Sunday, November 29, 2015

Free Indian Democracy from the clutches of Congress and RSS

The Marxist and the Nehruvian paradigm is past its prime, and the RSS school of thought is no match for the future.
The question is if "anti-Hinduim" is an established fact of Indian polity, then whether it should be seen as a negative feature or respected.
Being areligious or anti-religious is normal in a Democracy and educated people shouldn't be so bothered about such predilection of citizens.
Those who are engaged in propagation and protection of some religion are entitled to dismal views of others, but Democracy takes precedence.
Majoritarian mentality is an absurdity within a Democracy. Respect for the choice of each person, without any hindrance, should be the norm.
India is a Democracy first and foremost as per its Constitution. Those religious minded should mould their feelings towards fellow citizens.
Educated people must practice Democratic behaviour in public. Denouncing religious attitude of other citizens can't be treated as Democratic.
Those concerned on religious lines must understand that Democracy is only criteria that unites India. Anything else is recipe for disaster.
The other day, a politician remarked that the effect of Castes and Religion in politics is almost non existent in Odisha which is admirable.
Though numerically marginalised, antipathy towards Brahmins among other castes in UP and Bihar runs deep, subverting Hindu cohesion of RSS.
Congress prevented discourse beyond dynasty; RSS considered intellectual probe as subversive. Focus will perforce shift to Sri Aurobindo now.
A whole generation of public intellectuals have been responsible to keep Sri Aurobindo away from the public notice. A criminal conspiracy!
If Sri Aurobindo's philosophy could touch Gebser and Wilber, why intellectuals in India happen to be so insensitive?
Certain contradictions in polity and society are beyond repair and need to be discarded like an old appliance. Sri Aurobindo has the answer.
Savitri Era inspired by the Vedic Evolutionary paradigm unveiled by The Mother & Sri Aurobindo is at the forefront of Secular-Liberal march.
RSS got rid of Advani and Modi will pass into oblivion; for Mohan Bhagwat, Gadkari is the right man to lead the nation. Rule Nagpur! rule...
There is no better formula than Democracy as regards human affairs. RSS jettisoned by BJP will be the first step for ushering in Democracy.
Communists joining electoral politics in India with their masters in China is same as BJP feigning Democratic functioning with Nagpur intact.
Indians will have to win Democracy by shedding their weaknesses for lesser ideals like language, religion, region, profession, caste, etc.
Democracy can set the nation free to pursue the path of its true destiny as envisaged by Sri Aurobindo. End of Congress and RSS is a must.
There are some good theoreticians among the RSS supporters and, understandably, their contemplation over the health of Democracy is minimal.
As long as Congress and RSS are active, Indians stand no chance of enjoying the taste of true Democracy and the consequent reign of Liberty.
Neither emotional issues nor economic matters are as grave as the political question. Democracy is in the doldrums and, hence, must be saved.
India is strong enough to deal with any kind of security exigencies. But Indian Democracy is suffering from malnutrition due to Congress-RSS.
Victory in Bihar exposes many shortcomings of Democratic functioning. Young Indians must unite to win true Democracy by banishing Cong, RSS.
Before Independence, Liberty was the first objective. Seven decades later, Democracy is the prime task but RSS and Congress are hindrances.
Hidden agenda of Congress and RSS have prevented economic forces from operating freely as a result of which Indians are trapped in poverty.
Unless India is freed from the clutches of Congress and RSS, its people won't achieve the power of self-determination or economic progress.
Patriotism is akin to any other form of love. If you harbor soft corner for language, faith, or caste, your love for the country is impaired.
Contribute your mite to award every citizen of India his or her full Democratic entitlement unhindered by dynastic designs & remote control.
[real understanding comes by the body-understanding. Indeed, true aim of knowledge is not merely to know but to be.]

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