Friday, December 11, 2015

Sri Aurobindo advocates a World Union as political solution

Thousands of books published in the West on philosophy and religion are a sign of vibrant intellectual culture. But unfortunately their academicians are either unaware or dismissive of Sri Aurobindo. As a result, attempts to understand the present remains partial and inchoate. In India also, there is resistance to accept Sri Aurobindo as a mainstream philosopher and so his thought remains largely unknown. Besides, so much of prejudice has been spread about him that even young people look at him with suspicion instead of admiration.
Sri Aurobindo has given the most coherent philosophy to the world. He also advocates a World Union as political solution for mankind. His stress is on transformation of human nature through the practice of Integral Yoga. His ultimate aim is unity, mutuality, and harmony. These evidently require rising beyond regional and religious boundaries. Unwillingness to adopt such attitude is understandable but Sri Aurobindo reiterates its Evolutionary inevitability.

The following that The Mother and Sri Aurobindo command in different parts of the world is turning into a political formation. That their teachings are increasingly bridging the east-west and left-right divide is a matter of great political significance. [TNM55]

Tweets: @maidros78 @sarkar_swati A very perceptive commentator of those momentous events is Sri Aurobindo. Please try not to contradict his insight. What SA would have advocated is methologically absurd. I requested: written history should be adequately consulted. You are surely entitled to "your" conclusions but SA has been conspicuous by his absence (selective amnesia) so far. You are free to do whatever you like. I'm just pointing out that ignoring crucial sources leads to wrong conclusion.
@Parikramah Demanding something which is not available to us is what I thought as absurd. It's a rational response (far from K's passion).
@Ish_Apte That's okay, since individuals differ. But it shouldn't mean exchange of ideas cease. Discourse has its own dialectic; takes time.

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