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Vedic undergirding Of Sri Aurobindo's Evolutionary dialectics

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Savitri Era: You are worse than a commie in your delusion #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #SavitriEraParty #Frexit #Modian
Such a sensational caption is totally unwarranted and it's too early to judge or brand anyone. Nehruvian paradigm persists for free debates.
@Abhina_Prakash Hindu College in your bio, like Hindu paper, sends an ambivalent impression vis-à-vis Hindutva/Hinduism. May be, deliberate!
Science today is beyond common sense and common man. Yet, it alone holds out the promise of unravelling mysteries bypassing subjective vents
Define and win is another unreliable saying like the more things change, the more they stay the same. Evolution is in operation; it reigns.
BJP gradually metamorphosing into the Congress banyan-tree is a more appropriate scenario as people of various hues are making a beeline.
LSP failed to make a mark and after @JP_LOKSATTA supported Modi it lost direction. @_SwarajIndia & @SwarnaBharatIN are merely making ripples
Many of what we see in the world today can be considered as unfoldment of initiatives undertaken by Henry Kissinger.
Nehru's alleged over-reliance on Mahalanobis and his Marxist formulations was a severe setback.–Mahalanobis_model
[P.N. Haksar (1913-1998) was the chief strategist behind prime minister's rise to near-absolute power in the 1970s.]
Hindus have been subjugated for over a millennium in India and hence Modians may be permitted to run amuck for revenge for at least one year
RSS is the Rajaguru and in its scheme of things placed above the Judiciary. So its thinking and pronouncements should be self-evident truth.
Tricolour is just like a slave child before the royal glory of the Triangular flag worshipped by RSS. All crimes done in its name is bravery
Multiple versions of mythological narratives and their internal contradictions apart from supernatural interventions are tough to reconcile.
Religious belief in Mythology and their literary & aesthetic enjoyment is quite a different thing than using them for political mobilisation
In an agricultural family in coastal Odisha, various deities were worshipped on different occasions during a year in 1960s-70s, but not Ram.
RSS events through its various outfits become fodder for TV and those don't participate are forgotten. So, RSS doesn't represent all Hindus.
All kinds of funny debates are going on over various languages but they will all be irrelevant once the States become Sovereign Republics.
Writing Sokalesque books and articles on Mythology or History that refuse verification has become a lucrative career earning respectability.
If most followers of Sri Aurobindo don't realise the ominous consequences of supporting Modi even now, then all their erudition is in vain.
Savitri Era Party has been campaigning against Draconian potentials of Modi and Kafkaesque functioning of RSS, which have taken dismal turn.
Despite high intellectuality, Leftists don't realise that merely opposing Hindutva is not enough. Religion is pivotal & Sri Aurobindo is key
Leftist protests against Modian intolerance is commendable but for reversing political marginalisation, they have to reinvent themselves.
Savitri Era Party has that which all other parties lack. It's only by rallying behind Sri Aurobindo that Hindutva can be defeated, squarely.
Modernity is an insulation against idiocy and juvenility. Not to suffer tyranny of retrograde ideologies is the responsibility of each one.
An ideology that has gone berserk since 1948 needs to be mended from the roots but it has not been attempted. Sri Aurobindo has the remedy.
Believing the Hindus as a separate species and their culture as something exceptional is the delusion Modians are suffering from. Need help.
English is anathema for Modians which means shutting windows to the world resulting in malnutrition of the intellect and succumbing to hate.
Right education under The Mother & Sri Aurobindo can heal minds and usher in harmony. Right Ontology can inculcate humility & fellow feeling
Academic study of a particular philosopher like Leibniz or Whitehead down to Nagel is too restrictive just like Indian philosophical schools
Sri Aurobindo presents a synthesis that is flexible enough to accommodate present perplexity and a sublime Evolutionary destiny of humanity.
Democracy must develop some mechanism to foster civil society concerns on Constitutional matters and incorporating needed remedial measures.
Dynamics of competitive politics brings out negative features of human nature to the fore. Democracy is a failure if it doesn't cure them.
Bright side of current crop of controversies is Religions are being identified with a set of consumption patterns subject to Market churning
Policies of a political party should be open and subject to public scrutiny. But the presence of RSS in India is the mother of all mischief.
RSS is afraid of intellect and follows the Catch them young policy assiduously. Leftists too impart indoctrination almost on same principles
Savitri Era Devotees believe in free thought and open discourse within the overarching Ontological framework of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo.
Central Govt priorities are out of sync with on-the-ground realities faced by the States. They grapple with the problems but lack any power.
States as Sovereign Republics can work wonders with their resources with mutual collaboration without any interference from a Central Govt.
Difficult to predetermine everything and needless to stress on the past. The first step towards the future is the Central Govt scraps itself
Each region of India should be given the option of an independent nation. Thereafter, practical necessities decide the need for unification.
Each State has an elected Govt and a sound Bureaucracy; it's only question of adding a few more functions. Nothing chaotic. Fresh energy!
Due to overpopulation, in place of one India, there should be around 50 countries with 50m population at the maximum
Around 50 Independent nations with 50m population at the maximum replacing India is the most viable solution.
Dystopian scenarios are easy to paint but the trajectory of the future is certainly not entirely in the hands of any particular organisation
You fail to notice the urge for self-determination of people speaking different languages. Democratic fervour doesn't care for future dander
They are matter of details but first we must popularise the notion that the Central Govt has become redundant and hence needs to be scrapped
Please spend half an hour at my blog given in the bio for clarifications. Another interesting link #Frexit
Imperial legacy has imprisoned Linguistic nationalities for too long. Time, Punjab Sindh Gujarat Maratha Dravida Utkala Banga to break apart
The idea of a Nation is cohesion, not largeness, power, or prosperity; they are secondary criteria. Nothing more sweet than same language.
Tarun Vijay is candid to express that Tamil, Kerala, Karnataka, and Andhra are separate nations. There is no reason why they cling together.
North-South divide is not the whole truth. Each State has its own uniqueness and distinct appeal and so they need to be independent nations.
Past experiences may not be sound guide for future realities. You, perhaps, need to get acquainted with Sri Aurobindo's vision and optimism.
Nothing produced in the past can be a perfect template for the present. That's the Evolutionary unpredictability and Sri Aurobindo an anchor
No denying of your apprehensions of war and conflict but peace and harmony are also part of human endeavour. SEP agenda pursues those hopes.
No need of seeking anyone's mercy. Each linguistic State should turn an independent nation since the Central Govt has become redundant.
Appears futuristic but the idea of India in the current form is a flawed one. States turning Sovereign Republics is a more probable scenario
Sri Aurobindo's encounter with Tamil through Subramania Bharati in 1910 leading to a new interpretation of the Veda redefined Indian wisdom.
Decoupling Veda from Ritual was Sri Aurobindo's greatest material contribution to his countrymen the significance of which is being resisted
Dayananda and Sri Aurobindo foregrounding the Veda and its Evolutionary dialectics constitutes the greatest intellectual breakthrough so far
In Sri Aurobindo's The Life Divine, Evolution got new meaning. Without the Vedic undergirding it would have seemed as a mass of speculations
Wealthy and influential Mathas of South India oppose Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda. Every educated Indian must read this great book
Internet has made possible unprecedented access to knowledge sources. One can read The Secret of the Veda free, here
Yes, you can read it online here
UP introducing English from Nursery level is a dream come true. Someday the children will be able to recite Savitri.
Crime and punishment should be commensurate and as per law but there was some mismatch in this case like kangaroo court delivering instantly
Going to work and discharging other family obligations generate a reasonable level of satisfaction. Aim of life, a small inconvenience sulks
The Mother was not very particular about too much of intellectual exercise and counselled work with an attitude of surrender. #IntegralYoga
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad

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