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The Mother's map is in the spirit of a Nation-soul

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Many States are perceived to be well off because of average financial figures. Poverty shouldn't be elbowed out by the lever of statistics.
Sri Aurobindo is definitely guilty of characterising the West as materialist but it should be read in context. Repeating same now is faulty.
Dismal painting of the West may not very factual nor very profitable especially when Hindutva seeks to enforce obscurantism and medievalism.
The Mother's map must be seen in the spirit of a Nation-soul and not one administrative entity especially when population has grown fourfold
Reliance on Mythology, Rituals, and literal interpretation of Vedic utterances are definitely against Modernity which need to be jettisoned.
You may believe MB but I have no faith in what hydra-headed RSS says. Further Hindutva has now become Frankenstein's Monster; out of control
Hindutva as monster has gone out of the control of its maker; that's what I meant. Left/Right labelling of forked-tongued RSS is problematic
Deciding what is original and what came later is also contentious. Further there are perspectives difficult to agree
Human beings own the earth and so administrative units or countries should be rationally reorganised according to geographical suitability.
Ethnicity or nationality shouldn't prevent people from drawing the best benefits of geographical resources and their technological harnesses
All people of the world are one and their concerns are the same. Govts are facilitators and if they fail are predators. Vigilance necessary.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo strived for human unity. Integral Yoga aims at transforming humble human condition to a unified human aspiration.
Westphobia is in fashion now but integration with what is best that the West offers is the most sensible option for India. English is basis.
Vigilance by citizens per se is not undesirable; rather they should very much be a part of any vibrant Democracy. Fear of perversion exists.
Legal and legitimate are different and Democracy values the later.  Majoritarianism is a flaw and responsible citizens can raise their voice
Democracy is more than Govt, Parliament, or Elections. Citizens' participation in whichever form it occurs is valuable lubrication exercise.
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