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Irresistible urge called the desire to be desired

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Savitri Era: Vedic undergirding Of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectics
Lifestyle regimentation imposed by various religions & political parties needs to be uprooted. Freedom from all kinds of headgears is a must
Treating citizens as vote bank has turned so normal that respect for their freedom has taken backseat. SEP will revive the Democratic ethos.
India is too vast and diverse to be imagined or described in any meaningful manner. Everything said or done in its name amounts to fiction.
Same sentiment expressed almost at the same moment
Central Govt is the cause of most problems in India as it resorts to abstraction and approximation while State Govts are powerless/helpless.
Spreading of hatred and bigotry is Centrally managed but law & order is a State subject. Time to do away with such double standards in India
Nehru will be re-evaluated for his defending of Modernity as Modi-Yogi try to push Hindutva and Mythology upon people. Sri Aurobindo is key.
RSS is a curse and Democracy can't take root in India as long as it dominates. Nehruvian paradigm as distilled by Marxist lens seems lame.
Selling Jeera or Haldi powder in the name of Yoga and Ayurveda turns out to be the most potent con act in the history of Indian civilisation
No doubt, difficulties in life drives people to Astrology but false predictions often lead to more frustration than curing their depression.
Monogamy and Religions have escape routes but not Castes. This flaw in Indian Constitution needs to be mended, especially for SC/ST people.
RSS has many weaknesses and one of them is to install a Maharashtrian, preferably a Chitpāvan Brāhmin, as the PM. Gadkari shelf-life expired
Certifying events happening before 1947 BCE or thereabout as true by those born after 1947 CE is as absurd as counting stars in the sky.
Marxists have legitimised distortion of History and selective amnesia to such an extent that Hindutva stalwarts indulge in it with impunity.
A rickshaw-puller holding a mobile phone was a matter of discussion ten years back. India has progressed; so Mythology and Rituals must exit
Mythology foists false priorities in life and defective cognition or evaluation of issues. Political prudence is to abhor and not embrace it
A child born today has every right to examine all past texts for veracity irrespective of what different Religions propagate or Parties push
RSS aims at destruction of Hindu religion so that everyone worships its triangular flag. Even, its muscular Nationalism seeks to emasculate.
Democracy imposes Govt, Parliament, Judiciary, etc upon citizens. But why it authorises various Religions to enforce Civil codes is strange.
Those holding high Constitutional posts must refrain from endorsing Mythology, Astrology, Rituals & other unverifiable domains like Ayurveda
Present pace of economic growth won't take India to any height. States must become Independent for Democracy and Development reaching people
Competition, Quality, and Innovation are sine qua non of Development. Govt leaning towards Yoga, Ayurveda, and Indigenous goods is erroneous
Ensuring 1) Rule-of-law, 2) Level-playing-field, and 3) Fair-play are cardinal principles of good Governance. Any departure leads to morass.
If popular mandates don't translate into Development, then no point in such large-scale religious mobilisation and manipulating mind-space.
The illusion of Hindu Rashtra pervades RSS thinking so much so that concepts of Democracy, Modernity, Liberty, Equality, etc bear no meaning
Designing Democracy, Development, & Governance is the duty of every citizen and shouldn't be entrusted to anti-modern organisations like RSS
Old Religions & old political Parties are out of date. Following The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is the only assured path to usher in Savitri Era
Congress and Marxist strategy is to oppose without proposing any alternative to Hindutva narrative. SEP holds out Sri Aurobindo as an option
Personality cult built around Modi and projecting BJP as pursuing Development and stability earns voters while RSS mischief remains hidden.
Both Kejriwal and Modi shattered the trust of the nation. Time to switch over to the Vedic Evolutionary dialectic envisaged by Sri Aurobindo
India can never achieve cohesion as a nation. 1.3b people need to be housed in 40-50 separate nations depending upon geography and language.
Indicative map of how to divide India into about 50 smaller nations on the basis of language and geography with a population cap around 50m.
Africa population is almost equivalent to India but is distributed amongst 58 nations. India too must facilitate creation of smaller nations
Each one is entitled to his opinion and support for any party or person but to claim that as the most suitable or best possible is defective
Just like a shopkeeper's pricing policy is to his advantage and not for customer, Govt action mostly benefits the party and not the citizen.
As far as my impression goes, alcohol has a strong effect on mind and hence those who consume it can be prey to misjudgement or misadventure
Just because many influential people take alcohol, it can't be absolved of its harmful effects & likely vulnerability to ethical compromise.
Most of the time who says it becomes more important than what is said. Celebrity-chasing is so rampant in our country that originality sinks
Instead of supporting the struggling grassroots politicians, many on Twitter keep the focus on well-heeled, charismatic and dynastic leaders
Trying to understand Indians as a separate Hindu species, without the Western prisms like Adorno, Baudrillard, or Chomsky, would be juvenile
Over-reliance on Mythology and rote-learning by neglecting Critical-reason and creativity has been the reason for India's Foreign domination
If the educated in India can't recognise the significance of an extraordinary book and its implications, it's tragic
History of Western Philosophy can no longer be understood as neatly as before as genealogy of Hegel's ideas seem to be imbricated with India
A recent book, "Hegel's India" brings into focus his tryst with Indian philosophy & his notions were inspired by it.
Hegel's India can explain Modi, perhaps.
Intellectual integrity, conceptual clarity, & moral uprightness are rare traits at present. Sri Aurobindo characterises them as Brahminhood.
Aim of life is to attain Brahminhood (symbolised by Vedic, Varuna) after exhausting short or long phases as a Shudra, Vaishya, & Kshatriya.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo pushed the envelope by setting physical immorality as the goal of life. Just a restatement of the Vedic, Amrita.
Despite wretched socio-political surroundings, Sri Aurobindo wrote with supreme confidence of the inevitability of the advent of Savitri Era
The Secret of the Veda should be attempted first along with The Life Divine for a better appreciation of Sri Aurobindo's thought and vision.
Modi and Kejriwal are like twin towers of deception. Law of Evolution says that they will bite the dust after a short stint at high altitude
The underlying Vedic truth is that hostile forces will strive to hide the light and truth but will ultimately be defeated. Select your side.
Although Modi is being criticised for being soft by Hindutva hardliners, they are silent on corruption, crony-capitalism, and misgovernance.
Citing from Gita is so common but rare to find anyone referring to a verse from the Veda. Prime cause for downfall of India and its wisdom.
Both Indians and Westerners alike feign that Sri Aurobindo didn't write anything so that Mythology and Myopia continue to enjoy a field day.
Liberalism seems to be a vague term and may mean many things but Secularism has a very precise intent. To mock both amounts to a grave error
Times of India used to be a flag-bearer of modern values but once it chose to be yoked with Art of Living, many aberrations came in its wake
Modernity has served humanity well and its diverse offshoots like Liberalism and Secularism should be nurtured in all domains of social life
Sri Aurobindo had some astute critics among disciples who would rip apart his "irrational" claims. He however was able to prevail upon them.
Sri Aurobindo doesn't see any direct correspondence between good Karma and apt reward. Evolutionary trajectory however heads towards Sublime
Murky phases of human civilisation and hideous events of history denote a spiral journey of Evolution like covering an undulating landscape.
Pining for Golden Age or the Great Man in line with historical or mythological narratives consumes many. Evolution of course harnesses them.
Life & the World is not rational and no means to check veracity or validity as everything is partial. Sri Aurobindo serves as a firm anchor.
RSS hell-bent on perpetuating obscurantism, hatred, & bigotry is an hour of epic proportions for resisting its ideological & political march
Savitri Era Party welcomes UP Govt's initiative against Reservations & promotion of English which are distinctly pro-Modernity interventions
Acolytes of Ambedkar don't probe why he didn't read or referred to Sri Aurobindo's work. Literal reading of ancient texts misguided Ambedkar
Ambedkar personally is not the real problem; his followers refuse to stray beyond his writings and hence remain underinformed and misguided.
Ambedkar's understanding of Sanskrit texts was superficial as he didn't make an effort to study the profound interpretation of Sri Aurobindo
Reading Sri Aurobindo, Osho endorses, [can make you aware that you are not what you appear to be – you are far more]
What seems to be a social hierarchy or a sacred-profane divide, becomes in the hands of Sri Aurobindo a seamless Adventure of Consciousness.
Learning the Veda by heart and reciting it daily can be futile unless one is aware of symbolic sense of its words unveiled by Sri Aurobindo.
They never had ample time as life is short. Sri Aurobindo reiterates the Vedic ideal of physical immortality and prepared the ground for it.
That's a distortion. Let's hope that the quest is on and the chain of events will throw the right person to shine in the political firmament
Reading Sri Aurobindo can help solve many of your problems in theorising religion and politics vis-à-vis current abnormalities in India.
Marxists spread hatred against the rich, Dalits against Brahmins, and Hindutva fans against Muslims. Savitri Era Party strives for Harmony.
How surprising that Indians are so reluctant to appreciate their own Plato, Plotinus, and Milton combined in one person, i.e., Sri Aurobindo
[even though Sri Aurobindo was criticized as day-dreamer but his social-political thought helps us a lot to be spiritually elevated.] ~DB
Traditional new year celebration should also enthuse people to attune to the inherent nationhood of Indian States and strive for Sovereignty
BJP must introspect why it lacks a reasonable degree of presence in all the States. Odisha won't be a cakewalk for BJP despite Congress fall
No one wants another term for Naveen and a fresh CM face can win hands down throwing a wet blanket on 2019 BJP hopes @PandaJay @SatpathyLive
Division of votes among multiple parties is the prime reason of BJP win. Odisha can lead a new initiative to forge a national alternative.
Odisha has been free from nasty politics on the basis of Caste or Religion; even the Left failed. Odisha must protect that liberal tradition
Never forget that when you buy BJP, you get RSS free. Thankfully, Odisha has been free from RSS tentacles. Naveen must step down to conquer.
After 70 years of Independence, thorough review and overhaul of Indian Constitution is a must with abolition of Central Govt. as key point.
Indian subcontinent has never been under a single administration. A Federation of about a hundred nations will be the ideal Akhand Bharat.
People of India must claim their own languages, their mother-tongues, and demand Sovereignty for respective States and specified Regions.
India doesn't belong to the Freedom fighters or Founding fathers of Constitution. They are dead and gone; all depends on present generation.
Society can't be freed from the evil of Castes as long as Reservations on the basis of Castes are operative statutorily. Banish Reservations
Modernity and Mythology can't go together. Whatever may be your personal beliefs, when under a public assignment, never legitimise Mythology
India doesn't belong to the Govt, not even to the Parliament. People must take responsibility & voice opinion regarding future of the nation
1) Say yes to Free Market,
2) Oppose Mythology and Reservations,
3) Demand Sovereignty to the States; &
4) Follow The Mother & Sri Aurobindo
It's not that one or two States of India are fighting for Independence, all the States & Regions want Sovereignty and International presence
Most problems India faces will vanish once the Central Govt is abolished. Local languages and local cultures are bound to get a huge fillip.
1.3b people bothering about a small incident and national media breaking the news round the clock is an absurdity. States must turn nations.
Ever since content lost its autonomy and how media is manipulating it drew more attention, subjective integrity got bogged down in polyphony
The past is not limited by recorded History nor the present is confined to what is reported on TV. Vedic Revolutions surge forth underneath.
Though newsworthy, spectacles and carnivals are not the only empirical evidences of progress. Wretched and meek can match the cool and geek.
Delhi has prevented the States of India to engage with the Foreign countries more productively. Sovereignty to States will remedy quarantine
Review of the Constitution of India is urgent to abolish Central Govt and grant Sovereignty to the States and Regions on language criterion.
Helps to remember that what is current is not a reliable guide of what is cooking. Emergence and Evolution pursue their invisible function.
When the States become independent countries, most of what is tweeted at present will become redundant. Gujaratis won't have to visit Odisha
Echo-chamber effect of Twitter is too tempting but robs life of any meaning. [A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.]
Odisha's trade and cultural ties with ASEAN nations has more potentials than permitting two Gujaratis plundering it.
Odia people must come out from being a slave of Naveen Patnaik; they shouldn't allow any more leeway to the slaves of two Gujaratis either.
Architecture and art forms of premodern days signify embryonic intelligence and hence any disproportionate focus on them can impair prudence
Why a Surya statue is seen in the foyer of Delhi National Museum instead of its original location in Konark temple, Odisha is hard to fathom
Khajuraho is mentioned apropos liberal legacy. The region languishing despite so much of attention is a conundrum. Sovereignty only solution
BJP pushing नर्मदा सेवा यात्रा as an omnibus narrative, clearly with an eye on elections, might look smart but has retrograde repercussions.
India: From Midnight to the Millennium by Shashi Tharoor
We are like that only: Understanding the Logic of Consumer India by Rama Bijapurkar
ASSELINEAU et SHRI AUROBINDO  : même vision ! Contre une Europe nationa... via @YouTube
In order to avoid unreasonable levels of bravado, I have unfollowed many anonymous handles. Hope, Twitter discourse becomes more responsible
Though haven't earned much visibility after six years on Twitter, a dozen detractors and an equal number of admirers seem to be a good catch
One of the most constructive and well-thought-out acts on Twitter is not to Like or RT outstanding tweets of those outside one's ecosystem.
"I'm afraid, I can't agree with you," should be the ideal parting quip for a discordant conversation. But extra-smarts quit on a ugly-note.
Wide textual knowledge or technical expertise can't compensate one's ethical deficiency or lack of academic humility and respect for dissent
Each idea needs to be examined independently without being couched in stock narratives or clichéd ism's. Cool pondering over more profitable
[Great strides in learning can be achieved by challenging what we think we know by considering perspectives outside that circle.] ~B.M. Puri
All that nation-building and national-integration rhetoric that we practiced for school debate in the sixties stand falsified after 50 years
Socialism & Cooperatives stymied the individual; Central Govt crippled the States. Breaking news was dumbing down; PM pushes Art of silence!
Democracy seems to be wilted in India since all the attention is on the game itself without any attempts at refining the rules of the game.
Democracy has a place for everyone and all kinds of -tards and idiots have one vote. Even scoundrels too enjoy equality and right to tweet.
Democracy has this unique gift of opposing something without rhyme or reason and solely on the basis of one's feeling. No questions asked!!!
Odia being the only North Indian classical language apart from Sanskrit should be the common language all over India
There won't be unanimity upon any one South Indian language. Hence Odia is the best option having wide resemblances with North & South, both
Each language of India constitutes a distinct nation. The sooner the States are awarded Sovereignty the better for the people and the world.
India is a Colonial construct and has outlived its utility. Overpopulation warrants that the States and key Regions are granted Sovereignty.
Each State is a separate nation and nothing belongs to the mythical India. Time to reverse the Colonial legacy & grant Sovereignty to States
There has to be a beginning somewhere & the time is now. Smaller Indian nations will be a stepping stone towards Sri Aurobindo's World Union
Dayananda and Sri Aurobindo have infused unprecedented dynamism into Vedic wisdom and its Evolutionary unfolding is inevitable. Here and now
The more nationalist one becomes, the more one is against the interests of the people. That's the paradox in India & hence Sovereign States.
India being a Colonial legacy needs to be reversed through a Federal structure of about 50 new nations, with a population cap of around 50m.
India being a Colonial legacy needs to be reversed through a Federal structure of about 50 new nations, with a population cap of around 50m.
Abnormally large nations are obstacles for any International peace and unity effort. India giving birth to 50 small countries is essential.
Right now, I say what I feel is in the interest of people in the future. What turn it takes or whether it becomes a movement, can't foresee.
Certainly, I do, and therefore I tweet. If convinced, you can help by RT. That's how the message and emotion can be spread. Let it percolate
True nationalism is synonymous with languages in India and by granting Sovereignty to the States & Regions, Colonial legacy can be reversed.
All his life, Sri Aurobindo strived to show the right path but people don't find any need to heed him; the situation is the same even today.
Can't agree with your interpretation of hierarchy or gender equality and their implications vis-à-vis past narratives. May be you are right!
Monarchy and allied hierarchy is glorified in Mythology. Gender equality is unheard of. These are certain examples which need modern amnesia
Thanks. Certain values have been enshrined in the Constitution; codified. Cultural traditions are diverse and hence plurality is important.
Uncritical worshipping of cultural heritage is problematic. Constitutional values must be upheld so that undesirable customs are eradicated.
Persuading may be the right word instead of forcing. Ultimately, the will of the people is important and to be respected and not manipulated
Needling Muslims is the sole intention why BJP rakes up the Ram temple issue from time to time. All its campaigns are geared to Muslim angle
BJP loves Mythology & obscurantism & is uncomfortable with Democracy & plurality, Modernity & liberalism, Intellectuality & Critical reason.
Silence seeks to sweep difference under the carpet and enforce uniformity. This Kafkaesque trait of RSS and BJP leads to Fascist propensity.
Religions are defective; don't gel with modern living. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo recommended designing your own religion from Yoga toolkit.
Most Govt servants, women, or evening Meditation participants are allergic to political "use" of Sri Aurobindo. SEP defies proprietorial aim
Surely Meditation shouldn't get disturbed by worries of political tussle but whom to vote is an important aspect of life requiring vigilance
Political campaigning has become so complex & overpowering that it's beyond lay persons to cut through the clutter. So reliable guide needed
Democracy enjoins upon all right thinking persons to extend support to feeble voices which fight the hegemony and tyranny of majoritarianism
Democracy is not merely about getting elected or capturing power. Rejuvenating Democracy by refining & nurturing values is its raison d'être
Just like a hospital is an adjunct to a Medical college for research, polls and power are merely fields of practice for improving Democracy.
Remember your age and don't take responsibility for dubious texts and customs of thousands years back that have come through some tradition.
Neither modern nor ancient is valuable for its own sake; what matters is pursuing own self-interest and common-sense. Mythology misleads.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Things seemed so straightforward as if milk & honey will flow in a decade or two. But all that stand shattered today
[Leadership is the art of persuasion—the act of motivating people to do more than they ever thought possible...]
They are also afflicted by an irresistible urge called "the desire to be desired."

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