Monday, May 08, 2017

Passion for partisan knowledge is overpowering

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Savitri Era: Congress and RSS are twin curses
Modi and Shah under Jaitley are also instruments of a slew of International syndicates just like Sonia was/is. So let's not be troubled much
BJP or Congress benefitting from AAP debacle should be opposed at all costs. Sri Aurobindo, and not Arvind, as guide is the true destination
Instead of pondering over frauds, idiots, and corrupt a more positive step would be how Sri Aurobindo can be inducted into current discourse
Sri Aurobindo is that one-man-army who wrote The Secret of the Veda 100 years back to unveil a new world order in consonance with Evolution.
Yoga is to add adequate Shreya (good) with Preya (pleasant) so as to prepare a right-mix in life. The Mother & Sri Aurobindo offer expertise
Both Congress and Left are also equally responsible for ignorance pervading among the masses. Rather, people themselves are knowledge-averse
Passion for partisan knowledge is so overpowering among young and educated that the very definition of Vidya liberating one is under doubt.
Whole articles are written and published ceremonially on the basis of two lines from Sri Aurobindo while his complete writings go neglected.
One-upmanship and competitive politics reinforce fascist tendencies in the absence of a basic Democratic culture of respect for each other.
Executive in India has become ineffective as many crucial functions relating to crime detection are being performed by SM, MSM, & Judiciary.
UK, France, and Germany population figures fall within 65 to 80m. Indian States with similar population range need to be granted Sovereignty
Nation is about emotion and cohesion in which human resource matters most. Other requirements can be arranged through trade and commerce
Africa's population is almost equivalent to India but is distributed amongst 58 nations. India must facilitate creation of smaller nations.
National pride of the Indian languages is languishing and groaning in agony under the tyranny of Central Govt. which needs to be jettisoned.
Most problems we face today is due to an unusually huge population being governed by a single State. The States must be independent nations.
Smaller nations means more tiers of checks and balances before measures like EVM, Aadhaar, GST, or Demonetisation is imposed or forced by mafia
Science may be tottering on many other fronts like Consciousness but MT standing firmly by AIT debunks diverse myths
You can search MT's blog but it's all very advanced research data which, obviously, is beyond the grasping capacity of people like me. #AIT
Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Ghaziabad
Compulsion of some to grab Sri Aurobindo as Hindutva icon. Savitri Era Open Forum: Half baked scholars take the cake
Aurora Mirabilis: for some time meditation and Pranam receded into the background #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa
[Hinduism is thus compatible with rationalism and democratic rights, so secularism should have no problem with it.]
[Yoga is a spiritual... Therefore, yoga does not have to include any ritualistic prayers or worship.] Ramesh Bijlani
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Integral yoga is an adventure through uncharted territory #SriAurobindo
Savitri Era Religious Fraternity: Maternity as a process of conscious creation #SriAurobindo #MirraAlfassa
[Mythology is not science or history; it is not a narrative of the past but a symbolic representation of the Spirit of those times.]
Aurora Mirabilis: Compulsion of some to grab Sri Aurobindo as Hindutva icon
[Deleuze’s Difference and Repetition is what I began with philosophically and has influenced every facet of my thought for over 15 years] LB

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