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Hindutva has no use for Sri Aurobindo's Secret of the Veda

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Savitri Era: Cling to Sri Aurobindo's Vedic rediscovery - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum
India as it stands today and its people are not under any kind of compulsion to protect or preserve any form of custom, culture, & tradition
Just like a Company overlooks social responsibility in favour of stakeholders' gain people must guard self-interest by sacrificing sentiment
Please get the article vetted by MT who firmly holds that AIT/AMT is plausible so that readers are spared of needless confusion on the issue
My twelve years with social media has revolved around a single theme and it's Sri Aurobindo. My belief/views are free as I'm not accountable
Instead of bothering about my problem or whether I'm a fake or not, both of you should read as I can't spoon feed.
Popular notion is the past dictating the future but Sri Aurobindo doesn't admit any such obligation and votes for an unpredictable Evolution
Publish where? All my tweets are published in my blog. Just Google my name and find out. I'm not accountable to you or any anonymous handle.
I said, I will not write catering to your demand but I'm certainly accountable to what I tweet or write at my blog.
Sri Aurobindo Ashram is within Puducherry. Auroville is an enclave in Tamil Nadu. Please check their websites to know about their activities
Reciting Savitri can generate self-awareness and enhance self-discovery. @hchaturv
That's fine. Thanks for reading my tweets and responding. Whatever problems you have diagnosed in me may be correct and I'm like that only.
I refuse to rely upon your theoretical assumptions and will prefer Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary vision instead
I'm at my wit's end to impress upon both of you that I'm least interested in what you personally think as I'm convinced about Sri Aurobindo.
Eighth Schedule to the Constitution lists 22 languages; 38 more are under consideration. India must transform itself as a EU-like Federation
Gender (of object) problem is big difference between Hindi and Bengali. No new learner can speak or write Hindi correctly. Same with French.
Indian Constitution recognising 22 languages is proof that as many nations are subjugated. Sovereign States under a EU-like Federation must.
India comprised of multiple kingdoms, historically, some of which even survived British rule. Linguistic States must be granted sovereignty.
Odisha was conquered by the British in 1803 and it should have been independent in 1947. Why it is under the "occupation" of Delhi till now?
People's will, and not forcible occupation of territory, is paramount in a Democracy. Sovereign States should voluntarily form a Federation.
Forced merger of Hyderabad in 1948 & highhanded suppression of Khalistan demand in 1980s are not signs of Democratic handling of the matter.
Subjugation of legitimate linguistic nations by the Central Govt. at Delhi is coercive, undemocratic, and immoral. We must not share guilt.
Are you endorsing him for next President? Karat had rejected his name for his image of being associated with too much Hindu.
I'm a devotee of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo. I call it Savitri Era Religion; fosters rationality & is a good alternative for new generation.
Many people are repelled by Mythology, Astrology, and meaningless Rituals. Faith it a personal matter and each one is free who he worships.
Indian Constitution is very particular about freedom of religious practices. Faith is in one's feelings and can't be banned very effectively
Funding is immaterial; even RSS gets overseas funds. Fundamental arguments and future vision of Sri Aurobindo attracts worldwide attention.
Savitri Era Religion ensuing from the legacy of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is free from any form of rituals or dogma
Some people are shell shocked at the emergence of new nations or new religions forgetting that it's all part of Nature's play and Evolution.
RSS votaries are leaving no stone unturned to appropriate Sri Aurobindo and ignore The Mother but Savitri Era Religion foils their game plan
Instead of discussing about problems of our own Nation-States, some people seem to be intoxicatedly talking about Pakistan, China, US, etc.
With his epochal reinterpretation of the Veda, Sri Aurobindo has inaugurated a radically new adventure for the mankind. Join the gold rush!
All 22 recognised languages and other major dialects should form the basis of creating new Sovereign nations from India like SAARC countries
No leader or thinker other than Sri Aurobindo has delved deep into the Veda to redefine the Indian wisdom for integrating it with Evolution.
Hindutva has no use for Sri Aurobindo's The Secret of the Veda and it's anathema for Marxists. Hence the rationale for Savitri Era Religion.
Heehs’ lecture on “Sri Aurobindo and Hinduism” is a devastating document contributes to new religion being created
Far reaching repercussions of Sri Aurobindo's profound Vedic rediscovery has somehow been omitted by Heehs in the speech, incurring a glitch
The Mother & Sri Aurobindo refrained from peddling any kind of utilitarian or ritualistic practice as part of Integral Yoga to ensure purity
Savitri Era Religion based on Sri Aurobindo's Vedic rediscovery gives an alternative to all those who feel alienated by Hindutva aggression.
Self-interest and security concerns have prevented Sri Aurobindo Ashram from disseminating this new religion option in an effective fashion.
A simple mention can create a slant as an omission a fork. #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa #SavitriEra #WorldUnion
Savitri Era Open Forum: My twelve years with social media #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
[There was never in Vedic tradition any statement to affirm that creation was unreal or terrestrial existence a lie]
[Sri Aurobindo reincarnated the whole pantheon of Mount Olympus, Greek gods and goddesses in this book called Ilion]
[The house where Sri Aurobindo went into hiding and used the space to make bombs still stands. -By Kalyani Majumdar]

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