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You are worse than a commie in your delusion

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Savitri Era: CM Yogi is speaking like a moral education teacher... #SriAurobindo
Please work for Savitri Era Party for a better future of the country.
Savitri Era Party's focus is on each individual, his/her subjectivity, and future evolution; Group dynamics and Past baggage to be overcome.
Liberal ethos of Savitri Era Party doesn't permit any kind of hierarchy or discrimination. Children must be rescued from parental imposition
Democracy empowers each individual to break apart existing order and defy traditional tenets of respecting elders
Science and Philosophy have failed to explain human existence and Religion spreads mythological fiction. So, Indian Constitution is basic.
Marxist individualism is atheist and mechanical whereas Savitri Era valorises volitional evolution towards Unity, Mutuality, and Harmony.
@PaganTrad @GreatHeretic @Sheks65  Thanks for the compliment, but ...
Indian Constitution doesn't put any text ancient or modern above itself. So, don't be intimidated or overawed by any writing in any language
Savitri Era Party is against food restrictions, dress codes, and other lifestyle stipulations imposed by political or religious authorities.
As you have not read Sri Aurobindo you fail to grasp the thrust of what I hint at
I toil on Twitter for children like you without bothering about my own welfare or wherefore. Thanks for telling my whereabouts!
Music to my ears because Sri Aurobindo was also perceived to be the most dangerous man in the British Empire. @yugaparivartan
Just now, @PaganTrad has diagnosed something serious about you. Wish, it's not true, but take care instead of worrying of me
And keeping you alert about the future instead of transporting to history, archeology, mythology, astrology, etc.
Many things are beyond the effect of smoking or drinking. They have to do with genes or upbringing. So no way out
What I say now was not operative on my parents/guardians/teachers. Broad principles and not literalism should be the focus.
Some writers have been promoted for years through awards and text books at the cost of greater ones appearing subsequently. Overhaul needed.
You should change your name to Narad. This subtle way of pouring salt on the wound is like adding insult to injury of PM!
Various types of injustice is proliferating due to mere inertia on the part of the State. Periodical review of rules and beneficiaries must.
There is great need to understand the kind of citizens the Constitution of India demands before which other identities pale in significance.
I don't think cow worshippers can be good citizens because the love for cow is so intense that one starts hating a section of human beings.
@realitycheckind That is taking the function of Govt to own hands so that Govt becomes redundant and local people rule
Fear mongering is how you keep your flock together. Anonymous heroes on Twitter are past masters in this sordid hatred-game.
Hindutva has no defendants barring some anonymous abusers. Scholarship and argument is really in short supply. Educating them is a challenge
Country is passing through difficult times. The only way to save it is by learning what The Mother & Sri Aurobindo teach about life & future
Amazing, why no one in the RSS ecosystem demands transparency in functioning and open discourse on issues. Anonymous handles are nuisance!
@madhukishwar Good Democratic principle but the timing is perplexing as so many did it simultaneously. @dhume is against CM Yogi
Most problems of India is due to India itself; they will vanish when States become independent nations on language-basis or region-specific.
Ethics from Indian Constitution combined with Philosophy of Sri Aurobindo will make a great curriculum but we are teaching questionable weal
Noise on Freeing Hindu Temples from Government Control is heard from time to time but no one complaining about encroachment by a modern sect
Nothing more hilarious than some self-appointed foreigners doing yeoman's service of certifying who is a genuine Hindu and who is a pseudo.
@bhoopalp When "Moses held out his staff and the Red Sea parted" Gravity can be said to have surrendered to the Christian god.
Too many rules in the country pertaining to religious and caste identities that violate the egalitarian spirit of Constitution. Scrap them.
Dynasty has made Indian Democracy dysfunctional. Remote Control by RSS is distorting Governance significantly. Judiciary recommending parley
No harm in having such futuristic objectives as part of Savitri Era Party agenda. Preparing young minds is a challenging task at the moment.
The disciples of Vivekananda have successfully obstructed and marginalised the teachings of Sri Aurobindo causing great harm to the country.
Certain polemical portions in his writings notwithstanding, Sri Aurobindo extolling Swami Dayananda as true seer of the Veda needs attention
System is the other name of Govt/Party which has to be built brick by brick; no shortcut. New Ideas are best honed by Sri Aurobindo's vision
The teachings of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo show how it is so much better to accept a new religion than mending and reconciling the old ones
When cow worshippers can internalise true meaning of Go of the Veda as interpreted by Sri Aurobindo, India will be able to rediscover itself
RSS has specialisation in mobilising a crowd at short notice and thereby earns legitimacy. But a mob is not always the best judge of things.
Not many followers of Sri Aurobindo on Twitter, and most of them misguided Modi-devotees, yet their understanding of things is far superior.
That's fine when you begin but human mind has the inherent tendency of comparing whereby the best is chosen. It's always lonely at the top.
I don't think anyone is the sole architect, it's a collective effort subject to gyrations of space & time. My job is to invoke Sri Aurobindo
Brilliant brains on Twitter exhibit serious knowledge-deficit. Most of them have never taken Sri Aurobindo seriously as a thinker. Now, rue.
Gung-ho on Modi-campaign, Reliance launched an aggressive Jio bordering on predatory techniques. But human mind is beyond blatant linearity.
Never forget that Modi and Kejriwal have come to power fuelled by ample deceit and chicanery. Never forgive the willy machinations of Ramdev
Suspect all those who portray Savarkar and Golwalkar as fulcrum of Indian Civilisation instead of Dayananda and Sri Aurobindo's Vedic wisdom
Geographical divide was the cause of certain theoretical stereotypes and shibboleths that need to be jettisoned after the advent of Internet
Modi-devotees will be disappointed that the PM candidates in 2019 will include Yogi Adityanath, Ramdev, and Nirmal Baba on popular demand.
I don't think you have read Sri Aurobindo enough and so advising me is slightly misplaced. Further, you never tweet about Sri Aurobindo.
No insecurity at all; you are free to express yourself. India's Rebirth a compilation has misguided many Indians about Sri Aurobindo's views
Sri Aurobindo never published this piece and hence one needs to be circumspect about its content and the contention offered therein. Caveat!
It's definitely his writing but since he didn't publish it, there can be doubts about his agreeing fully with what he wrote at some point.
It was published later [These passages have been inserted by the editors either in the text itself or in footnotes.]
You may rest on oars with the current impression till the curiosity bug bites again to probe further to verify why I'm telling what I'm now.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo are firm that the world is moving towards a Harmony and aspiration for it to happen is the first step towards it.
Linguistic States as independent Nations is the only solution to the Indian conundrum. Around 50 Nations with up to 50m population maximum.
Demographic profile is so different from each other in different States that finding solutions will be much easier when they become Nations.
Task of Commonsense approach is to steer clear of Superstitions on one hand and Mystical on the other, without resorting to Marxist atheism.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo never advocated laboratory exercises for accessing or assessing various rungs of Consciousness. It's all within.
Gandhi-Nehru-Lohia-and-Ambedkar brand of politics was a blind alley. Hindutva of Savarkar-Golwalkar takes downhill for drowning in the sea.
Integral Yoga is a complete recipe against Depression. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo resisted 3 masters of suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, & Freud.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were able to rescue Consciousness studies from going mystical by Baron Carl Du Prel, F.W.H. Myers, and William James
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo introduced Integral Education with a view to imparting awareness of accessing successive stages of Consciousness.
Unlike Hindutva, The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have reiterated Vedic planes of Consciousness available universally to people of all Religions.
Social norms evolved over time but Computers and Communications force to evaluate everything anew. Not to do so will be retrograde and jaded
Many books are misleading in the sense that references to subsequent refutations are missing and hence @amazon reviews are of a great help.
Aesthetics may be only one part of the story since scientific temper is bound to be blunted in the process which is also a parental duty.
That's absurd. But you are free to dwell in your own sphere of enchantment.
I feel, the statement is absurd and I said so for the sake of precision. I don't think I have used any harsh words against you, personally.
What seems like absurd to me may not feel absurd to you. It's purely subjective. Our wavelengths, entirely different!
My rules for following is different; I don't use it as a punishment. You are however free to dwell in an echo-chamber
Yes, ignorance is bliss. Frog in the well, alas, was dwelling too deep!
The way BJP has set itself on a slippery slope, it's a feeling of great relief of not having supported it at any point of time in the past.
Not having read fiction for more then 2-3 decades now, can't agree with their educative value or necessity in life.
Not being a Sanskrit enthusiast, never heard of Pollock before @RajivMessage raked up his name. Not reading him safe, as ignorance is bliss.
Authors unaware of Sri Aurobindo not mentioning him can be pardoned but those fully conversant but excise him from the books is mischievous.
Normal to hear someone saying dirty politics, every now and then. But the truth is human nature is dirty. Sri Aurobindo seeks Transformation
Textbooks have been successful in obliterating any possible relevance of Sri Aurobindo's writings and conversations running into 40 volumes.
Politics in India seems to stabilise at the level of cheering for football teams. Reading Sri Aurobindo can educate and sensitise on issues.
When prosperity has grown significantly during the last decade or two proportionate intellectual impoverishment is a matter of grave concern
It pains infinitely when the young and educated in our country resort to hatred and bigotry while intending to espouse the cause of Dharma.
Credit goes to Nehru for goading all kinds of knowledge systems and narratives to compete with each other through which Sri Aurobindo shines
Studying A) Giorgio Agamben (b.1942), B) Jean Baudrillard (1929–2007), C) David Chalmers (b.1966), and D) Richard Dawkins (b.1941) essential
Dismissing Sri Aurobindo's revelations on Veda as irrelevant is nothing but stupidity as well as absurd. Some anonymous handles are idiotic.
The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo should be attempted first along with The Life Divine to avoid toiling over Upanishads, individually.
Apart from the Freedom Struggle, Hindutva is a pauper when it comes to the 19th Century intellectual melting pot of Modern Indian history.
In the history of ideas, Marx has been promoted disproportionately. Infinitely profitable to discuss Sri Aurobindo who responds to the West.
Sri Aurobindo figures prominently in French Presidential election and #Frexit debate.
I also can't follow French. Fran├žois Asselineau, a candidate is invoking Sri Aurobindo. Several YouTube videos available. #Frexit
Expelling religion is a drawback of @SwarnaBharatIN as @surajitdasgupta rightly observes. Sri Aurobindo holds key @sabhlok @MakrandParanspe
Ideological war gathering storm over mythological fiction is an insult to the modern mind. Hindutva would do well not to fan such embers.
A person holding a Constitutional position has to mould himself accordingly instead of expecting the Constitution to change as per his whims
Constitution of India demands absolute loyalty towards it. Personal predilections and prior commitments need to be surrendered at its altar.
Top Constitutional positions are not part-time jobs or deputations. Endeavoring to adhere to its letter and spirit become most challenging.
Language issue has once again brought the fragility of India to the fore. Granting Sovereignty to the States is the only logical solution.
Cow worshippers should turn seekers of Light and Knowledge. "Go" in the Veda stands for light and not cow, as Sri Aurobindo has explained.
Mythological fiction, in most cases, are symbolic representation of Vedic truths; their selective literal use is hypocritical and problematic.
Sri Aurobindo came to Puducherry today in 1910 and stayed there till he breathed his last in 1950. Wrote profusely:
Doubts raging over Aadhaar and EVM cloud digitalisation as a solution. Cyber empires, however, flourish but no guidance from Sri Aurobindo.
Many have been deluded by Sri Aurobindo's Foundations of Indian Culture and miss his critical views on Mythology, Rituals, and Superstitions
Technological development and prosperity anywhere upon our planet is a blessing for every country. Animosity against other nations is flawed
Each Linguistic State is a nation and must be granted Sovereignty by abolishing the Central Govt. India is a British legacy; needs reversal.
"Go" as Light or Knowledge endows the right connotations to different terms like Goloka, Gomati, Gopi, Goshthi, Gaveshana, Govardhan, etc.
Ideological rigidity is pushing appetite for learning and sense of wonder to the brink. New knowledge is seen as adversary instead of vistas
Nehruvian narrative was normal till now which is being challenged by Modians, but not with commensurate sophistication or erudition, alas!
Most educated people upholding Hindutva do it for political reasons but avoid open debates as their arguments, they know, won't hold water.
Nagel continues to nag philosophers and scientists alike and Ontological probes are everywhere on the Net but our Hindutva world is aloof!
A text or a temple doesn't validate something automatically. Locus of validation is intellectuality and hence the need for its independence.
Human intellect is the greatest creation of Nature. To mortgage it to Mythology and drive out Modernity can prove to be terribly retrograde.
No culture can be "native to its soil" due to continuous exchange and therefore any "great banyan tree" is a figment of fertile imagination.
From my village to the city, I have not seen anyone working for the upliftment of Dalits. So, the organisations involved in this are great.
Scope of human mind is so wide that it can't be kept confined within the Indian Constitution. Therefore, the provision for periodical review
Popular notions are a formidable bane. Socialist policies don't help the poor nor Reservations benefit the Dalits. Savitri Era Party pursues
Top leaders of all political parties are willy nilly hand in glove with International syndicates. So singling out anyone visible is not fair
Rabid Modians love attacking individuals instead of engaging with subjects. Hurts religious sentiments is their latest ploy to avoid debates
Culture is no longer a primary domain pertaining to aesthetics. Now, a full-scale industry and commerce with dollops of crony capitalism.
FYUP could have substantially reform education in India through free choices and easy migration. Pushing marriage age by one year did it in.
Lack of level paying field between Public sector and pvt sector, Cities and villages, North and South, Five Star tourism and Melas should go
Veteran political analysts and Defence strategists in their long-winded OPEDs spot complexities but common sense is plain and ethics simple.
Gender discourse remains prisoned in tortuous sentences. Young persons need simple do's and don'ts to internalise the critical perceptions.
Democracy enjoins upon and empowers everyone to be concerned about the country and Savitri Era Party encourages all to contribute their mite
Feeling dwarfed by gigantic political parties may be common for people but Democracy holds the power of catapulting any small fry to the top
Colonial, Feudal, & Dynastic modes of democracy practiced in India till now need to be overthrown and Savitri Era Party disowns high command culture.
If you oppose Dynastic politics, cow-towing to Mythology, Reservations, concentration of power in Central Govt, say yes to Savitri Era Party
Respect for the fellow Indian is non-negotiable regardless of his opinions and pursuits. Whosoever violates this is an enemy of Democracy.
Modernity, Democracy, Science, and English etc. are conspicuous legacies of Colonialism and Savitri Era Party is committed to uphold these.
Bread and butter issues are mainstay of politics but aligning them to higher Evolutionary purposes is the unique task of the new age leader.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
These are subjective/relative impressions/feelings. Nothing sacrosanct about their veracity. Just pointers; can't fight with an advocate!
Everyone loves a good story but Pankaj Mishra writes to disrupt & tease the intelligence by taking reader on a tour of unfamiliar locations.
How about this book? @loveofallwisdom @LarvalSubjects @shaviro @DrZamalek @swapan55 @saliltripathi @aakar_amnesty
Intellectual culture fosters Critical Reason but Marxist route arrives at ambivalence whereas Sri Aurobindo leads to Supramental omniscience.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Premodern themes and mythless Modernity
Savitri Era Political Action: The myth of mythless modernity
Why Odissi? Spelling should be Odishi. @OdiaCulture

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