Thursday, May 11, 2017

Hegel, Hitler, Hindutva, and Sri Aurobindo

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1. Savitri Era: Not reading Sri Aurobindo perpetuates defective perceptions
2. Kapil Mishra may be truthful in his allegations but he should try to fake a more sincere look and solemn voice when facing a camera or crowd
3. Three days of hullabaloo on TV induces nagging suspicion that some huge Defence deal involving thousands of crore is being clinched quietly.
4. All crimes and corruption can be eradicated within a week if the Central Govt wants but it's the mother of all wrongdoings and shields mafia
5. Central Govt is an anomaly due to which Democracy is dysfunctional now. States must get Sovereignty and UN membership for their Development.
6. Both Modi & Kejriwal came to power through deception. But empty allegations against Kejriwal has raised his credibility and sympathy for him
7. How UP CM Yogi Adityanath's Nath Sampraday relates to Mahima? Are they the same? #BhimaBhoi
8. Savitri Era Political Action: States must get Sovereignty and UN membership #SriAurobindo #WorldUnion #FiveDreams
9. Easy to get busy in the day's work or take a holiday but expressing higher Aspiration is the first principle of Integral Yoga and Evolution.
10. August 14, 1947 broadcast of Sri Aurobindo outlining his Five Dreams provides a very practical framework for what to aspire for for future.
11. August 8, 1938 marks a defining moment and spectacular leap for Sri Aurobindo who wrote the sonnet, The Golden Light
12. Domain knowledge and pedagogy are indispensable and so is Ontology. Sri Aurobindo merits consideration vis-à-vis Hindutva and Constitution.
13. Reading Savarkar,  Shourie, and S.R.Goel generates such Hubris in RW that they become blind to Vedic Evolutionary dialectic of Sri Aurobindo
14. Ratings of Sri Aurobindo by the likes of P. Lal, Nissim Ezekiel, Claude Alvares, Ashis Nandy, and Osho Rajneesh are rather more mainstream.
15. Pre-British Kingdoms can't be recreated and prudent course is to let languages like Telugu, Bengali, or Bhojpuri configure their own Nations
16. The pride and zeal with which handles from Odisha are busy trending #BhimaBhoi today signifies the necessity of its Sovereignty as a Nation.
17. Ramcharitmanas (श्रीरामचरितमानस) by Tulsidas (c.1532–1623) is the cornerstone of RSS popularity which can't be imposed on the rest of India.
18. Hindi imposition has the right potentials of setting about an implosion within Hindutva and intransigence of RSS will be responsible for it.
19. Anti-Congress sentiments brought Modi and Yogi to power but legitimacy for RSS or Hindutva is still far away like school Sanskrit teachers!
20. Dharmic religions prohibit people of other religions entering their temples whereas other allegedly rigid religions have no problem with it.
21. No need to study Evolution from Darwin or Dawkins. Evolution of Arvind Kejriwal between 2011 and 2017 can say how Sri Aurobindo got it right
22. Kejriwal is a repeat case of Mahanta fiasco. [In 1985, Prafulla Kumar Mahanta was elected as the youngest chief minister of the country.]
23. [Dissent in AAP: Arvind Kejriwal following trajectory of Prafulla Kumar Mahanta - Kangkan Acharyya - May 10, 2017]
24. Temple being only abode of Deity is a reductionist and misleading definition. People pray and eat too. Formless god can reside a prayer hall
25. Even if it's a small number where do they draw the authority from. If they represent a deviant phenomenon then why no attempt to reform them
26. Baahubali was a very impressive film but I have almost forgotten the plot. Now I try to imagine having watched its sequel and forgotten too.
27. MMS didn't lose his sleep for a decade and Modi will repeat him till 2024. Thus, there is no doubt that India will be Vishwaguru in slumber.
28. God is formless in some religions and so their prayer halls can't be characterised as devoid of god's presence. So deprecating is erroneous.
29. There should be some rationale for all institutional restrictive practices and review and reforms are necessary to conform to modern demands
30. Linguistic Nationalism is alive in India and kicking. Legitimising it by granting sovereignty to States is the only sane route to avoid ugly
31. Question is why the people of other States should perennially be bothered about Kashmir? Let all States of India become Sovereign Republics.
32. Cogent portrayal but the very foundation that Tradition is something intrinsically precious or glorious is a mothed theory. @blog_supplement
33. When a group of created assemble in a hall to pray the creator, there has to be some abstract connection which happens in that hall itself.
34. Those defending Hindutva grandly on Twitter have not read Sri Aurobindo and on that count only their worldview can be considered superficial
35. Congress and Marxist stronghold on academic discourse draws intellectual sustenance from the West which Hindutva can hardly counter so fast.
36. Fiction leads to delusion; Marxists focus on Human condition and emancipation. Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary dialectic is the solution.
37. Politics and Religion competing for dominance in commerce embrace corruption, disinformation, & violence. India is under grip of such forces
38. Vociferous defenders of Dharma shutting their eyes to all immoral actions of RSS and BJP is the most pernicious contradiction of our times.
39. Admittedly, man is hugely unequal to the Evolutionary tasks Sri Aurobindo foresees as inevitable and hence the need of submitting to Integral Yoga
40. An iota of endeavour towards remedy should be preferable to whole life spent in diagnosing only or amelioration of a few external symptoms.
41. Savitri Era Learning Forum: Sri Aurobindo's Vedic Evolutionary dialectic is the solution #Hegel #Hitler #Hindutva
42. Separate land for Muslims or Dalits is anomalous. Geographical contiguity of a language is the best criterion for sovereignty of new Nations
43. Being in job, most intelligent, honest, and patriotic men on Twitter stay anonymous which amounts to a humongous loss to Evolutionary nisus.
44. Harnessing best brains in their forties for public policy & political action should be the lookout of a nation intending to be World leader.
45. Literary, ethical, and religious value of Mythology gets overshadowed by peddling of superstitions and their illicit commercial exploitation
46. Harnessing Western Philosophy for Self-Management by Tusar Nath Mohapatra (SAMSMRITI July-Dec 2016) - Sambhram Group
47. Reimagining and Refashioning Integral Management - Tusar Nath Mohapatra, Director, Savitri Era Learning Forum (SELF) Indirapuram, Ghaziabad - 201014 (UP) Ph: 96500-65636

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