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He lives in some cult type fantasy

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Savitri Era: Hegel, Hitler, Hindutva, and Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/m6IA8D1O3w
Some crimes make their way to Twitter and quantum of outrage generated depends upon who promotes them. What about thousands of other crimes?
Each language of India with comparable population as European nations and elsewhere must be awarded Sovereignty reversing the British legacy
People matter in a Democracy. Those speaking the same language having their own Sovereign nation is far more significant than land division.
No inherent virtue in being an ultra-large Nation. Linguistic nations with optimum population will foster genuine Democracy and Development.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Consciousness emerges from the numbers https://t.co/XDX1sfPJg4 #SriAurobindo #Nationalism #TheHardProblem
A rough comparison can be with erstwhile USSR and the present zeal seen for Brexit and Frexit, etc. Self-determination is the greatest gain.
Manoj Das, author and philosopher is the most suitable person to be the next occupant of Rashtrapati Bhavan. Can help BJP winning Odisha too
Modi-Jaitley regime can justifiably be commended for free debate over many social issues which remained buried under the carpet for too long
PM Modi almost never lets out any sign of annoyance with his detractors and observes art of dignified silence but his supporters are acerbic
When the States of India become independent nations in course of time, those opposed to the idea at the moment will be portrayed as villains
Strangely, no one calls a citizen in India a citizen who is, invariably, identified by his caste, religion, region, language, or profession.
When the States become Sovereign nations, people will be spared of being tormented by the perennial Pakistan & Muslim centric hate rhetoric.
Pakistan's obsession with India is its compulsion but 1.3b Indians wasting their energy by talking about Pakistan round the year, must stop.
States as independent nations & UN membership engaging directly with foreign countries has exponential potentialities for commerce & culture
Merely being sentimental for mother tongue isn't enough. Join Savitri Era Party to see your dream of the States getting Sovereignty fructify
Imposing uniformity over 1.3b people is antithesis of Democracy. Present structure of India is a historical accident and must meet USSR fate
One PM, one Supreme Court, demand for uniform civil code, National TV channels, Reservation provisions etc. They all can be local need based
Not specifics; I'm pointing at a future scenario where issues will be local and won't need any national debate or consent of other States.
That's fine; many are engaged in that. My campaign is for abolition of Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States on language basis
Good beginning but the aim is to constitute a EU like Federation of Indian States which will lead to World Union predicted by Sri Aurobindo.
Being born in India is a privilege in the sense that one can call Sri Aurobindo his own and read him unlike foreigners who feel a distance.
Region after region was annexed by the British to their Empire which should be reversed by granting Sovereignty to States on language basis.
Fourfold increase in Indian population since independence has turned Democracy infructuous. So creating new nations out of States is urgent.
People of India haven't tasted independence yet as the Central Govt is a replica of British rule in exploiting the States and denying power.
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Miserable failure of quantitative science to understand anything https://t.co/zzeVb2WILy #SriAurobindo
[Computationalism offers a precise theory of mind (a theology in the sense of Pythagoras-Plato-Plotinus) solves problem of consciousness] BM
Only four thinkers have been successful in coherently narrating the mystery of our existence: Hegel, Whitehead, Sri Aurobindo, and Heidegger
Language issue and demand for Sovereignty is the only means of States attracting limelight beyond the manufactured national news dominating.
Indians are yet to understand the meaning of Democracy beyond the periodical elections. Only lawyers & media persons make a living out of it
Slavishness is so deeply entrenched among people that despite Democracy awarding equality to all most prefer lying low and the corrupt rule.
Dominant sentiment is to vote for who has probability of winning, no matter if he is corrupt. Votes should prevent the corrupt from winning.
The corrupt tend to acquire glamour as well as stature and people are readily enamored while the honest or sober lose their security deposit
Those who wish for an independent & objective news channel won't watch it and instantly switch to those showing juicy & manufactured content
Even on Twitter people are loath to follow honest and truthful handles but RT questionable tweets out of herd mentality. Corruption endemic!
Gandhi's shelf-life is over; Sri Aurobindo should replace him. Savitri Era Party has been successful in preventing Hindutva appropriating him
Just like a person is suspended when a dispute arises pending final decision, Aadhaar and EVMs be suspended as serious apprehensions surface
Bylines were a rarity fifty years back and most of the stories were by faceless pen pushers. Once in a blue moon one read a signed editorial
Fifty years back 1967 marks the beginning of the end of Congress dominance and Naxal movement raising its ugly head. Yet to be settled fully
Last fifty years solved nothing, created no fresh paradigm except conspiracy of silence and sophisticated execution of corruption and crime.
RSS initiative in revising ancient texts is revolutionary since irrational stuff can be gelded from Mythology and interpolations excised.
Do's and Dont's dog us all our lives. No wonder, Life a User's Manual (1978) by Georges Perec is merely a novel, experimental and beguiling.
Development is a continuous process and can't be divided into neat periods. Technological innovation began during British rule and continues
Odia is nearest to Sanskrit in vocabulary and pronunciation and resembles Pali. It should be promoted as the link language throughout India.
Sovereignty to States is the only means of being unshackled from the trap of looking at local peculiarities through an imposed National lens https://t.co/aJUUhVw2fg
But for MT, many like me would have blithely believed Sri Aurobindo railing against AIT and accepted subsequent substantiations by Hindutva https://t.co/jPMahzJ3NS
Savitri Era Learning Forum: Natural world doesn't entirely obey computable physics https://t.co/12w9IQbkd9 #SriAurobindo #Mechanism #Leibniz
Emotion and cohesion are the sign of a nation; people should be happy, that's the aim. Aspiring for superpower status borders on megalomania
Overpopulation warrants division of India into smaller nations with around 50m population. Imagining dystopian future personal predilection!
Savitri Era Religious Fraternity: Savitri Era Party has prevented Hindutva from appropriating Sri Aurobindo https://t.co/6DCMyPlG7P
We are a Democracy and let's ponder over all dimensions and do whatever is good for our people instead of bothering too much about others.
With almost equivalent population of India Africa has 54 nations. Languages in India form the real basis of a nation and should be respected
Current state of India is far from ideal and the States being granted Sovereignty on language basis is only solution. Rest be left to future
France and Germany are nations on language basis with optimum population; States of India are almost identical. India is a British legacy.
Will happen when time comes but let's not think that there is no justification. Strangely Sri Lanka has right to be Sovereign but not Odisha
India with 50 new nations of below 50m population can come under a EU like Federation thus generating much greater international clout at UN
Let the States come out of the guardianship of the Central Govt and deal with their own problems and neighbours with maturity. Why Centre?
Fine, let the dream percolate and materialise before language wars erupt which is simmering with Hindi imposition and English medium schools
Each new Indian nation can engage with other foreign countries which has tremendous potential as far as commerce and culture are concerned.
Central Govt has made people of India weak and lazy. State level linguistic nationalism can galvanise people to action and entrepreneurship.
An unusually large nation like India is a historical accident and no inherent virtue in being obese. Much more Democracy in smaller nations.
Prior to British rule, many kingdoms were there and the logic is to return to Regional entities by reversing what the British perpetrated.
Hope, @vimuktaatma and @aviralmittal can help you in this regard.
[Prerna Singh’s book, How Solidarity Works for Welfare: Subnationalism and Social Development in India] @thewire_in 
[Like it or not, the world is going to be liberal. LIBERAL!!]
[Thread inside...] https://t.co/xuZQ0GlSSk
If you can mail me these threads in word format, then I can publish them in my blogs as reference material for all those who seek rationale.
Sovereignty to each State or specific Region is the only solution for people of India to taste real fruits of Independence after 70 years.
It's not only the question of Bengal, Karnataka, or Kashmir. Each State or specific Region must be an independent nation for full potential.
[Such thinking would go way over heads of Indian politicians State or Central known as functional illiterates. Power grabbers at any cost] https://t.co/agMHtCqbsl
[You mean Art 370 should be applied throughout India.
Well that is a revolutionary idea! It will solve many problems.]
1) Population at 4-fold since Independence
2) Single Admn for The Mother's map impossible
3) World Union will be Federation of small nations
In his August 14, 1947 broadcast, Sri Aurobindo has foreseen formation of World Union as a free federation of smaller nations as #ThirdDream
Some people are finding this passionate debate over Indian languages irritating but the bull has to be faced upfront and not simply avoided.
India turns a voluntary Federation like EU giving due weightage to Regional aspirations for self-determination but the nation soul is intact
In fact, a future Federation has the potential of including all the countries seen in The Mother's map and becoming the seed for World Union
As far as Indian wisdom is concerned, there will be 50 India's instead of just one India and their engagement with the world will multiply.
Future challenges should guide us instead of history. 50 new Indian nations on language basis with less than 50m population is the solution.
There is an Evolutionary purpose in terms of venturing out of comfort zone and achieving one's full potential through struggle for existence
It's not the question of what I want but to give voice to inmost feelings of every Indian which has been suppressed by imposition of Centre.
[Well he lives in some cult type fantasy.
World forum & such hypothetical nonsense. 
Ignores ground realities.]
[This happens when you are into drugs like liberalism. It makes you believe you are the messiah of the world and have the right to tell...]
People of India need to be freed from the tyranny of dual Govt and hypocrisy of twin nationality for due Development and last mile Democracy
You are talking about Municipality-sized countries. Why eager to win brownie points? Have some perspective; understand history and geography
A language is central to human emotion and nationalist feelings. That doesn't mean that everyone speaking it will be under a single nation.
I will again request you to have perspective. Human affairs don't run like mathematical equations; lots of ifs and buts operate, takes time.
A can say India is my nation, B may say Odisha is my nation; Both are correct. It's a question of where history stands and who has upperhand
The current status of India can undergo change with the play of time. Scottish parliament is torn between pro- and anti-independence parties
Each State has a duly elected Chief Minister who can shoulder full responsibility and become Prime Minister without any Central interference
Overpopulation has turned India unmanageable. Abolishing Central Govt is the only way to bring Democracy & Development to people's doorsteps
Constitution of India needs review and overhaul for abolishing the Central Govt and granting Sovereignty to the States. All must join hands.
Central Govt. is the reason for widespread lethargy and complacency. Independent States can stimulate people to action and entrepreneurship.
Central Govt is the real adversary and not the Muslims or Brahmins. Each State can handle the demands of its demography, responding locally.
Scores of problems to take up but Centre is the fountainhead of all problems. Savitri Era Party's call to abolish Central Govt is pioneering
Instead of pursuing a negative narrative like fighting against Hindi imposition, a much valiant mode is to demand language based Sovereignty
India is just another name for British Empire. Needs to be disbanded & Sovereignty returned to the States on language & population criteria.
Sri Aurobindo left in 1950 and his writings need to understood in the context of changed global scenario instead of insisting on literalism.
Central Govt is a convenient conduit via which parasites are scavenging on India. Sovereignty to the States can stop siphoning of resources.
As long as we are a Democracy, people's movement can be created to perform such tasks. Expressing individual conviction and consent needed.
BJP supporters have tightly closed their eyes to what is happening in Govt lubricated by apex level crony Capitalism while they shout Muslim
Through complicity with the Ruling party, India is under the grip of  countless tentacles of powerful International syndicates. Must stop.
Please work for Savitri Era Party so that ethics can take centre stage in politics and people become the focus in all Govt decision making.
Politics and Democracy are work in process. Sri Aurobindo assures of a new paradigm & Evolutionary imperative and there is no harm in trying
In any national congregation, people speaking same language flock together. British uniting India needs to be dismantled and States set free
Indian languages are a treasure trove of human civilisation and they can survive and flourish only if the States are awarded Sovereignty.
Precious treasure of literature, poetry, music, and movies in Indian languages must be preserved and Sovereign States are the only agencies.

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