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Savitri Era Party pleads guilty of simplifying Sri Aurobindo

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Savitri Era: The Mother's map is in the spirit of a Nation-soul #SriAurobindo #FiveDreams #WorldUnion #SavitriEra
Democracy is a work in progress & human nature is evolving. No reason to be disappointed by past data; a few leaders can bring new unfolding
I have seen quality of life changing vastly in India during the last sixty years. Development is on autopilot; Democracy is in danger rather
Right to property is the most important aspect of a mature society and to improve from what one already has is each person's responsibility.
I think you are afflicted by socialist thinking and expect everything done by the State. That's an error. Each individual must strive hard.
Corruption is there and lax law and order but they are part of the Market dynamics. People are in Socialist mindset and can't take advantage
Problem lies in comparison which is unnecessary and misleading. India will progress gradually and incrementally from where it stands today.
I'm campaigning for granting Sovereignty to the States of India by abolishing Central Govt so that Democracy and Development reaches people.
The way @sagarikaghose paints a playful image of religion has echoes in what Sri Aurobindo had jotted down playfully
Why @sagarikaghose mentions Rammohan Roy, Vivekananda, Tagore, Chaitanya, and Ramakrishna but forgets Sri Aurobindo?
Fundamentalist Hindutva is on the rise due to the Nehruvian mode of playful religion. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo say it's a serious business
Be it politics or religion, there is no alternative to ethics and dedication. [One man's perfection still can save the world. ~Sri Aurobindo]
Liberalism evolves. Nehruvian and Marxist narrative with some help from Bollywood reigned. World Union, Sri Aurobindo's third dream, is next
By reading the works of Sri Aurobindo, one feels empowered. The Vedic imperative is to recover light and truth from ignorance and deception.
Continuing Western engagement in India serves a great Evolutionary purpose. Overseas Indians too play a catalytic role in this integration.
The kind of Ontology that The Mother & Sri Aurobindo present enables one to get freed from any narrow belongingness like nation or religion.
The way Sri Aurobindo defines the character and functions of Varuna or even the qualities of a Brahmin, it's sublime
Judeo-Vedic Evolutionary dialectic unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo holds the promise of being universal Religion securing human unity
The debate whether Indians came from outside or Varuna appears first in Zend Avesta turns immaterial before Sri Aurobindo's universal creed.
Dante and Milton transformed Biblical theology into ecstatic and aweinspiring poetry. Sri Aurobindo excelled in weaving Savitri architecture
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo have ushered in an enlightened version of all-encompassing liberalism that abhors hatred, bigotry, and fanaticism
Nehruvians and Marxists perpetrated hypocrisy in name of diversity disregarding religious sentiments. Sri Aurobindo goes back to Vedic core.
TINA factor is driving people towards BJP but educated young men will certainly look for Ideology. Savitri Era Party will be the alternative
When BJP failed to weave a national narrative, it's trying to win the States with local manipulation, confirming its ideological bankruptcy.
RSS as an extra-Constitutional authority is certainly bad but being an albatross around Modi's neck has salutary effect in current situation
We have seen diverse zones of ideological spectrum ending in fiasco during the last sixty years and hence Hindutva and Modi will follow suit
BJP masquerading Hindutva behind the mascot of Modi plus marketing Development and Personality cult is height of deception on Indian people.
If one is not convinced of the Evolutionary inevitability then one has either not read Sri Aurobindo or not been able to understand properly
Imposing one's own religious, political, or nationalist preferences on The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is a weakness which ought to be abandoned.
How prescient that Sri Aurobindo's ARYA writings published between 1914 and 1921 become so relevant to fight Hindutva menace after a century
Savitri Era Party has been able to analyse current affairs in the light of the Evolutionary vision of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo since 2005.
Regardless of reign of different ideologies and transition in technologies a fresh set of people have always prospered at the cost of others
Academia implies free debate and exchange of ideas but in India it stands for Marxist indoctrination by banishing Sri Aurobindo's philosophy
Upholding the symbols and practices of Modernity must be the first and foremost duty of any Govt swearing allegiance to Indian Constitution.
Adolescence marks loosening of parental attachment and searching for substitutes in a community, religion, or nation. Most fail to overgrow.
Mocking someone or scoring brownie points is what most people do on Twitter but never read a page from Sri Aurobindo
Just because the devotees of Nehru, Gandhi, Marx, Ambedkar, Savarkar, etc. avoid Sri Aurobindo, it's all the more necessary to remember him.
If all the political parties today find themselves helpless before Modi and all ideologies are blunt before Hindutva, then Savitri Era Party wins
By offering a valid and viable political ideology that can successfully contest Hindutva in content & intent and finally stealing a victory.
Disagree. Whenever two or more individuals come together, it's around some kind of ideological glue. Self-interest may be the unifying goal.
He is indulging in politics; has political ambitions - are indictments but "using" Sri Aurobindo for confronting Modi & Hindutva justifies my "crime."
Sri Aurobindo's writings are vast and complex but Savitri Era Party pleads guilty of simplifying it to mount an offensive on Hindutva & Modi
Pitting Sri Aurobindo against Modi amounts to simplifying though "Rejection of complexity" is a sign of Fundamentalism
Savitri Era Party opposed ban as it [does not bode well for a liberal culture: reduce complex arguments to sound bites]
Noble qualities unearthed by the recent Truschke's book is a further corroboration that Dr. Kalam might have been Aurangzeb in his past life!
Feel Philosophy: In struggles we can very well come together and aid each other
the Orchid and the rOse: Spirit within is the true guide to health and healing #SriAurobindo
[Sri Aurobindo has investigated and found "root-sounds" to be the proper basis for a science of philology.]
[What was it that Lacan did if not repeat Freud, making Freud very different even as... rigorous fidelity to Freud?]
[philosophy doesn’t teach you one specific skill–it teaches you how to learn, think critically, choose and flourish]

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