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Artistes are always alone, be loyal to your idea

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Savitri Era: Irresistible urge called the desire to be desired
Realising how Religion & Rituals corrupt thinking from the young age is important for parents to ensure a congenial environment for children
Aesthetic triggers are responsible for many things invading our lives without due diligence & young formative years are much more vulnerable
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have inaugurated an alternative understanding of life vis-à-vis Religion in consonance with Science and Evolution
Rationality demands that what is handed down through various traditions are examined objectively for veracity & utility without blind belief
Sure, a good way of saving oneself and family members from superstitions and extortion by imposters. Scientific attitude is a must for all.
Reading Sri Aurobindo's interpretation of the Veda can completely alter your impression of it.
A soap-opera or a pot-boiler can be pardoned for commercial compulsions but when intellectuals sell ideology without conviction, it's vile.
20th Century unveiled diverse mysteries of human comprehension like the unconscious, incompleteness, no single interpretation, subtexts, etc
Our existence as human beings has much more areas of study and for striving than the narrow perspectives refracted through religious prisms.
Religion & Rituals lack internal involvement and spawn complacence. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo advise Integral yoga & constant remembrance.
Science and technology has done wonders to human perception and, therefore, there is no reason why one would imagine no further enlargement.
Everyone loves status qou and hence any talk of of dividing India into smaller nations is met with a stunned look. Merits of it is not heard
History of ideas during the last two centuries in India comes off as largely derivative of the West barring a solitary figure, Sri Aurobindo
He represents a tradition, I presume. Any original strain of thought? Are you a dedicated follower? Have you studied them in any detail? Any links to informed articles?
That's great! You should tweet some salient points so that the originality part can be debated. Will enrich Twitter as general information.
It has become customary to write Sri Aurobindo next to wherever Vivekananda's name appears but it's a blunder because they were poles apart.
Latest forays in Physics and Neuropsychology point to indeterminability bordering on Nihilism but Sri Aurobindo focuses on the Supramental.
Many intellectuals jump into Hindutva bandwagon to relish some delicacies but when adulations wane and heat rises, they beat a hasty retreat
Western philosophy's commitment to immanence but subtle roots in Christian theology are problem areas. Sri Aurobindo solves in Life Divine.
Hindutva insistence of externalities and exhibitionism is the worst among most forms of distortion that Hinduism has weathered over the ages
Domain knowledge is crucial for innovation and progress. Yet, a lay person's chance of intuitively accessing higher truth can't be ruled out
Process is considered indispensable for success in both material and spiritual fields. For The Mother & Sri Aurobindo, descent can override.
Social or professional hierarchy is perceived as a harsh reality whereas it's an Evolutionary tool for accomplishing scripted eventualities.
Modi is taking his personality cult to new heights. He strives to make it self-evident that there is no other VIP in the country except him.
You are right. By 2019 Modi is likely to face formidable opposition within ecosystem; still greater resistance from the combined Opposition.
Nehruvian policies have stood the test of time as almost all PMs after him have tried to follow. Distorted History books are the only blot.
Glow of Nehru as a symbol of liberal ethos is increasing everyday as the present regime is mounting attack on social harmony in various ways
Thanks to Nehru India becoming a Hindu Rashtra was prevented in 1947. After 70 years it's difficult to elicit such an assurance from leaders
Earlier, BJP was complaining about Muslim 'appeasement.' That seemed so harmless in comparison to their present posture of driving them out.
RSS demands obedience whereas a Democracy fosters freedom. RSS valorises tradition but Modernity encourages innovation. The choice is yours.
If political parties become as powerful as warring kingdoms run by Dynasties in the past, then Democracy loses its meaning; charisma rules.
Common folks can be pardoned for uninformed loyalties but top professionals mortgaging their intelligence & ethics is backstabbing Democracy
The Constitution of India adores Democracy; the nation is secondary. The will of the people - free and fair - takes precedence over boundary
Comparisons are odious but we have seen people's will winning when USSR disintegrated or Bangladesh was created. India can opt for same fate
India is too large an entity to be reasonably grasped by the puny brain of any citizen. States as sovereign nations can lessen this burden.
Ownership and Real-estate mentality extends over the whole subcontinent. Remedy is to grant Sovereignty to all the States on language basis.
Metanarratives have their own intoxicating effect but it's hard to impart such indoctrination on others. Not to see reality is hallucination
Thanks for forwarding the articles which fall under the same metanarrative you love. What I say is based on present realities and future needs
You may be right and my lone opinion hardly matters. But, if you certify some originality in it, then it may have tangential value
Specialists must be allowed their space. I'm trying to present my own understanding of things via Sri Aurobindo.
They would have been jobless had scholars from @RajeevSrinivasa to @RajivMessage produced a dependable counternarrative. They stopped at cow
Everyone including RM has contributed his mite; I don't belittle them. But they don't add up to a firm picture. Cow!
Every offence and crime attracts instant judgment on Twitter without any semblance of inquiry or benefit of doubt. Shocking verbal violence!
I respect artistes and scholars but am dismayed when the opinion of artistes are accorded disproportionate importance over that of scholars.
Hindutva is on a ban spree and someday some laboratory procedure or even a science fiction may draw its ire. Squirrels may become sacred.
I support science and leave the rest to specialists & technocrats. I'm not qualified nor required to have an opinion on each and every issue
Agree, that's the other extreme. Genuine scholars are a neglected lot and their views are ignored. Celebrity chasing has become a decrease.
Bhojpuri speaking people should demand a separate State or even a separate Nation. A language should trigger legitimate nationalist fervour.
Holding Mythology as true but rejecting how others interpret them can't be a valid stand. Insisting on single interpretation of texts wrong.
Hindutva fans focus so much on the distant and imaginary past that not much of present problems attract their attention save Muslim baiting.
Relying upon Kant's Enlightenment and Mill's Liberty, I hope that all those educated people who have been hoodwinked by Hindutva will change
In fact, different factors have come to be conflated which makes the situation difficult: Anti-Congressism, anti-Communism, anti-Muslim, etc.
Trolling is fashionable on Twitter and attracts eyeballs. Cool pondering over issues by avoiding sensationalism can lead to right inferences
Many hoped to be Ministers by going to unreasonable lengths in deifying Modi. That phase is over and they should learn not to defy reason.
The ruling party of a large, modern Democracy believing in Mythology, and dependent for its own existence on it, happens to be an absurdity.
People believing and a political party espousing Mythology are two different things. A myth (false impression) and Mythological (Religious) fiction are entirely different domains.
You are entitled to your opinion and demands of realpolitik but I was toying with the idea of an ideal scenario.
As far as Indian Constitution is concerned, a major political party officially legitimatising Mythology and fiction is most incongruous.
Political and cultural pursue distinct objectives and when overlap tend to get distorted. Fidelity to respective goals, however, a hard task
Politics demands extreme sagacity and not maximum gain by minimum investment. That most politicians opt for latter doesn't make former null.
Development implies Modernity, Science, and Technology without any reference to Religion or Mythology. This promise is forgotten after polls
Just to highlight that certain public intellectuals are actually paid and consequently their worldview is likely to be permanently impaired.
I don't have any independent information; just quoted a celebrity author. However, top intellectuals being hired is not an improbability.
Branding makes things easy to grasp but as far as I can visualise, my stands will continue to clash with established schools and their memes
Like Independence, Democracy and Modernity was gifted to India but they are not valued properly. Even, Secularism and Liberalism is mocked.
If basic human values are sacrificed at the altar of religious nationalism then there is something seriously wrong with that brand of ethics
Politics demands extreme sagacity and not maximum gain by minimum investment. That most politicians opt for latter doesn't make former null.
Voting should be done with due application of mind on various issues instead of being tied to castes, religious hatred, or personality cult.
My tweet is directed more towards the vote seekers than the voters. Enlightenment and Evolution encourage to aspire for removing past errors
That's the advantage of being with Sri Aurobindo. Evolution, for us, is an ongoing, living process, even facilitating this particular tweet.
If corrupt Company chiefs are aspiring for multiplying profits and expanding their business empires, why won't good people seek social good?
The situation can easily be salvaged when followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo resolve to lead instead of being led by the half-educated.
I don't think you have read Sri Aurobindo's books adequately and on that parameter alone I can treat your tweet as half-baked and misleading
The West has learnt to negotiate with post-Secularism but India, instead of following Sri Aurobindo, has fallen into the ditch of Medievalism
I'm yet to come across a staunch Hindutva supporter who has read the works of Sri Aurobindo or at least knows what his salient thoughts are.
There are of course about a dozen followers of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo on Twitter who happen to back Hindutva. I keep them within bracket
Sri Aurobindo was emphatic about Evolution and its intention. On that strength let's rest assured that Hindutva won't be able to conquer minds
[100 Years of Sri Aurobindo on Evolution, by Richard Carlson]
[Sri Aurobindo’s proposition that teacher is a friend & guide remains an elusive & utopian aim] Sachidananda Mohanty
the Orchid and the rOse: I challenge you all to jump off a tall building
Marketime: Tagore's shift to universal humanism was subsequent
Feel Philosophy: Ionians and Ironman
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Hegel’s view seems to be in keeping with Clement, ...
[Sri Aurobindo’s contribution cannot be confined... as his genius touched almost every branch of human knowledge.]
[Asselineau speaks of Sri Aurobindo... does not seem to have grasped the integral philosophy of the Rishi; has just one obsession -- Frexit]
[From Darwin on, big brains are not that adaptive. — Aquinas, Hume, Kant, Plato, Wittgenstein — who died childless.]
[resolved in 1693 by Leibniz’s short piece of "Reflections on True Metaphysics"... action or force or necessity of change.] Jonathan Edwards
I have no inclination to disagree with your, or for that matter, anyone's estimation/impression of me since there is no "view from nowhere."
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
[Sri Aurobindo and the Revolution of India: Luc Venet has written a new biography of Sri Aurobindo’s life 1893-1910]
Savitri Era Learning Forum: How to shape the media of the future
[Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC) two-day Symposium on 22nd and 23rd April 2017] @SACACIndia

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