of Indian wisdom is the only reliable educational resource.
Suspecting the Colonial scholars and their theories for bias is understandable but dithering on Sri Aurobindo's interpretation is hypocrisy.
Symbolic interpretation of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo far exceeds in significance Luther nailing his 95 theses in Wittenberg 500 years back.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have said it repeatedly that India no longer exists for its own sake. Vedic Evolutionary dialectic to engulf world
Majority wins in Democracy but knowledge wins in religion. Sri Aurobindo's followers must refute Hindutva hegemony.
Sri Aurobindo used to teach in Baroda college in his twenties and understood the problems of education inside out. His works are not taught!
Scholars in India continue to ignore Sri Aurobindo. Perhaps, @chintskap @abhijeetsinger or @sonunigam may rake up some controversy some day!
Human civilisation has been a story of tussles between rationality and superstitions with higher consciousness guiding the journey forward.
@prashanthbn Now the challenge is to preserve turf from machines and robots and fight AI, perhaps!
Power and money have always owned media and so expecting objectivity and neutrality in communication is futile except stirring it oneself.
Issues relating to religious identity have become a regular affair and don't stimulate any deep examination. Instead, hate and passion rule.
It's one's own weakness to see human beings as belonging to some, caste, community, religion, language, race, or nationality and not as one.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo saw peace and harmony as the goal Evolution pursues and advised not to harbour any disappointment or despondency.
Hindutva no doubt throws a spanner in the work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, still it's a minor irritant. The real adversary is in Savitri.
Inhuman acts and unsocial activities are merely symptoms. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo toiled hard to get at their root and have given remedy.
@AvijitSinha5 Sri Aurobindo's involvement in Freedom struggle was merely a melodramatic and interesting prelude. Hi……
Marxists knew they can't argue with Sri Aurobindo; they simply ignored him. Hindutva scholars follow the same strategy and avoid his theses.
@AvijitSinha5 @Profcee_app @davidfrawleyved The Cow and the Angiras legend…
@aviralmittal Savitri
@aviralmittal Savitri…
@AvijitSinha5 @Profcee_app @davidfrawleyved The Veda is tantamount to ongoing Evolutionary journey involving a stru……
The Mother's devotees who are also Hindutva votaries, obviously, lack conviction and hence their pusillanimous portrayal of Sri Aurobindo.
When everyone thought British as enemy The Mother & Sri Aurobindo banked upon Churchill to fight Hitler. Muslims similarly aren't the enemy.
@RaisinaSeries Thanks for your patience but logic of AAP has not vanished. Hope, you perceive the need for ideology……
India as a single administrative entity has become unviable and anomalous as its population has risen nearly four times since Independence.
Unusually large countries like India and China, with their totalitarian instincts, are a threat to the world peace, progress, and Democracy.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasised upon growing into a higher consciousness in order to transform and reorder one's material surroundings
@CounterviewNet Hindutva is successful because of a sound narrative. Sri Aurobindo, writing 100 years back, could v……
The idea that Market represents perfection is a misconception. Information asymmetry and lack of level playing field is how Market pulsates.
Religion and religious practices are separate provinces. While the former retains identity, the latter must conform to demands of Modernity.
Modernity, Market, & Democracy are the greatest liberators. Man is freed from the rule of any King, Priest, Army, or Mafia and their tyranny
Indians got a chance to become equal as free citizens in 1947 but Dalits chose to retain a separate identity for themselves and they suffer.
Dalit intellectuals love their career growth by spewing hate but never campaign for giving up their separate identity and become equals.
Thinking of 1947 must undergo a thorough churning and overhaul in 2017. Nothing is sacrosanct before the demands of Modernity and Democracy
Some are busy strategizing capturing or retaining power. Others must put their heads together to refine Democracy, Modernity, and Liberalism
People are changing sides furiously but we retain our old slogan to oppose AAP, BJP, and Congress. Let's build a new alternative ourselves.
Savitri Era Party was born in 2007, Centenary year of Congress Split at Surat in which Sri Aurobindo had a big role.…
During the last ten years, Savitri Era Party has succeeded to put forth a viable alternative to Marxist, Nehruvian, and Hindutva ideologies.
Most political parties in India today are prisoners of Fascist functioning and reeling under High command culture. SEP seeks Paradigm shift.
Perceptive political commentators have failed to discover anything of value in Sri Aurobindo and refuse to recognise SEP's pioneering work.
Even a mention of Savitri Era Party in periodicals like @Outlookindia can give people a chance to study its ideology. @kazhugan @PragyaSingh
Being under Monarchy and Colonial regime for centuries, Indians are yet to learn that Democracy is not a Top-down but a Bottom-up exercise.
Just like it's difficult to differentiate among Sikhs due to their turbans, it's hard to distinguish South Indians because of similar names.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad…
200 years [Presidency University, Kolkata (formerly, Hindu College and Presidency College) was established in 1817.]…

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Artistes are always alone, be loyal to your idea

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Irresistible urge called the desire to be desired
Realising how Religion & Rituals corrupt thinking from the young age is important for parents to ensure a congenial environment for children
Aesthetic triggers are responsible for many things invading our lives without due diligence & young formative years are much more vulnerable
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated an alternative understanding of life vis-à-vis Religion in consonance with Science and Evolution
Rationality demands that what is handed down through various traditions are examined objectively for veracity & utility without blind belief
Sure, a good way of saving oneself and family members from superstitions and extortion by imposters. Scientific attitude is a must for all.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the Veda can completely alter your impression of it.
A soap-opera or a pot-boiler can be pardoned for commercial compulsions but when intellectuals sell ideology without conviction, it's vile.
20th Century unveiled diverse mysteries of human comprehension like the unconscious, incompleteness, no single interpretation, subtexts, etc
Our existence as human beings has much more areas of study and for striving than the narrow perspectives refracted through religious prisms.
Religion & Rituals lack internal involvement and spawn complacence. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advise Integral yoga & constant remembrance.
Science and technology has done wonders to human perception and, therefore, there is no reason why one would imagine no further enlargement.
Everyone loves status qou and hence any talk of of dividing India into smaller nations is met with a stunned look. Merits of it is not heard
History of ideas during the last two centuries in India comes off as largely derivative of the West barring a solitary figure, Sri Aurobindo
He represents a tradition, I presume. Any original strain of thought? Are you a dedicated follower? Have you studied them in any detail? Any links to informed articles?
That's great! You should tweet some salient points so that the originality part can be debated. Will enrich Twitter as general information.
It has become customary to write Sri Aurobindo next to wherever Vivekananda's name appears but it's a blunder because they were poles apart.
Latest forays in Physics and Neuropsychology point to indeterminability bordering on Nihilism but Sri Aurobindo focuses on the Supramental.
Many intellectuals jump into Hindutva bandwagon to relish some delicacies but when adulations wane and heat rises, they beat a hasty retreat
Western philosophy's commitment to immanence but subtle roots in Christian theology are problem areas. Sri Aurobindo solves in Life Divine.
Hindutva insistence of externalities and exhibitionism is the worst among most forms of distortion that Hinduism has weathered over the ages
Domain knowledge is crucial for innovation and progress. Yet, a lay person's chance of intuitively accessing higher truth can't be ruled out
Process is considered indispensable for success in both material and spiritual fields. For The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, descent can override.
Social or professional hierarchy is perceived as a harsh reality whereas it's an Evolutionary tool for accomplishing scripted eventualities.
Modi is taking his personality cult to new heights. He strives to make it self-evident that there is no other VIP in the country except him.
You are right. By 2019 Modi is likely to face formidable opposition within ecosystem; still greater resistance from the combined Opposition.
Nehruvian policies have stood the test of time as almost all PMs after him have tried to follow. Distorted History books are the only blot.
Glow of Nehru as a symbol of liberal ethos is increasing everyday as the present regime is mounting attack on social harmony in various ways
Thanks to Nehru India becoming a Hindu Rashtra was prevented in 1947. After 70 years it's difficult to elicit such an assurance from leaders
Earlier, BJP was complaining about Muslim 'appeasement.' That seemed so harmless in comparison to their present posture of driving them out.
RSS demands obedience whereas a Democracy fosters freedom. RSS valorises tradition but Modernity encourages innovation. The choice is yours.
If political parties become as powerful as warring kingdoms run by Dynasties in the past, then Democracy loses its meaning; charisma rules.
Common folks can be pardoned for uninformed loyalties but top professionals mortgaging their intelligence & ethics is backstabbing Democracy
The Constitution of India adores Democracy; the nation is secondary. The will of the people - free and fair - takes precedence over boundary
Comparisons are odious but we have seen people's will winning when USSR disintegrated or Bangladesh was created. India can opt for same fate
India is too large an entity to be reasonably grasped by the puny brain of any citizen. States as sovereign nations can lessen this burden.
Ownership and Real-estate mentality extends over the whole subcontinent. Remedy is to grant Sovereignty to all the States on language basis.
Metanarratives have their own intoxicating effect but it's hard to impart such indoctrination on others. Not to see reality is hallucination
Thanks for forwarding the articles which fall under the same metanarrative you love. What I say is based on present realities and future needs
You may be right and my lone opinion hardly matters. But, if you certify some originality in it, then it may have tangential value
Specialists must be allowed their space. I'm trying to present my own understanding of things via Sri Aurobindo.
They would have been jobless had scholars from @RajeevSrinivasa to @RajivMessage produced a dependable counternarrative. They stopped at cow
Everyone including RM has contributed his mite; I don't belittle them. But they don't add up to a firm picture. Cow!
Every offence and crime attracts instant judgment on Twitter without any semblance of inquiry or benefit of doubt. Shocking verbal violence!
I respect artistes and scholars but am dismayed when the opinion of artistes are accorded disproportionate importance over that of scholars.
Hindutva is on a ban spree and someday some laboratory procedure or even a science fiction may draw its ire. Squirrels may become sacred.
I support science and leave the rest to specialists & technocrats. I'm not qualified nor required to have an opinion on each and every issue
Agree, that's the other extreme. Genuine scholars are a neglected lot and their views are ignored. Celebrity chasing has become a decrease.
Bhojpuri speaking people should demand a separate State or even a separate Nation. A language should trigger legitimate nationalist fervour.
Holding Mythology as true but rejecting how others interpret them can't be a valid stand. Insisting on single interpretation of texts wrong.
Hindutva fans focus so much on the distant and imaginary past that not much of present problems attract their attention save Muslim baiting.
Relying upon Kant's Enlightenment and Mill's Liberty, I hope that all those educated people who have been hoodwinked by Hindutva will change
In fact, different factors have come to be conflated which makes the situation difficult: Anti-Congressism, anti-Communism, anti-Muslim, etc.
Trolling is fashionable on Twitter and attracts eyeballs. Cool pondering over issues by avoiding sensationalism can lead to right inferences
Many hoped to be Ministers by going to unreasonable lengths in deifying Modi. That phase is over and they should learn not to defy reason.
The ruling party of a large, modern Democracy believing in Mythology, and dependent for its own existence on it, happens to be an absurdity.
People believing and a political party espousing Mythology are two different things. A myth (false impression) and Mythological (Religious) fiction are entirely different domains.
You are entitled to your opinion and demands of realpolitik but I was toying with the idea of an ideal scenario.
As far as Indian Constitution is concerned, a major political party officially legitimatising Mythology and fiction is most incongruous.
Political and cultural pursue distinct objectives and when overlap tend to get distorted. Fidelity to respective goals, however, a hard task
Politics demands extreme sagacity and not maximum gain by minimum investment. That most politicians opt for latter doesn't make former null.
Development implies Modernity, Science, and Technology without any reference to Religion or Mythology. This promise is forgotten after polls
Just to highlight that certain public intellectuals are actually paid and consequently their worldview is likely to be permanently impaired.
I don't have any independent information; just quoted a celebrity author. However, top intellectuals being hired is not an improbability.
Branding makes things easy to grasp but as far as I can visualise, my stands will continue to clash with established schools and their memes
Like Independence, Democracy and Modernity was gifted to India but they are not valued properly. Even, Secularism and Liberalism is mocked.
If basic human values are sacrificed at the altar of religious nationalism then there is something seriously wrong with that brand of ethics
Politics demands extreme sagacity and not maximum gain by minimum investment. That most politicians opt for latter doesn't make former null.
Voting should be done with due application of mind on various issues instead of being tied to castes, religious hatred, or personality cult.
My tweet is directed more towards the vote seekers than the voters. Enlightenment and Evolution encourage to aspire for removing past errors
That's the advantage of being with Sri Aurobindo. Evolution, for us, is an ongoing, living process, even facilitating this particular tweet.
If corrupt Company chiefs are aspiring for multiplying profits and expanding their business empires, why won't good people seek social good?
The situation can easily be salvaged when followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo resolve to lead instead of being led by the half-educated.
I don't think you have read Sri Aurobindo's books adequately and on that parameter alone I can treat your tweet as half-baked and misleading
The West has learnt to negotiate with post-Secularism but India, instead of following Sri Aurobindo, has fallen into the ditch of Medievalism
I'm yet to come across a staunch Hindutva supporter who has read the works of Sri Aurobindo or at least knows what his salient thoughts are.
There are of course about a dozen followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on Twitter who happen to back Hindutva. I keep them within bracket
Sri Aurobindo was emphatic about Evolution and its intention. On that strength let's rest assured that Hindutva won't be able to conquer minds
[100 Years of Sri Aurobindo on Evolution, by Richard Carlson]
[Sri Aurobindo’s proposition that teacher is a friend & guide remains an elusive & utopian aim] Sachidananda Mohanty
the Orchid and the rOse: I challenge you all to jump off a tall building
Marketime: Tagore's shift to universal humanism was subsequent
Feel Philosophy: Ionians and Ironman
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hegel’s view seems to be in keeping with Clement, ...
[Sri Aurobindo’s contribution cannot be confined... as his genius touched almost every branch of human knowledge.]
[Asselineau speaks of Sri Aurobindo... does not seem to have grasped the integral philosophy of the Rishi; has just one obsession -- Frexit]
[From Darwin on, big brains are not that adaptive. — Aquinas, Hume, Kant, Plato, Wittgenstein — who died childless.]
[resolved in 1693 by Leibniz’s short piece of "Reflections on True Metaphysics"... action or force or necessity of change.] Jonathan Edwards
I have no inclination to disagree with your, or for that matter, anyone's estimation/impression of me since there is no "view from nowhere."
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
[Sri Aurobindo and the Revolution of India: Luc Venet has written a new biography of Sri Aurobindo’s life 1893-1910]
Savitri Era Learning Forum: How to shape the media of the future
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Monday, April 17, 2017

Irresistible urge called the desire to be desired

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: Vedic undergirding Of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectics
Lifestyle regimentation imposed by various religions & political parties needs to be uprooted. Freedom from all kinds of headgears is a must
Treating citizens as vote bank has turned so normal that respect for their freedom has taken backseat. SEP will revive the Democratic ethos.
India is too vast and diverse to be imagined or described in any meaningful manner. Everything said or done in its name amounts to fiction.
Same sentiment expressed almost at the same moment
Central Govt is the cause of most problems in India as it resorts to abstraction and approximation while State Govts are powerless/helpless.
Spreading of hatred and bigotry is Centrally managed but law & order is a State subject. Time to do away with such double standards in India
Nehru will be re-evaluated for his defending of Modernity as Modi-Yogi try to push Hindutva and Mythology upon people. Sri Aurobindo is key.
RSS is a curse and Democracy can't take root in India as long as it dominates. Nehruvian paradigm as distilled by Marxist lens seems lame.
Selling Jeera or Haldi powder in the name of Yoga and Ayurveda turns out to be the most potent con act in the history of Indian civilisation
No doubt, difficulties in life drives people to Astrology but false predictions often lead to more frustration than curing their depression.
Monogamy and Religions have escape routes but not Castes. This flaw in Indian Constitution needs to be mended, especially for SC/ST people.
RSS has many weaknesses and one of them is to install a Maharashtrian, preferably a Chitpāvan Brāhmin, as the PM. Gadkari shelf-life expired
Certifying events happening before 1947 BCE or thereabout as true by those born after 1947 CE is as absurd as counting stars in the sky.
Marxists have legitimised distortion of History and selective amnesia to such an extent that Hindutva stalwarts indulge in it with impunity.
A rickshaw-puller holding a mobile phone was a matter of discussion ten years back. India has progressed; so Mythology and Rituals must exit
Mythology foists false priorities in life and defective cognition or evaluation of issues. Political prudence is to abhor and not embrace it
A child born today has every right to examine all past texts for veracity irrespective of what different Religions propagate or Parties push
RSS aims at destruction of Hindu religion so that everyone worships its triangular flag. Even, its muscular Nationalism seeks to emasculate.
Democracy imposes Govt, Parliament, Judiciary, etc upon citizens. But why it authorises various Religions to enforce Civil codes is strange.
Those holding high Constitutional posts must refrain from endorsing Mythology, Astrology, Rituals & other unverifiable domains like Ayurveda
Present pace of economic growth won't take India to any height. States must become Independent for Democracy and Development reaching people
Competition, Quality, and Innovation are sine qua non of Development. Govt leaning towards Yoga, Ayurveda, and Indigenous goods is erroneous
Ensuring 1) Rule-of-law, 2) Level-playing-field, and 3) Fair-play are cardinal principles of good Governance. Any departure leads to morass.
If popular mandates don't translate into Development, then no point in such large-scale religious mobilisation and manipulating mind-space.
The illusion of Hindu Rashtra pervades RSS thinking so much so that concepts of Democracy, Modernity, Liberty, Equality, etc bear no meaning
Designing Democracy, Development, & Governance is the duty of every citizen and shouldn't be entrusted to anti-modern organisations like RSS
Old Religions & old political Parties are out of date. Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only assured path to usher in Savitri Era
Congress and Marxist strategy is to oppose without proposing any alternative to Hindutva narrative. SEP holds out Sri Aurobindo as an option
Personality cult built around Modi and projecting BJP as pursuing Development and stability earns voters while RSS mischief remains hidden.
Both Kejriwal and Modi shattered the trust of the nation. Time to switch over to the Vedic Evolutionary dialectic envisaged by Sri Aurobindo
India can never achieve cohesion as a nation. 1.3b people need to be housed in 40-50 separate nations depending upon geography and language.
Indicative map of how to divide India into about 50 smaller nations on the basis of language and geography with a population cap around 50m.
Africa population is almost equivalent to India but is distributed amongst 58 nations. India too must facilitate creation of smaller nations
Each one is entitled to his opinion and support for any party or person but to claim that as the most suitable or best possible is defective
Just like a shopkeeper's pricing policy is to his advantage and not for customer, Govt action mostly benefits the party and not the citizen.
As far as my impression goes, alcohol has a strong effect on mind and hence those who consume it can be prey to misjudgement or misadventure
Just because many influential people take alcohol, it can't be absolved of its harmful effects & likely vulnerability to ethical compromise.
Most of the time who says it becomes more important than what is said. Celebrity-chasing is so rampant in our country that originality sinks
Instead of supporting the struggling grassroots politicians, many on Twitter keep the focus on well-heeled, charismatic and dynastic leaders
Trying to understand Indians as a separate Hindu species, without the Western prisms like Adorno, Baudrillard, or Chomsky, would be juvenile
Over-reliance on Mythology and rote-learning by neglecting Critical-reason and creativity has been the reason for India's Foreign domination
If the educated in India can't recognise the significance of an extraordinary book and its implications, it's tragic
History of Western Philosophy can no longer be understood as neatly as before as genealogy of Hegel's ideas seem to be imbricated with India
A recent book, "Hegel's India" brings into focus his tryst with Indian philosophy & his notions were inspired by it.
Hegel's India can explain Modi, perhaps.
Intellectual integrity, conceptual clarity, & moral uprightness are rare traits at present. Sri Aurobindo characterises them as Brahminhood.
Aim of life is to attain Brahminhood (symbolised by Vedic, Varuna) after exhausting short or long phases as a Shudra, Vaishya, & Kshatriya.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo pushed the envelope by setting physical immorality as the goal of life. Just a restatement of the Vedic, Amrita.
Despite wretched socio-political surroundings, Sri Aurobindo wrote with supreme confidence of the inevitability of the advent of Savitri Era
The Secret of the Veda should be attempted first along with The Life Divine for a better appreciation of Sri Aurobindo's thought and vision.
Modi and Kejriwal are like twin towers of deception. Law of Evolution says that they will bite the dust after a short stint at high altitude
The underlying Vedic truth is that hostile forces will strive to hide the light and truth but will ultimately be defeated. Select your side.
Although Modi is being criticised for being soft by Hindutva hardliners, they are silent on corruption, crony-capitalism, and misgovernance.
Citing from Gita is so common but rare to find anyone referring to a verse from the Veda. Prime cause for downfall of India and its wisdom.
Both Indians and Westerners alike feign that Sri Aurobindo didn't write anything so that Mythology and Myopia continue to enjoy a field day.
Liberalism seems to be a vague term and may mean many things but Secularism has a very precise intent. To mock both amounts to a grave error
Times of India used to be a flag-bearer of modern values but once it chose to be yoked with Art of Living, many aberrations came in its wake
Modernity has served humanity well and its diverse offshoots like Liberalism and Secularism should be nurtured in all domains of social life
Sri Aurobindo had some astute critics among disciples who would rip apart his "irrational" claims. He however was able to prevail upon them.
Sri Aurobindo doesn't see any direct correspondence between good Karma and apt reward. Evolutionary trajectory however heads towards Sublime
Murky phases of human civilisation and hideous events of history denote a spiral journey of Evolution like covering an undulating landscape.
Pining for Golden Age or the Great Man in line with historical or mythological narratives consumes many. Evolution of course harnesses them.
Life & the World is not rational and no means to check veracity or validity as everything is partial. Sri Aurobindo serves as a firm anchor.
RSS hell-bent on perpetuating obscurantism, hatred, & bigotry is an hour of epic proportions for resisting its ideological & political march
Savitri Era Party welcomes UP Govt's initiative against Reservations & promotion of English which are distinctly pro-Modernity interventions
Acolytes of Ambedkar don't probe why he didn't read or referred to Sri Aurobindo's work. Literal reading of ancient texts misguided Ambedkar
Ambedkar personally is not the real problem; his followers refuse to stray beyond his writings and hence remain underinformed and misguided.
Ambedkar's understanding of Sanskrit texts was superficial as he didn't make an effort to study the profound interpretation of Sri Aurobindo
Reading Sri Aurobindo, Osho endorses, [can make you aware that you are not what you appear to be – you are far more]
What seems to be a social hierarchy or a sacred-profane divide, becomes in the hands of Sri Aurobindo a seamless Adventure of Consciousness.
Learning the Veda by heart and reciting it daily can be futile unless one is aware of symbolic sense of its words unveiled by Sri Aurobindo.
They never had ample time as life is short. Sri Aurobindo reiterates the Vedic ideal of physical immortality and prepared the ground for it.
That's a distortion. Let's hope that the quest is on and the chain of events will throw the right person to shine in the political firmament
Reading Sri Aurobindo can help solve many of your problems in theorising religion and politics vis-à-vis current abnormalities in India.
Marxists spread hatred against the rich, Dalits against Brahmins, and Hindutva fans against Muslims. Savitri Era Party strives for Harmony.
How surprising that Indians are so reluctant to appreciate their own Plato, Plotinus, and Milton combined in one person, i.e., Sri Aurobindo
[even though Sri Aurobindo was criticized as day-dreamer but his social-political thought helps us a lot to be spiritually elevated.] ~DB
Traditional new year celebration should also enthuse people to attune to the inherent nationhood of Indian States and strive for Sovereignty
BJP must introspect why it lacks a reasonable degree of presence in all the States. Odisha won't be a cakewalk for BJP despite Congress fall
No one wants another term for Naveen and a fresh CM face can win hands down throwing a wet blanket on 2019 BJP hopes @PandaJay @SatpathyLive
Division of votes among multiple parties is the prime reason of BJP win. Odisha can lead a new initiative to forge a national alternative.
Odisha has been free from nasty politics on the basis of Caste or Religion; even the Left failed. Odisha must protect that liberal tradition
Never forget that when you buy BJP, you get RSS free. Thankfully, Odisha has been free from RSS tentacles. Naveen must step down to conquer.
After 70 years of Independence, thorough review and overhaul of Indian Constitution is a must with abolition of Central Govt. as key point.
Indian subcontinent has never been under a single administration. A Federation of about a hundred nations will be the ideal Akhand Bharat.
People of India must claim their own languages, their mother-tongues, and demand Sovereignty for respective States and specified Regions.
India doesn't belong to the Freedom fighters or Founding fathers of Constitution. They are dead and gone; all depends on present generation.
Society can't be freed from the evil of Castes as long as Reservations on the basis of Castes are operative statutorily. Banish Reservations
Modernity and Mythology can't go together. Whatever may be your personal beliefs, when under a public assignment, never legitimise Mythology
India doesn't belong to the Govt, not even to the Parliament. People must take responsibility & voice opinion regarding future of the nation
1) Say yes to Free Market,
2) Oppose Mythology and Reservations,
3) Demand Sovereignty to the States; &
4) Follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
It's not that one or two States of India are fighting for Independence, all the States & Regions want Sovereignty and International presence
Most problems India faces will vanish once the Central Govt is abolished. Local languages and local cultures are bound to get a huge fillip.
1.3b people bothering about a small incident and national media breaking the news round the clock is an absurdity. States must turn nations.
Ever since content lost its autonomy and how media is manipulating it drew more attention, subjective integrity got bogged down in polyphony
The past is not limited by recorded History nor the present is confined to what is reported on TV. Vedic Revolutions surge forth underneath.
Though newsworthy, spectacles and carnivals are not the only empirical evidences of progress. Wretched and meek can match the cool and geek.
Delhi has prevented the States of India to engage with the Foreign countries more productively. Sovereignty to States will remedy quarantine
Review of the Constitution of India is urgent to abolish Central Govt and grant Sovereignty to the States and Regions on language criterion.
Helps to remember that what is current is not a reliable guide of what is cooking. Emergence and Evolution pursue their invisible function.
When the States become independent countries, most of what is tweeted at present will become redundant. Gujaratis won't have to visit Odisha
Echo-chamber effect of Twitter is too tempting but robs life of any meaning. [A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.]
Odisha's trade and cultural ties with ASEAN nations has more potentials than permitting two Gujaratis plundering it.
Odia people must come out from being a slave of Naveen Patnaik; they shouldn't allow any more leeway to the slaves of two Gujaratis either.
Architecture and art forms of premodern days signify embryonic intelligence and hence any disproportionate focus on them can impair prudence
Why a Surya statue is seen in the foyer of Delhi National Museum instead of its original location in Konark temple, Odisha is hard to fathom
Khajuraho is mentioned apropos liberal legacy. The region languishing despite so much of attention is a conundrum. Sovereignty only solution
BJP pushing नर्मदा सेवा यात्रा as an omnibus narrative, clearly with an eye on elections, might look smart but has retrograde repercussions.
India: From Midnight to the Millennium by Shashi Tharoor
We are like that only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India by Rama Bijapurkar
ASSELINEAU et SHRI AUROBINDO  : même vision ! Contre une Europe nationa... via @YouTube
In order to avoid unreasonable levels of bravado, I have unfollowed many anonymous handles. Hope, Twitter discourse becomes more responsible
Though haven't earned much visibility after six years on Twitter, a dozen detractors and an equal number of admirers seem to be a good catch
One of the most constructive and well-thought-out acts on Twitter is not to Like or RT outstanding tweets of those outside one's ecosystem.
"I'm afraid, I can't agree with you," should be the ideal parting quip for a discordant conversation. But extra-smarts quit on a ugly-note.
Wide textual knowledge or technical expertise can't compensate one's ethical deficiency or lack of academic humility and respect for dissent
Each idea needs to be examined independently without being couched in stock narratives or clichéd ism's. Cool pondering over more profitable
[Great strides in learning can be achieved by challenging what we think we know by considering perspectives outside that circle.] ~B.M. Puri
All that nation-building and national-integration rhetoric that we practiced for school debate in the sixties stand falsified after 50 years
Socialism & Cooperatives stymied the individual; Central Govt crippled the States. Breaking news was dumbing down; PM pushes Art of silence!
Democracy seems to be wilted in India since all the attention is on the game itself without any attempts at refining the rules of the game.
Democracy has a place for everyone and all kinds of -tards and idiots have one vote. Even scoundrels too enjoy equality and right to tweet.
Democracy has this unique gift of opposing something without rhyme or reason and solely on the basis of one's feeling. No questions asked!!!
Odia being the only North Indian classical language apart from Sanskrit should be the common language all over India
There won't be unanimity upon any one South Indian language. Hence Odia is the best option having wide resemblances with North & South, both
Each language of India constitutes a distinct nation. The sooner the States are awarded Sovereignty the better for the people and the world.
India is a Colonial construct and has outlived its utility. Overpopulation warrants that the States and key Regions are granted Sovereignty.
Each State is a separate nation and nothing belongs to the mythical India. Time to reverse the Colonial legacy & grant Sovereignty to States
There has to be a beginning somewhere & the time is now. Smaller Indian nations will be a stepping stone towards Sri Aurobindo's World Union
Dayananda and Sri Aurobindo have infused unprecedented dynamism into Vedic wisdom and its Evolutionary unfolding is inevitable. Here and now
The more nationalist one becomes, the more one is against the interests of the people. That's the paradox in India & hence Sovereign States.
India being a Colonial legacy needs to be reversed through a Federal structure of about 50 new nations, with a population cap of around 50m.
India being a Colonial legacy needs to be reversed through a Federal structure of about 50 new nations, with a population cap of around 50m.
Abnormally large nations are obstacles for any International peace and unity effort. India giving birth to 50 small countries is essential.
Right now, I say what I feel is in the interest of people in the future. What turn it takes or whether it becomes a movement, can't foresee.
Certainly, I do, and therefore I tweet. If convinced, you can help by RT. That's how the message and emotion can be spread. Let it percolate
True nationalism is synonymous with languages in India and by granting Sovereignty to the States & Regions, Colonial legacy can be reversed.
All his life, Sri Aurobindo strived to show the right path but people don't find any need to heed him; the situation is the same even today.
Can't agree with your interpretation of hierarchy or gender equality and their implications vis-à-vis past narratives. May be you are right!
Monarchy and allied hierarchy is glorified in Mythology. Gender equality is unheard of. These are certain examples which need modern amnesia
Thanks. Certain values have been enshrined in the Constitution; codified. Cultural traditions are diverse and hence plurality is important.
Uncritical worshipping of cultural heritage is problematic. Constitutional values must be upheld so that undesirable customs are eradicated.
Persuading may be the right word instead of forcing. Ultimately, the will of the people is important and to be respected and not manipulated
Needling Muslims is the sole intention why BJP rakes up the Ram temple issue from time to time. All its campaigns are geared to Muslim angle
BJP loves Mythology & obscurantism & is uncomfortable with Democracy & plurality, Modernity & liberalism, Intellectuality & Critical reason.
Silence seeks to sweep difference under the carpet and enforce uniformity. This Kafkaesque trait of RSS and BJP leads to Fascist propensity.
Religions are defective; don't gel with modern living. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo recommended designing your own religion from Yoga toolkit.
Most Govt servants, women, or evening Meditation participants are allergic to political "use" of Sri Aurobindo. SEP defies proprietorial aim
Surely Meditation shouldn't get disturbed by worries of political tussle but whom to vote is an important aspect of life requiring vigilance
Political campaigning has become so complex & overpowering that it's beyond lay persons to cut through the clutter. So reliable guide needed
Democracy enjoins upon all right thinking persons to extend support to feeble voices which fight the hegemony and tyranny of majoritarianism
Democracy is not merely about getting elected or capturing power. Rejuvenating Democracy by refining & nurturing values is its raison d'être
Just like a hospital is an adjunct to a Medical college for research, polls and power are merely fields of practice for improving Democracy.
Remember your age and don't take responsibility for dubious texts and customs of thousands years back that have come through some tradition.
Neither modern nor ancient is valuable for its own sake; what matters is pursuing own self-interest and common-sense. Mythology misleads.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Things seemed so straightforward as if milk & honey will flow in a decade or two. But all that stand shattered today
[Leadership is the art of persuasion—the act of motivating people to do more than they ever thought possible...]
They are also afflicted by an irresistible urge called "the desire to be desired."

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Vedic undergirding Of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectics

Tweets by @SavitriEraParty
Savitri Era: You are worse than a commie in your delusion #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SavitriEraParty #Frexit #Modian
Such a sensational caption is totally unwarranted and it's too early to judge or brand anyone. Nehruvian paradigm persists for free debates.
@Abhina_Prakash Hindu College in your bio, like Hindu paper, sends an ambivalent impression vis-à-vis Hindutva/Hinduism. May be, deliberate!
Science today is beyond common sense and common man. Yet, it alone holds out the promise of unravelling mysteries bypassing subjective vents
Define and win is another unreliable saying like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Evolution is in operation; it reigns.
BJP gradually metamorphosing into the Congress banyan-tree is a more appropriate scenario as people of various hues are making a beeline.
LSP failed to make a mark and after @JP_LOKSATTA supported Modi it lost direction. @_SwarajIndia & @SwarnaBharatIN are merely making ripples
Many of what we see in the world today can be considered as unfoldment of initiatives undertaken by Henry Kissinger.
Nehru's alleged over-reliance on Mahalanobis and his Marxist formulations was a severe setback.–Mahalanobis_model
[P.N. Haksar (1913-1998) was the chief strategist behind prime minister's rise to near-absolute power in the 1970s.]
Hindus have been subjugated for over a millennium in India and hence Modians may be permitted to run amuck for revenge for at least one year
RSS is the Rajaguru and in its scheme of things placed above the Judiciary. So its thinking and pronouncements should be self-evident truth.
Tricolour is just like a slave child before the royal glory of the Triangular flag worshipped by RSS. All crimes done in its name is bravery
Multiple versions of mythological narratives and their internal contradictions apart from supernatural interventions are tough to reconcile.
Religious belief in Mythology and their literary & aesthetic enjoyment is quite a different thing than using them for political mobilisation
In an agricultural family in coastal Odisha, various deities were worshipped on different occasions during a year in 1960s-70s, but not Ram.
RSS events through its various outfits become fodder for TV and those don't participate are forgotten. So, RSS doesn't represent all Hindus.
All kinds of funny debates are going on over various languages but they will all be irrelevant once the States become Sovereign Republics.
Writing Sokalesque books and articles on Mythology or History that refuse verification has become a lucrative career earning respectability.
If most followers of Sri Aurobindo don't realise the ominous consequences of supporting Modi even now, then all their erudition is in vain.
Savitri Era Party has been campaigning against Draconian potentials of Modi and Kafkaesque functioning of RSS, which have taken dismal turn.
Despite high intellectuality, Leftists don't realise that merely opposing Hindutva is not enough. Religion is pivotal & Sri Aurobindo is key
Leftist protests against Modian intolerance is commendable but for reversing political marginalisation, they have to reinvent themselves.
Savitri Era Party has that which all other parties lack. It's only by rallying behind Sri Aurobindo that Hindutva can be defeated, squarely.
Modernity is an insulation against idiocy and juvenility. Not to suffer tyranny of retrograde ideologies is the responsibility of each one.
An ideology that has gone berserk since 1948 needs to be mended from the roots but it has not been attempted. Sri Aurobindo has the remedy.
Believing the Hindus as a separate species and their culture as something exceptional is the delusion Modians are suffering from. Need help.
English is anathema for Modians which means shutting windows to the world resulting in malnutrition of the intellect and succumbing to hate.
Right education under The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can heal minds and usher in harmony. Right Ontology can inculcate humility & fellow feeling
Academic study of a particular philosopher like Leibniz or Whitehead down to Nagel is too restrictive just like Indian philosophical schools
Sri Aurobindo presents a synthesis that is flexible enough to accommodate present perplexity and a sublime Evolutionary destiny of humanity.
Democracy must develop some mechanism to foster civil society concerns on Constitutional matters and incorporating needed remedial measures.
Dynamics of competitive politics brings out negative features of human nature to the fore. Democracy is a failure if it doesn't cure them.
Bright side of current crop of controversies is Religions are being identified with a set of consumption patterns subject to Market churning
Policies of a political party should be open and subject to public scrutiny. But the presence of RSS in India is the mother of all mischief.
RSS is afraid of intellect and follows the Catch them young policy assiduously. Leftists too impart indoctrination almost on same principles
Savitri Era Devotees believe in free thought and open discourse within the overarching Ontological framework of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Central Govt priorities are out of sync with on-the-ground realities faced by the States. They grapple with the problems but lack any power.
States as Sovereign Republics can work wonders with their resources with mutual collaboration without any interference from a Central Govt.
Difficult to predetermine everything and needless to stress on the past. The first step towards the future is the Central Govt scraps itself
Each region of India should be given the option of an independent nation. Thereafter, practical necessities decide the need for unification.
Each State has an elected Govt and a sound Bureaucracy; it's only question of adding a few more functions. Nothing chaotic. Fresh energy!
Due to overpopulation, in place of one India, there should be around 50 countries with 50m population at the maximum
Around 50 Independent nations with 50m population at the maximum replacing India is the most viable solution.
Dystopian scenarios are easy to paint but the trajectory of the future is certainly not entirely in the hands of any particular organisation
You fail to notice the urge for self-determination of people speaking different languages. Democratic fervour doesn't care for future dander
They are matter of details but first we must popularise the notion that the Central Govt has become redundant and hence needs to be scrapped
Please spend half an hour at my blog given in the bio for clarifications. Another interesting link #Frexit
Imperial legacy has imprisoned Linguistic nationalities for too long. Time, Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha Dravida Utkala Banga to break apart
The idea of a Nation is cohesion, not largeness, power, or prosperity; they are secondary criteria. Nothing more sweet than same language.
Tarun Vijay is candid to express that Tamil, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra are separate nations. There is no reason why they cling together.
North-South divide is not the whole truth. Each State has its own uniqueness and distinct appeal and so they need to be independent nations.
Past experiences may not be sound guide for future realities. You, perhaps, need to get acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's vision and optimism.
Nothing produced in the past can be a perfect template for the present. That's the Evolutionary unpredictability and Sri Aurobindo an anchor
No denying of your apprehensions of war and conflict but peace and harmony are also part of human endeavour. SEP agenda pursues those hopes.
No need of seeking anyone's mercy. Each linguistic State should turn an independent nation since the Central Govt has become redundant.
Appears futuristic but the idea of India in the current form is a flawed one. States turning Sovereign Republics is a more probable scenario
Sri Aurobindo's encounter with Tamil through Subramania Bharati in 1910 leading to a new interpretation of the Veda redefined Indian wisdom.
Decoupling Veda from Ritual was Sri Aurobindo's greatest material contribution to his countrymen the significance of which is being resisted
Dayananda and Sri Aurobindo foregrounding the Veda and its Evolutionary dialectics constitutes the greatest intellectual breakthrough so far
In Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine, Evolution got new meaning. Without the Vedic undergirding it would have seemed as a mass of speculations
Wealthy and influential Mathas of South India oppose Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda. Every educated Indian must read this great book
Internet has made possible unprecedented access to knowledge sources. One can read The Secret of the Veda free, here
Yes, you can read it online here
UP introducing English from Nursery level is a dream come true. Someday the children will be able to recite Savitri.
Crime and punishment should be commensurate and as per law but there was some mismatch in this case like kangaroo court delivering instantly
Going to work and discharging other family obligations generate a reasonable level of satisfaction. Aim of life, a small inconvenience sulks
The Mother was not very particular about too much of intellectual exercise and counselled work with an attitude of surrender. #IntegralYoga
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad