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People nurse absurd prejudices regarding Sri Aurobindo

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Savitri Era: Savitri Era Party pleads guilty of simplifying Sri Aurobindo #Hindutva #BJP #RSS #Modi #Evolution
I don't think anyone living having any "spiritual experience" and so apprehending the world from one's limited perspective is rather honest.
If you can inform names of spiritual people with modality of selecting them and their respective levels, it'd be a great service to seekers.
Subjective impulses, feelings, or experiences can't be put before others for verification. So scientific/philosophical investigation valid.
You can go on expanding on the idea to weave a distinct ontology. I simply objected to your labelling certain human experiences as spiritual
You confine to yourself; disseminating Sri Aurobindo's ideas doesn't bother you, perhaps. Else, others have to be approached at their level.
Nice to hear that. What are your 3 all time greats? 3 contemporary greats? and, 3 wishlist greats? Others would be interested to know them.
Fictions as a genre. You can have a separate rubric for spiritual. Btw, all writings, including philosophy, are fiction, says Postmodernism!
It was difficult for me to enjoy movies fully during college days (1971-76) due to poor Hindi. Anuraag (1972) was like a breath of fresh air
They are strangers to me except DF, the Hindutva activist! However, hope others will disclose preferences and favourite authors. @kalisbrood
DF may have been important at a particular stage of your intellectual growth but it's one sided. Just give a reading
The Life Divine by Sri Aurobindo is a pure "intellectual" work and if one reads it carefully, then he won't stop and ask for more philosophy
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo delved deep into the Consciousness question. Integral Yoga and Education are geared towards systematic progress.
No faculty of intellectual or aesthetic domain is outside Integral Yoga. A devotee may have own preference but belittling something improper
Seeking genuine voices and supporting political ideologies that are fit for the future is more important than discussing about the frauds.
Wishful thinking about past is a widespread pastime. Jolt to Kejriwal is likely to reconfigure politics with advantage to Savitri Era Party.
Not easy to challenge or alter longstanding narratives but you may support Savitri Era Party and thus use your energy in a positive manner.
With Jaya gone, Maya out, and Mamata, Naveen, Nitish, & Kejriwal declining, alternative politics has not much hope except Savitri Era Party.
In the absence of any viable alternative everyone has to veer toward Savitri Era. Hope you are part of the effort and not merely an observer
So far, Indians are used to top-down politics but Savitri Era Party intends each citizen to emerge from his slumber in a bottom-up approach.
Colonialism, Socialism, & Spirituality have taken their toll but things are changing from onset of the current century in a significant way.
And vote, I will add, and they come under the overpowering influence of the ubiquitous Modi is the saviour rhetoric not to get out of it again
Hope, you love the people and have interest in politics. Your search for right path or party can lead you to my blog and then you may decide
Congress and Left supporters habitually raise some decibel against Hindutva but in vain with political ground slipping from under their feet
I didn't know you belong to the Left. So, no point in interacting. Savitri Era Party relies upon people with open mind and liberal outlook.
1) SEP draws inspiration from Sri Aurobindo.
2) SEP is fighting against all political parties.
3) SEP upholds genuine Democracy & Modernity.
It's true that most people don't possess an open mind but a core community of such people can be a catalyst in a big way. cc @vimuktaatma
Sympathisers of SEP are everywhere but not yet organisationally networked. Btw SEP won't be a High Command party and encourage local leaders
Ideology is our forté and is a strong contender against Hindutva. Once this idea becomes mainstream, anti-BJP people will flock around SEP.
Right from Nehru's Discovery of India, everyone loves to discover and imitate and not to invent or create anything new. SEP is frowned upon.
Mythology and history exert such an overpowering effect that it's difficult for people to accept Future is not a mere extension of the past.
Till now, politics in India has revolved around some personalities but Savitri Era Party wants it to evolve to an ideology-centred scenario.
Hindutva is not concerned about its own faults; it is eager & insistent on silencing those who unearth those wrongs disregarding their right
Given the choice Hindu Rashtra would like to abolish Opposition benches in Parliament being British legacy and PM freely speaks Mann Ki Baat
Political parties are building blocks of Democracy and function of a party is not merely to capture power but offer an alternative ideology.
Being into the circle of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo from an early age, I haven't got much chance to go through works of others. A privilege!
I have been working full time for Savitri Era since 2005 with utmost seriousness and am convinced of its ultimate ideological invincibility.
First step is to believe in a project instead of being an eternal doubter or critical observer. Then one brings in friends and acquaintances
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo were Evolutionary agents for Adventure of Consciousness and leading humanity to Harmony.
People are forever busy with what Sri Aurobindo said about Gandhi or Tagore or Subhas etc instead of studying his main theories & prophecies
You can prepare a short questionnaire and mail me on the subject, if you are serious. We can meet and discuss things in person, if feasible.
That's fine. Mail and other details are available in the sidebar of my Weblog and also at
All thoughts including mythologies are imaginary. Sri Aurobindo wrote extensively and people fall prey to it because they are so convincing.
True, and that's curious nature of human nature. No fixed standards, no permanent beliefs, & wide disparity between public & private conduct
1) Watchdog functions over Govt is fine but worrying about the Army is futile. 2) Many people who love India sincerely actually stay abroad.
Here's a nascent attempt to firmly embed the Integral Yoga of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo within Mythological imagery
We are taking the stand that the Constitution needs thorough review and whatever the Parliament does about our suggestion should be final.
Abrupt abolition may not be a practical thing and devolution of functions in a phased manner can also be an option. They are just suggestion
We are talking about a future Parliament in which we have a say. Besides, this is not the main issue, now. Confronting Hindutva is primary.
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo applied a body blow to all past religions of world and perpetuation of various traditions
Definitely, wherever needed. Sri Aurobindo has swept away past cobwebs like no one before him. He has the advantage of flowing with Science.
It's amusing to see BJP supporters complaining bitterly against their own Govt at the Centre. Seems that Modi is out of bounds for everyone.
AAP, BJP, and Congress have mastered the art of befooling the Public. Indians must strive hard to reject them and support Savitri Era Party.
BJP's expansion across the country is uneven but local parties opposing it are equally corrupt and undemocratic. Savitri Era Party is answer
Time and again we have said that AAP will disintegrate without any religious glue. Sri Aurobindo serves as the anchor for Savitri Era Party.
People are not aware about Sri Aurobindo and nurse absurd prejudices regarding him. Savitri Era Party has the first mover's advantage on him
Personality cult in AAP is unravelling and same will happen in BJP. Savitri Era Party with Sri Aurobindo as inspiration is for the long haul
If "All histories are elaborate efforts at mythmaking" we have British, Marxist, Nehruvian, Subaltern, and Hindutva.
[Nehru offered "heavy engineering and machine-making industry, scientific research institutes, and electric power."]
[We are not bound to look upon epics as spiritual truths...ancient creative works containing elements of history] Manoj Das
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Marketime: Vivekananda evangelising Hinduism; Radhakrishnan Christianizing Hinduism
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[Our brains are tricking us all the time, seeing what we have been preconditioned to perceive and leaving out much]
[We must celebrate doubt, encourage deviation; use science to impartially observe our own perception, develop habit of thoughtful deviation]
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