Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Sri Aurobindo taps Art and Poetry

No point in blaming human nature; the task is how to surpass it. Sri Aurobindo shows the Vedic route to self-exceeding through Integral Yoga. 
@GreatHeretic Electoral victories are fine but winning Vedic intellectual targets, as Sri Aurobindo has alerted, remains a challenging task.
Listening to Bhajans is the easier option. Sri Aurobindo awakens to the deeper concerns and challenges of human life and its aspiration.
Higher significance of human life as per Vedic injunctions must receive equal importance as politics, technology, and material prosperity.
Influencing political affairs through Sri Aurobindo's insights on society is a far greater enterprise for the educated than current affairs.
Interest in politics is fine but understanding the basic questions of human destiny as revealed by Sri Aurobindo is also an essential role.
By reading the works of The Mother & Sri Aurobindo at a young age helps to confront many hard questions of life with confidence and courage.
The Secret of the Veda unveiled by Sri Aurobindo 100 years ago is the most important task for the present day Indians for understanding life.
Sri Aurobindo taps Art and Poetry - what's ordinarily lumped under Culture - as a means for self-ascension as well as an aid to Evolution.
Hindutva mobilises easier and materialistic mode of Rituals, Fairs, and Festivals whereas Sri Aurobindo asks for elevation of Consciousness.
Decoupling the Veda & Upanishads from Mythology and Rituals, Sri Aurobindo emphasised upon their utility for self-Evolution and Perfection.
Sri Aurobindo encountered the Veda and Upanishads in an altogether different manner than traditional teachers to give modern interpretations.
Radha Rajan discounting any political contribution by Sri Aurobindo beyond 1907 is a travesty of established facts.
If Hindu historians assume that the course of political events can't be influenced by Yogic powers, then they are as good as Secularists.
Nationhood is a magnified form of Property rights aligning a specific Religion with which makes a heady cocktail and hence must be spurned. 
Sri Aurobindo: Nationalist or Extremist? via @academia
@NekkantiR There are many other issues which need to be seen together.
@NekkantiR Even if it is so, it should come to light. Who are those people who want to harm the Ashram and why can't they be fought openly.
Be it Sri Aurobindo Ashram or Congress; AAP, BJP, or RSS: the High Command culture rules everywhere - rare scope for democratic functioning.
@skjain_05 @dr_rajpurohit Please spare some attention to probe Sri Aurobindo Ashram affairs to enlighten the public.
@snayagam @krishnarjun108 @chinmaykrvd @ChandrusWeb @vijayvaani Cognitive research is quite in line with Sri Aurobindo's Consciousness rungs
@cpings4 @chinmaykrvd @krishnarjun108 “Yoga Psychology and the Transformation of Consciousness: Eyes of Infinity”
@WordOfTheFree @Mamdhata The Foundations of Indian Culture – by Sri Aurobindo
@samAlochaka Savitri Era Devotees: "Man:Slave or Free?" by Sri Aurobindo
After navigating through a reasonable terrain like Times of India when one scans Delhi Times then the realisation dawns how chaotic life is.
@_Mauna_ War is the father of all, said Heraclitus. So conflict has a role and a wise enemy is better than foolish friends but people block.
@_Mauna_ Paradoxically, despite their atrocities, ensuing technological strides have contributed to human Civilisation greatly!
For large sections of Indians 2014 brought the sense of Independence but like Congress BJP too will decline given its widescale ambivalence.
If she wins, @thekiranbedi will be the 16th. [Fifteen women have served as the chief minister of an Indian state.]

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