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Marxists knew they can't argue with Sri Aurobindo

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In a world of competing theologies and religions, Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of Indian wisdom is the only reliable educational resource.
Suspecting the Colonial scholars and their theories for bias is understandable but dithering on Sri Aurobindo's interpretation is hypocrisy.
Symbolic interpretation of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo far exceeds in significance Luther nailing his 95 theses in Wittenberg 500 years back.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have said it repeatedly that India no longer exists for its own sake. Vedic Evolutionary dialectic to engulf world
Majority wins in Democracy but knowledge wins in religion. Sri Aurobindo's followers must refute Hindutva hegemony.
Sri Aurobindo used to teach in Baroda college in his twenties and understood the problems of education inside out. His works are not taught!
Scholars in India continue to ignore Sri Aurobindo. Perhaps, @chintskap @abhijeetsinger or @sonunigam may rake up some controversy some day!
Human civilisation has been a story of tussles between rationality and superstitions with higher consciousness guiding the journey forward.
@prashanthbn Now the challenge is to preserve turf from machines and robots and fight AI, perhaps!
Power and money have always owned media and so expecting objectivity and neutrality in communication is futile except stirring it oneself.
Issues relating to religious identity have become a regular affair and don't stimulate any deep examination. Instead, hate and passion rule.
It's one's own weakness to see human beings as belonging to some, caste, community, religion, language, race, or nationality and not as one.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo saw peace and harmony as the goal Evolution pursues and advised not to harbour any disappointment or despondency.
Hindutva no doubt throws a spanner in the work of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, still it's a minor irritant. The real adversary is in Savitri.
Inhuman acts and unsocial activities are merely symptoms. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo toiled hard to get at their root and have given remedy.
@AvijitSinha5 Sri Aurobindo's involvement in Freedom struggle was merely a melodramatic and interesting prelude. Hi……
Marxists knew they can't argue with Sri Aurobindo; they simply ignored him. Hindutva scholars follow the same strategy and avoid his theses.
@AvijitSinha5 @Profcee_app @davidfrawleyved The Cow and the Angiras legend…
@aviralmittal Savitri
@aviralmittal Savitri…
@AvijitSinha5 @Profcee_app @davidfrawleyved The Veda is tantamount to ongoing Evolutionary journey involving a stru……
The Mother's devotees who are also Hindutva votaries, obviously, lack conviction and hence their pusillanimous portrayal of Sri Aurobindo.
When everyone thought British as enemy The Mother & Sri Aurobindo banked upon Churchill to fight Hitler. Muslims similarly aren't the enemy.
@RaisinaSeries Thanks for your patience but logic of AAP has not vanished. Hope, you perceive the need for ideology……
India as a single administrative entity has become unviable and anomalous as its population has risen nearly four times since Independence.
Unusually large countries like India and China, with their totalitarian instincts, are a threat to the world peace, progress, and Democracy.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo emphasised upon growing into a higher consciousness in order to transform and reorder one's material surroundings
@CounterviewNet Hindutva is successful because of a sound narrative. Sri Aurobindo, writing 100 years back, could v……
The idea that Market represents perfection is a misconception. Information asymmetry and lack of level playing field is how Market pulsates.
Religion and religious practices are separate provinces. While the former retains identity, the latter must conform to demands of Modernity.
Modernity, Market, & Democracy are the greatest liberators. Man is freed from the rule of any King, Priest, Army, or Mafia and their tyranny
Indians got a chance to become equal as free citizens in 1947 but Dalits chose to retain a separate identity for themselves and they suffer.
Dalit intellectuals love their career growth by spewing hate but never campaign for giving up their separate identity and become equals.
Thinking of 1947 must undergo a thorough churning and overhaul in 2017. Nothing is sacrosanct before the demands of Modernity and Democracy
Some are busy strategizing capturing or retaining power. Others must put their heads together to refine Democracy, Modernity, and Liberalism
People are changing sides furiously but we retain our old slogan to oppose AAP, BJP, and Congress. Let's build a new alternative ourselves.
Savitri Era Party was born in 2007, Centenary year of Congress Split at Surat in which Sri Aurobindo had a big role.…
During the last ten years, Savitri Era Party has succeeded to put forth a viable alternative to Marxist, Nehruvian, and Hindutva ideologies.
Most political parties in India today are prisoners of Fascist functioning and reeling under High command culture. SEP seeks Paradigm shift.
Perceptive political commentators have failed to discover anything of value in Sri Aurobindo and refuse to recognise SEP's pioneering work.
Even a mention of Savitri Era Party in periodicals like @Outlookindia can give people a chance to study its ideology. @kazhugan @PragyaSingh
Being under Monarchy and Colonial regime for centuries, Indians are yet to learn that Democracy is not a Top-down but a Bottom-up exercise.
Just like it's difficult to differentiate among Sikhs due to their turbans, it's hard to distinguish South Indians because of similar names.
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad…
200 years [Presidency University, Kolkata (formerly, Hindu College and Presidency College) was established in 1817.]…

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